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The Alchemy of Alcohol

Join the Suspires at the Academy Bar for an alcohol tasting party! We are sourcing all the most interesting libations throughout the compact to compare their qualities and how they mix with juices and finger foods! Bring a bottle of your own and be prepared to mix as prizes will be given out for the most creative cocktail creation, and, for those who would rather simply partake, the best guesser in a supertaster competition!

NOTE: Go to the Pravus Ward all the way to the West - set your directions to the Garden of Silken Delights and enter the Mother of Sighs to find the Academy!


March 11, 2022, 8 p.m.

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Ciro Lucrezia Renata Cassiopeia Mailys Mattheu Caprice Sebastian Amari Thesbe



Arx - Ward of House Pravus - Mother of Sighs - Suspires Academy

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Five, a probationary assistant arrives, following Mailys.

2 Seraceni Corsairs, Misschief, a young silvery marmoset, Mailys arrive, following Ciro.

If you're here now... you're here to drink with Nina!

The Academy is set up for a party atmosphere, with the Suspire running the floor and having her favorite attendants running the bar. The whole point of the event is to mix drinks and mix it up, and Nina already has a glass of something dangerous and golden-colored in one hand as she stands at the door in a fabulous cocktail dress to greet guests. The atmosphere is laid back, as any contests haven't yet begun, so first a few drinks to get the blood moving!

Ciro slips into the Suspires Academy with a swagger to his walk, adorned in 'pirate' garb. Leathers and sashes of oranges and reds along his belt. His hair is straight, black and goatee somewhat unshaven. On his arm is the fair skinned beauty, Mailys Corsetina, with cascading black shiny hair that sweeps over shoulders. They both are conversing idly as they walk in. Ciro is letting the lady lead now and offers his arm should she still want it.

There are two reasons for Lucrezia to set foot within an establishment called an Academy: booze or it was military in nature. Happily it is the former today and so she arrives prepared with a green-brown bottle in hand and a crazy, eager grin on her lips. She's sprawled herself over one of the couches, swinging a leg over one leg in impatience to get started with the drinking.

Renata is here to drink! ... well, not exactly. Renata is here to support the Suspires and Nina, a representative of Pravus. The young Pravus princess shadows Lucrezia's arrival as if she could just fade into the background and observe life as it swirls around her shy self.

Violeta Emili, a Ravashari smuggler dressed as the wind, 2 Rivenshari Clan Guardsman arrive, following Mattheu.

There is a festive environment in the air, and Cassiopeia moves through the Academy, celebrating with every step. It's an easy and confident stride that brings her there, wearing a bright smile, like it's always there. Her eyes light up when she sees Nina and Cassiopeia waves at the other woman, "this is going to be so much fun!," she greets. The six Arokkoans that follow the Marquessa disperse into the room, seeming to enjoy her choice of outings. Wearing a brocade gown, she seems to be transitioning slowly into spring, as though she is just waiting for winter to pop out behind her. A cheerful, but relaxed voice greets the room, "so many faces!," she looks around but doesn't rest her gaze too long in once place. Rather, she is taking in the details of the room and trying to ascertain the evenings agenda from the items placed around.

"If you haven't met more Suspires, you may be sorely missing out," Mailys supported the case as she arrived with Ciro, who might be ready to drink by the way he's dressed. Her eyes enjoy soft colours that make the faces of the attendants contrast in emphasis. A hand rises to wave towards Nina with a dip of her head to greet. She leans towards Ciro to note of Nina, "Our Hostess, leader House of Sighs. Introductions before the games begin?"

The echoes of bells reach the academy long before the owner of said bells does, doors swing open to reveal one Mattheu Rivenshari who has already found a few drinks on the way to the gala. Riding on the back of the tall equally brightly dressed and slightly less jingling guard who typically follows along in his antics, Mattheu is dropped as soon as they both enter the hall. A loud cascade of bells singing out as he looks back up to the woman that just dropped him as if dejected and says something to her in Ravashari before getting a smirk back and she seeks out what there is to drink. The young lord stands up, a little wobbily, must be the land not moving right... And proceeds to head for the tables lined with drinks.

Nina decided, as she was planning the party, to provide an event for those more aggressive sorts, like Lucrezia, to get their aggression out by providing some breakable bottles in a cloth-covered station. Of course, all bottle breaking is strictly optional, but drinking, surely, is not. She walks over to give Cassiopeia an open hug, then a more gentle nod and bow. "Hello everyone! And absolutely, introductions are lovely," she says with a nod at Mailys. "Everyone, hello and welcome. If this is your first time at Suspires Academy, we offer lessons of all sorts! But today, our lesson is on how to taste and drink alcohol! All knowledge is critical in this world, even the dangerous knowledge!"

