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House Valardin Boar Feast

Following the doubtlessly successful boar hunt, House Valardin will be hosting a feast featuring their hunted prize.


June 11, 2021, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Isabeau Cristoph Mabelle Zara


Emma Deva Katarina Ryhalt Cirroch Alis Raimon Jamie Kiera Adalyn Tesha



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Valardin Grounds

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Comments and Log

Raimon arrives, following Emma.

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Isabeau stands somewhat near the picnic tables, attired in blush gold silk and blue velvet, strikingly blending with the silver and blue decorations in the area. She clasps her hands in front of herself, "Welcome everyone! As some people know we had a boar hunt quite recently. And I convinced Princess Alis and Duke Cristoph that if you have a boar hunt, it simply must be followed by a feast. And so, we've got that for you!" The small blond speaks in her warm, contralto voice as she gestures with a small, sweeping hand, "If you wish to tell a story about hunting, hunts or even legends that involve it, please tell."

She gestures towards Mabelle and smiles warmly, "Thanks to Lady Mabelle for her help arranging the side dishes - there are different things from each of the Oathlands Duchies available to give you a little taste of our home while you enjoy our hospitality. Music will be played all night, and you can dance, or joust with bones, just have a good time and thank you for coming!" With that, Isabeau gives a little gesture and some waiting servants begin drawing the cooked boar out from under the coals, and proceed cutting, for anyone to step up and partake in.

Emma arrives with Raimon, towards whom she seems to be directing a lot of casual conversation about some soldier or the other. "'s ridiculous, really. I wish I had his endurance in battle. One day, I suppose." Then with a flick of a smile to Isabeau and Mabelle, Emma says to the Thraxian royal, "I'm going to get some of that boar. If you're off elsewhere to mingle, then I shall see you later."

Opting for leathers again instead of anything silken or particularly comfortable, Deva strides in with guards on her tail and her fluffy companion at her heels. "If you're good you get some boar," she promises Avalanche, pausing in her steps long enough to scritch the pup behind an ear. The hosts are greeted with a broad smile and a polite bow. "Thank you for your hospitality," she tells, well, everyone? It's directed to Isabeau, as the woman kicking the night off, but she waves at Alis and Cristoph and Mabelle too. "Drink first," she tells herself, gaze narrowed as she skims the landscape for just that.

Katarina arrives stag, which seems like it might be a faux pas after a boar hunt. The diminutive Eurusi heiress is dressed in crocheted aeterna and a white veil, but even that covering of her face isn't enough to hide the look of mild discontent in her eyes. Even so, she's being perfectly sociable as she approaches the hosts: "Duchess," she enthuses to Isabeau in particular. "You look stunning~."

Mabelle is shockingly already standing by the food stand, clad in a daring outfit of gold and red and a little hat to match. Fingers are wiggled to those who arrive, while indulging in some fritters and Farshaw coffee. "There's milk", she informs Deva with half a smile, because ladies do not talk when they eat.

It'd take either sickness, injury, or a horde of demons to keep Ryhalt from a boar feast. It seems none of those have befallen him, so he comes along smiling. As the scents from the buffet reach him, he drifts over to gaze with appreciation upon the spread, tastes of home. Not that they weren't available here in Arx, they just rarely were in one place at once. He smiles as Isabeau welcomes them.

With silks swishing and flowing in his long strides through the ward, Cirroch heads to the mead first and proceeds to fill the large goat horn with the sweet honey alcohol. A broad warm smile is given to Deva with a raise of the goat's horn. "Princess Deva! A wonderful hunt." Calling over to Isabeau, "Thank you for hosting!" He gives a glance through the crowd gathering before heading over to another table to sample the offered delicacies of the duchy.

When Cristoph hears his name being spoken, he looks up from where he's been inspecting the torches. A glass of wine is already in his hand and he lifts it in a vaguely waving fashion in Isabeau's direction. "And a grand thanks to Duchess Telmar for being our main hostess of the evening and pulling together the numerous threads to make this happen!" he calls back over, offering her a broad smile before he turns back to make sure the torch is really properly in place. Then he returns, looking to the party and lazily saluting the various entrants. Alis, Mabelle, Deva, and more!

