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Knight Games IV: The Joust

House Telmar Presents: The Knight Games, Event IV: The Joust

Prepare your blunted lances and your best horse. A joust is called for all desirous opponents. All who want to participate will need to message Duchess Isabeau in the weeks leading up to the event.

The Knight Games are a series of events with the the fourth and last event being a joust meant to prove physical and combative prowess, consisting of four events, with the winner of each receiving an award at the closing ball. Despite its name, it is open to all with something to prove.

(OOC: Please RSVP for this, so planning and preparation can occur.)


Sept. 14, 2021, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Isabeau Ansel

GM'd By



Mathis Grady Tyche Roran Desiree Cristoph Thea Alis Drake Alantir Angelica Gawain Ryhalt Brigid Kiera Tesha



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Valardin Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

2 House Wyrmguard Guards arrives, following Desiree.

"You know I almost died recently, don't you?" The Archlector of Petrichor is questioning Roran peevishly as they enter the Valardin Grounds accompanying Lord Grady Deepwood. It's entirely possible Roran doesn't know that, truthfully, most people probably don't. And the peevishness seems to be a put-on too, because Mathis slings an arm around Roran's shoulder, drinking from his steaming mug as they all move to find a place near the braziers to observe. "Oh look - there's food, too."

Grady arrives, bundled up in his cloak, with a party already in tow! An exceptionally holy party, because that's a lot of Archlectors. Also his assistant, a bunch of guards, and various animals. It's a whole thing. "There, you see? Of course there are drinks." He's full of energy the way that coltish horses are full of energy as he walks along with the august company in which he finds himself, his eyes bright, reflecting a brighter smile that comes and goes from his mobile features. Also, bouncing around a bit is a good way to stay warm when you're thin enough for the cold to cut right through you.

Tyche was totally going to come and cheer for the jousters! She's a frequent joust watcher, after all, but upon entering the grounds, she finds a messenger hunting her down. She breaks the seal, reading the missive, and nods. A search of the crowd for a particular rider is her last delay, and she lifts a hand to wave to Cristoph, a little mouthed, 'Good luck,' before she turns to vanish.

1 Inverno Ensign, 1 Inverno Captain, Cornelius, a studious looking attendant, 4 Setarcan Royal Shields leave, following Tyche.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Kiera.

Roran is walking with Petrichor's archlector, Mathis who has his arm around Roran's shoulder. Roran has a mug of something warm also that he's sipping from as he listens to Mathis though and says "Almost died? Sounds more like you lived to tell a fantastic tale in my mind. What luck and fortune! Just like we are with this joust and festivities. Oathlander tourneys are some of my favourite ones to attend, such splendid knights and chivalry so thick you could slice it like cake." He's about to sit down when he oofs and finds a cat he nearly sits on that already claimed his spot. Picking it up and giving it a pat, he puts it on his lap for now.

Roran has joined the a broad outdoor dining table.

Grady has joined the a broad outdoor dining table.

Mathis has joined the a broad outdoor dining table.

As ever, Isabeau is perfectly polished and wearing, surprise, something new. Opting for vibrant purples that hint of scale. She stands near the lists, smiling warmly at those, whether they've been here already watching exhibitions, or only arrived to see the tournament proper, "Hello everyone and welcome on behalf of House Telmar to the last event in our first ever Knight Games. As you can see there will be a joust! We will continue taking names for participation for the next quarter of an hour, and then we will announce brackets. Each pairing will be making three passes and there are points possible during each."

She takes a moment to explain, "A clean hit to your opponent is worth one point, while unseating is worth three, and shattering your lance on the shoulder or visor is also worth three. If your opponent is unseated within the first two passes, they still have a chance to get up and finish those passes. The two with the highest points, will continue to the finale!" She takes another breath before continuing, "As ever, the victors will receive both a prize from our House and a donation made in their name to a group or cause of their choosing at the closing event in a few days. Please direct any further questions to me! Thank you!"

After what seemed like a rather productive afternoon, Desiree Wyrmguard makes an appearance at the Jousting event. She's made a change of clothing, inspired by a particular individual whom she met earlier and makes her way through the crowd amidst the blue and crimson decor. Her eyes catch most of the things that transpire before her as she soaks in the festivities. Her hair is artfully arranged with a plaited crown while the remainder is left loose to shield her neck from the winter weather. A simple, but well loved cloak is clasped at the throat, allowing for the gorgeous carmine hue to peek through from beneath. Before she can find herself a permanent perch, the young noblewoman scans the stands for a familiar face. Upon hearing her cousin Isabeau's voice make the announcements, Desiree realizes she has little time to dally.

