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A tour of Tor Auction

Gathered in the ballroom of the Fidante Villa, everyone is welcome to come and drink, be merry and bid on a week in Tor and other objects Tor related.

OOC: This is an IC auction for essentially, a PRP.


April 1, 2021, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Alarissa Narcissa


Quenia Graziella Deva Clarisse Thea Alantir Baelos



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Fidante Villa - Ballroom

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Comments and Log

Michael has joined the a long mahogany table with matching rich burgundy silk upholstered chairs.

Narcissa has joined the a long mahogany table with matching rich burgundy silk upholstered chairs.

A flock of ladies-in-waiting, 3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Advocate Robert, a fastidious well dressed assistant arrive, following Alarissa.

Deva has joined the a mahogany sofa upholstered in a voluptuous red silk.

Thea has joined the a long mahogany table with matching rich burgundy silk upholstered chairs.

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Quenia didn't arrive quite on time, but neither did she arrive late. Once there, she settles down on the first sofa she sees, the oak one covered in burgundy silk. She nods to a few people she knows, and then arranges her skirts properly about her and waits for the event to start.

Everything is coming up Tor. Though this isn't to be a great grand affair, nor the massive auction that the Princess Consort is known for putting on every few years, Thrax is in the middle of a civil war and austerity is the name of the game. At a table is a basket filled with the delights and goodies that come from Tor. A boquet of roses fresh cut from the greens houses, bottles of coveted alcohol from the Roesward, bolts upon bolts of fabric from Tessere. But the highlight is a trip to Tor.

So As people mill about the ballroom, Alarissa stands and speaks quietly with Narcissa. Tidal pool blue and alaricite arm, a clearlake Marmot stole around shoulders for warmth, she's giving people time to mill about more before starting the auction.

Princess Graziella Pravus arrives and quietly takes a seat somewhere with a neutral expression on her face as she patiently waits for the auction to begin with minimal socializing from her before hand.

Looking more put together than usual, Deva arrives with Alantir and seems to be giving him half of a tour on the way in. Broad gestures here, pointing to lovely fixtures, a few murmured words there. A drink and a seat seem to be her first destinations, and on the way she waves and smiles in a friendly fashion at the hostesses Alarissa and Narcissa.

Tonight as she enters she looks around to see a few familar faces, and offers a warm smile their way. She is dressed in a burnt orange ensemble tonight moving gracefully, curious about tonight's auction and what may be up for sale. She looks like she may intend to bid if the price is right for her, atleast. Finally she takes a seat among the table of blooming roses, smiling at their beauty.

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Frost, a Maelstrom Forest Cat, Brutus, a very muscular Good Boi, Carolina, an orphan from Bravura leave, following Lore.

Thea doesn't have far to go, she does after all leave a hop, skip, and a jump away. Seeing those she knows, she bows her head in greeting, presenting a slight smile. Brushing the snow from her cloak, the Malvici hurries over to sit by someone she knows, getting herself comfortable.

Standing beside Alarissa is Fidante's own Voice, Narcissa in all of the dark hues of duskweave and sundries characteristic of her. She converses quietly with the Princess Consort, a ghost of a smile playing at the corner of her black-painted lips. Her raven sulks on her shoulder per usual, though as more people mill in he takes to air to find a lofty perch in the high alcove arches of the ballroom.

"I haven't much in terms of disposable silver," the Valardin mutters, permitting Deva to guide him through the building's interior. He mirrors the woman's polite wave and smile, though he hasn't the faintest idea of who he is greeting. "Good afternoon. Thank you for the invitation." But had /he/ been invited? These details were unclear. The Redrain is followed first to the bar and then to comfortable-appearing seating.

Alantir has joined the a mahogany sofa upholstered in a voluptuous red silk.

"Neither do I," Deva confesses to Alantir with a bright and unworried smile. "But we can figure out who wins to hear all about their trip. And there are snacks," she points out, waving over a passing server to claim a glass of something strong.

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Graziella acccepts a glass of wine and takes a few demure sips as she watches the room, checking the faces for some of Arx's movers and shakers amoung the gathered. She's careful not to draw too much attention to herself as she people watches all around the rom.

Whatever is murmured to Narcissa, Alarissa's stepping away and stepping forward onto that golden parquet floor and surrounded by the murals of Tor's gardens. "Ladies, Gentlemen, everyone." She raises her right arm to gather attention that her lifted voice does not.