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Alis smiles warmly at Isabeau when she approaches to greet the Duchess. "Cousin. Well put together, and you look lovely in those colors." she assures, greeting the other hosts with a tip of her sparkling wine filled glass. You know, from that one region of the Oathlands. "Princess Deva, Lady Mabelle..." Greeting after greeting, so she can eventually wind her way to the tables full of food and begin gathering the things necessary for a meal.

Raimon finishes up the quiet conversation with Emma, as they'd both come on over together more or less directly from the Training Center. Something about the soldier she'd mentioned would clearly appreciate this feast for its (something inaudible). And then it's off to the main course, of course! Lead on!

Jamie, along with likely a hoard of others, has been milling around the House Valardin grounds, smelling the sweet smells of cooking boar meat and watching the side dishes get prepared. There's been bows and introductions, and he's been chatting with some of the other nobility idly before the feast is announced. He does, however give a particularly polite nod to Isabeau, with, "Duchess, you look radiant this evening." As others show that he knows, Jamie greets them politely before grabbing drinks and wandering through the crowd towards the tables to sample the food.

Kiera enters the grounds with a broad smile and heads over to Isabeau "Duchess you have outdone yourself. Everything looks and smiles wonderful. And music too. You really have thought of everything"

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"Milk," Deva repeats, face scrunching skeptically at Mabelle. "I'm glad there's milk," she states, sounding a bit wary. "I am personally hoping for something stronger. Like tea." And then she laughs. "I like those colors a lot," she adds for the fashionable Laurent, gesturing toward Mabelle's outfit with an upturned palm. "Marquis, hello there. It was great fun. The Valardin throw excellent activities, don't they?" She wanders over, but not for tea. For whiskey. Surely it's somewhere, even if it's behind all the holy wine.

Although it's rare for the Clement to be dressed in anything more formal than trousers and a nice top, Adalyn has donned a rather dramatic battlegown for the evening's feast. Exuberant strides have been traded for more sedate, self-conscious movement, each step causing the fabric of her gown to flutter elegantly. She heads first toward the hosts, offering a warm smile to each in turn. "A beautiful setting, wonderful company, and delicious food? This is sure to be a lovely evening. Thank you for hosting!"

A smile is given to Katarina, and a hand offered to her cousin to squeeze, "Thank you so much, your Highness. The dress was a gift from my patron, so I decided to do it justice and bullied some accessories to be made in time." She laughs softly, and dips her head in a nod to Deva, "Of course, you Highness. Thank you for coming." A warm greeting given to Kiera, "Thank you, my Lady, but I could not have done it without Lady Mabelle and Duke Cristoph, and my cousins and all the many servants." She smiles to Jamie as she is greeted as well, her head dipping down in an acknowledgment, "You look well, my Lord, but eventually we'll have to get you clothes that aren't armor, mmm?" To Cristoph, she simply smiles in acknowledgement.

A more seraphic smile is sent to Alis, "And thank you for letting me host, cousin. I wouldn't have wanted the opportunity wasted to eat boar." Speaking of eating boar, one of Isabeau's personal servants passes her some sort of cold juicy punch, for sipping while she tends to the greetings.

Emma claps appropriately for the hosts following in Cristophs celebratory, torch-wielding congratulations. She offers another smile for their efforts. Still, the delicious aroma of tasty boar is calling, and aforementioned hosts are still occupied with the various greetings of complimentary party-goers, so of course it makes sense that she heads straight for the meaty fare that is practically calling her name. It's absolutely not that she's intent on gluttony. Never that. Exchanging a few quiet words with Raimon, she goes on to fill a plate with savoury goodness.