After Cristoph makes certain that he's registered to joust, he turns his eyes to the spectators... just in time to see someone leaving. He seems a little confused, perhaps a touch perplexed. But he doesn't seem overly worried about what's happening, he simply waves to Tyche off and offers her a small smile. Then it's back to event at hand, listening as Isabeau explains how this particular joust is going to be run. He nods his head a few times, accepting of these rules and moves with his horse down to the field and waits to be called.

Champion, a large Oathlands Vanner, Josiah, in a backwards shirt arrive, following Gawain.

Thea makes her way in with Drake, dressed in her leathers and looking---is that nervous? "Look,"she mentions to Drake with a quiet murmur. "You're lucky I stick to my promises. I rather enjoy my feet on the ground when I hit people." She clears her throat, seeing Isabeau and smiles a moment. Seeing Desiree, Thea greets her with a wave as well. "Desiree. It's good to see you again. Welcome back. I'm sure Kiera and Drake will be happy to have family back in the city.."

Alis is here! She's been here for awhile, but she blends so easily! And of course, all of the food tables and exhibitions have to be looked at and effusive praise offered until the festivities begin. At that point, she cheers for the hostess of the games and then makes her way forward to greet her cousin with a kiss on the cheek if permitted. "Need help with anything? The Joust is always the best to watch."

Angelica has joined the a shadowy collection of trees just beyond the torch lights.

Drake follows Thea to the grounds. But he's not in his heavy rubicund armor... as he'd normally be if he were participating in a joust. No, apparently he's instead here to see if Thea can joust... and looking happy about this choice at that. He leans over, kisses her on the cheek, and then presents her with a kerchief he apparently had made in Highhill cotton just for this occasion. "See, this is my first time giving a favor to a lady on the eve of her joust. How things have changed. But you'll do well."

Alantir Valardin sits motionless atop a golden lusitano's saddle. Patches of snow stain his pauldrons, tabard, and armet. An occasional mist of steam escapes from beneath the knight's visor, this perhaps the only indication that he is, in fact, alive. The stallion, well-trained, intermittently shifts its weight between stunningly aureate extremities but otherwise mirrors its rider in minimizing unnecessary movements. Tied securely to the Oathlander's left rebrace is a simple earthen-colored favor.

Grady swings by the refreshment table long enough to retrieve a cup of hot chocolate to ward off the cold, and then joins Roran and Mathis. "I sense a fascinating story that I would very much like to hear," he comments while he takes his seat.

Angelica approaches and settles just beyond the light, leaning against the trees that shelter her in their shadow. She's not dressed for cold weather and doesn't appear to suffer from it, peering out from under the brim of her hat, tugging on her gloves before folding her hands to watch the tournament as it unfolds. It doesn't seem like she intends to compete, either, the large hilt of her sword remaining visible just over her shoulder, sheathed and not reached for.

Brigid checks composure at hard. Critical Success! Brigid is spectacularly successful.

Gawain Blanchard arrives to the grounds a little behind time, leading his horse, a large vanner out of Chevalle, his helmet tucked in under his other arm. He makes briskly for the side of the field, and there stops momentarily to take a curious look about the grounds, both the spectators and those here to participate, before turning to attend to his horse instead.

Ryhalt comes to watch, smiling as he often does, and takes a seat in one of the spectator areas.

Cale, the Highhill War Hound pup, Atramentous, The Highhill War Hound arrive, following Tesha.

Desiree turns then to hear a familiar voice and when she spots Thea, a warm smile spreads across her face. "Ah, Countess. It is good to see you as well. I've been so lucky to have been welcomed back by so many near and dear to me. How have you been? Is Drake competing this evening?" She rises onto her toes to survey the jousters to see if she spots him. "And Kiera, I wonder if she is about as well. I figured this would be the best place to find all of you gathered in area."

Thea looks over at Drake then the favor in her hand and turns an actual shade of red. "Oh. You didn't HAVE to do that,"she says with an embarrassed smile. That sort of answers Desiree's questions. "He's not. No. That's me. Going to try and use what he's taught me for once. What better place than amongst my peers, to embarrass myself, yes?"

