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Tea with the Archscholar

Archscholar Oswyn is going to be having some tea and welcomes conversations or requests from anyone.


Jan. 21, 2022, 7:15 p.m.

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Pasquale Scipio Caprice Griffin Cadern Kiera Lou Watcher Raven Celine Thesbe



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Vellichorian Academy - A Cup of Teaology

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Comments and Log

Tomson, a diligent scribe arrives, following Scipio.

Look, some people find tea exciting. Tea, and hanging out with the giant nerd that is the Archscholar? Sure. Some people. Most are over at the Sanctum of Genesis, watching a templar clad entirely in alaricite fight the city's most notable warriors in honourable combat. And they can't be blamed, that's super exciting and Oswyn's really just a very normal looking guy, serving tea to some other scholars.

Fiore, the elegantly long-limbed androgyne arrives, following Caprice.

2 Redreef Wardens arrives, following Griffin.

2 Redreef Wardens have been dismissed.

Pasquale wouldn't describe tea as exciting either and yet here he is, clad in a set of elegantly dishevelled velvets, seeking out tea amongst the scholars. "Should we sit with you Archscholar?"

Not at the Sanctum of Genesis, but here and happy about it, is the newly entering Scipio. The Godsworn sweeps the room as he entered, managing to look pleased without smiling. Seeing a few scholars he recognizes, he makes his way further in to socialize and get a feel for the mood.

Maybe Caprice missed the criers mentioning anything about a second round of challenges. Or maybe she flipped a coin to choose her social event for the day. Either way, she arrives just a little behind the schedule, finishing a previous conversation with her assistant before the two part ways and the Guildmaster continues inside. There is a brief delay while she scans the most recent tea reviews in the book. "Good morning, everyone."

Griffin went quietly in, this being the first gathering since Sina's death, and found a place on the outside of the tearoom.

"Please, come sit," Oswyn tells Pasquale, offering quick smiles to everyone who enters - Pasquale, Scipio, Caprice, Griffin. "Looks like it will be a small gathering today, which suits me just fine." He serves up another cup of tea, sliding it out to be taken by anyone willing. "I don't have any official business. I just wanted to make myself available in case there was anything anyone wanted to discuss."

Pasquale claims the offered tea, flashes a little smile in Caprice's direction, and then helps himself to a seat at the nearby table. For a bit he just blows gently on his tea and allows himself to settle. "Its good to meet you." he says to the more unfamiliar places. "I'm Pasquale. Lord Pasquale Malespero, General of Nilanza."

"I have a small something," Caprice adds to the queue of possible topics, finding her own seat near to the others. Pasquale's introduction prompts her to look more closely at the faces of those gathered.

"It's nice to gather outside of emergency missions or anything of the like," Scipio speaks up, returning Oswyn's offered smile. He decides to follow in Pasquale's footsteps, taking a seat at the same table as the other introduced himself. The title of General earned him a curious look from the Scholar. "A pleasure to meet you, Lord Malespero. I'm Brother Scipio Harrow. What brings you to tea time? I'd have thought a general might enjoy the more martial activities."

At that, Griffin half smiled, and changed his seat - after all, it was such a small gathering. To sit all by himself was worse than sitting with the group. "Lord Griffin Redreef, Griffin if you please." He takes up a tea, with thanks.

Oswyn pours out another cup of tea and nudges it out in offering. He gives a little nod and a curious look to Caprice, but he seems content to let introductions happen for the moment.

Jackie, Northuldra, 2 Blackwood trained guards arrive, following Cadern.

"Caprice Artiglio," she adds to the round of intros, lifting one hand in casual greeting. "Guildmaster for the Crafters Guild, Voice for the Disciples of Jayus. I believe I've been pre-introduced to you through your recent journal entriy, Brother Harrow. Pleasure to make your acquaintance."

The area around Scipio's eyes expresses the smile his mouth does not at Caprice's greeting. He leans over to grasp the recently offered tea, taking the cup and lifting it in a toast like greeting. "Guildmaster Caprice Artiglio, it's an honor and a pleasure." He lowers his cup. "I believe in writing my white frequently, so I'm afraid I'm not sure which one you're speaking about. Which have you read?"

Cadern slinks his way in fashionably late skulking his way oer to find a seat. He smiles around the group and then looks over curiously at the different people making introductions. He seems content to stay quiet for the moment and settle into his seat to listen.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy, Angeline arrive, following Kiera.

