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LTTM: Tall Tales of Tidal Treasures

Somewhere, in the waters off Lenosia is a tidal island. A small interpid group have journals in hand that indicate there's an entrance that leads to caves that one can go into when the tide is low. What will they find inside?

ooc: This event is part of the Lost To Time and Memory arc. This PRP is being kept public for folks to read along and enjoy but is full up on participants.


Feb. 27, 2021, 4 p.m.

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Kiera Jaenelle Drake Deva Thea



Outside Arx - Lenosia - A Tidal Cavern

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Somewhere below the group as they stand on the deck of a ship the night before, is a cave. The copy of the white journal in hand, studied relentlessly to make sure that the location hinted at in it's pages tell them this. Not that they can see it. The shore is far, far in the distance and the water laps at the boat where it's anchored. But everything indicates that here, when the tide goes out, there will be an island, an entrance and the thing that this intrepid group is looking for.

But there's little to be done in the night and dangerous creatures like sharks are what lays between them and whatever discovery they made find. So as the ship settles in, sailors taking turns on watch and a few ships around them for the protection of one of their number who is invaluable to Lenosia, everyone goes to sleep.

But come the morning, roused from excited cries and once on deck, a sailor leaning over the crows nest is pointing out the cropping of rock that over time has become exposed and promises to become more exposed. It'll take a row boat to get over there but it seems that the journals didn't lie. Somewhere, around the outcropping is the entrance toa generational pirate cave, filled with decades of booty, and ill gotten goods. And something that heals.

Deva seems pretty happy to be away from the city and out at sea. She spends part of the trip there questioning their sailors about where else they've been, or what the latest news in from other ports. Startled awake by the announcement they have arrived, she scurries to the side of the deck to get a glimpse herself. "Well this will be fun," she says brightly, and turns to look to see the others on their little expedition.

Drake usually stays out of the way on a boat, just helping out where instructed to. He spends enough time on boats that one of these days he should learn a thing or two, but... well, it's a relief when land is in sight. As for something that heals, he has no expertise there. But he does know that he can help out if anything is dangerous, so he knows his role in the party. "Agreed," he says to Deva, keeping his eyes on the shore.

Despite not having any sailing abilities, Jaenelle is clearly no stranger to ships, islands, or what one may find on them left by pirates or sneaky sailors who thought to hide goods on them between travels to collect later. Upon hearing of the shy island which only peeks out at certain times of the day, Jaenelle's adventurous side can't help but visit it herself, despite perhaps the concerns over her venturing out in unknown areas by her guards and family members. Still, her land, her rules! "Is everyone ready?" she questions looking around at those brave enough to throw themselves in the way of death to save the Archduchess from such. "Hopefully!" she then says to Deva, grinning.

Thanks to the mission a few weeks back, this is not Kiera's first sea voyage, it's her second, so she will not be the first in the dinghy, watching the steps the others take as they board the small boat . Her main assets being she watches carefully and learns fast

Thea steps out and inhales deeply. This is probably ONE of her places to be. And knowing the Malvici, she's been trying to help, asking stories, asking questions. Clearing she has sea legs. "I agree! I'm anxious to see what this--what all this about,"Thea admits with a slight smile, looking out to the horizon. "And the fun of course."

Deva loops up a coil of rope to knot to her backpack for future use. Prepared and nearly bouncing with excited energy, she takes the plunge to be the first onto the dinghy so she can help the others with a steadying hand in. "I hope we all know some lively sea shanties."

Jaenelle reaches for Deva's hand to step forward onto the small boat, though perhaps its more because she is there and not because she needs the assistance. Never look a helpful Deva in the mouth or something like that. Dont throw stones at glass Devas? "When I was younger I used to listen to the sailors sing while they prepared to set off, most of the songs are definitely not appropriate." Then she turns towards Drake, Kiera, and Thea, "whatever we find, be safe. Id rather bring all of us back than what we might find if it comes to it."

"Appropriate?" Drake asks, and looks over at Jaenelle with a look of surprise and a bit of a smile. "There aren't any children here, but let me know if the ladies have any delicate ears."

Checking her satchel, making sure all her medical supplies are in order--and whatever else may be needed, Thea nods her in satisfaction. She looks over at Jaenelle and gives her a grin,"Always safe, I promise." Why does this sound like a repeat of words before her eyes drift over to Drake. Then the group,"Delicate ears? Anyone that hangs out with sailors know what they're getting into,"stepping into the dingy. "And Kiera grew up with you. I think she knows all too well..."