"Tonight, a feast of senses. Up for bid and with proceeds to the charity of the winners choice, a week in Tor." Alarissa gestures to Narcissa and then the walls. "Fidante will host a week for five individuals. To dine, to feast, to smell and see all that the Lyceum and Southport has to offer." She looks to Narcissa with a smile. "I thank you for Fidante's and the Duchesses' hospitality." A dip of her head before she looks back the group. "Three bottles of the finest and very precious alcohol from the Roseward, courtesy of the Marquise and Marquessa of Roseward. Bolts of Brocade and Oleander Lace from Tessere's precious stockpiles. A boquet of roses from the hothouses of Fidante and most of them part of their newest breed that you can see in the Lady Narcissa's hair." Alarissa gestures there. "And then, while you enjoy the sights and sounds of Tor, a gift from me. A bottle of wine, so precious few of them, from Cardia's shores. The Tribune Livy has so graciously given in the name of generosity." She smiles widely at that. "And Thrax will sail you there on our finest ships, in comfort and care that even -I- find comfortable." And she has high standards. "We shall open the bidding for all of this at ten thousand silver" And just like that, it starts.

"Or," Quenia posits over in Deva's direction, "If you've people here you wish to pool funds with, you could bid jointly?" A mere suggestion, even if that might put her out of the running herself.

Narcissa diverts her attention then to the others as they arrive, waving her fingers in a fond hello to Deva and Thea as they pass, though still polite ones for those not so familiar faces. She adds softly after Alarissa's introduction of the night's auction, "...and it will be within House Fidante's own guest wards that the visitors will be staying. We promise not to usher you off to a garden shed."

Clarisse looks down at her coin purse realizing that this trip is quickly going to be out of her league, and quietly rises from her table, to step out from the bidding doing so quietly so as not to disturb the action.

Graziella raises a hand to indicate she'll take that bid, and ups it by saying, "20,000 silver." As Clarisse starts to slip out the Princess motions for the woman to come and sit at her side, if she'd like to remain and chat during the auction. "Hello."

Quenia listens to everything that Alarissa details, her eyes sparking some interest at some of it. "I'll start the bidding at 10,000 silver."

Thea gives Narcissa a slight wink and greets Narciss,"Lady Narcissa. Hello,"she greets with a brief smile. She turns to listen Alarissa but then hears Graziella and Quenia. "30,000 silver,"she now bids. Might as well.

"Ten from the Marquessa-" Then Graziella's bidding. "Thirty from the Pravus Princess. Lady Thea to thirty thousand." Alarissa' right hand lifts and points in the direction of each bidder.

Deva taps a finger against her lips before offering in a voice clear as a bell, "40,000 silver."

At the invitation from the Princess, Clarisse quietly makes her way over to the Princess, offer a respectful curtsey, and cringes as she hears the bid just leap out of her league and confirm her suspicions but still at the invitation she can hardly say no. "Thank you, very much for the kind invitation, Your Highness." She smiles warmly at her.

"50,000." Graziella adds, glancing casually to the side with a friendly smile as she waits for Clarisse to settle in at her side, saying, "Think nothing of it, I'm always looking for new friends in this frigid city. Why... I haven't even decided who I'd take with me to Tor."

"Forty from the Princess Deva." Servers circulate with drinks to the various seating areas so that everyone can enjoy themselves. "Fifty from Princess Graziella." Alarissa looks to Narcissa and smiles then back to the mass of people even as others swing by the table with the offerings."

"60,000,"Thea calls out followed by a drink. "I really want to rub the brocade in my brother's face. I'm not even going to deny this."

Deva was in the middle of her drink, but she starts sputtering and laughing into it as Thea chimes in. There's an amused smile given to the Malvici across the way, once she has stopped choking.

Clarisse smiles at Graziella, and nods her head, "I am sure you will pick perfectly Your Highness, but if I can offer, 30,000 to your highest bid, to help towards the cause the donation will go to. I would be happy to see the silver go to a good cause."

"I will pay double!" Baelos shouts loudly and randomly right as he entersnthe room. He has no idea what is for sale. Chuckling to himself as he gestures to a servant for some whiskey, he comments: "I have always wanted to do that."

"Sixty from Lady Thea!" But someone's calling out double. "Is that a bid for one hundred and twenty... my lord?" Alarissa calls out.

Graziella clears her throat, "And /I/ would really like to try Cardian wine." The Princess glances aside to Clarissa and whisper something to her before raising her hand and commenting, "100,000." She does glance sharply over her shoulder though when the question of 120k comes up.

"Wouldn't that be 180,000?" Quenia wonders, motioning over to Clarisse, "She just offered 30,000 on top of that higher bid."

"One hundred FIFTY!" Did Baelos just bid against himself? Is that allowed?

Thea lifts an eyebrow at Baelos. Is he RUINING her nose rubbing against her brother?! "160,000,"Thea calls out to Baelos, glass lifted. There's a impish tug of her lips as she then greets the man,"Prince Baelos. Hello.."