"The same thing that brings us all I expect." Pasquale says to Scipio. "The promise of good tea and good conversation." he leans back in his chair. "I wouldn't say that General's are only interested in the martial. At least not the good ones. Its a rather intellectual art really."

"Do you?" It's more acknowledgement than an actual question, and Caprice dips her head towards Scipio before offering a similar nod, of thanks, towards Oswyn as she accepts a cup. "The one that started with a rhyme," and if that doesn't narrow it down enough, she tacks on, "Contemplating the length of time our memory remains even after we've returned to the wheel. It's a topic of great interest to me, particularly over the last few years. And where stories and records intersect is what drew me into the Scholars as a sort of... extension of my service to Jayus." Eyes lifting from those already seated, she greets Cadern with a dip of her chin and a raise of her tea cup - a silent toast.

Pasquale's comment about it being tea that brings them together earns the briefest smile of amused dissent, but... she takes a sip of tea anyway, before lowering the cup to rest it against her knee. "It is an art," she murmurs approvingly, nodding towards the Malespero's description of martial affairs.

Oswyn squints in Cadern's direction and offers an amiable smile and a nod, though he doesn't greet by name. Another cup is poured out. "It's interesting to wonder how long we'll be remembered. If we're remembered at all," he says. His brow furrows for a moment; he looks pensive.

"That is the perk of having families and children." Pasquale says to that. "At least you know you will be remembered for as long as they are around."

"And sometimes," Griffin says to himself. "You are destined to be remembered forever." Or some such.

Scipio taps the base of his tea cup against the table in Pasquale's direction, the gesture one of approval and agreement. "Very well said. Good tea, and good conversation with good -and interesting - people. Some mixture of these things is sure to be behind everyone's eyes."

The Scholar's hazel gaze shifts towards Caprice, Seeing into her eyes. "For me, personally, speaking with interesting people is at the very top of my list. Not the least because of the lessons becoming a Scholar of Vellichor has taught me. One of the most impactful of those lessons being just how fragile knowledge truly can be. Even our own histories."

Scipio's eyes shift over to the Archscholar's then.

"Have faith, Archscholar," he said in soothing tones. "If we serve the Pantheon to the best of our abilities, we will live lives worthy of remembering. And even if we're forgotten for a time, we will be recovered. Just as we recover others now."

Cadern waves a hand at Oswyn in perhaps belated response and then offers helpfully, "Well that's the fun of telling stories and making them. Some part of us continues. You know assume it doesn't all end in fire. And even then... you can get lucky." He says brightly though he glances towards Scipio a moment and then absently offers, "Though it does become interesting what they might remember. Sometimes the tales grow in quite strange ways." He smiles at Caprice, "That's also the fun of great works isn't it. Like the eastern walls. Standing long enough for the stories to be forgotten and then recounted."

Scipio dips his head towards Cadern with a politely pleased expression, "Just so."

Kiera enters quite late and quietly takes a seat so as not to disturb the conversation. her gaze travels round the table and lingers longest on scipio whom she has not met

Oswyn glances Scipio's way and shakes his head. "I'm not concerned about not being remembered. By which I mean I'm perfectly fine fading into obscurity. I just might have ruined that by taking on my position. So I'll at least be a name in a long line of other Archscholars." A small smile. He squints in Kiera's direction, nods, and then looks to Caprice again. "What was it you wanted to talk about?"

"We all have it in us to be more than marginalia, but," she nods towards Oswyn, "it's not necessarily everyone's primary goal. That -said-, I do tend to focus on celebrating the supports beneath the classic heroes; nobody becomes memorable without help, so far as I've seen." As for her topic, she waves her free hand in a negligent gesture, "Oh, do you recall my seeking some scholarly sort a while back, with a few questions about Vellichor? Unfortunately nobody responded. See, I'm hoping to discuss white journals, their importance and utility, at the bookshop. The start of a long-term project to encourage more writing and recording, and casual discussion. But I'd like to have a more thorough understanding of their importance and utility - and history! - myself, first. So I was hoping to have a guest speaker, essentially. Or at least someone to check my notes for errors."

"And its not always the right people who get remembered." Pasquale points out. "Fame is one of the most fickle things there is. You only have to listen to what people are talking about on the streets. Who still talks about the great battles of the last twenty years?"

Scipio's single raised eyebrow has all of the energy of a father watching his son do something with an ease he no longer possesses - equal parts rueful envy, selfless joy, and scontentment with how things are. And that brow was lifted to Oswyn at his happy acceptance fading into obscurity.

"I envy you that, Archscholar," he admitted.

