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Research Group V

Archscholar Oswyn holds another meeting where people can meet to talk about research. Got something you'd like help with? Able to offer some of your time or assistants to someone else's investigation? Drop by the Hall of Tutelage at the Academy. Now in daytime EST edition!

(OOC Note: Keep any clue sharing IC. Ask IC, get answers IC. No clue dumps without context. This is how we get to have nice things. And please limit yourself to one or two subjects for queries.)


April 27, 2022, 2:31 p.m.

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Fairen Eirene Erik Kiera Felicia Sorrel Mirk Mikani



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Vellichorian Academy - Hall of Tutelage

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Carissa, a Southport bodyguard, Planchet the Lycene maggiordome arrive, following Eirene.

Felicia has joined the a polished wooden table for small study groups.

The Arcscholar's research discussions are usually small affairs, and this one is no exception. There's a general hum of conversation in the hall of tutelage as people settle in and prepare topics to discuss or share notes on. Oswyn stands in front of one of the desks, going through papers in his everpresent satchel. Once he's pulled out a bunch, he turns toward the room at large even as he deftly fingers through them. Finally, he looks up, squints, and says, "Hello everyone. It's terribly hot out, so remember to drink plenty of water."

Fairen is carrying a perfectly reasonable number of books. His _guards_ and _assistants_ are carrying more in the way of supplementary and backup material, but that is why he pays them. He pauses as he takes a seat, looking thoughtful at the Archscholar's reminder, and murmurs in an aside: "You can go ahead and set those down and get some water," as he slides into his seat with greetings to familiar faces.

"Such a mom" Eirene teases. She's wearing a leather tench coat despite the war, Sun but she's from Southport and used to hotter weather than Arx gets. She saunters in, smirk in place, and goes to find a seat.

While certainly not opposed to taking a cookie, the weather is taking its toll on Erik and instead of his usual devouring capabilities, he is easy on the snacks. He waves and nods to the familiar people, and Eirene even gets a small remark, "Well, at least today, you do not have to stress the importance of liquid intake then. Well met again."

Kiera enters quietly and gives an an acknowledgement to oswyn's words "A wise reminder archscholar" she notes

"Ah. Hello, Lady Eirene. Glad you could join us today. Have you been to one of these before?" Oswyn asks, squinting in her direction. "Or I guess some people haven't. It's very casual. If you're interested in a topic you'd like some help with or you're curious about in general, please feel free to speak up. I, or someone else, may be able to offer some information. And if not, I have some assistants that can be loaned out to assist. At the moment, I'm looking into Dominus Tin, but it's mostly for personal interest and not any sort of dire need. Hello, Lady Kiera."

Eirene advises Oswyn, "I came to your last one," as she grabs a seat and a glass of lemonade. This is quickly spiked from her flask. "Can't say I've ever heard of Tin," she confesses. "Curious what other people are looking up though."

Felicia came prepared, notebooks, her valet on hand for note taking. From the wilty state of her hair and the ruddy color of her skin, she's been out in the heat a while. Long enough for her to concede the necessity of taking off her cuirass and setting it aside, even if she's trying to pretend that full armor is totally not a personal walking sauna at this time of the year. Thus it takes her a while before she settles into a chair with a huff of breath,"...Tin?" she can't help but repeat with a glance at Oswyn,"I know bits and pieces about him but I'm always curious to learn more."

Erik shakes his head there, "I am sorry, but other than what can easily be found on record with the Faith, my dealings with Dominus Tin's Journals is not existing."

"One of the early leaders of the Faith, correct? I know very little myself," Fairen adds, an echo of the general shrughands in the room. "It's been a pleasure to study things out of personal interest and not dire need, however." His tone veers dry, humor just a lil' spicy as he says, "It's good to remember that it needn't always be dire research."

"Oh, I have some scraps of stuff about Dominus Tin, but not because I've looked into him in a particularly purposeful way. He is memorable because he recorded many things, and because he lived at a time when many exciting things were happening," Sorrel volunteers, looking up from her notebook in a curious sort of way.

Oswyn reaches up and rubs his bearded chin, nodding. His lips twitch to one side for a moment when Fairen speaks, but he nods to the others. "Early leader of the Faith. One of the Metallics who was reportedly a mage that turned to invoking the gods. Mostly curiosity, as I said." He looks over in Erik's direction and smiles. "Not to worry. Is there anything you're currently looking into?"

"Will we be hearing a song on Dominus Tin one day, Princess Sorrel?" Fairen asks, glancing over toward her with a curious air. "You've done more than many in this room to ensure the legacy of the Metallics is remembered."