The weather is no longer abhorrent, thus, Caprice has emerged from her broody winter dormancy! And what better way to chase off any lingering chill than with Copious Amounts of Booze. First order of business is a quick tour of the space and its occupants, at least as much time (if not more) spent on studying fashion choices as faces. Familiar attendees earn quick nods or waves, less familiar ones a dip of her chin should eyes meet. Nina's introduction to the event earns some light applause from the Guildmaster, before she - like others - moves to inspect the icebreaker drink selection.

Ciro raises brow as he looks down to Mailys on his arm. "I suppose I am missing out." he rumbles from his chest with a hearty laugh as she mentions meeting more Suspires. At the note of Nina's title he politely dips his head towards their hostess for the evening. "Yes introductions. Lead the way Mistress Mailys, you can tug me along I don't mind. But, uh, a drink first." he says before going to grab two drinks. One for his date and for himself, he looks to the liquid in said glass. It swirling with golden like color. "Well this looks particularly dangerous." he grins before throwing it back and down his throat.

Nina has joined the Round Central Bar.

"Master the dangerous. A beautiful the sentiment for the occasion," Mailys compliments Nina as she takes her first glass, and approaches Nina's throne-bar to introduce her date. "Lord Ciro Seraceni of Ischia would like to bask in your wisdom of mixology." She offers to Nina with a free-handed gesture to the vibrantly clothed Ciro. "I found him in my shop and thought he could be in no better place," she adds to tease the dark-featured lord.

A brushing of the scarves he wears, Mattheu is happily looking at what is abound on the table for drinking, turning to look to Cassiopeia with a nod and smirk. "Marquessa Cassiopeia!" His bow is tipsy, though manages to stay upon his feet as he stands back up, a grab at a drink without really looking at it and pouring some within a mug which is then waved around allowing liquid to slosh about when some splashes over and lands on his arm he looks at the mug as if it has betrayed him.

Lucrezia has joined the Pink silk couches.

"Wonderful," Nina says, looking at Mailys with a smile. She looks at Ciro, and then gives a nod and a grin. "Well, do we want to partake of tonight's first Mystery Drink?" she asks... speaking to Ciro directly, but looking around the room at others as well. "There's plenty of it to go around, and more things where that came from." Nina slips behind the bar. A party planner as well as an elegant hostess, she's already starting to help pour what looks like red wine from an unmarked bottle.

Ciro didn't know the meaning of pacing his liquor but he also wasn't a light weight either. He'd toasted with the best as a sailor and pirate lord. So this shindig and party was equally as entertaining for the Seraceni Lord. Upon Mailys' tease he looks back to both Nina and his date before offering a roguish grin. "Yes.. I got /lost/." he nodded, "Ended up in this fair beauty's shop only to be told I better be careful about desires and all that non sense. And so, I was rescued and brought here. To, uh, /bask/ in the glory that is your wisdom for drinks... Because I do love a good drink." he's about to grab a drink off a platter of pass staff but upon hearing Nina's words of a mystery drink he nods. "That sounds... wonderfully exciting. I'd be a bad guest if I didn't partake." he grins.

Briar, a quiet young woman, 6 Setarcan Royal Shields arrive, following Sebastian.

Lucrezia straightens slightly as it gets to time to try drinks. "Yes!" With a sailor's grace, she rolls herself off the couch from her indolent sprawl to her feet sos he can saunter over to the bar. There she claims a stool and leans an elbow against the bar. Her other hand gestures in the 'give me' motion.

Mattheu has joined the Round Central Bar.

Sebastian, as always, has impeccable timing. He gets here just in the wake of an announcement about the first drink, looking rather pleased with himself, all told. Swishing inside, dressed in his mix of silk and steelsilk in Pravosi colors, he'd be impossible to mistake. "I heard," he directs towards Nina, blowing her a kiss, "That the Suspires were putting on the best party, as they always do," he says, as he walks towards the bar.

Turning her attention when she hears Mattheu and his bells approach and her smile brightens, "Lord Rivenshari! It's so nice to meet you again. Happy Drinking!" The Marquessa has meandered towards the bar, listening to Nina as she talks about the mystery game and blonde brows lift upwards. The idea of an unknown drink is something she muses about for a few long minutes before she grins, "that should prove to be interesting, no doubt." As Nina challenges Ciro, she waits to see if he agrees to partake. When he does, she turns her attention to the others gathering there to see who else will step up. Though, the mention of bottle smashing does have her glances curious in the direction of the station. A little coy smile forms and she murmurs, "somehow I think that could be... rather therapeutic." The drink in her hand, is held with relaxed shoulders, looking especially calm and content.