A quiet murmur of a voice leaks out as Brigid sits astride, a calm reminder to the courser who seems interested by all festivities, but a sturdy hand decorated with a cerulean blue favor keeps Vane calm. Bright eyes, lashes lowered in comfortable contemplation, shift towards the shimmer of gold as Alantir makes his entrance. The Moore Lusitano the Prince sits well is noted with a breathless assessment, wondering if it was truly real. Expression is void of any emotion before an infinitesimal furrow puckers brows as if a revelation was beginning to slowly make itself apparent to the Dragoon. Exhaling a pent up breath, helm is fit snug atop head as the Oathlander waits.

Kiera comes in just behind her brother seeming a bit surprised that it will be Thea and not Drake who eill be taking to the house but nonetheless prepared to cheer enthusiastically for her sister-in-law. She might even be pleased to be sharing her brother's company in the stands. She greet desiree warmly 'welcome back cousin. How fares things at home

Tesha is here to support Telmar...and to watch the joust since it is her favorite thing. The sad thing is she was getting fussed over by her guards for being out given everything. She's dressed warmly though and tucked away into a corner to watch from afar, just in case lance splinters or anything like that should go flying. Didn't need to add to the injury count.

Alis decides to take a seat right by Ryhalt once it's time to settle in, and with a cup of something warm in her hands by that time as well. "Duke Farshaw. Should we make vague and confusing hand signals at Duke Laurent? His expressions when confused are fun to watch." is suggested, by way of a way to bide the time until people start trying to shove each other off of horses with lances. Her gaze roams the crowd the whole time, smile brightening to see some of the leaders of the Faith represented here as well, a wave offered in greeting as they seem in conversation already.

"Ah, well, uh." Desiree does her best to correct her mistake but ends up giggling. "I mean this figures and I certainly mean no disrespect to Drake." She teases. "Best of luck to you out there, Thea. This has increased my interest tenfold." When Kiera arrives, the very blonde Wyrmguard turns to other woman and greets her with an airy kiss to the cheek. "Hello, Cousin. Blancibier is well, all things considered, though I am particularly concerned with all that has transpired in Bastion." She ends it there as this is not the time nor the place to make subjects sour. "How have you been? You look wonderful."

Roran lifts his mug up and gives a bit of a cheer from the stands to those getting ready to joust.

"You aren't going to embarass yourself," Drake says, with full confidence. "Just stay on the horse and hold tight." Drake smiles at Desiree. "I've already won some of these challenges, so I thought it would be sporting to cheer someone else on. I'll pitch in if they need an extra." He laughs. "Honestly, my jousting skills aren't what they used to be anyway."

Ryhalt grins to Alis, welcoming her to the seat. "We should." He glances over towards Cristoph with mischief sparkling in his eyes. "And, pretend we were just clapping for him all along." Chuckling, he nods.

Isabeau, as hostess, doesn't get to socialize nearly as she probably would like as she confers with Morgana who seems to be her partner in crime for the event. "As a reminder, jousters will be using weapons for the event that are both hollow and tipped so as to not cause more than bruising injury. And with that, I think we will close entry and announce the pairings!" Isabeau confers again and scans the list, "Fist, we will have Lord Gawain Blanchard opposite Countess Thea Wyvernheart! If you will take your place in the lists."

"Our second pairing will be Duke Cristoph Laurent and... Her Grace, Princess Alis Valardin herself! Which means that the last pairing will be for Lady Brigid Inverno and Prince Alantir Valardin!"

Mathis raises his glass with a grin in response to Alis's nod, a salute that he adds a cheer to as the pairings are announced. He's engaged in conversation catching up with his friend and fellow Archlector as well as Grady, but it's clear they're all still paying plenty of attention to the event as ewll.

"Yes. Why haven't we sat together before now at these events. Think of all th..." Oh wait, she hears her name. "Well that wasn't supposed to happen. I'll just have to make confusing hand signals from atop Sir Summerwind." Alis mutters, waving Laurene over and whispering something to her before the woman runs off. Likely to be sure the steed is brought to the field in time for the match. Until then, she's going to stay nice and warm with her hot cocoa and equally mischievous company.

When his name's called, Gawain leads his horse on down to the far end of the field, with a call of "Good luck, Lady Thea!" and a bow of his head in her direction, before he pulls his helmet on. He clambers on up into the saddle, reaches down to receive an offered jousting lance, then trots his horse on over to wait at the starting line.