Soon, his tea is raised up to his lips so that he can take his first sip of the evening. His eyes grow hooded and heavy as he takes a slow swallow, letting the tea linger on his tongue as he absorbs himself in this one savored moment. The tea find his belly, a warmth begins from spread from him, and he closes the moment with a single word prayer of appreciation.


And then he inhales deeply, eyes opening fully and reengaging with the room at large. A quick sweeping glance brings Kiera and Griffin to his attention, and he gives the pair a nod if he happens to catch their eye.
Caprice's conversation with Oswyn captures the Scholar's attention like a mugger in an alley, grabbing it and holding it tight. He's clearly intensely interested, taking another sip as he listens in.

Apparently he's not so far absorbed that he couldn't hear and respond to Pasquale. "Mm, indeed. People's attention and time are both limited, and there's so much new history being made every moment that it takes special care and concerted effort to give older history it's due. Such is a third of why I am here."

Kiera hms " I don't wish to be remembered myself. I admit to having personal regarding recovering lost knowledge of importance or creating new knowledge that will be remembered withought really caring if my name is attached to" she looks to scipio "which by the way is lady kiera wyvernheart

"Aye. It's because it keeps us alive longer to remember who our enemies are." Griffin puts his tea down. "Sure, it would be nice to think about the heroes, but there's no real reason for remembering them. Now, the enemies? Yes."

"Lady Kiera," Oswyn greets with a smile. If no one takes that last cup of tea, he'll have it himself and actually take a seat. "I'd argue that the heroes are important, too. As examples and inspiration, if nothing else. Also half of them are still walking around anyway."

Pasquale asks "Without heroes to look up to how do we tell people what they should aspire to?"

Cadern grins at Pasquale, "I find that the 'right' people is a very subjective reason, not just subjective. Sometimes it's also a choice. One sister opting for people to remember another instead of her own. A pair of twins that history resolves into one. But you're right, sometimes it's more important that a story be entertaining than true, I certainly remember scandals more than battles." He admits before glancing over curiously at the talk of a topic, "What were you asking about? It's been a hectic few months I'm sure if you ask again a new set may be poking into it. I myself have that happen sometimes I'm knee deep in a topic and then... I'm bored of it. It helps that I don't have any particular drive." He does look to Scipio and admits, "I don't know personally I find ancient history far more interesting than the modern. Modern is too full of scandal, betrayal and blood. Time has a way of washing away the blood and leaving the tale. Adventures are a bit violent for my taste."

Griffin faces Oswyn. "True. But their numbers are, compared to the enemies, smaller. One man may be inspirational, but we must keep all the enemies in our mind to make certain they never can do it againg."

Scipio rolled that name around on his tongue, getting a taste for it. It's flavor pulling at the back of his memory. He takes a moment to look towards Griffin first, though. "It does dangerous things to a man, to spend all of his days peering into the dark. Without light to guide his way and lend him solace, he inevitably becomes twisted into that which he fears. Heroes and their legends have their place."

The Scholar says nothing more on the matter though, as it seems everyone had their piece to say. Instead he turned towards Kiera. "Wyvernheart. Why do I know that name, M'Lady?"

"Well said." Pasquale murmurs after Scipio speaks his part on it twisting people. "It is things like that which make people tyrants and turn good men bad. You make a compromise in the name of the greater good. What does it matter if I kill one person to save a thousand? And one decision leads to two.. two to three." he gives a little shrug of his shoulders. "Stories of heroes - and villains - help to remind us where the boundaries lie."

Scipio's head turns, ear tilting towards Cadern's words. A hint of good-natured amusement seeps into his expression as he gestures towards the Marquis. "Ah. And that is why you are here in this small group, rather than amongst the many watching blood be spilt at this very moment. Ancient history can be something of a niche interest, no?" A quick bob of the brow, and then he looks back to Kiera, looking to her answer.

Griffin taken up his tea and listens.

"We point them to the gods," Caprice answers Pasquale's rhetorical with a grin. It lingers long enough to redirect to Cadern, as she remarks, "You mean you don't enjoy living through the entertaining part of tomorrow's history?" but she quiets again, letting the more serious aspects of the conversation layer over her cheerful teasing.