Renata ghosts the outskirts of the party, her aqua eyes bright with interest, resting on Nina as she announces the first drink. The young Pravus princess slips away from the wall, closer to the hostess and the drinking, the white silk of her gown flowing behind her as she tries to make a non existant entrance. It's easy to do when Sebastian arrives. Renata falls in behind her cousin, quiet and unassuming.

"Oh, don't feel so bad. I know the Pravus Ward is quite large compared to some other wards and the Academy is a bit of a well-kept secret." Nina grins. "Ah, but the party can start officially now that Prince Sebastian is here!" she says. Being a little tipsy already, she's passing out glasses of something red. "Should we begin with the tasting? Please, come join us!"

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This drink is a bit surprising if one was expecting a drier red, but the brightness of the color perhaps gave it away. It's a berry-based wine, very heady and sweet and not terribly powerful...

It's possible that the drinkers may realize that the drinks are going to increase in alcohol content as well as guessing difficulty as time goes on, if that was Nina's plan. Those who taste the berry drink are free to describe in their own terms... except for Ciro, who apparently can't quite place the notes.

Nina is enjoying it of course, drinking the sweet potion as a sign of things to come. She can't play the guessing but she can certainly partake.

Now with a red glass in hand and Nina passing around drinks to the assembled, Mailys looks rather well complimented to have Ciro mention being threatened with mild danger to establish boundaries. "You should really meet Marquessa Cassiopeia," Or perhaps Mailys simply wanted to find her, "if you aren't acquainted. She's a very skilled navigator in a sea like this." Her green eyes lift from examining the red liquid in her glass to see if the always well dressed and fair-featured Marquessa was within pivoting distance.

Mattheu looks back to his mug and finally gives it a taste, licking at his lips a little as he then swirls the mug under his nose. Only looking back to Nina with a grin, "I haven't the clue what this is to do to the drink, though do I taste- Oh what's the word." He mutters something in Ravashari which sounds like 'pryza' then looks at the mug again, "A- It's a stone fruit- that green one. No not stone." He holds his hands up to show a small size, "A little seed, pain in ass- HA. PEAR! Tastes of Pear, and cardamon?"

"GAH!" Lucrezia almost spits out the drink, but is mindful of the Suspires enough to swallow it, but boy does she scowl in utter disgust in the sweetness she just imbibed. She looks around squinting like there'd better be *real* drinks coming up or it'll be more than bottles that are broken.

Duty has this really annoying habit of interfering with Fun. Suppressing a grimace after a messenger relays some quiet words to her, Caprice slinks regretfully towards the exit again - and attempts a discreet long-distance apology wave to Nina before she departs.

It's red, so naturally Sebastian is drawn to the mystery drink, despite his natural disinclination to drink things that haven't been tasted before. It's a measure of how much trust he places in Nina, and the Suspires in general, that he takes the glass without concern, leaning on the bar next to Lucrezia and nudging her shoulder. Only belatedly does he notice the too-quite Renata, easing over and patting a space at the bar. "Come up, Ren. You ought to be well versed at this sort of thing." He takes a very light sip, visibly savoring it. "Mm. A fruity note to it. A bit of a sweet aftertaste. Good, with a light meal, but nothing with a heavy meat to it. Ah-" his gaze turns, just in time to see the Guildmaster departing, a hand lifting to farewell her, before he snorts at Lucrezia's reaction.

Ciro had indeed already snuck a few more drinks then he should've before tasting this 'Mystery Drink' of Nina's. So when he did, they all pretty much tasted like muddled notes of alcohol, to which, he wasn't exactly complaining either. And what does he do? Grabs another drink. He wasn't a drunk but a connoisseur of beverages that had a high alcohol content. Yes.. that's what it was. He looks to Mailys as she's mentioning names, "Oh.. That name does sound familiar." he nods, before following the emerald hued Corsetina.

This drink is exactly up Renata's modest, sheltered aisle. Normally grave, the dark-haired young princess smiles sweetly over the berry notes, rolling it over her tongue in the smallest of quantities. Dimples appear and she takes a spot next to Sebastian with a quiet blush. "I defer to your greater ability, Sebastian," she says in her deeply musical lilt.

Looking a little hesitant at the red wine, she seems to expect it to taste a certain way and when it's sweet and fruity, she seemed relieved. Another sip and she presses her lips together, "That's rather pleasant, a nice way to start," she says about the first drink. Catching the sound of her name, her azure blues sweep the room to the source and she brightens her smile for Mailys, lifting her free hand and wiggling her fingers. "How nice to catch you again," she murmurs at the woman's approach, tilting her attention at Ciro, looking at him with unfamiliarity. "I wonder what is in store for us next," she glances from the pair to Nina, also catching the comment about pears from Mattheu and lifting her brows at that. Perhaps she missed it. As her attention drifts from person-to-person, she catches sight of Sebastian in the crowd and she smiles a warm greeting in his direction, should she catch his line of sight.