Kiera nods "as do you, cousin. I am well enough though equally concerned about recent events. She grins as Isabeau announces the pairings "This should be good."

"I see. The two of you are quite the athletic pair." Desiree tells Drake with a touch of pride in her voice. "That's no excuse, Cousin. You should always be in Jousting shape."

Thea hears her name called and nods her head. "Right. No embarrassment." With a wave to Gawain, she tells him as she places her helm on her head,"You as well." With a little ease onto the saddle of Soxette, Thea too reaches for the lance and makes her way to the line. "Gods help me,"she murmurs, straightening herself.

*** Gawain has called for an opposing check with Thea. ***
Gawain checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Gawain is successful.
Thea checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Thea is successful.
*** The rolls are tied. ***

As the first two riders make their way to the appropriate lanes, Alantir raises his gauntlets and joins the crowd in their collective applause. With any luck, both would emerge from the joust unscathed. There was always a risk of significant injury during tournaments, regardless of the participant's skill.

Ryhalt chuckles at Alis. "Can't have mischief at every event, folks will start to think Oathlanders aren't as straightlaced as we claim to be." Grinning with amusement, he laughs as she gets paired with Cristoph. "Oooo... I wonder if that would be considered cheating..." He grins slightly. "Perhaps incorporate it into the salute." He scratches his sidewhisker.

Gawain urges his horse forward - Champion's not the fastest horse ever, bred instead just to be pretty big, and trained to move in the general direction of other, ideally smaller things. He levels out his lance as the horse picks up speed, aiming it at Thea, achieving a glancing hit, and, his shield winding up out of place, taking one in turn.

Alis feigns shock. "Ssssshhhh. Not so loud." she chides, obviously playfully. "I better go get ready for this." Before she leaves though, she makes a confusing hand signal. Just because. And then the princess bolts off to make sure she's going to be well seated before their turn at the joust. No point in making it /easy/ to knock her off the horse.

Well it's now or never. Shooting off, Thea evens out the lance. It's aimed at Gawain(she thinks). As they get closer, Thea may have surprised herself when she feels her lance graze the Lord. Just a bit. She too is nudged a little and has managed to---stay on her horse! Prayers are sometimes answered here folks!

*** Gawain has called for an opposing check with Thea. ***
Gawain checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Gawain is successful.
Thea checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Thea is successful.
*** Thea is the winner. ***

Ryhalt chuckles at Alis' admonition to not say their plot out loud. "Best of luck, Princess Alis. You'll get him for certain!" He laughs at the hand signal and plays along by wrapping his palms together and fluttering his fingers like wings. The silent bee puns will commence!

Gawain checks dexterity and ride at easy. Gawain is successful.

"She is doing well." Desiree comments to her cousins, Drake and Kiera. Her attention is obviously on the event on hand, watching the pass between Thea and Gawain.

Grady looks a little shaken up by whatever's being discussed in his particular part of the stands, but there's no better cure for that than a good joust! Caught in the excitement of the crash of lance on shield, he cheers! Who is he cheering for? It's hard to tell. Maybe just for general lance on shield action.

Drake claps his hands a few times, boisteriously, after the pass is over. "That's right! Just stay up on it!"

Wobbling a little in the saddle, Gawain recovers himself at the far end of the field, and wheels Champion about for the second pass. This time, he's struck again, his lance finding thin air instead of Thea, but manages to stay on his horse, which he turns about once again.

Kiera whoops with enthusiasm as thea scores a second hit

Isabeau claps her hands together as she calls out, "Point to both Lord Gawain and Countess Thea in the first pass." She confers with others, probably the actual judges of the event as the pair return and make a second pass, with Thea doing quite well, "And another point for Countess Thea! Let us see how these two fair on the third pass! Will either of them find the ground?"

Turning Soxette around for the second pass, Thea readies herself again. Right---do the same thing again. That said, she manages to strike Gawain again, all while remaining on her horse. Not face planted yet!

*** Gawain has called for an opposing check with Thea. ***
Gawain checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Gawain is successful.
Thea checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Thea is successful.
*** Gawain is the winner. ***

Thea checks dexterity and ride at easy. Thea is successful.

Roran cheers Gawain!