Amused, Mabelle watches as Ryhalt seems like a kid in a candyshop upon encountering so much boar options, "Duke Farshaw", she greets him and her hand goes up to wave to Cirroch, "Marquis Sanna, nice to see you again". Her eating comes to halt to sketch a playful curtsy to Alis, "High Princess, you look lovely tonight, as well as you Duchess", she flashes a smile to Isabeau, "That is a beautiful dress". Deva's commentary about Tea has laughter escaping from Mabelle, "There's tea with whiskey", she comforts the Redrain with a grin, "And thank you. You look magnificent as well".

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Raimon returns Emma's observation --- quietly, of course, as is his wont. Raimon scans those gathered, greeting the many he knows and making mental notes to make good attempts to meet the few (Ryhalt, mainly?) that he's not met as of yet. And then it's buffet time. This looks delicious!

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"Most of this outfit /isn't/ armor," Cristoph protests to Isabeau as he looks down at the rest of his clothes which are largely leather and silk. There's a bit of confusion as he glances over the breastplate that is more for fashion than... anything else. He then steps somewhat more over in the other direction, checking out some more of the settings to make sure that they're all in the right place. He'll make it to the buffet line once the initial rush of excitement has died down.

Mabelle voices over to Ryhalt and Cristoph, "Well you can always share that time I sent you hunting", and then she ducks to.. somewhere.

With a winning and wry smile, Jamie offers Isabeau, "But then you might take me as fashionable Duchess, and while I am many things, I am /never/ that. As your loyal vassal, I could not stand the thought of representing myself differently than I am!" The big Greenmarcher's joke is only /partially/ in jest. And then Jamie, too, starts looking for the whiskey. Remarkably, without a limp to his step, after his run in with the boar the previous day. Spotting Raimon, he gives a bow and then a wave, "Prince Thrax! It is good to see you again my friend." Truly though, there's far too many beautiful dresses to count, and Jamie notices Mabelle's, "Ah, Lady Laurent. You also look stunning this evening. I love the colors of your gown."

Kiera gives a nod and greeting to Ailis in passing "your grace" before giving a wave to Raimon as she moves to fill her plate with boar "Prince Raimon. How lovely of you to join us"

Katarina exchanges smiles and nods and so on with friends, family, acquaintances. She gets in line to gather food, but doesn't indulge herself overmuch -- she's so little, after all -- and eventually moves away from the hustle and bustle, to sit under the trees and eat alone. Well, not /alone/ alone. But there's definitely an 'I'm eating alone, ho hum' vibe. She's trying to hide it, but she's not being very good about it.

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Ryhalt audibly groans at Mabelle trying to prod him and Cristoph into regaling everyone about the 'hunt' they went on. He glances sideways at Cristoph, grimaces, then proceeds to snatch up a plate and load it with much vigor. Much busyness, too busy for that!

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Blue eyes sparkling alight with amusement and mischief, "I see you all looking for whiskey." Isabeau calls out, amusement writ on her features and pouring in her warm, contralto voice. She indicates the bar with a fingertip, "I would suggest trying the Wyrmguard scotch, we've plenty and it is good."

"Come on now," Deva bobs her head between her dog and the torches, clearly telling the former to come along with her. She approaches the small gathering by the torches, with extra glasses of a variety of things (but not milk) to hand out.

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Mabelle bows her head with a smile to Jaime, "Thank you, Lord Greenmarch, its a pleasure to see you back in the city". Her eyes fall upon Ryhalt, chuckling at his groan, turning hopeful eyes to Cristoph, "Well I can always tell the story of how I went riding with a ballgown, but I'm not sure its as amusing".

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"How did you know?" Adalyn calls to Isabeau with a gasp of feigned surprise, grinning at the hostess. She seems content to take the duchess's suggestion, making a detour for a glass of scotch to go along with the plate which she piles with an assortment of food. That done, she turns in a slow careful circle, weighing the options of where she might settle for her meal.