Mailys says of the introductory wine as they approach Cassiopeia, "You don't like it? Cherry or blackberry, sweet like those tiny wild strawberries in the west-" she lingers in the reference. "It has a nice brightness to it for a start," she agrees with the Marquessa. "I'm glad to see you, Marquessa. Do you know Lord Ciro?" The short woman set down her glass and looked for where the next round was coming from.

Lucrezia grumbles something at Sebastian that sounds like a mix between shove of and some rather colorful curse when he nudges her shoulder. "What? This isn't booze, this is flavored water for children. Next drink!!" She makes the demand like it's a natural compliment to the first part of her words.

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Lucrezia checks perception and investigation at normal. Lucrezia is successful.

Ciro looked to Cassiopeia upon the introduction that Mailys had given. There was a flourish, if maybe tipsy, bow given towards the Marquessa, "And now it seems I'm in the company of two beautiful woman.. Or maybe I'm seeing doubles, already?" that roguish sort of Lycene charm extended in jest. He clears his throat, "A pleasure Marquessa, the name is Lord Ciro Seraceni of Ischia."

"That's right," Nina says, and smiles at Mailys as she explains the flavor. "Fruit is correct. It's a strawberry wine... and... um, maybe not much to the Princess's liking, but we're just getting warmed up. Let's move on to the next drink!" This one, as Nina pours it, is a bit more golden, and the smell is crisper. It has a larger alcohol content than the previous drink, but not enough to truly be overpowering. It has an easy sipping notion but a sour finish. Renata can't place this but Sebastian likely has had more than his share of it, as it is in fact an Oathlands drink. And still probably not strong enough for Lucrezia.

Nina continues to drink, taking just a sip of this, and then moving from behind the bar to mill around a bit and get it moving through her blood.

"I /am/ very good," Sebastian agrees with Renata's compliment without even a beat of modesty, "But still, you oughtn't sell yourself short. You were raised in Setara after all." Lucrezia's grumbling gets a brighter smile. "I think Nina's easing us into it. You just have to stick it out to the end for the /really/ good stuff, Lu," he undertones. He catches Cassiopeia's smile and lifts his hand, returning it in kind. His, "Marquessa," might be lost in the din, but she's probably used the formulation of lips in those syllables by now to infer it. And then he's sampling the next drink. It earns a grimace, and a faint //ugh//. "The Oathlanders have many skills, but a talented and complex alcoholic beverage that delights? Is a rare treat. They do seem to like it, though."

Mattheu looks at the drink and simply throats it in a full gulp. A shrug is given back to Nina with a silly smirk as he then steps back from the contest, "An interesting drink though I might be better sitting off to the side and only seeking what exists for rum. There is rum here?"

Sebastian leans to catch a look at Mattheu as he hears the man nearby. "If there isn't, I'll sort you out, my lord," with a grin.

Renata takes the smallest of sips of the next drink, and promptly coughs as the alcohol content hits the back of her delicate throat. When her eyes start watering, it's all over and the young woman frantically sets the glass aside to search for a handkerchief to cough into, all while making sure her gown stays modestly in place without showing too much leg. "Raised in Setara for what part of my life I can remember," she corrects Sebastian, her voice hoarse. "And quite happy to watch the rest of you with pride."

Lucrezia doesn't look as she has high hopes for this next drink, but that doesn't stop her from trying it anyway. Sebastian's assurance that better drinks ought to be forthcoming makes her sigh in annoyance and roll her eyes. Obviously in her drinking book the drinks should start in the opposite order and probably stay there. "You better be right."

"Strawberry wine," she commits that to memory, seeming to enjoy the drink until she is met with a new, fresh one. This one is different and she holds it up, taking sight of the colour, how the light catches it. A smile is offered to Mailys as she introduces Ciro, "a pleasure to meet you Lord Seraceni. Marquessa Cassiopeia Proscipi of Tremorus. A good night to come to the Pravus Ward, Nina hosts the best parties!," she exchanges her details with response to his. Then the glass is lifted, toasting the two, before she takes a sip. The sour flavour hits her immediately and her face puckers, like she just bit into a lemon. When Nina says it's an Oathlander drink, Cassiopeia isn't so much surprised by this, she holds it slightly away, as though delicately indicating her distaste for this one. "Well, I for one, am curious what we will try next," she says, seeming less keen to finish the last drink, but ready for more!

The golden colour could have meant many things as Mailys took a good drink of the next one. "Mm," she hummed through the sour finish. "Ale? I'm not very good at placing these, but I know Bitter Ale isn't bitter. I remember that much." She mentions this as Ciro and Cassiopeia are introduced. The two women share similar dislike for the drink in general.