Tesha watches the passes and there is a round of applause for Thea and Gawain, "Well ridden!" she calls out to them.

His balance found, having managed to not face plant either, Gawain gets Champion up to (sort of) speed once again. This time, the tip of his lance hits home, and he brings his shield into place to defend himself properly. Once he's to the end of the field again, he draws Champion to a halt, and reaches to draw his visor up. "Well ridden, my lady!" he calls along the way to Thea.

Thea turns Soxette around once more, balancing her lance. This time when she goes to take the hit, she winds up with nothing. All air! She teeters a bit on her horse, but she remains. She's a bit shocked at herself. There's a smile under her helm as she calls out to Gawain,"You too!"

Isabeau claps her hands, "And Lord Gawain scores a point! Leaving both our esteemed participants with a score of two. Great show! Next up we have Princess Alis Valardin against Duke Cristoph Laurent! Please enter the lists and try not to fall!" She smiles, beaming at Alis a little as she wiggles her fingers. No favoritism for her cousin there.

"If you break my arm, you have to explain it!" Cristoph calls out to Alis as he gets atop his horse, then he lowers his visor and readies his lance to prepare for their inevitable crashes.

Ryhalt claps loudly for Thea and Gawain's passes, smiling. As the next pair make to the list, he starts causing mischief in the stands by encouraging those seated next to him to wave their hands randomly in the air from left to right to middle all to start again.

Alis will very much definitely try not to fall; and also return Isabeau's wiggle-wave with one of her own. "What if you break a leg?" she counters, flashing a bright smile before her own visor is lowered and lance is readied. Then it's down to the serious business of charging at one another; she'll even bellow out a war cry, possibly to prompt him into laughter.

*** Alis has called for an opposing check with Cristoph. ***
Alis checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Critical Success! Alis is spectacularly successful.
Cristoph checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Cristoph is successful.
*** Alis is the winner. ***

Gawain clears off, away to the side of the field near the stands, with a quick smile up at the spectators. Removing his helmet for now, he draws a hand through his hair, though it really does not help with the case of helmet hair he's got going on.

Cristoph checks dexterity and ride at easy. Critical Success! Cristoph is inhumanly successful in a way that defies expectations.

Drake scoots over a bit to let Thea sit, if she wishes. "See. You did very well out there." He sits back to watch the next pass, looking expectant and interested.

*** Alis has called for an opposing check with Cristoph. ***
Alis checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Alis marginally fails.
Cristoph checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Cristoph marginally fails.
*** The rolls are tied. ***

Cristoph checks dexterity and ride at easy. Cristoph is successful.

Alis checks dexterity and ride at easy. Alis is successful.

Thea looks over at Drake, Kiera, and Desiree. There's a brief smile on her face as she thanks them. "I think Soxette is used to my non gret riding abilities..."

*** Alis has called for an opposing check with Cristoph. ***
Alis checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Alis is successful.
Cristoph checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Cristoph is successful.
*** Cristoph is the winner. ***

Alis checks dexterity and ride at easy. Alis is successful.

Kiera congratulates thea "Very well done" she says with a bright smile

"That just means you're a team," says Drake to Thea, smiling at her comment about the horse.

"Very impressive, Countess Thea. I have heard Sir Gawain is strong opponent and you did spectacularly well out there. Perhaps you will have to teach me how to properly ride, once the snow stops of course."

Angelica tracks Alis' movements, and then Cristoph's, expression impassive even as her eyes follow them both alternately. One corner of her mouth twitches upward.

The first pass is very exciting, Alis crashes her lance dead on into Cristoph's shoulder. It's a hard and decisive hit that no one can argue against, it's simply *skillful*. Other riders might be unseated in that moment, but the Duke of Artshall manages to stay on his horse without even faltering. The crowd is mixed in their excitement, impressed in both directions! When they come back for the second pass, they manage to hit. Which could surely be explained away by their first counter. On the third and final pass, they both do well enough, though the duke's hit is a little more solid. Still, it's not solid *enough*, not if he's to overcome the points the High Lord of the Oathlands just scored! They finish their match, both unbroken and with Alis the victor. "You won't need to explain away broken limbs tonight, your grace. Well ridden!"

Chilling by the side of the field, Gawain cheers for the riders. He doesn't appear to have a favourite, instead just conveying some general cheerful enthusiasm about the event. "Magnificent! Well struck! Oh, oh - well ridden!" when Alis first hits Cristoph and then when they come to the end of their final pass, the Blanchard offers up a general cheer.