Kiera hms "Well, it is new as far as house names go, three years at most . It's members were born Wyrmguard, save for my sister in law thea who married in from malvici so its possible you met her and my young nephew callo or my brother count drake. There's my elder brother Richard as well but he is not often in arx much to my chagrin> i've been increasing my own activity in arx of late. my own name could have been mentioned, perhaps as i llost of people lots of questions and stick my kn nose in research when folks ask aid

Cadern assures Scipio, "Well and the tea. It really is excellent tea." He says with a grin. "I don't know people are very interested in it, and it's results. But most look it as an exchange, it's not valuable unless it leads them directly to some answer. Which... is almost never the case. Usually it's just more questions so you best enjoy the experience as it doesn't usually come to fruition." He pauses, "Though I suppose there are some that are into that." He considers that a moment and then admits to no one in particular, "I think I just learned something about myself." Caprice then geets a grin, "I very much enjoy it... the LIVING part on it not the entertaining part. I am perfectly content to observe." He pauses, "Actually I think I've learned two things about myself." He muses.

Willen arrives, following Lou.

"Indeed." Pasquale nods to Caprice. "The Gods are without doubt the ideals we should all aspire to."

Oswyn finally has a sip of tea, his expression thoughtful. "As for the journals... Vellichor bade everyone record their life in the journals. Why? I'd hope so things wouldn't be forgotten. Things are anyway, but maybe the sheer volume can slow that forgetting down." His expression is wry. There's some scholars sitting around, drinking tea. Not very exciting!

"Surely you mean for the tea to be spiked with whiskey, do you not?" Lou remarks upon entry into the tea event, already bringing out a decanter of whiskey - yes a WHOLE decanter - from her backpack as she does. "And apologies for the late arrival. I got caught up watching the bouts by that Templar who is looking for worthy folk."

Scipio's expression sombers at Pasquale's mention of staring into the dark inevitably leading to compromises that lead you deeper into darkness still. "Aye. On the nose, General. It can turn the best of us into the worst of us." These words spoken like a funeral rite. Showing experience with the content, but also meant to lay the matter to rest.

As Kiera answered his question, he looked back to her with a thoughtful gaze. "A Noble House... Hm." The Godsworn brings his tea up to his mouth, taking another sip from the beverage. "After all thought, I don't believe I've been formally introduced to any of your kin. So it's a lucky thing to run into you here and now. I am Brother Scipio Harrow, and it's my pleasure and good fortune to meet you Kiera Wyvernheart."

He lends his attention to Cadern a moment, saying, "Naturally." It turns out, the tea is actually very satisfying. "And fascinating," he remarks. Speaking, now, about the man learning something -- two somethings about himself in the last minute.

Right up until Scipio's attention is pulled to the doorway by a vibrant woman and the promise of whiskey. "Very interesting indeed," he murmured into his cup. And then he lifted his cup, eyes on Lou's. "Am I right in assuming the whiskey is to share?" Quite an amusing turn.

"Pathfinder, hello," Oswyn calls out cheerfully. "I'm not against whiskey in tea? How were the bouts tonight? I hope less, uh, bloody than the other night? Which reminds me, there are some people I should check on."

Pasquale is sat amongst the others drinking tea and listening more than talking.

Kiera nods at what cadern says "Ah but that is one of the key concerns of scholarship learning of ones self along with the hope that one of the hundred notes you take will lead to something of present practical value, interest of legend and fable, leads to history of the chain, to knowledge of relevant to current dangers, back to history betwwen the chain and cardia, to my own fealty, to a fascinating conversation with lord titus on fables, round and round

Cadern only seems to recognize that Lou is there when her title is used. He glances to Oswyn and then follows the look. He smiles at Lou chuckling as the spiking is done, "Well I wonder what that will turn things to." He unsurprisingly seems quite amused if only at himself.

Kiera offers "Nice to meet you,Brother Scipio

A red haired woman slips into the room with quiet ease and no announcement. She doesn't particularly look like a scholar - the tattered leathers would certainly be more at home on someone tromping around in the woods - but there's a bright, somewhat narrowed look in her eyes, which is the most readable part of her expression.

Raven steps in and slinks along the side towards the back, missing one vambrace and wearing the most adorable tassled scarf and pommed beanie to ward off autumn's chill.

"Lord Ian and Harlex Valtyr bested Dame Kyda," Lou says conversationally as she's also unpacking clean, empty glasses as well from her backpack. She sets them down all on the table. Anyone partaking of her whiskey would note that the Grayson princess has not scrimped on it. It is the best of the best. Part of the stash she shares during her meetings at the Society of Explorers. "Raven and Dame Felicia nearly did so, but were blooded in the end. Caspian was out in a few rounds." All but one of them are explorers, all. Lou looks pretty proud when she says all of this. "I don't expect to try my hand. I've fought someone recently in the training ring and I'm no where near as good as all of that," she's explaining, missing the fact that Watcher has slipped in with her back to the door. She pours herself some whiskey and then puts a slash of tea in it to at least honor the spirit of the event of 'Tea with the Archscholar'. But, really, it's whiskey with a splash of tea. The decanter is left open for anyone else that wants to include such a drink in their otherwise tame beverage.