Ciro scrunches his nose when he goes to smell the next mystery drink. However, he doesn't waste it. -Bottoms up- "Some kind of apple wine... cider maybe.." he shakes his head in distaste. "Not my most favorite drink I can assure you. I agree with Marquessa Proscipi and the rest."

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Amari bears the look of a lady who was utterly lost, but is suddenly found. It's a delightful surprise for her and she makes little effort to hide it by taming her smile down into a serious line. In fact, she straight out admits her predicament, by announcing to the room: "I was terribly turned around. You have no idea how many drinking parties I happened upon between here and the Valardin ward." That said, it seems she's arrived in time for an Oathlands favorite? She's here for that. Right to the bar she goes, whispering greetings to people she recognizes, and the hostess.

Nina looks at Mattheu, and blinks slowly, looking coy. She smiles at him. "I can't tell you about the contents of the mystery drink, but maybe try the next one too just to be absolutely sure!" she says gleefully. "Are you a rum drinker, my Lord?"

She pulls a green bottle out from the bottom of the shelf. "This drink happens to be calvados from Chevalle, a drink which Princess Adrienne taught me to be fond of. Though I think it's a bit sour for my taste... I suppose the Prince might agree."

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Nina drops Strawberry Wine.

Nina drops a bottle of Chevalle calvados.

Mattheu spins in a cascade of bells as he hears Amari's voice, "Amari!" Then looks to Nina with a vigorous nod. "Yes. Rum is preferred."

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Linx, a beautiful Persian cat with a green collared bow, 2 Seryn veteran guards, Mihai, a Rivenshari guard trying to be unobtrusive arrive, following Thesbe.

2 Seraceni Corsairs have been dismissed.

Misschief, a young silvery marmoset have been dismissed.

Sebastian makes the faintest ticks of disappointment at Renata's graceful demurral. "You should spend more time with the Suspires, Renata. I'm sure they could help square up your worldly experiences with various alcohols. A useful skill to have. One should always know what a drink is /supposed/ to taste like, even if it's horrible. Some poisons have tastes," he says, all too casually. He recognizes the bottle Nina pulls out. "Ah, yes. We were gifted some from Princess Adrienne's Blancier family," he says, quietly, his smile brief and fading soon after. He tracks Amari's entrance and murmurs: "Baroness," to her in greeting.

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Thesbe saunters into the Suspires Academy, looking towards a missive as if she was looking at directions. Linx was in her arms and Mihai, her Rivenshari guard, following close behind her with 2 other House Seryn guards. The Thraxian woman seemed rather wanting to stay out of the way so she slips around the back wall. Cerulean blue eyes catch Mattheu, who is obviously drunk. She shakes her head and makes way to him, leaning in to whisper something to the Rivenshari Lord.

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Mattheu looks at the remains of his mug and as Nina suggests, gives it another go and is left staring at the mug itself. Stuck brushing the inside of the mug with a scarf at his waist. Bells singing out as he makes a disgusted look at what he's drunk, "Why would- Why would you put fish in a drink?!" He barely has the sense to hold his mug out for the next drink which Nina somehow convinces him to attempt and is left with that aftertaste staring at his mug a little cautiously as Thesbe whispers to him. The young lord bounces with a shiver as she speaks to him, returning to her with a silly smile as he whispers back.

Renata's aquamarine eyes widen at Sebastian's words and her cheeks flood with pink blush. Her dark head ducks down to hide the dismay. "Of course, Sebastian." Her fingers lace together on her lap. "I wouldn't want to reflect poorly upon the family." She takes the next drink with a resigned, but resolute expression.

Funny enough, this drink is actually, probably rum... though it has a spiciness to it that has various notes on the palette that one might discuss at length. But somehow, through the fates, Mattheu has grabbed the wrong glass!

An easy mistake to make, since many things are gold in color, but that shot was probably wiped off of the bar.

The rest taste various notes of spice and sugar, at least those with the palette for it. Nina also seems quite fond of this drink.

Amari flashes a smile at the be-belled Rivenshari as she sidles up to the bar and finds a spot to perch. Drinks are soon set out before her so she can play catch-up. She tries each, but not before greeting her fellow Oathlander in like manner, "Mattheu!" A soft laugh follows which peters out as Thesbe approaches. The Seryn is given a polite nod, before her gaze slides off and onto Sebastian. "Your Highness. These three don't taste poisoned. I didn't get a hint of fish either." She looks then to see if anyone else is having a bad reaction, and spying Cassiopeia, wiggles her fingers her way.

Another drink, another mystery. Cassiopeia is keen to taste the next flavour, curious what this one will hold. Bringing it to her lips, she takes a small sip. There is a pause as she contemplates the flavour, holding it on her tongue before swallowing. Her attention drifts, and in that moment catches Amari's arrival and wave. Her non drink hand lifts, and she finger-wiggles back at the woman, offering a friendly smile and a 'hello!', in the mix. Speaking of mix, mixing alcohol leaves a healthy flush on Cassiopeia's cheeks and she lightly drums her fingers against it, to remind herself it is there and so she drinks on. "Sweet and spicy," she comments of the drink.