Whatever anyone might say about today's joust, they will be able to relate that people put on a good show. "Well ridden; all those lessons Baron Clement coerced you into taking paid off. And, I will not have to face his wrath for unseating you or breaking a limb." Alis jokes, as they meet in the middle after their third pass. "I'm impressed with us both, staying seated through all three passes!"

Ryhalt stops his mischief in the stands as Alis wins so he can clap loudly for both her and Cristoph.

Thea's eyes flick over to Gawain and she nods her head in agreement. "I'm not a great rider, but I can certainly do my best." Her eyes turn to watch, head tilted.

A soft gasp comes from Isabeau at the first strike, her eyebrows jumping. "Three points to her Grace!" She waits a few moments, watching the other passes before she calls out on the last one, "One point to Duke Laurent! And with that, we move on to the last pairing! Prince Alantir, Lady Brigid, please ready yourself upon the list!"

Gawain, Thea, Cristoph, and Alis are offered congratulatory dips of Alantir's chin as they trickle in from the field. When finally the prince's name has been called, he gives his lusitano's reins a gentle tug and guides the stallion in the direction of the appropriate lane. An attendant approaches and presents the rider a wooden lance, which he silently accepts. Until the flags are waved, he maintains a motionless vigil atop the ornate leather saddle. And then, all at once, they are off.

*** Alantir has called for an opposing check with Brigid. ***
Alantir checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Alantir is successful.
Brigid checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Brigid is successful.
*** Alantir is the winner. ***

Drake claps a few more times as Alis is declared the victor through the impressive set of passes. The last pairing to go up and ride now has his attention as he sits to watch.

The next pair is set up and sent down the path. The horses make a thunderous sound and within seconds /CRUUUUNCCCCHHHH/ the sound of the lance crashing into armor resonates throughout the 'arena'. "Ooh my gods! I swear I felt that in the pit of my stomach!" Desiree is sitting at the edge of her seat. She cheers for both High Lord Alis and Duke Cristoph.

Brigid checks dexterity and ride at easy. Brigid is successful.

*** Alantir has called for an opposing check with Brigid. ***
Alantir checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Alantir is successful.
Brigid checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Brigid is successful.
*** Brigid is the winner. ***

Alantir checks dexterity and ride at easy. Alantir is successful.

*** Alantir has called for an opposing check with Brigid. ***
Alantir checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Alantir marginally fails.
Brigid checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Critical Success! Brigid is inhumanly successful in a way that defies expectations.
*** Brigid is the winner. ***

Looking up towards Desiree and Thea, Gawain says, in a break between jousts, "I would say that 'your best' was excellent, Lady Thea, although I suppose if you wish a judge, Duke Laurent's horsemanship is really spectacular."

Alantir checks dexterity and ride at normal. Alantir is successful.

Cristoph has joined the a shadowy collection of trees just beyond the torch lights.

Desiree flashes the nobleman delicate smile as he compliments his former opponent. "And you were quite excellent as well, Lord Gawain, but then again, I expect nothing but excellence from a Blanchard."

It was a thundering blur of equine power as the skilled riders astride each kept their seats with glancing blows exchanged. It wasn't until the last shift of hooves in a dusty rise turn around to oppose each other at the last pass to which the Dragoon delivers a more well aimed blow to the Dragon. After the blow, there is an ease as the courser walks off the extra pent up steam, the Dame turning around to check that Alantir is indeed not injured.

Gawain turns a broad grin up towards Desiree. "That sounds like something Uncle might say!" he exclaims with some amusement, then carries on, "Thank you all the same." Then he looks back to the joust, and he whoops at Brigid's last strike. "Well done! Marvellous!"

Fortunately, he is not. This made known to the dragoon via a wave of gauntlet. Her lance had shattered the shield attached to his left pauldron, earning her the points that she would need to gain the upper hand in the competition. He could hardly believe the woman had managed to land so accurate a blow at such a speed, but the outstanding maneuver simply served as testament to her skill as an officer of Acorn Hill's late cavalry. Stallion is then guided away from the lane, uncertain as to who would square off next.

Roran has left the a broad outdoor dining table.