Once she's done, Lou turns around to face everyone else and introduces herself, "Hello. I'm Lou Grayson, Pathfinder of the Society of Explorers." She leaves off the Voice of House Grayson part. It's clear she's not here in any formal capacity and rarely uses that title unless she must. The princess who hates to be called princess turns her blue-gray gaze upon Oswyn and settles it on him squarely. "You said questions were welcome. I have one. What is being done to honor Sina and to get her story out into the world, and her sacrifices known to others? Her work, her death, it should be commemorated in some way. Whether or not we know if any part of what she was trying to accomplish was successful."

Caprice greets Lou with a raised tea cup - barely touched - before lowering it to take a few more sips. Making room for whiskey. The royal's question to the Archscholar prompts an answer out of turn, but not aggressive, "Beyond the library in the lowers dedicated to her, and the various attempts to continue her last research interests? Or at least the ones known to humble scholarly hangers-on like myself."

Oswyn lowers his teacup and peers owlishly at Lou. "In the Lowers," he says, "There is the Sina Plaza." He looks sidelong at Caprice, nodding, and looks back to Lou. "There, the Sina library has been erected. I made sure it had a copy of every single book I ever sold in my shop. The library in Setarco is being named the Sina Library as well."

"Oh, and the plaza has a very nice statue, too," Oswyn adds with a very faint smile.

Raven's lips curve downwards for some reason. Her good arm crosses over her slung arm and she listens.

Pasquale sips at his tea as he watches the conversation. He looks briefly to Raven and offers a nod of recogntion.

That doesn't seem to be the answer that Lou was looking for exactly. She hmms softly at that, sipping at her whiskey. "I donated to the lowers library," she notes to those that mention it, as they speak about some of the things done to honor Sina in some ways. "But what of her story? Her personal story? That she was the reincarnation of Queen Selendri Thrax and that she was attempting to bring down the White Singer?" There is likely much more to that story, but this is the one that Lou is most interested in.

2 Valardin Knights arrives, following Celine.

A sudden snap rings out at hearing Raven and Felicia were nearly successful, but ultimately didn't quite make it. "Quite the shame," murmured Scipio to himself.
As Lou is introducing herself, the Godsworn's eyes shift to the entryway where others step into the Room. One of which is familiar, and would receive a nod if she caught his eye. The other being... interesting. Very... Very, interes--
The mention of Sina's name immediately sharpens his gaze and pulls it off of Watcher, back towards Lou and Oswyn. Any thoughts of drink of any kind had vanished as he watched Lou and Oswyn like a panther watching prey.

As if drawn by the whiskey, Watcher moves just close enough to Lou to lean over and sniff somewhere vaguely near the decanter. "Spoiling perfectly good whiskey," she mutters, before pulling over a seat, turning it the wrong way, and plonking down with her arms resting over the back.

Oswyn reaches up and pinches the bridge of his nose, his eyes squinting shut. "I don't know that she wanted that to be public," he says slowly. He doesn't seem /surprised/ about the information. He's sitting at a table with several other scholars. Most have tea. Oswyn lowers his hand and sighs. "And it isn't my place to tell her story."

Raven says, "I imagine the needs of the Compact have changed, and with it so too have the projects and research of the scholars? I know Sina was very beloved, and no doubt worthy of much but there's actual needs for folk who still live. There's places for memorials and vanity projects but right now I'd posit, perhaps Efforts and resources are going where the most shape what is to come. Maybe those who feel her story ain't beeing prpooperly honnored can step up and produce their own memorials?""

"Was that broadly public knowledge? I missed that proclamation," Caprice supposes over/under Oswyn's comment, rising to approach the decanter. As Raven speaks up as well, she turns her attention over to her - and Watcher, and others who may have come in - to offer a quick smile and nod of greeting.

Kiera hms "except that she wanted it told, though that last part is news to me and is perhaps the most relevant given that.."

Raven says, "IS this about rumors about the white singer, by any chance?"

"It should be told," insisted Scipio. "Properly. Even if only among the few today. That it might be shared among the masses when it's time. If we wait, we risk losing pieces."

