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Arx Scavenger Hunt!!

So you think you know the city of Arx like the back of your hand? Well, Princess Sabella Grayson is hosting another scavenger hunt that will give you the chance to prove it! Starting at the Shrine of Jayus, this game will take you all over the city and show you that even if you've passed by a street a million times, perhaps you haven't really looked around. It's a great way for newcomers to the city to learn their way around and for those that have been here all their lives to stop and take a moment to be inspired by this great city we all live in and love!

There will be a numerous prizes handed out but remember that it's not just who can run through the items the fastest, it's who gets back first AND has all the correct answers to the hunt!

OOC: There are some rules to keep in mind as the game will take you all over the grid:

-Answers should be sent in a messenger to Sabella ONLY when you are at the final location and have posed yourself being all triumphant!
-If you enter a room where there is another PC you MUST stop to pose at them twice: one entrance pose, one pose from them, then one exit pose if you'd like, but you MUST interact with them more than just 'Sabella runs in ignoring everyone, finds the answer, runs out.'
-We're obviously on the honor system here. Please don't use your alt to try to get answers faster, don't have other people help you, etc., etc.


May 20, 2020, 9 p.m.

Hosted By



Felicia Merek Porter Dimitri Niklas Rowenova Rosalie Anisha



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of Jayus

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Comments and Log

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

2 House Velenosa Guards, Sasha, a Velenosian Assistant, Pomegranate, the gentle fainting goat arrive, following Dimitri.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise leaves, following Niklas.

There are several lanterns set up around the Shrine of Jayus in case it gets too dark and children run squealing around some people playing instruments, painting, or just chatting happily amongst themselves. Sabella is standing by a table organizing a few things and beaming at everyone that comes near her, "Welcome! Are you here for the scavenger hunt?"

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

It's Axelle that's in the lead, dragging Merril and Felicia behind her into the shrine. The cacophony of the child musicians causes the redhead to pause in her steps but she overhears the words 'scavenger hunt' from Sabella's direction... and that's evidently enough to make her stay. Well, stay, and give Axelle a nudge to keep going forward so that she can amble in the direction of the table and Sabella.

Merek makes a way into the shrine while he looks about, his attire on.

"Dame Felicia! I feel like it has been forever since I've seen you," Sabella gives Felicia a bright smile and holds out a little bit of parchment and charcoal, "Will you be partaking in the Scavenger Hunt? It will surely stoke your imagination and creativity and teach you something about this city that you didn't know!"

Having arrived a few minutes early, Porter and Rosalie took one of the couches and are having some sort of quiet debate on what the scavenger hunt could involve. "/Maybe/," he allows slowly before laughing a little loudly and reaching down to pet the dog at his feet. "Oh, look. It's starting!" he says, sitting up and waving his other arm. "We are!"

"Tales of my demise have been sadly exaggerated." Felicia advises Sabella with a respectful sketch of a bow, accepting the parchment and charcoal offered,"I'm not sure how accurate that will be your highness, but I'll try." she grins briefly, shuffling out of the way for others to come collect and offering the parchment and charcoal to Merril with the muttered comment of,"Your handwriting is easier to read."

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Making his way in from the Sanctum of the Genesis, Dimitri is clad in a suit of dusky blue and purples, his hands settled at the pockets of his pants, thumbs hooked casually within them. There's a glance about the area, lips curving to just the hint of a smile as he dips a little nod to those that have already begun to gather.

"Now you're welcome to do this scavenger hunt together and meander through the city, but you are not allowed to compete in teams in order to keep things fair," Sabella says to Felicia and Merek and then smiles at Porter and Rosalie, "I'll give you the first clue here, which will send you off on your adventure through the city! Each place you go you'll need to answer a trivia question and find the next clue that will send you to the next place! Please do be respectful to those you pass on the street--I don't want it said that a Disciple of Jayus sent out a mad crowd that pushed people over in the street in their haste! Not that I think any of you would, of course!" she looks around, "It seems like we won't have that many more people joining us so in a moment I'll give you the first clue! Remember it's not just who gets back here first, but it is who gets back here first with all the correct answers!"