1 Templar Knight guards, a playful black tortie kitten leave, following Roran.

"Prince Alantir gets the first point!" Isabeau calls out at the first, then the second pass and Isabeau calls out, "Lady Brigid gets a point!" At the last pass, the blond duchess is rapt with attention, then calls out, "And... oh! How skilled! Three points to Lady Brigid! The final standings are Lady Brigid at four points and Prince Alantir at one!" She takes a few moments to confer and then says, "And with the two highest scores, we have Lady Brigid at four, and Princess Alis at three, which means they will advance to the final run!"

Mathis waves his fellow Archlector off as he heads away trailing kittens, and then resumes cheering for the display of skill and violence as a true Oathlander should, apparently not having noticed that his tablemate's cup got filled with cider instead of hot chocolate. Whoops. These things happen. Everyone will be fine! "Go Princess Alis!" He shouts faithfully, his baritone carrying over the din of the crowd.

Alis watches the next pair with avid attention, with the appropriate wince and wide eyes as one might expect when watching a good match up. Both the Prince and the Lady are offered a cheer before Isabeau calls for the next round. "Well done, both of you!" But then, helmet is back on and the horsey is led back out to the field so she and Brigid can face off.

Grady cheers as well, since it's the thing to do! He still doesn't know anyone well enough to cheer FOR any of them, but he's very enthusiastic in general!

There is a nod towards Gawain at the congratulatory cheer, Brigid easing to take position for the final go around! A hand is raised towards Alis, "Please don't squash me like a bug." Is offered in a helmeted echo in passing of the High Lord.

"Quite the compliment to share a though with the esteemed Count of Chevalle." Desiree tells Gawain before she is taken once more by the joust at hand. There is more cheering to be had.

Alis can't help her vague giggle and a clearing of her throat at that. "You're how much taller than me? I don't think you've anything to fear my lady!"

*** Alis has called for an opposing check with Brigid. ***
Alis checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Alis is successful.
Brigid checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Brigid is successful.
*** The rolls are tied. ***

Isabeau raises a staying hand to Alis and Brigid as she calls to the two in her contralto tones, practiced to travel far enough without screaming, "The points are cleared for this. Rather, this will be best of three, and should there be a tie, we will do another pass to break it."

Angelica leaves discretely.

Alis checks dexterity and ride at easy. Alis is successful.

Angelica has left the a shadowy collection of trees just beyond the torch lights.

Brigid checks dexterity and ride at easy. Brigid is successful.

*** Alis has called for an opposing check with Brigid. ***
Alis checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Alis is successful.
Brigid checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Brigid is successful.
*** Brigid is the winner. ***

Alis checks dexterity and ride at easy. Alis is successful.

*** Alis has called for an opposing check with Brigid. ***
Alis checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Alis is successful.
Brigid checks strength and huge wpn at easy. Brigid is successful.
*** The rolls are tied. ***

Alis checks dexterity and ride at easy. Alis is successful.

Brigid checks dexterity and ride at easy. Brigid is successful.

Alantir checks composure at hard. Alantir is successful.

Attention half on the field as the next joust gets under way, Gawain laughs suddenly at Desiree's reply. "I could put together a list of things that Uncle has said and see how many more people wish to share in, although they're all at least a little similar to that."

"This sounds like a family event you should hold within your house; Things Uncle Philippe Would Say." Desiree quips. There's the ghost of a smile on the corner of her lips when she offers such an idea.


"Count Philippe taught me a lot of what I know about riding and joust myself," Drake says, overhearing and nodding to the conversation. "Any compliment from him would be hard-earned." He turns to watch now the final joust in action.

An impressive show of skill by the two women facing each other in the joust's final round; both hit each other in all three passes. And both of them remain seated on their steeds throughout. However, of the two, it does appear that Brigid had better form, and better aim in that second round. Something Alis is readily willing to admit once the helmets can be removed and tucked under the arms. "Quite well done, Lady Brigid. It's always a privilege to test oneself against a fellow Oathlander."

Putting on a sort of gruff voice, not a very good imitation of Philippe, Gawain says, "Blanchards are not squirrels and have no business climbing on anything, much less the roof of my house." He nods a few times then says to Desiree, "Probably not an event he would be enamoured of." He breaks into a grin, and goes on to say to Drake, "Absolutely no arguing that Uncle is excellent at those things. He does give compliments, from time to time."

As the last pass proves Brigid the winner for the day, Ryhalt smiles broadly and claps his appreciation for the riding feats.