"A pre-Reckoning Dominus, yes." Felicia notes, hoarsely clearing her throat and reaching for the water,"Part of the Metallic Order. An Invoker, and the one who took the oaths of the nobles who swore fealty to King Alar the first after the formation of the Compact. He was also someting of a poet, of a sort. Including a canticle of blessing for Theresa Valardin. I expect you have far more notes about him than I, though, Archscholar."

Carissa, a Southport bodyguard, Planchet the Lycene maggiordome leave, following Eirene.

"Oh, yes. Dominus Tin has been on my list to write about for awhile now. I'm hoping to find the inspiration to write up something on him soon. And something on the New Metallics, as well, the recruits who joined after the Reckoning. I have enough material for a song about Titanium, but there's very little on most of the others," Sorrel explains with a sideways grin. "But I've always thought it important to have the rich mythology of the Compact available in a format that is easily shared."

"I have been looking at the southern isles myself. Not that there in immediate need for it, I was mostly looking at information about the Isle of Echoes, also called Brightshore, but then I got completely sidetracked when I took a look at records from the southern parts, I came across a text that was written by Duke Aravio of Southport. About the /far/ south and the shining lands where the Thunderborn hailed from but where now are only the Wastes." Says Erik in response to Oswyn's question, a bit slower than he should but he is at the same time trying to assimilate what has been said by Felicia and Sorrel about Tin.

Oswyn nods in Sorrel's direction. "I'd agree it's very important," he says with a broad smile. Another nod to Erik. "The only Thunderborn I'm aware of were I think some of the last druids who followed something called the Path of the Storm? It's unfortunate Lady Eirene had to leave. She would be a good source of information relating to Southport."

"You might want to speak with Pathfinder Lou if you haven't already, my lord." Felicia suggests to Erik,"She led the expedition that travelled there. I've..." she flicks through her notebook and pauses to take a sip from her water,"A few notes about Brightshore, and the Wastes, and the Thunderborn. But, well. The Shining Lands wasn't where they hailed from. I believe they were from... um... ah, yes. Uanna. Which..." she stops and looks over the gathering and falls silent, radiating embarressment.

Kiera hms "You had been asking about the platinum shift weren't you Marquis. I have very little on that topic but others might have more> As for Brightshore, several have taken expiditions there

Saluting Sorrel with his pen, Fairen says, "I look forward to it." He leans back in his seat, apparently more than content to hear what others are working on. When Kiera calls him out, his expression shifts rueful. "I had been, Lady Kiera, you are correct, but I had the pleasure of a few enlightening conversations in the last day or so, and am quite satisfied to consider what I've learned."

"The song of the Legend of the Druids from the last days of the Elven War, yes, that one is familiar to me.", Erik replies, "Sad affair that, but thank you for the pointer, I shall seek her out in that matter then, I know how to reach out to her." But he turns to Felicia "Uanna, the nation of light, allegedly gone under a blasted desert. It is...was.. west of Foraiso, the Grove of Learning. We might wish to compare a note there, if you have the time? I would not wish to bother the plenum at a large with my current whim."

"Me and ships are a bad combination, so I'll take your word on that." Felicia flashes a grin briefly at Erik,"I tend to avoid anything that involves boats if I can help it." there's a glance of curiousity at talk of the Platinum Shift, but she's distracted by nodding at Erik,"I know bits and pieces, and I'm happy to share what I know." there's a nod towards Sorrel,"Uanna was the last stand of the post-Reckoning Metallics. The place where they were betrayed and destroyed."

Oswyn nods, folding his arms across his chest. "Most of what I know about Uanna is from references to Whitepeak. Which is where people fled after?"

"A remnant did end up in Whitepeak, yes, Archscholar. Apparently they had some means of transport between Whitepeak and Uanna as well -- which I find _fascinating_. Whitepeak must have been--." Fairen breaks off with a sigh and then lifts his glasses to clean them as he clears his throat. "There has been some effort to try to understand the Uannan language, as well. I'm not sure that we have a full grasp on it, but Duchess Delilah, Lady Sunaia, and Lady Mikani may know more."

"In some ways, it's more that they were slaughtered, largely unawares of what was coming for them. They went in peace. Others did not. And few remained in Arvum," Sorrel notes thoughtfully.

"Whitepeak was remarkable," Oswyn says. "I wish I'd gotten to see it." He uncrosses his arms and twists to pick up a quill and make some notes on a paper on the desk he's leaning on.