Niklas wanders in a bit late with a lute under his arm and a pack slung from his shoulder. He waves to Porter, stops to kiss his wife on the cheek and calls out, "Good luck, everybody." Then he climbs up onto the musicians platform and twangly twangs on his lute while he watches his wife introduce the contest.

With Sir Floppington at her side, Rowenova looks over at him with a smile, "So... does the Goodest of Boys count as if we were a team?"

"Oop, looks like you're out of luck ladies... or you'll have to try and..." Axelle's already off with the squealing children, taking the opportunity to goof off and the Harrow finds herself pivoting to her other assistant with a loft of her brow. Merril just smirks as she hands the parchment back and elects to go off and mingle, leaving the Harrow to find a way to support the parchment awkwardly while looking expectantly at Sabella.

Rising up from the couch with Porter, Rosalie giggles lightly at his response then offers a bright smile towards Sabella and nods. "What if I am bound by my vows to share my knowledge with those around me?" Its called out in playful banter, giggling against after, then looking to Porter with a chuckle, "I guess that means we can move through the city together but we cannot help one another. Pity, I was looking for you to have all the answers." She offers a brief but precise curtsy towards the nobility (and royalty) in the room before lingering near Sabella to get that first clue.

Sabella takes out a piece of parchment and smooths it out as she laughs to Rowenova, "I think he'll always count no matter what but I wouldn't have him hold the charcoal!" She then smiles and addresses the group, "Each clue is prominently displayed in each location and the majority of them will very clearly tell you where you are headed, but there are one or two tricky ones that might have you running in circles for a bit! I do hope that you enjoy yourselves, though, and discover at least one new thing about this city that you did not know before or stumble upon a beautiful view that you'd never noticed!" She raises up the paper with quite the dramatic flair so that everyone can see it, "All right, as soon as you read this clue you should be off! We have games here for any children or parents that want to linger as they wait. Good luck!"

Sabella drops Scavenger Hunt Clue #1.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound leaves, following Rowenova.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound leaves, following Rowenova.

"You can find me in the nearest tavern after this is over," Porter tells Rosalie with a laugh when it's mentioned that people shouldn't help each other to keep it fair. "I predict I fall off after the first clue or two." When the clue presented, he goes to regard it! Thoughtfully. He's going to need a lot of thinking.

"Jayus help me what have I signed up for..." Felicia mumbles, skritching on the parchment before she heads off after the others.

Axelle, a personal valet, Bonehilda, the prettiest-colored spider, Merril, a scholarly adjunct leave, following Felicia.

Gunner, a lovable goof of a Mistward Labrador leaves, following Porter.

Marchande, Porter leave, following Rosalie.

Sabella watches those participating run off and then turns to Niklas to say, "Do you think this one is harder than the last? Or are they about the same? I worry a few of them are too tricky."

2 House Velenosa Guards, Sasha, a Velenosian Assistant, Pomegranate, the gentle fainting goat leave, following Dimitri.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise leaves, following Niklas.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

Niklas looks over to Sabella. "Well. They're not back yet and I haven't been messaged about any tragic deaths at the Great Bears exhibit, so this seems to be going well so far!"

"Don't worry, I actually asked and they said if that happened we could hear the screaming from here," Sabella assures him.

"Oh, that's good." Niklas twangs a little bit more on his lute. "I'd hate to be responsible for giving the bears a tummy ache, though."

Marchande, Porter arrive, following Rosalie.

While the hunters have been gone children have been building little rock walls and towers with the donated rocks for the wall that gets rebuilt every year. A few times people have had to tell them to stop throwing stones, but mostly it's been peaceful, with Sabella buzzing about here and there and maybe telling Nik to play something more upbeat this isn't the Shrine of the Queen of Endings after all!