Isabeau watches, confers and considers the trio of rounds presented in the final. Each round is well-struck, and well-ridden, but she calls out after each round, "A point for each." Then the second, "A point for Lady Brigid." And at the latter, "A point for both, ending the final round with three points for Lady Brigid and two for Her Grace! Well ridden all, though I do declare Lady Brigid Inverno to be the winner of the joust! Congratulations!"

Isabeau is overheard praising Brigid: Well ridden!

Gawain offers up a fresh cheer for Alis and Brigid, and a brisk, "Congratulations! Well done!" when Brigid's declared the winner.

Isabeau is overheard praising Alis: An exceptional competitor!

Alis is overheard praising Brigid.

Isabeau is overheard praising Alantir.

Isabeau is overheard praising Thea.

Drake is overheard praising Alis.

Alantir, even as the last lance shatters and Brigid is announced the tournament's winner, maintains a neutral countenance throughout the final round of the joust. The competitors are, after all, a family member and a close associate. An impulsive thought races briefly through the prince's mind, this accompanied by an urge to cry out in celebration, but such notions are quickly crushed by a decade's worth of trained austerity. He lifts his visor, revealing a proud smile, and then raises his gauntlets to clap politely -- though the sound is quickly drowned out by a chorus of excited shouting.

Isabeau is overheard praising Cristoph.

Drake is overheard praising Brigid.

Isabeau is overheard praising Gawain.

Cristoph is overheard praising Alis.

Cristoph is overheard praising Brigid.

Cristoph is overheard praising Isabeau.

Drake is overheard praising Cristoph.

Drake is overheard praising Gawain.

Drake is overheard praising Thea.

"What he wouldn't know won't hurt him." Desiree's voice drops into a dulcet whisper, but clearly she teases and would never incite mischief in the Wyrmguard vassal's house. "I for one am very excited that I was able to make it this evening." She tells Drake as she begins to rise from her seat.

Drake is overheard praising Isabeau.

Desiree is overheard praising Alis.

Drake is overheard praising Alantir.

Desiree is overheard praising Brigid.

Thea is listening to Gawain and Desiree mimick Philipe and she starts chuckling. There's a look to Drake as well, telling him,"He offered to help me once, but I think I'm about as far as I'm going to go on a horse. This however, this was a lot of fun..."

Desiree is overheard praising Alantir.

Desiree is overheard praising Gawain.

Desiree is overheard praising Thea.

Desiree is overheard praising Cristoph.

It was a true test of skill and to say that Brigid herself, skilled as she is, wasn't nervous would be a ridiculous lie. As the dust settles there is a moment of stillness, Vane dancing still on jittery hooves is the acorn embossed helmet removed to reveal a very shocked expression, "It was an honor, your grace." A smile flashed with coy charm, lifting a hand towards all in thanks before trotting off.

Desiree is overheard praising Isabeau.

Desiree brushes her hands to smooth her skirts as she rises and steps out of her seat. "Cousins," She says collectively to Drake, Thea, and Kiera. "Lord Gawain" she adds. "Thank you for keeping me company and for providing such spectacular entertainment. I shall dream sweet of all the chivalry I witnessed this evening. I hope to see you all soon." Before she steps out, if she can lift a wave to Isabeau bidding her other cousin adieu, she does so.

2 House Wyrmguard Guards leaves, following Desiree.

Gawain laughs at Desiree's reply and asserts, "He'd know!" then he looks up to Thea and Drake. "He is a good teacher, really. Knowing horses is part and parcel of being a Blanchard, but Uncle exemplifies it."

The majority of the event that she is needed for over? Isabeau moves to find a place to sit, dropping down with a sigh as she's accepting a cup of warmed cider (non-alcoholic) from one of her retinue and looking a bit wearied.

Isabeau has joined the a sturdy oakwood picnic table.

Alis claps along with the others who are cheering for Brigid, and waves to those in the stands she can see and could hear cheering, before making her way off the field. For hot cocoa or cider, maybe with a splash of something extra in it.

Cristoph has left the a shadowy collection of trees just beyond the torch lights.

Tesha gives a round of applause for those that have competed and won, she does rise though to move with the flow of the crowd when it is time to leave.

Kiera is overheard praising Thea.

Tesha is overheard praising Isabeau.

Kiera is overheard praising Gawain.

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