There's numbers being thrown about. "One hundred from Graziella. One hundred and fifty from the gentleman." Alarissa gestures with her right, the alaricite left one just resting there at her side. "One hundred and sixty from Lady Thea, a counter to Prince Baelos."

Clarisse opens her eyes widely, and shakes her head, "Please forgive for the confusion, "I was only offering to add my 30,000 to the Princess Bid, but to outbid her." She blushes brightly at the question.

Narcissa flits her golden eyes between each bidder as numbers continue to rise. "My, and what if I were to throw in some duskweave? Would we see the numbers climb higher then?" she asides to Alarissa.

Quenia eyes Graziella and Baelos a moment, then looks over at Narcissa with a curious look. "170,000."

Baelos is really getting into this. His shirt is loosely open. There is ice in his beard and fire in his voice. He slams his drink down triumphantly: "200,000!"

In light of all the confusion Princess Graziella glances around the room with her listless gaze and decides in her familiar dour deadpan, "250,000 silver and-" She looks over and down to Clarisse, "I think I'll take.." The Princess blinks a few times, "What was your name dear?" A beat. "Lady Clarisse Charon with me to see Tor." Another pause as the Princess ticks her head to the side, "Charon, is that vassal of Redrain?" The last question more softly spoken to Clarisse.

"The Lady Narcissa is adding in Duskweave!" Alarissa grabs that and runs with it. "One seventy from from Marquessa Quenia, two hundred from Prince Baelos." Alarissa looks to Graziella. "Two fifty!"

The staggering amount of silver being bid by the auctiongoers is mind-numbingly maddening. At Baelos' latest declaration, the Valardin visibly stiffens. And then, just as effortlessly, Graziella tacks on another fifty. "Two-hundred thousand," he mouths soundlessly, head shaking in disbelief.

Baelos suddenly seems indifferent. Such is his manner - passion is fleeting, then on to the next drink. "What are we bidding on again?" He sees his cousin and smiles, "Oh hello there. We can both spend your brother's coin!"

Thea exhales, taking a rather large drink. "I guess my brother's nose is saved."

Clarisse looks stunned all of a sudden and smiles at the Princess, "Yes Your Highness, Lady Clarisse Charon, and surely you jest Your Highness?" That blush more brightly at the decision of the Princess.

Thea looks over to Baelos, her gold-flecked green eyes bright. "Hey Redrain, how about your silver and my silver get together and make a bank." Wait. That sounded better in head. "Well--not a bank. But we can share some bottles and a nice warm vacation."

"Even I have not had Cardian wine, and wine is all I drink - usually mulled." A beat before Narcissa remarks sardonically, "Like any true Lycene." The sarcasm leaves her intonation as she confirms, "And yes, a few bolts of duskweave to the mix!"

Graziella smiles kindly at Clarisse and remarks, "Not at all? I'm promised a spot to each of my proteges but Zyxthylum may be too busy and Egon and I can't take on Tor all alone. I'll need a few friends and I have quite a reputation for taking up with people who deserve the attention." She shoots Baelos a withering stare as she adds, "I believe the Lady is content to shack her silver up with mine- at present."

"To be fair, I haven't tried it yet. I've only had the privilege of auctioning them off. Do you know that they have bottles with cardian steelsilk -ribbon- around the neck? I'm not jesting. Just around the neck alone." Alarissa shudders at the thought. "To them, it's as plentiful as seasilk, whereas here, it's coveted and rare enough." But there's bidding stalling.

"two hundred and fifty was the last bid...." She calls out.

Clarisse smiles between Thea and Graziella, "I would have to invite one friend with me that I adore if I accepted Your Hightness. Sadly I could not imagine going anywhere without him. If it is possible? Perhaps Lady Thea would like to pool with you as well?" She looks between the two of them to see if they might consider it.

Deva starts to rise after being summoned by her assistant, casting a brief and amused smile across the way toward her cousin Baelos. After a few words murmured to Alantir, she scoops up her cloak and drapes it over the crook of her arm before taking her leave, red curls bouncing as she walks with purpose in her stride.

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Jasper, an unflappable scoundrel, 2 Redrain Guards leave, following Deva.

"Alas, I cannot bid any further. I have an event that I must bankroll next week. I offered crafters the chance at 500,000 silver to dress me," Quenia says, spreading out her hands with palms up showing she's done with bidding.

Thea looks to Graziella and gsmiles. "Sure. Why not,"she says with a nod. There's a large drink, her eyes mischievious.

"The pleasure of auctioning them off, but not of the taste? The steelsilk ribbon just seems gaudy to me, much like the fabric itself unless worn in battle, but that is just my opinion." Narcissa's cheshire smile follows Alarissa's commentary between bidding claims made about them.