Erik peers between Felicia and Oswyn, "I can easily and without false shame say, that neither of these telling's sound familiar to me." He even manages a bit to Kiera: "I apologize then, I must have missed the reports of the travels, maybe I looked at the wrong location in the stacks." But he frowns as a connection between Fairen's Platinum Shift and his random musings to the south is being drawn. "With enough steps in between it does seem that everything is connected to everything else in some way."

Kiera hms "I don't know if this is the proper place to talk about more recent events, but we seek and share information. despite being an oathlander, i have no point of reference for the recent attack

Felicia can't help the slight shudder at the mention of Whitepeak,"Magical bridges. Not that... there's likely to be anything left of them now." she offers, casting her eyes over the table in search of something but settling for,"In ways that we are only just beginning to grasp, my lord." there's a tight and brief smile from the knight,"I've been trying to fill in some gaps in my knowledge about the Fractals and their masters. Personally. If anyone might know something... especially about the Traitor and his master."

"With enough steps, one can walk straight from Sanctum to Arx," Fairen says to Erik with a quick twist of dry humor. "But you're right, of course." Glancing to Felicia, Fairen admits, "It's not an area I've much studied, but it is _also_ an area that _must_ have quite a few students lately, I would think, given the importance as a threat facing the Compact. Oathlanders have been dealing most directly with them, yes? Lady Kiera, do you know who might be a good person to talk to on that? I imagine the recent attacks would be related."

"The Traitor was seduced by... no, that's not really right. The Traitor had an unrequited crush on the Green fractal, who used his obsession with her to break her friends out of the Bijoux, murder the Metallic Order, and set fire to the Great Archive," Sorrel offers with a bit of a grumble. "But I'm not sure which recent event we're referring to."

Oswyn keeps making notes from his place at the desk, nodding from time to time as he listens.

"Considering he was at Bastion, and that his master is what happened to Whitepeak, Marquis... I hope that the gathered will forgive the bluntness that it's not just an Oathland's issue." Felicia taps her fingers on the table before asking," we have any whiskey here?" distractedly.

Erik knows apparently so little about Whitepeak that he keeps his mouth shut. no wait, there are cookies, now that is one reason to open it again.

"Oh, quite right, Dame Felicia," Fairen says, holding up a hand as she begs forgiveness. "As you say, Bastion is ample proof of that, and these treats don't like to confine themselves with the borders of any particular holding." Glancing up at Sorrel, Fairen adds, "The Undying Empire's holdings within the Oathlands were attacked."

Oswyn looks up and over and shakes his head. "Not in the, uh, room. But I'm sure someone has a flask. Someone always does," he tells Felicia.

Kiera hms "I've found a recent bit of information a certain fractal that was quite a shock to me though i'm certain some knew it before I...I think he meant that the event of which rumor spreas a few night's ago may not be traitor related

Felicia grunts with a wry twist of her lips, pulling out a flask from her shirt. The waggle that it's given and lack of noise from within might well answer why she was asking,"I'd heard something about him and the green stone. Though admittedly only in passing. And I'd heard mention about the attack on those holdings but... well. Yeh. I'm afraid I'm clueless too." though Kiera's words about fractals definitely draws her curiousity.

Oswyn squints over in Kiera's direction. "I'm sorry, I'm not following. Which rumour? Which Fractal?"

"Yeah, I have a flask. Hang on. It's in my bag somewhere," Sorrel says with a bit of a grumble, leaning on her notebook so that she doesn't lose her place while she rummages around in her backpack for the whiskey. She momentarily produces some cinnamon whiskey from the Northlands and offers it over to Dame Felicia. She nods then, to Fairen.

Felicia is delighted. Unabashedly delighted. Until she opens it and the smell of the cinnamon hits her. Nope. She blanches and recaps it before thrusting it hastily back towards Sorrel,"Uh... thank you but no." with a tiny but adamant shake of her head. It is automatic habit to dig out her own again, only to recall it's empty and shove it back with a sigh,"Axelle, would you? Please?" she asks of her valet, passing a hand through her hair with a steadying breath.

Erik wonders, "Should that not be a question of mathematics? The most well known fractal is of course the one that forms a figure of an apple, but there are other geometric forms as well."

Kiera hms "My apologies Archlector. The fractal comment was more in response to dame felicia and i recently came upon a bit about emerald which surprised me. which has nothing to do with very recent attacks in the northern oathlands as fars as i'm aware. I'm distressed to have apparent danger in my homeland bout which i know nothing

Oswyn squints for a moment in Erik's direction. Then he blinks and says, "Ah. Apologies. No one's explained the group we call the Fractals, have they? You're aware of the Metallic Order, though?"