"Now this is getting to be like it." Lucrezia drinks all this one down to show her approval. Still, she's looking for the next, harder drink. No guesses as to what it is from her still, she's not a connoisseur, she is just a non-apologetic lush.

"It has a bit of a kick. This is definitely more a Lu drink," Sebastian says, after he's tasted it, looking at his cousin expectantly, smile deepening. Renata's remark earns a surprised look, though he doesn't comment, instead nursing the glass like he's tempted to try more, but he refrains from following Lucrezia's example. "You'll have to secure me a bottle this later, if you can, Nina," he says with a nod. "Good for out on the water, as all rum is best imbibed."

Thesbe wrinkles her nose and looks to Mattheu's mug to see if it really does at least smell like fish. When it doesn't, then it probably didn't taste like it either, she shakes her head and chuckles. At Amari's polite nod, Thesbe would return her own, warm and friendly smile along her face towards the Baroness. She then whispers something back to Matti.

"This tastes familiar. Could be that I always drink rum with oranges that I want to taste them in everything. Could be some other citrus too." Cassiopeia sounded like she was onto something as Mailys tried to search for the reference to the drink. Her eyes moved to Sebastian as he seemed to take a more educated guess. It was good, whatever it was- to her taste. Or perhaps she just preferred shots over ciders.

Amari's words of no fish and no poison have Renata looking relieved, bowing her head gratefully to the Baroness, reassured enough so that she sips of the next drink and tries in vain to hide the resultant cough. There's no guess from the young Pravus forthcoming but a proud look for Lucrezia, who handles it like a champion. To Nina, the sweet-voiced princess asks, "I would love to have a bottle of the first drink to send to Princess Keely, if you wouldn't mind, Suspire? I think she'd be as delighted as I was by it."

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"If you manage to guess the last drink, Prince Sebastian," Nina says, and curtsies a bit, "I will send you a bottle directly. Provided of course the last isn't your favorite one! But I am very flattered as... both this drink and the next are some creations of my own." She pulls a bit of spiced rum out from behind the bar. "And while it didn't win the rum tasting contest as there were many fine rums on display, I do have several bottles at the Butterfly Lounge. And now..."

Nina pulls out a bottle of something... black. It looks intimidating. "For the last libation of the contest. Once we're all liquored up, we can move on to the mixing contest!"

Mattheu is left staring at the mug and simply puts it down upon the table. A nod to Nina, "Thank you Suspire, though I'm-- I'm going to find a drink without fish in it." He does grab at the bottle of Strawberry wine and makes way to flop into a nearby couch while throating the bottle to finish it off quickly. Something said to him has a silly smirk on his lips as he looks back to Thesbe. A nod to Amari with the same silly smirk, only to hold the now empty bottle of wine up to her. "Baroness Amari, have you found your backyard free of the midnight?"

Something clicks for Amari, a hint, clue or minor revelation, as she looks back over Mattheu and Thesbe. It's more the latter she eyes curiously and almost suspiciously for a long finger count of seconds. When the scrutiny concludes, she laughs softly and lifts a hand to gesture vaguely over her face, as if that signifies... something, "Ah! We've met." She's all smiles about that, until Nina produces a bottle of liquified abyss. That has her narrow her eyes. "That looks like the water they fill the pool with for the blood moon masquerade, the one you stick your hand in to fish out a prize. I caught a crab, or the opposite really..." She may still be traumatized, a little. Mattheu to the rescue with a distraction. "So far! Now it's spring, I'm back to digging it up. It's all mud now, barely any of the midnight."

As Nina announces the last rum is one she created herself, Cassiopeia's eyebrows lift upwards with curiosity. "I cannot wait to try it," she comments easily, and those brows lift even higher when she sees the liquid is black. Immediately, she no doubt is trying to figure out white might cause that colour and her interest is perked. Reaching for a glass, she glances curiosity to see how everyone else reacts to the drink, as she takes a sip of her own. Her eyes follow Mattheu as he snags a bottle and falls into the couch, then at Amari when she is asked the question about midnight. Glancing over at Renata when she asks about the Strawberry wine, Cassiopeia smiles in her direction, "it was such a lovely wine, I am sure your friend will be delighted!"

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Thesbe blinks from Mattheu to Amari, but she's content with being quiet for now. Her hand goes to absentmindedly pet Linx within her arms. The cream colored fluffy cat purring only to swat at some of Mattheu's jiggling bells. She chuckles to something Matti says before going to plop down on the pillows next to him. "Well it seems like Violeta and Mihai are going to have to drag you back to the expanse once this is over with." she grins, teasing Mattheu. She then looks to Amari, "Lady Thesbe Seryn." she says softly in introduction.