Princess Valardin seemed extra bubbly and exuberant this day. A crack of the door to the as she entered the room, shining blonde hair in wavy curls fell over her shoulders and bright blue eyes like crystal pools of water peeked inside. Upon seeing a lot of people gathered she swallowed slightly, a bit nervous. Amidst her entrance were two Valardin knights following Celine eager to keep up with her and keeping close eyes on the woman.

"I hope I'm not /too/ late!." she says in a melodious sing song voice as she walks towards everyone gathered.

Lou takes a moment to grin over at Watcher. "Only a little ruined." If she seems perturbed about the woman's strange behavior, she doesn't seem to make note of it. She turns her attention to Oswyn again, and those others there, and says, "Above all, she wanted Queen Selendri's story to be remembered. Those of us who gathered with her in her final days before she partook in a task against the White Singer also promised that her story, Sina's story, would be remembered as well." There's a pause, then a look around the room. "I'm horrible at writing, but I'd love to speak to anyone who might be willing to do the writing bits to tell her story. Those parts that I know when we worked together to uncover information about her past, as well as with regard to the issues going on in Eurus."

"Please," spoke Scipio. "I must ensure her story is told the way it deserves to be."

Raven tilts her head, "It has been. In Thrax's libraries. The stories of Selendri and Seleni. In all. PRavus has a copy which has been fortified against the eater. I would be happy to share copies if anyone feels there is the need."

Linx, a beautiful Persian cat with a green collared bow arrives, following Thesbe.

Raven says, "For the white singer. I might suggest Lord Griffin's recruitment on the writing of Sina's story, he was there at the battle that took her life."

Caprice glances up from her long pour into the tea cup, noting, "I'd be interested in better understanding it all - and trying my hand at writing it to satisfaction. If nothing else, I could make more progress on it than I've managed on crowns."

Oswyn shoots a small smile Celine's way, though he does seem a bit distracted. "She didn't leave me any notes," he tells Lou, quietly. "I'm interested in the story of Sina's life. I'll do what I can to have it known. I was not there and I was not involved, though." That said, he squints over Celine's way again. "Tea?"

Thesbe had a thing of being at the wrong place at the wrong time and upon hearing the White Singer's name she instantly froze as she walked through the door. Tall tale signs of being a Blackshore was quite apparent with her cerulean blue eyes. A cat, Linx, with cream colored body and big fluffy tail followed her in. "Umm." she blinks, "Is this a bad time." a hand brought up to her mouth as she cleared her throat. "You uh, said the White Singer?" like she'd seen a ghost her face went a little pale.

Celine eventually finds a seat, a little away from the rest of the folks gathered. Catching Oswyn's smile she returned in with one of her own, a dip of her head. The blonde listens in and nods as tea is offered, "Please and thank you." the woman would say softly before settling in crossing her legs.

"A copy would be nice." Pasquale says. "If it would not be too inconvenient Raven."

Scipio's eyes leave Lou and Oswyn for the first time since Sina was brought up at Raven's words. "If you could see that a copy lands in my hands, I would appreciate that. I've been trying to learn what happened to the late Archscholar since I've returned to Arx and learned the news. It would... I would appreciate that."

He looked towards Lou. "I don't know the current state of things, or all of the circumstances revolving around Sina Godsworn's death. But she was important to me. And it's important for me to learn what truly happened, and to thank her in some small way for what she's given me. If I can play any part in whatever you wish to be done, I ask that you consider it."

"Ritual," Lou corrects gently in Raven's direction. "She was undertaking a ritual. One that we had hoped would diminish the White Singer's powers, if not end her outright. My understanding is that it went .... not as expected." Lou does glance over in Griffin's direction curiously though when Raven says he was there. That's one part of the story she doesn't have all of the details for. The other person she knew to be there she hasn't dared to ask as yet. She looks back to Raven. "There's more to Selendri's story than the scandals that followed her," again her tones are gentle. "Perhaps not all that could be punished, is." Lou nods gratefully in Scipio's direction, then again in Oswyn's direction, and some relief colors her eyes. "Perhaps we can work together, with Griffin's help?" she looks between the three. Her gaze goes to include Caprice as well, given her additional volunteerism.

To Raven she notes, "That the Singer is here in Arx? Yes, I've heard those rumors. So I can only caution that you be aware of anyone who looks like Sina. In fact, there is another that also looks like Sina, if it did not die when she did." She doesn't explain what 'it' is, but there is definitely an other quality she hints in her tone. If they know the history of the White Singer, then it's not hard to guess what she means either.