Fairen, not being nearly as subtle as he thinks he is, puts his hand up in front of his mouth and asides to Felicia: "What do you have against cinnamon?"

"It joins mint on the list of scents that have been ruined for me forever." Felicia grunts,"Which I hate... Northern whiskey was my favorite." she scrubs her hand over her face with a shake of her head, apparently content to settle back and leave addressing Fractals up to Oswyn.

Erik nods, "Yes, I have run into many records that refer to it, and I do not think you can talk for too long with anyone of a scholastic background before it gets mentioned one way or another. I will not say I am an expert, but I have heard of it."

Oswyn rubs his hands together. "Alright. Well, in days long ago, the elves - the Rex'alfar - were unhappy with the rate that humankind was progressing and laying claim to the world. They wanted support from the Gods, who would not grant it. And so their Queen, Primeria, turned instead to the Abyss, and the Dark Reflections of the Gods."

Kiera smiles "It was a long time before I could put more intelligent label more concrete than enemy or hero to the groups longer still before i learned these labels may be too simplistic

"Is /that/ the reason?" Felicia had glanced towards Fairen, but is totally derailed by Oswyn's words,"Do you have the details on that...? I was under the impression humanity was freed after that issue." she's tapping again distractedly.

"Primeria, of the House of the Sun.. I recognize the name, fro m the creation myths of Aetheris" Erik muses, "That she looked beyond the mirror, feeling that she was forced to look for other sources for help. least in this euphemism it was written."

Oswyn waves his hand in a sort of see-saw motion. "I'm honestly not clear on whether it was the First Children or humanity," he tells Felicia. "All I know is Primeria went through the mirror and brought others with her. Thirteen of the strongest who each brought a stone of their own choosing."

"It was the First Children," Mirk says as he sits down. "I can say that one for certain. Her war with the skykingdom of Cardia, specifically."

Kiera hms "Skald freed humanity twice over to my recollection. Isn't that we have three choices,,and i thought it was diamond who went the mirror

"The skykingdom of Cardia burned Caer'alfar to the ground, which is why it is now known as Pyre," Sorrel interjects as she puts away the unwanted cinnamon whiskey that no one is drinking. "Diamond is Primeria's brother."

"Yes." Felicia agree's with Oswyn on that at least, then there's Mirk and she elects to point towards him,"Sundamar went too. And his wife. They were among them. Humanity was freed from Skald... and I've heard people say it was the second time but I haven't heard what the first time was supposed to be. All I know is that it was after that point that they were freed, and along with the Nox'alfar and the Sylv'alfar came to Arvum under King Harren."

"All of the Fractals went beyond the mirror. It is what made them Fractals," Mirk says with a nod of his head in Sorrel's direction, backing up her point. "But Primeria ordered it, and arranged it all."

"Dragons, not humans," Oswyn says, nodding in Mirk's direction and smiling. "What was I thinking. In any case, like many of the people around during that time... they're still active."

Kiera blinks "Freed /from/ skald"

"Sorry." Felicia realizes her words with a brief burble of laughter,"Freed /by/ Skald." she muses,"I was thinking... is the first time humanity being freed being counted as when He destroyed Destiny?" she asks.

Erik huhs, "Well, once again I can openly admit that I was not aware of that particular connection, Archscholar Oswyn. That is a... fascinating revelation and it makes some other terms I have heard more clear." He continues to listen to whatever information he can find about these ... fractals, making note of Mirk's words as well." But as Oswyn mentions dragons, "Archscholar, would that also refer to Malar and the Malardin?"

Oswyn nods to Erik, stepping away from his notes at the desk and making his way toward the offerings of tea and cookies. And sandwiches. He pours himself some tea. "Malar the dragon, yes. Dragons are also called First Children and Skylords."

"Though I don't know anything about his role in pre-Reckoning events," Mirk mentions in an idle tone. "Malar mostly rises to prominence after his father was wounded unto death in the Reckoning."

"Malar the Black Dragon is the ruler of Cardia," Sorrel provides helpfully, nodding once. "And really, it's a lot to learn."

"Entirely too much. I didn't realize Malar is the ruler of Cardia. Really, I don't know much about Malar, I think," Oswyn says, vaguely apologetically.