Kiera likewise takes Deva's when it's it's her turn and steps aboard very carefully. only when they are safely seated does she add to the conversation "So this is aboat?"she says deadpan but then breaks into a laugh in case it wasn't clear it was a joke

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Into the boat they all go, longboats joining them to protect from anyone who might think to set upon everyone. There is war in the waters. Eurusi lurking, errant and misbehaving apostates of excommunicated status. Those just up to no good.

A hand dipped into the water would note the coldness of it, this far into winter that affects even the waters of Lenosia. Probably wise that no one tried to dive down and see to the entrance. But it's a swift row over and the massive rocky outcropping is just as described in the book, though water has worn smooth some pieces of rock. But as the group spreads out over the localized outcropping, they find the entrance. Big enough for two people, just under the largest hunk of rock. There is the hole. One can understand why it's not been seen though by others in passing. You have to be right on it.

The boat will remain waiting with it's two sailors in it, and once everyone's gear is arranged, crouching and climbing they go. Forward for about twenty feet, then up. This, one would note, is how the place likely stays dry. Without it, the place would likely be flooded. They don't need to go up too much before they hit the shelf and the ropes that much like the journal warns, will be needed to climb down.

Climb -down-. Those peering over will note that the knotted ropes and rope ladders, some of the rope pooled at the top as if it was used to lower stuff down, are old, aged, but a good tug shows sturdiness though the end is not visible. The smell of the place thus far is just damp. An unending assaulting dampness on the nose. But the only way forward, is down.

Drake agrees with Thea, but doesn't need to say anymore. It's not long before they've disembarked, and made their way to the island properly. Where it comes to a difficult climb, he has confidence. Drake is a really capable climber, and he takes to the ropes without any problems. But he does want to carefully watch for those who might be weaker at such a task, bolstering them if necessary. He considers this part of his job.

"When have you known me to ever be appropriate?" Deva wonders of Jaenelle with a cheeky grin. Then they're off to the island, rowing away, and she snorts an unladylike but firm agreement with Thea. A laugh and a smile follow for Kiera. "See, now we know, thanks to the Archduchess," a pointed look is cast Jaenelle's way. Then she's focusing on the task at hand, which is to climb without incident. Shaking off the cool droplets of water from her hand, she dries them off on her leathers and begins the ascent. She is at least one of the first to go, if not the first-- there's no hesitation in her bones, but she won't push anyone out of the way, either. "Whoa," she whistles lowly, peering down... and down, and down some more. Feeling around, she searches for a small rock to toss into the abyss first, listening for any noise at the bottom.

"I dont think any of us are very delicate" Jaenelle answers Drake with another grin as they reach their destination. "But I think child Jaenelle didn't understand a lot of what was being said that it didnt stick with me how bad the words of the shanties were! I was rather sheltered as a child. Though a few years ago someone wrote me a poem about my breasts that was...interesting." So diplomatic this one is. "Perhaps I should reach out to a bard and the next time we're all on a ship together I can sing it!" As they reach the shelf, and Jaenelle peers downward past the ropes to the ground below, she takes a deep breath and begins to turn to slip one foot onto the rung of the ladder, then the next is brought further down to the second. It is not quite sturdy, despite the slowness and care Jae is attempting. What she did not anticupate was the algae on one of the rungs, making the rope slick with slime. There is a wide eyed look upward as her foot comes completely off the rope and the other does not remain for long after. As she hangs there, a few feet from the ground, there is no way she is pulling herself back into place and her wiggling causes the entire ladder to shake for anyone still above her until her fingers simply release and down goes the Archduchess with a thud, dust from the ground fluttering upward while the mud helpfully cushions the blow. The rocks dont though, those hurt.

Thea triple checks her satchel before even gets out of the boat. She grins over at Kiera, telling her,"I'm going to take you out in my ship, you watch.." Though she does realize she was joking. Once their destination is reached, she exhales. "Most rope and I have a bad history, just so you all know,"taking one and beginning her climb. Which surprisingly goes a bit more smoothly than she thought. When Jaenelle slips, Thea's eyes round, her body swaying,"Holy shit and Gods about! Are you alright down there? Do you need help,"she calls down to the Archduchess.

Kiera is likewise careful, slow precise but as the rop shakes beneath and she looses her footing . Her mouth opens forbut no sound emerges as her hans scramble at nothing and down she goes. When she lands there is finally a loud "OW!" as her fall is broken by the body of the archduchess, followed several moments of silence before she realizes she indeed alive and atop the other woman and tries to disentangle herself

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For some, the trip down was not enjoyable. Jaenelle and Keira are at least spared any serious agony other than that to ego's by the mud and sand, dirt and other detrius at the bottom. This is unlikely the first time that someone has fallen on the way down.