Entering the shrine with Porter, Rosalie is smiling for all that they cannot possibly have finished the scavenger hunt this quickly. Leaning up, she dots a kiss to Porter's cheek before approaching Sabella and dipping into a brief but precise curtsy, "Your Highness. I regret to inform you but I must withdraw from the game. Lord Porter has elected to also withdraw, and we are going to get a bite of dinner. I am going to try to wheedle him into ice cream after. Would you like some?"

"I'm afraid I have to stay until the end to hand out the prizes for those that are still competing, but thank you for the invitation!" Sabella says with a smile to Rosalie and Porter as they come back, "Was it too hard? I did think a few of those questions were a touch difficult, but I hope for the ones you did do you might have learned something you didn't know!"

"I really don't need to be manipulated into ice cream, for the record!" Porter speaks up, holding up his index finger. Just in case that was going to be in doubt. After, he flashes Sabella and Niklas an apologetic smile for the matter of them withdrawing. "But thank you for hosting this, it was a very well put together event. I particularly enjoyed the dozen or so times I almost ran over Dame Harrow!" For that question, he glances once to Rosalie but leaves that for her.

Niklas raises a hand to his cousin and Sister Rosalie. "Sad to hear it, Porter, but I suppose ice cream is an alluring call for many."

Smiling, she shakes her head, "No, Your Highness. As a Scholar, I found the questions challenging but fun. But I have not set foot into the Ebb & Flow Inn for nearly three years, nor am I ready to start now." Rosalie turns a smile back to Porter and gives a nod, "He does not have to be manipulated, but he will enjoy the persuasion all the same." Looking back to Niklas, she bobs a nod, "Ice cream is an excellent consolation prize. We can bring you some on our way back!"

"It's true, I didn't get to to this size eating salads," Porter admits. "And I need to keep my figure up." With the question answered, for the most part, he returns to smiling again. It's a talent, to look buoyantly cheerful. "Yes, we can bring some back. Wait, where are we getting ice cream?"

Sabella laughs, "That would actually be wonderful! The one thing I didn't think to bring tonight was food. Arts and crafts, lots of little clue papers, definitely, but not snacks! But do go enjoy yourselves and try not to get run down by Dame Felicia or Scout Rowenova, who I think will be neck and neck to race back here at any moment!"

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound arrives, following Rowenova.

With her hawk quill in her left hand and a leatherbound folio in her right one, Rowenova shows up, scribing down the 25th item on her beige paper! "HI!" says the wolf scout with Sir Floppington panting heavily after 'all that'!

Sabella brightens even more when Rowenova arrives, "Aha, Scout Rowenova, I was just saying you were going to run through that door at any moment! Congratulations for you are the first to arrive, hopefully with all of the answers!" She holds out her hand patiently for the list so that she can check it, "Should you truly have them all, you'll be our first place winner with your choice of three fabulous prizes!"

Rosalie grins, "Excellent! We will return soon with some ice cream then. Good luck with the scavenger hunt!" She takes Porter's hand and laughs, "There are a number of shops that sell it, you just have know where to look and how to ask. I have but one question.. do you want to be social or do you want a private dinner?" Smiling towards Rowenova as she rushes in, Rosalie giggles, "I see Mangata really did lend you some swiftness. Hello again!"

Axelle, a personal valet, Bonehilda, the prettiest-colored spider, Merril, a scholarly adjunct arrive, following Felicia.

"Hmmm..." Porter starts making thinking noises on that question. "Thank you again everyone! Congratulations to the winners!" The Kennex flashes everyone a broad smile and then follows Rosalie out to discuss what this dinner is going to entail. He needs details.

Felicia is definitely bringing up the rear in terms of the scavenger hunt, not that the Harrow seems in the slightest concerned about that. Certainly she wouldn't be moving at a stroll if she was in the slightest bit concerned about her placement in the scavenger hunt as a whole.

Marchande, Porter leave, following Rosalie.