"To go back to the green stone Fractal.." Felicia nods towards Kiera, apparently deciding to distract herself with a cookie,"She's a dragon, too. As to Malar..." there's flicking through her notebook,"Nope. I've... ah... heard the name, and assumed the connection with dragons from context, but other than that I know nothing either."

Erik looks over to Sorrel, "the ruler of... Cardia. I definitely have to take note of that. I wonder why it is no were mentioned. huh. I am sorry, I shall shut up." But he still looks rather intently at Sorrel.

"Not all First Children are dragons, though. It's more of a catch-all for certain types of supernatural beings with very ancient origins," Mirk adds as an afterthought. "They roamed the world before mortals, hence the name."

"We have been encouraged to remain ignorant," Oswyn says before having a sip of tea. "Ignorance makes us easier to manipulate. We do not guard against things we do not believe in. So there are many things that people used to never talk about, things people will deny are real. And there are people who will look at you like you're crazy if you talk about dragons. Which is why I say 'supposedly' very often to cover my... tail."

Kiera blinks at Sorrel "nice to know sometimes I make right guesses...though in this case maybe not so much

"Well, perhaps he's the ruler of Cardia, and perhaps he's just a god-like figure that the Malardin cult has chosen to worship," Sorrel notes with a little nod to Oswyn with a small smile, then winks at Kiera.

"Encouraged is an understatement." Felicia mutters all but under her breath, shooing Axelle off to go make with the whiskey with an impatient kind of gesture.

"Ah, yes. 'Supposedly'. I prefer to get away with it by claiming an interest in stories and myths," Fairen says, glancing at Oswyn over his glasses with half a smile as he speaks upa gain after observing the interplay on Malar and Cardia without adding much.

"A cycle is a collection of songs about a culture's mythology. I wrote the Metallic Cycle," Sorrel agrees with a nod.

"Now I have found that nothing is set in stone, and that almost everything can be purged from the immediate attention when one is just making enough effort. Distraction works of course very well." Erik shrugs but looking from scholar to scholar for some sort of recognition.

Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound have been dismissed.

Rurik, a prodigal assistant have been dismissed.

"We do our best to keep things from being forgotten. I will warn knowledge is dangerous," Oswyn tells Erik. "Sometimes when you go looking, it attracts attention."

Felicia tilts her head briefly Erik's way before giving a solemn nod of agreement for Oswyn's words,"But hey, if you get murdered by things that shouldn't exist for learning things we're not supposed to know, at least it will make an excellent story to tell Death." she offers cheerfully,"I don't suppose anyone's inclined to share notes? I always feel like there's bits that I'm missing that somehow if I can see the full picture... well, sometime after I drown myself in whiskey in horror I might feel properly armed."

Kiera hms "i have a bunch of notes on the traitor, only becase so many roads lead to his door. i'd be surprised if i know something you don't dame felcia but i'm willing to check

Erik gives Felicia an easy smile "Since I shamelessly admit that there is still a bit of story I need to hear from you, I would be delighted to compare notes. Maybe on a ship's quarter deck?" That last bit is obviously a teasing bit. "I would suggest the Ebb and Flow then, closest you can get to feeling to be on a ship without being on one." But he feels himself to be agreeing with Kiera, "Sine you will be doing the telling, I can at least keep the whisky flowing."

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, Ellis Avonmore - Steward and First Mate arrive, following Mikani.

Oswyn walks his tea back to the desk and nods. "I'm always willing to share notes. Or hear notes. Basically I like notes."

"How do you feel about musical notes?" Fairen asks in the kind of bland undertone that is meant to carry when someone thinks himself VERY VERY FUNNY.

"I would be grateful. You never know what piece is going to bring the rest of the picture into stark relief." there's a brief chuckle,"Definitely not on a boat, but the Ebb and Flow? Sure. And whiskey, as long as it's not cinnamon flavored." there's that shudder again, a small lean back and a crinkle of her nose as if just saying the world makes her feel like she can smell it.

"Personally, I'm very much into musical notes," Sorrel offers, leaning back with a bit of a grin as she waggles her brows.

Mikani enters in hoping she wasn't too late for the party. She has her notebooks in her arms as she looks around and joins the group.

"I believe Princess Sorrel is far better suited to that discussion," Oswyn tells Fairen without missing a baet.

Oswyn adds, "Are we adjourning to the Ebb and Flow or is that a later thing?"

As Sorrel and Oswyn both take the bait in the same bite, Fairen's lips curve in a smile that grows to a grin, looking pleased. He inclines his head to them both in thanks.

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