Graziella is Lycene to a fault so, one doesn't /have/ to forgive her, but it really isn't all that odd when she adds in a cold voice to Thea and Clarisse, "Why would I do that? I've already won. Or is sounds like I might.. and I'm not losing, if I have the last bid?" She shakes her head with a polite frown, "No, that would be a poor decision..."

The Princess Graziella does add in an aside to Clarisse, "But sure, if we win.. you can bring your sweet."

"Two fifty, going once...." Alarissa gesture to Graziella, providing an opportunity to other bidders to steal.

As Deva takes her leave, the Redrain prince finds himself surrounded by Southern women. Baelos seems to appreciate this development. He doesn't bid again, but he makes his way over to a table with his bottle of whiskey.

Baelos has joined the a table of blooming roses.

Thea isn't at all bothered by the princess. "I have a wedding coming,"she says amused. "I'm good,"lifting her palms up in defeat.

Clarisse looks apologetically at Thea, as she tried. "My apologies Lady Thea." It is not her decision though, the northern lady sighing just a bit but the agreement she can bring a friend with makes her smile. "You are so kind Your Highness."

"Two fifty going twice. three times..." And when it seems like it's left to graziella, Alarissa lowers her hand with palm up to the Pravus Princess. "You are the winner of a week in Tor PRincess Graziella."

"Oh, a week in Tor..." Baelos echoes Alarissa. He glances over at Graziella, "Need some company?"

Graziella wins with a wide grin and cuts her eyes aside to Clarisse as she says with pious purpose, "Gild teaches us to give. I'm glad I can make your day a bit brighter, keep your 30,000 coins and consider you and yours my guests on this little adventure." The Princess smiles sweetly but also she wants to keep all the Prizes at the end of this auction rainbow. As she hears the voice over her shoulder she glances haughtily to Baelos and remarks in her most vacant lilt, "Not from you."

Baelos leans back in his chair and arches a brow. He raises his whiskey glass in her direction, "Your loss." Grinning

Baelos leans back in his chair and arches a brow. He raises his whiskey glass in her direction, "Your loss." Grinning slightly, he tosses back his drink and waits expectantly for the next item (although given his complete lack of context, the auction could very well be over).

Clarisse smiles at her and nods, "It would mean a lot to be able to take him with. This is a very generous invitation Your Highness and we should always give as much as we can, when we can." She does not interrupt her or Baelos though, but rather stays quiet for the moment.

Graziella clears her throat and summons all of her patience as she collects her bag of silver and readies it to be handed over to Alarissa, from the corner of her attention she barely acknowledges Baelos except to opine, "That's the problem with men like you, you're born into Princedoms and you make the ill fated mistake that even other Great Houses will look upon you with all the love and adoration of your mother and your subjects." Graziella sneers at him with utter distaste and looking down her nose adds, "I'll teach you of loss, don't speak to me again."

Thea climbs to her feet, looking to Graziella. "Congratulations." Knocking back the rest of her drink, she excuses herself,"I need to be somewhere, but this was--interesting. I can't wait to for the next one,"and off she goes.

Narcissa kindly reminds, "I would desire our guests to not make thinly veiled threats against other guests while under the roof and hospitality of House Fidante. Neither her, nor Tor, will it be tolerated." A beat. "Congratulations to our winners and the guests that will be traveling to Tor. I do hope you find my home as beautiful and breathtaking as I do."

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Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

Clarisse isn't sure what to think as she hears the Priness and bows her head respectfully to Prince Baelas, who she happens to be a vassal of and cringes and looks as though she is now caught in the middle of a redrain and a Pravus and she happens to have a fondness for both houses.

It takes a fair amount of skill to look down at Baelos, given his general altitude compared to your average Arx denizen. To be fair, he is seated at the moment. "I mean, most do look at me with love and adoration, so you are right on that point." He pauses a moment. "But here I am speaking to you again!" He glances over at Narcissa, "I am encouraging it - my apologies! What a lovely place this is, and good whiskey."

As for Clarisse, Baelos does not seem bothered by her or the situation in the slightest.

Graziella flips her hair over her shoulder commenting to Narcissa, "I simply meant, the loss of my presence. I did saw, I wouldn't like him to speak to me anymore." The Princess blinks a few times with a naive innocence and waits for the processing of the auction to be over with an aloof presence as she ignore Baelos for the rest of the evening.

Alarissa's brow is raised at the altercation happening between redrain and Pravus and smiles diplomatically. "Princess, come with me. you should see the Tessere lace. so lovely." She offers her right arm to the woman.

"Please.." Graziella agrees, following after the other Princess without another word.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Quenia before departing.

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