Thesbe says, "What may I ask happened?" Thesbe would look to the others. The woman fidgeting with her strands of honeyed blonde hair. Linx, her cat, seemed to take fancy with some books stacked up nearby and tried jumping on it to get a better view. "I... uh... probably it's not a good time for me to be here. I.... uh know the White Singer." she murmured."

Watcher remains quiet throughout. She's listening, clearly listening, but either she has nothing to contribute herself, or she's far more interested in what the others are saying. Her gaze drifts, though when it focuses on an individual speaker, it's clear she's openly studying them.

Kiera hms "i had heard something of selendri's past and sina's connection to her but not of the archscholar's efforts with the white singer prior to her death. there might be unfinished business...i believe i've seen the individual or one of the..i mean

Oswyn rises from his seat and goes for the tea so he can pour another cup. He squints over Thesbe's way. "It's not a bad time," he says. "Would you like some tea?" The Archscholar makes his way toward Celine with her cup, in any case.

Celine gently reaches out to take the tea from Oswyn, "Thank you Archlector." Celine had nothing to add to the conversation so instead she was just listening and taking in what she could.

"I was there, when she died. Sina." Griffin speaks queitly.

Scipio looks to Griffin, silent. Watching. Listening.

Thesbe doesn't look particularly comfortable in this situation, shuffling her feet while she stood behind the group and near the door. However, she seemed to be less antsy when Lou's expression seems friendly. Cerulean blue eyes takes scan of the room now that she had time to look at everyone gathered. Briefly however, she caught glance of Linx trying to cause trouble and went to pick him up and coddled him in her arms for the time being. A hand going to roughly pet his head absentmindedly. Probably something to calm her nerves. She seemed like she wanted to leave but something was telling her to stay as well, it was easy to see in the woman's expression. "Umm sure, but I'd hate to drop your tea cup." a hand would outstretch, a bit shaky before she redacted it.

Lou seems glance in Thesbe's direction, considering her but without judgment. "We were speaking of Archscholar Sina, and I was asking what was being done to have her story told, in her work to oppose the White Singer." She leaves her commentary at that for the woman who seems frightened before looking back to the others. Kiera gets Lou's attention almost immediately when she admits she's seen someone that looks like Sina. She seems to mark that immediately. "Just have a care and some caution," she says sincerely in Kiera's direction. Griffin gets her attention next and she nods. She's not prodding for the details now, just asking after a plan. "We can speak later, perhaps with the others who've offered to help tell Sina's story." Each time she speaks of the former Archscholar it is with at tone of warmth and valued friendship. That matter resolved for her, she then considers Oswyn again.

"The other question I had, is anyone working actively on the Isle of Storms project? There might still be quite a bit to uncover there, that might be of use in the coming times."

Lou glancse to Thesbe and adds quickly, "Oh, you can use one o th whiskey glasses if needed," she points to her whiskey decanter and the empty glasses there. "I can get those replaced pretty easily. I have a deal with the glassblower. Uh. Sometimes they get thrown at my wall," she explains, looking more than a bit chagrinned at this admission. "Or, you know, fall out of my backpack."

Scipio leans back in his seat, sipping on his tea, presence fading into the background as he became the proverbial spider on the wall.

"Again, I'm not aware of that project as far as I know," Oswyn tells Lou after giving Celine the tea. He heads back for the pot to pour another, presumably for Thesbe. "I do recall mentioning in my first address to the Scholars upon taking this position that I'd like to hear about any projects I wasn't aware of. I think I'd've liked to hear about these before now." Tea goes into teacup. He brings it to Thesbe. "Don't worry, we have lots of teacups. And tea is calming."

A spare hand, one not holding her cat close to her chest, goes out to take the teacup from Oswyn before offering a silent thank you to Lou and a faint smile accompanying it. The willowy woman would sip at the cup occasionally, listening to whatever was said. However, she was cautious nonetheless.

Lou now gives Oswyn a bit of a chagrinned look. "I've... uh... been busy." She doesn't mention the Bastion part. It doesn't need mentioning. Goodness knows how many meetings and planning sessions she's been involved in. She quickly adds, "Sorry!"

Kiera stands up and walks over to lou to murmer something, but her eyes are now fixed on griffen

Oswyn smiles very faintly at Lou and nods. "There isn't a time limit on briefing me, at least," he says. "If you get the time." The Archscholar moves back to his seat and reclaims his teacup, though he remains standing. He squints about the room like he's searching for something.

Raven has lapsed into silence and come to stand against the wall near the door, listening, her good arm tucked behind her.

Pasquale sets his teacup back onto the tabletop and moves to his feet. "Its been a pleasure." he dips his head respectfully and then steps outside.