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Cassiopeia's smile is heartening and Renata's lips answer in kind, turning up until dimples surface at the corners. "I think she will, too," the Pravus tips her chin down in agreement, blue eyes locking on Cassiopeia. "We have a lot of the same tastes." Fingers stray up to her dark hair, touch a peony blossom iridescite and coral hair comb that holds the straight weight of it back on one side. "She sent me this beautiful gift and I'd like to find something... perfect in return. And what could be more perfect than something from the Suspires, who are the true meaning of perfection?"

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The final, dangerous drink is one Nina takes seriously with light sipping, though it appears to be more up Lucrezia's alley than the other drinks so far save the rum. This is... a very strong and complex drink made with herbs. Strong, though it's not pure alcohol, one with a good sense of taste can taste a variety of herbs in this drink - ginger, pine, juniper, anise...

But those without a strong stomach for alcholic content will find it a bit too much to bear, most likely.

Now this one has garnered her interest from the way she all but snatches up the drink when it's put before her. Lucrezia guzzles it down without thought and, at last, looks vastly pleased by whatever vile concoction Nina's unleashed upon them this time. "Yes, this is a good. Got better?"

"I do like those odds. But if they're on sale at your shop, no need to send it to me. I'll have Briar purchase out your stock." Promise or threat, Sebastian's smiling ruefully either way, as he reaches for the final glass. He turns it this-way and that, breathing in deeply before he takes a small, tasting sip. It's probably a good thing he does: it's much too strong, even for him, and too much so for him to to determine the contents. Still, he turns his gaze towards Lucrezia, with a knowing smile, then back to Nina. "If you have any of this spare, too, send it to the Wanton and charge me for it."

Cassiopeia checks composure at normal. Cassiopeia is successful.

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"Baroness Amari Redire." Amari amiably provides so her and Thesbe can be more properly acquainted. With her and Mattheu headed for the pillows, she smiles after them a moment or two before focusing hard on the black drink of blackness. She has some deliberations about whether or not to taste it. They go on for a short span, but in the end, caution loses. A tentative sip is had, and when that doesn't kill her outright, she has a second more confident one. That one will likely lead to regret. "No crab. I like the juniper berry, and pine needle flavors beneath all the stinging. What is this?"

A warm smile is exchanged with Renata and she listens to the woman talk about her friend and their similar tastes, nodding all the while. Her gaze lands on the pins as she gestures to it, "it's so prefect for spring and it suits you well. She clearly has a good hand for gifts, and will no doubt appreciate a thoughtful one in return. There is things that just...remind us of others, and best to follow that inclination. Asides, anything you try here, you cannot go wrong with," she says. And then... she takes a sip and her eyes go immediately wide, and coughs like it caught in her throat. But, she tries not to make a show of it, rather, she puts the drink down, looking casually about to see what others have to say. "It burns," she murmurs, and that is all she has to contribute to the talk of flavours and notes, only the sensation that she feels. There is a little lopsided smile that finishes it.

Renata, Kind Maiden that she is reputed to be, has a glass of water ready for Cassiopeia and she offers it out with a sympathetic smile. "Looks painful," she observes to the Marquessa with a wince. And then her eyes rove the room to see who manages and who doesn't with an open curiosity. "And I think you're right, Marquessa. Tell me, how does Proscipi fare these days?"

Nina chuckles a little bit at this. She, very carefully, sips the black stuff and smiles as a few people find it a bit too strong and Lu finds it more or less just right. If not enough. "Well, I'd like to thank you all for being willing to be my experimental subjects. This herbal liquor is complex and honestly it is brand new! I haven't thought of a name for it yet, but I was considering making it the primiere Suspires liquor for future cocktails. It's an herb base..."

And since Nina knows what's in it. "With ginger, juniper, anise, and just a hint of tropical fruit. Among other things. Those of you who survived my taste-test are welcome to a bottle of your choice... and if you want more of this, please at least help me in the naming competition. I was thinking of something like... Setarco Seduction..." She frowns a bit. "Hm, but then again, if it's not so tempting, maybe Suspires Venom would be more appropriate."

Mattheu converses softly with Thesbe upon the pillows, as he stares at the fluffy white and pampered cat with some confusion. As if the mug of fish, seriously who puts fish in a drink? - Don't answer that - /He knows who/ The cat watches him with some questionability before settling upon his lap and looking to the Rivenshari lord as if he is hoarding a fish.

"We might need to set up a tab," Sebastian considers, as he glances at Lucrezia, then back to Nina with a lighter smile. "I do like Suspires Venom. It gives a bit of a challenge to the name, to entice people to beat it. Getting through a bottle of that though... that would be a challenge." But he seems well approving of it, even if he didn't finish his.