The room they have landed in though is damp. It still smells damp and moldy. While water may not get in with the tide, that doesn't mean that it doesn't seep in the walls and looking out further than a few feets provides little in the way of illumination once you get past where light filters in bleakly from the tunnel out.

But lanterns when lit provide necessary illumination that maybe doesn't reach all the corners. Words echo somewhat and little pools of water rest in dips and crevices in the floor. One will have to be careful with their footing. There's nothing it seems, in this particular room though there seems to be passageways to the north and then to the west.

Nothing except a snake that Darke doesn't see as it crosses over his foot, swiftly slithering away as fast as it can from the commotion at the entrance. Something dark and banded, heading to the west as fast as it can.

"Oof, you all okay?" The Redrain eventually hits the ground with a thud of her boots. Deva carries a lantern in one hand, and offers to help Jaenelle and Kiera up with the other. "No wonder pirates smell so bad," she mutters with a wrinkled nose as the awful scents just get worse and worse. She peers north and then west, eyes narrowed. "Which way should we--" Or maybe a snake makes that decision for them.

Drake was perhaps distracted by the climbing... and the looking around, to miss looking DOWN, and does not see a snake crawling over his feet. So... that he misess, watching the walls instead as he walks in to the darkness. He lights his lantern, looking into the deep in the wrong direction.

Kiera has fortunately seen snakes before so isn't panicked by the mere presence of snakes precisely but is perterbed she can't tell what kind they are in the dark "Does anyone know if that's poisonous?" she asks as she spies one slithering away

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There is a rather unlady like grunt from Jaenelle as Deva offers the hand, and it is taken once Kiera gets off first. "I am okay," she then says, doing her best to dust herself off. "I might not be able to get out of bed for a few days after things settle, but im okay to go forward. Perhaps with promises to check when we're home," she suggests to Thea the Healer. She has no problems with spiders, but snakes are another thing, and the wrinkle of her nose, "dont animals usually travel towards an opening? Perhaps we should go to opposite to get deeper?" She doesnt know about animals!

"It's adorable!" Deva says cheerfully. "Don't worry, I've seen that kind all the time. I've even seen some trainers with flutes make them dance."

Landing on her feet, Thea quickly asks the Kiera and Jaenelle,"Are you both alright?" Lifting her lantern, she starts looking around, smirking aside at Deva's words. "I can think of a few other things as well---" though her gaze follows the snake. "Unless they're trying to escape...." agreeing with Jaenelle.

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The Archudchess will lick her bruises later. Lady Kiera will do the same for her own but everyone's still got limbs intact and as lanterns are held high and everyone looks about the small cavern, they decide to follow the fleeing snake. Steps must be taken with care, and as they near walls they can see the corroding of time. The drips of water from little stalagmites and stalactites that emerge from the floor and point upwards, others that hang from the roof. A few fully formed and one has to skip around them to follow toward where the little snake fled. A few of it's bretheren go with it, skimming between feet. The musty smell never ceases, and you can drink the air down here.

The passage thins and there's natural shelves it seems with things that have been stashed on it. Things that time and damp have decimated. Fabric that if touches, breaks apart. Rusted bits of metal that have broken apart that look like they could have belonged to something practical. Maybe. A few scattered gems here and there. No one has been down here for ages.

But then it opens up again and enough for three people wide and in here are crates, loose boulders and rocks, more natural shelvs and wedged man made ones. And more things. Chests, crates, it's just filled. But the smell of rotting wood, rotting leather, it smells and at times is almost overpowering. How are they going to find what they've come for? Is it even in here?

Drake didn't see the creature, but does see people looking in a direction, so he follows up with where they are going. Chests and crates are a promising sign. "...Could be treasure," he says hopefully. "...Or just storage." But then the smell hits him. He tries to follow away from it... to see what's in a box or two. "Is there anything particular we know the look of in all this?"

There's an easy, amused smile for Thea from Deva, but she's otherwise quiet and focused as they trudge forward after the snake. A shiver climbs up her spine as they head deeper and deeper into the cavern, breathing slower and steady as they discover scraps from the past up ahead. While the decaying items are given curious glances, she knows that's not what they're after and does not linger until they come upon what was clearly once a storage room. "Some sort of healing stone," she replies, rolling up her sleeves before she begins to crack open a chest. Or try, anyway.