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Isabeau just gives a knowing smile as she gestures around, "I've noticed a trend. If one person finds the whiskey, everyone wants the whiskey. But really, Wyrmguard scotch is just as good with boar." She laughs softly and gives her head a gentle shake, "I've been learning a great deal about what can be found in all corners of our beautiful homeland." She smiles aside, snorting at something Jamie says to Cirroch with well-mannered amusement, a grin on her lips. Releasing a full laugh at something Cirroch says, "Just speak to Lourche."

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After food was collected, Mabelle makes her way to the bar to get that whiskey tea, "Princess Deva, I do trust you've found a suitable drink?", she makes quiet conversation with the server who serves her mostly whiskey and no tea.

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Isabeau calls out to the attendees of the feast, gesturing a hand towards the buffet, "Oh, and I prepared something a little extra fun for us all. If you'll turn your attention to the food tables." The small blond looks, well, admittedly very excited about what's coming next.

A hefty platter containing a fresh, steaming boar haunch is brought out, and promptly doused in some sort of liquor glaze. A few moments pass, and nothing happens. Then the servants in charge of the meat adjust it and a layer of flame engulfs the meat, giving the outside a quick char as it flames and the liquor is burned off.

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Deva looks up and waggles her glass of whiskey at Mabelle. "I found where you were hiding it! I had to look everywhere!" She is loud and obviously exaggerating, a mischievous grin on her lips -- brief, before it fizzles as she drifts to some local conversation.

Tesha was running a little late, numbers and bank notes don't do themselves. She'd managed to find a seat on the edge of the happenings and not disturbing those who are talking. She gives a quiet nod of greeting to those that she knows and settles into a seat to people watch.

Ryhalt doesn't quite drool when he watches the continuing process of the boar roasting, but it's a near thing. He looks back to his conversation with Cirroch at the buffet.

Raimon checks perception at normal. Raimon fails.

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Raimon is indeed attempting to save some room for the feasting yet to come. However, it's proving more and more difficult, the more dishes he sees, the more he's wanting to sample. Didn't help matters much that he's just recently returned from a full afternoon's exercise at the Training Center, which will spike your appetite like anything. Work output outgoing requires food intake incoming. It's just fundamental physics! Or alchemy. Or biology. One of them. Maybe all three are ganging up? Wouldn't put it past them, those sneaky - clever sciences!

Mabelle admits to Deva from the bar, "I think we need to come up with something so strong, they will never accuse us of being milky ever again"

Cirroch calls over to Mabelle and Deva, "I've got a bottle of our whiskey if you'd like. Unless you're seeking something stronger?"

Deva is walking and chugging at the same time, and slides her empty whiskey glass to the bartender near where Mabelle is stationed. "Who called you milky? I think I missed that. Is that supposed to be a bad thing? I mean, I don't like drinking milk all the time but milk is good for you."

Deva also blurts at Cirroch, "What's stronger than whiskey? Don't get my hopes up."

Cirroch drops Giant's Reach malted very clear northern whiskey.

Mabelle teases Deva with a response, "The alchemical blend that attach honey to silk", she grins at her and looks at the bottle offered by Cirroch, "Oh nothing is wrong with milk, I adore milk. In my cakes".

Kiera tilts her head as she hears jamie speak of Acorn Hill "Yet more trouble in the Acorn Hill region" she queries

Raimon eventually finds his way over to Jamie and Cirroch. Both of whom appear to be both separately and together asking questions of the one man here with whom Rai's not yet acquainted. All to the Good. Perfect, in fact. Raimon has a seat next to Jamie, across from the Duke, and listens for a while before speaking. A mention of an export of coffee catches his attention. Raised brows, an 'impressed' tilt of his head. Raimon's eyes soon go to Kiera, thereafter, as Kiera asks of Acorn Hill. . .

"I still don't know who called you milk!" Deva gestures broadly at Mabelle as her glass is refilled. "That sounds very scientific. Blends and alchemical and whatever," she squints uncertainly. "What's wrong in Acorn Hill?" Clearly she overheard -something- that piqued her interest.