"It's less a seduction and more... a test of courage as Prince Sebastian says." Amari notes as she wonders over the lingering flavors of that yet unnamed liquor of Nina's. "It does burn." She has to agree with Cassiopeia's take as well once she's had a third sip just to be sure she's being objective about the experience.

Lucrezia grins with savage decadence at Sebastian, always about someone else picking up the tab for her. She nods with eager delight at the idea of having a steady flow of this sent to the Wanton. "Do it, Bas. It's for a good cause."

There is a snicker that comes from Thesbe where she sits with Mattheu on the multicolored pillows. Thesbe politely inclines her head to Amari, and clears her throat while composing herself, "A pleasure Baroness Amari Redire."

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Nina steps away from the bar for a second, abdicating for those who want to make their own drinks. "We can of course move on to your creative submissions. Or, if we're already too liquored up... Maybe I can give the prize to the best drinker and leave it at that!" Nina asks, giggling as she looks at Lu. "Though my intended prize was a piece of clothing from me. And I think measuring you for a gown would be a lot of fun."

"Don't I know it," Sebastian replies to Lucrezia, but there's both an amusement and affection that suggests he's not joking. He glances towards the entrance, spotting Briar hovering there. Easing straight from his lean against the bar, he says, "As much as I would love to taste your various creations, I do need to sneak away. I'm rather later than late for another appointment. If any of our guests need a place to stay the evening, we'll find space for them in the manor," he tells Nina, giving her a warm smile. And then he's heading for the exit -- but only after he pauses and leans to murmur something to Amari in passing.

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Mattheu steps up from the pillows only to fall back into them, now with an angry cat looking at him for /daring/ to move he looks back to Thesbe, "There's a drink to make. They must know of the brandies-" The look he gives her is awkward at best possibly due to her asking him something, only he responds loudly back to her, "You need to roll your tongue. Like this-"

Thesbe shakes her head, and rises from the pillows with Mattheu. A guiding hand behind is back so that he doesn't knock anyone or anything down in particular.

Opting for a glass of wine after everything, Cassiopeia looks around as she takes a sip, she looks at Nina and smiles. "It's all been delightful," she says, smiling in passing as a few folks make their way. "I think I liked the Strawberry wine the best, followed by the...third one, the spicy one, a rum I recall?," she is a bit fuzzy on the details, on account of all the drinks!

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"Thank you," Nina says to Cassiopeia, as she gets a bottle out from under the counter to give to Lu. Then she looks at Amari, who also survived her challenge. "What can I get for you? I think..." she says to Cassiopeia, "That I will have all of these liquors for sale at the Butterfly Lounge for the spring season. If anyone cares for the Strawberry wine, come by later and I will happily gift you a bottle. It's very easy drinking, not for the professionals..." She giggles. "But all of this has been strong enough for me!"

Amari almost seems tempted to follow Sebastian out the door, the way she leans in her seat as if being pulled into his wake. She finds some anchor against that, clearly, as she straightens and just stares after him a moment or two, expression measuring. When her attention is finally back to the here and now, she looks about the room to those still here and possibly drunk or drinking. Cassiopeia is agreed with. "They were all very good! I'm sorely tempted by the yet unnamed Venom, if mostly to serve to guests. It would spark some fun conversations, I'm sure."

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"Indeed. It's certainly the type of drink that will get people talking," she says of the 'venom', then she considers Nina's offer and smiles. "Let's be adventurous, I think I was quite partial to that third drink, the sweet and spicey. It was something I could sip on a walkabout, keep warm on a cool evening, riding about." Cassiopeia's hand is now on the bar, leaning into it, smiling randomly, just looking warm and toasty. "This was so much fun. So lovely," she murmurs, smiling at everyone.

He may be drunk and staring at that last rum he tried as if it still has fish in it, thought Mattheu is throwing together a little of everything into a mug to then sniff at it with a wince and looks back to Thesbe over something said. "I think I fucked the mix up." A shrug and he takes a sip anyway, only to spit half of it out and throw the mug in the /general direction/ of the targets over thataway. Not paying attention to where the mug lands he looks around to the others here. "Bad batch." Then smirks towards Amari, before finding Thesbe. "Yes! Rolling your tongue- A good lesson, Just take the 'P' and curl from there."

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Thesbe watches as the mug goes flying off, before a hand comes up and rubs at her face. More so her temple, but face works too. "Well you just threw everything in it. What do you expect, Master Alchemist." she chuckles, teasing the man. "Bad... batch.. Yes a bad batch.. Your likely to make yourself sick." Thesbe looks for Violeta before Matti has time to throw any more mugs. She leans in to whisper something to him.

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