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Thea treks after the others, following the snake of course. Deeper and deeper they go. "Gods, I feel like you have to be a damn snake to fit through some of this passage,"squeezing her way through. Her feet are careful and quiet though, watching her step. When it finally opens up and chests and crates appear, Thea blinks. "Oh..." though pauses. Watching Thea and Deva looking at the chests, her eyes start to look toward the shelves. Curious.

Kiera blinks as she sees the many crevices and crannies and chests to be explored "With Lagoma's sigil inlaid" she says adding information as she moves to the shelves as others go for the chests

There is a lot of things in the room, far more places for more things to hide than expected. Jaenelle observes the room and begins doing what Jaenelle's do best, cutting the area into sections and giving each person within their own area to search. "Carefully look through everything, that way we do not miss it in such a vast area to search. This way it will be easier to look and no one is looking where others have already done so, a bit more streamline and organized." Jaenelle likes lists, and loves organization! Also she is a leader, and leads things. She takes her own section and begins to systematically and methodically open the first crate.

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It's a lot of stuff. Storage was likely a polite term. Decades of pirating and stashing means there's many boxes and chests, just stuff that's either at some point been placed there with care or with a carelessness that meant they were in a hurry. perhaps the tide was coming in and they wanted to stash something swiftly.

Drake and Keira, Jaenelle and Deva all looks through chests, pry open crates that practically disseminate in their hands, fall apart into wooden muddy mush. Jewels and coins, ingots of metal, there's a little of everything. Even brittle journals. There's just so much stuff. One could spend hours in this room and likely still be hauling out things that might have survived the humid dark depths.

But it's Thea who seems to find something. There, on the shelf with a few spiderwebs and and moss that has thrived deep in the depths and seeming to have tried to claim it is a palm sized rock with a reddish flame carved into it.

Swiping away the spider webs, Thea looks closer at the rock. NOT quite moving it just yet. She's looking around it first. Because the LAST time she moved anything, it went sideways and rocks fell. "So hey guys, I found well--I THINK the stone. But before I go taking it--I want to make sure it's safe before I go taking it.."

Drake doesn't mind finding stuff, even if it's not... THE stuff. But then Thea finds what she think she's looking for. He paces around, and looks... also not touching the object. "Maybe... take it with a cloth or a glove, to be safe."

"Hmm," Deva seems interested in a few journals she finds, and even starts to flip one open, but it crumbles in her grasp. "Well, damn." With a sigh, she seems frustrated, until... "Nice, Thea!" She turns to look toward the Malvici and her discovery, eyes wide and curious. "Let me see if there's anything around that would eat us or something," she offers, moving to check around the ground and walls by Thea for any potential traps or more snakes.

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Kiera nods. She is no crime or adventuring expert but some amount of logic suggests that valuable might be accompanied by traps of various sort so she looks

Kiera checks perception and survival at hard. Kiera fails.

With Thea finding the stone, Jaenelle seems to approve of the no touching right away thing. She waits while everyone looks at the object, and the surrounding area, giving them enough room to do so safely. She doesn't know if something is a trap, so she lets those who do!

Thea looks over at Drake with an lifted eyebrow,"But what if I take it and something happens?" She's seriously thinking here. "It's sort of in plain sight, yes? Why not hide it better? In a chest or a box?" Thea continues to swat at all the spiderwebs, check around every angle. The walls, EVERYTHING. No stone unturned so to speak. See that. She helps out Deva and the others before finally well, Thea takes the stone with the flame. Looking to inspect in closer.

Deva... does not find any traps. She finds something shiny and big and red instead. It's her color, after all. "Oooh..." She's nowhere near Thea now. So helpful. "Oh, right," she turns to look over her shoulder, smiling awkwardly.

Drake is checking to see if something will happen... and looks at Thea for a moment. Then he looks up... and at the roof. "... Look. There. Not a magical trap, but, the roof looks unstable. Maybe it's a... load bearing treasure. If you pull it, something might fall from above...." As sure as he points, there is an instability to the rocks there. It looks like the roof might collapse if it was improperly struck.

Thea takes the stone and... nothing happens. No roof caves in.

When Thea touches it though, the stone feels... just like a stone. Grey and mottled, flat like a skipping stone. On the other side, carved into the stone to expose the reddish rock within the grey is a flame, a sigil much like lagoma's.

Drake realizes that the load bearing shelf is the one near Deva, and points again. "Ah. Just don't touch that one, and we should be safe."

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