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Society of Helpers - Inaugural Gathering

In the face of what seem to be ever-more frequent tragedies and horrors, many are feeling out of their depth, or of little use. If you are one of those people-- if you feel a desire to help but are unsure where to begin, have ideas you'd like feedback for, or are simply in need of support without feeling burdensome, come to this first ever meeting of the unofficial Society of Helpers.

The Society of Helpers is for people of all walks of life and political leanings to come together, support one another, and discover what we can each contribute to the fight.

We also welcome those who once felt this way but have found their purpose, those who have ideas and suggestions, and absolutely anyone who might benefit from a supportive, judgment-free environment.

Together we can inspire, heal, and rebuild.


Jan. 9, 2022, 1 p.m.

Hosted By

Keely Denica Mabelle Mattheu




Arx - Ward of the Compact - Stormbird's Roost - Public Room

Largesse Level


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