Off by the trees, Katarina, Alis, Isabeau, and Cristoph are involved in some conversation that involves gesturing. At hats? At shoes? At each other? Alis is wearing Cristoph's hat now? Something is said and Cristoph clutching his mid-section and laughing very hard.

Adalyn turns her attention to the buffet table as the flame flares, watching curiously. With her hands full juggling her glass and plate, she's unable to gesticulate enthusiastically as she normally might, but she does voice oohs and ahs of admiration. She settles momentarily at the bar, the full plate necessitating settling in one place for a time rather than drifting as she might be inclined to do. "Mm, cake. Milk has many good uses, but cake is one of its best," she notes offhandedly with a grin toward Mabelle. The overheard mention of Acorn Hill finds her head turning curiously in that direction.

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Tesha gives a curious look when she hears something about Acorn Hill from the tables. She sips at her drink as she listens to conversations around her. But she doesn't add anything of her own yet.

Jamie, hearing Deva's question, pipes up, "A scouting mission, your Highness, nothing more. The Knights heard there were trees there, they've asked me to see how many." The big Greenmarcher's laugh and rough, rich and rumbling in his chest. An obvious joke to their 'situation' the previous day.

Mabelle sighs at herself, mostly, "How is there no cake in the menu?", she looks around frantically for something sweet and answers to Deva offhand, "Quite a lot of things", with a little grimace. After, she just plots with Adalyn at the bar.

Raimon notes Tesha's look, and glances back to Kiera as well. Raimon grins a bit at Jamie's rejoinder.

Kiera nods at Jamie's response "I remember well my last scouting mission. Do be careful my lord. one never knows what the trees have in mind"She does smile at his quip before turnining her attention to ryhalt

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"Oh! That sounds exciting. More trees." Deva laughs brightly abuto the reference, and lifts an eyebrow with a curious smile. "If anyone can see them in a forest, you can." She eases over to the table with a glass in hand, but winks at Mabelle before she goes.

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"Trees like to get up and try to swat you into other towns in some places." Tesha mutters to herself, followed by another drink of wine. Whatever she was thinking now, it wasn't about fun parties anymore.

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Raimon bows his head toward Cirroch: "Aye! Likewise, Lord Cirroch. Very much so. What -are- those morsels you're wrapping in boar? They carry a slight scent of fruit --- but, sadly, a fruit with which I'm unfamiliar?" Raimon's brow furrows quizzically and his head tilts slightly up and to the left upon this, his First Encounter with Pineapple!

If Adalyn's expression is any indication, the food proves to be delicious fare. In between polite mouthfuls and sips of scotch, she chats amiably with Mabelle. Lifted brows and upturned lips suggest amusement in some idea or another.

Isabeau and Katarina speak quietly together, arms linked as the mingle at the shadowy collection of trees.

Cirroch has managed to create a new treat, pineapple fritters wrapped in boar. And is trying to get others to try the same creation while discussing trade options and ideas for their lands at the picnic table. He raises the large goats horn to the air for all, "A well made feast Duchess Isabeau!"

Raimon decides that he will, in fact, try Lord Cirroch's concoction. After carefully observing the manner in which the delicacy is constructed, Raimon imitates, samples, and approves. "Delicious -- your innovation is well - inspired." Raimon compliments Cirroch. Raimon to Ryhalt: "Well, given this sampling, I certainly shall earnestly wish and wholeheartedly pray that you shall encounter the right clever person. Raimon bows his head in respectful acknowledgement of the fruits of such trade. "This -and- coffee! Truly, your lands are well - blessed indeed!"

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Tesha finishes her drink and the conversation she was having with another at the table she was at. She rises after that and gives quiet goodbyes to those who she was sitting with. After that she turns to leave as quietly as she had arrived.

Ryhalt grins broadly to Raimon and nods in agreement. "We truly are. With all the increased innovation of late, I imagine it will not be too long before some intrepid person comes to my attention. While it might not be the most exciting thing to build or improve our trade routes, it is our deepest strength. Every House has something to offer which makes all our lives richer."

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