Thesbe has probably sipped through most of her tea at the present time and puts the tea cup at any available table. "Umm... Archlector Oswyn, would you mind if I just had a quick private word with you?" she says softly, raising a finger, as if it was important.

Oswyn murmurs, "Thank you for coming," to Pasquale. Thesbe's given a curious look, and he nods and begins threading his way back to her. "Of course."

e, Sina was accompanied by some few of us, hoping." Griffin tries to say *what* went on. "Yes, she was performing a ritual. No, she was not completely successful. The mirrorborn was cast back without her prize, but Sina died giving up her life to accomplish it. That's the short version."

Alberico, the Malespero aide, Louis, a Malespero Armsman, Mar, the Magpie leave, following Pasquale.

Thesbe gave time for Griffin to speak and idled quietly till he was done, careful not to interrupt. When Oswyn makes his way to her she would lean in to whisper to the man. Linx, looking up to him with emerald green eyes as he was purring.

Watcher pushes back just a little, so that she's sitting up a bit straighter in the chair, even if she's still sitting backwards. "In any case, any of those details being made public are going to have to wait for a while." A faint grimace. "Possibly a long while."

Watcher says, "People will otherwise think you're all loons."

Lou leans in to listen to whatever it is Kiera says and inclines her head. "That is one of her known names." Lou then does move in and speak quietly a moment with Oswyn just after before saying, "The island itself still holds some secrets. I know Mirk was largely working on most of it, sussing out the research for the Druids and the various paths. I'm helping him with a similar project for another area," she tells Oswyn. "I'll fill you in on more later though," she promises, then goes to take a seat somewhere near Watcher. Those items seemed to have been her most pressing questions. "The Explorers are more than happy to help the Scholars with any field research they wish to do."

Caprice's lips twitch a little, a smile suppressed for Watcher's suggestion. She retreats to her chair with her doctored tea, passing a curious glance over Thesbe and Oswyn before politely turning her attention back to the others. "Most of this is beyond my knowledge," she admits without shame. "But I'd be grateful for any chance to broaden my understanding - and to share what little bits I may have picked up along the way in turn, of course."

Celine by now has pulled out her leather-bound journal and is writing a few things down in it. Nothing in particular but she seems to be just half listening.

Cadern appears to have Zoned out for a bit and blinks as he starts to focus again. He does wriggle his nose at some of the talk of things. He smiles at Caprice, "Well broadening is always the fun." The ominous watcher gets a curious look and then a shrug, "Shorter if we do our work right." He does perk up at the talk of druids, "It's certainly a long path to try and dig up. But baby steps can be some of the most fascinating."

Thesbe steps back and finishes her conversation with Oswyn before returning to the corner listening.

Oswyn spends some time speaking quietly with Thesbe and petting her cat. Such a fluffy cat! They part ways after a short time and Oswyn turns toward the rest of the room. "That's, ah, most of the time I have for tonight," he says. "You'll all welcome to linger as you like. The cookies are very good today."

Watcher glances toward Cadern, and for a moment, the strangest expression crosses her face. It's not particularly friendly, whatever it is, but it's there and gone, and her actual response is a casual sort of shrug. "Of course."

Celine smiles to the Archlector, "Thank you for your time Archlector. Sorry I wasn't more talkative." she states just in general. Quill tapped at her note book whilst she looked up for a moment.

Lou seems to be nodding in agreement with Watcher. "That's the way it always is with interesting information." She winks in the woman's direction. "I expect it will take us all a long time to unravel it all and get it written anyway." Goodness knows Lou can be long winded in storytelling! She also adds for Oswyn, "And, it may be that we'll want Scholars to do more with that island we discovered if what Ian's group pulled up is turns out to be interesting. It's not every day you discover a lost underwater city after all!"

Thesbe blinks, "Mardomum?" she looks to Lou.

Lou blinks back at Thesbe. "Uh. No. /That/ underwater city was discovered years ago, and there are Marin'alfar that take up residence from time to time in Arx from there. Lady Mikani is there liaison. This island is just on the edges of the Saffron that sank underwater!"

Oswyn has a long sip of tea and nods to Lou. "I'm sure that will be wonderful. I'm excited to see what we can find out." Some people have cleared out, and he's finished his tea, so he starts gathering empty cups and stacking them until someone who works at Teaology takes them from him and makes him stop.

Thesbe sighs a sigh of relief, "Oh ok. That's good to know... I mean.. not with the island sinking." she waves her hand trying to correct herself.

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