Sabella gives Felicia a bright smile, "Dame Felicia! You're the second one to return, hopefully with all of the twenty five answers we're seeking--or close to, at any rate! Congratulations! How did you two find the course? Was it too difficult? This time I did have some tricky ones in there."

Rowenova cannot help the fond smile that suddenly brightens her whole mien, (which can only be darkened now by the slight shadow of her wolfy headdress). "Wonderful!" She quickly stashes her hawk quill into the darkest vial upon her alchemy belt before stepping closer to Sabella and then handing off all those written answers. So giddy! "Thank you, Lady Rosalie. You should should help-" But, then Rosalie and Porter are gone. "It was pretty awesome, I think!" Then, she looks to Felicia to see if she agrees!

Felicia says, "I... am?" Felicia can't help but blink at Sabella,"I... wasn't expecting that." she clears her throat,"Well, I've got answers... whether they're accurate, I'll leave up to the judges." she offers as she passes it over,"There was a couple of them that almost threw me, the one about what they were concerned about at the founding of the Compact, but... I guessed that it would be over at the Assembly, and that... worked out. It was interesting, I learnt a few things today... so thank you for that." she says with a quick sketch of a bow."

After what Felicia says about the Assembly, Rowenova certainly nods to this, "Ayep. So glad I went to assemblies of the past, I am!"

Sabella beams once again as she looks over Rowenova's answers, "You did quite well, Scout Rowenova! It looks like there are three incorrect answers on here, but otherwise I am quite pleased you managed to find all of the clues! It is always my fear in setting these up that I will put something in the wrong place and send people in circles with no solution."

Rowenova quietly thanks Sabella! "I must have been too excitable!" Then, the Halfshav scout lets out a Northern laugh. "Which places did I get wrong?"

Rowenova looks around in the immediate area. "Oh, here is one of those places that I got wrong." She face palms then lets out a hearty laugh!

Sabella looks over the list, " I don't want to be too specific until I have Dame Felicia's answers, but it looks like...the one's asking about Defiance Hill, the Palace Gates, and the one about the very room we're standing in. I can give you those answers in a moment or two! Was any of the stops on the way your favorite for one reason or another?"

Felicia scans her paper quickly as if to check her answers... possibly for cursewords, but finally decides with a shrug to hand them over for Sabella's perusal,"I got a little sidetracked." she admits,"Archlector Hamish was complaining about the toll we were all taking on his knees, so I offered to carry him... I think he thought I was kidding." there's a small tilt of her head and an entirely too innocent a look.

Niklas has a look on his face that one may call mildly pissy were they prone to use such language as he watches Rosalie and Porter leave, but resumes his playing. "I liked putting the clues in the Menagerie. I always forget that that's there. The aviary is quite a sight."

Rowenova knows that looking-for-cursewords look and lets out another laugh. "And I told him that she had the best hugs. I also ran into Trader's Tavern, and that got some looks, before I inched my way back out and ran away." Then, "Favorite places. Hmm. Stone Grove. Definitely."

Sabella looks over the list Felicia hands in, grinning at a few of the answers, "Thank you, Dame Felicia! The only answer on here that I might dock you for is the one about Baron Street for while yes, "menagerie animals" does sort of count, for some reason they're specifically afraid of bears there! But! That means that you had more correct answers than Scout Rowenova, so even though she got here first, you are our winner! And Scout Rowenova you are our second place finisher! Congratulations! I have some prizes here--Dame Felicia you shall have first choice!"

Sabella drops a large map of Arvum in an exquisitely carved frame.

Sabella drops an intricate brass compass.

Sabella drops Adventure Around Every Corner, the Very True and Accurate Tale of Tyrval Ael'Noctis.

Sabella adds, "And the correct answers for those questions were: Dame Sugan led the final charge, although Prince Alar was there defending Defiance Hill, the drop around the palace gates is at least a thousand feet although they ARE twenty feet tall, and you already know the one about here!"

"Well, it's a stup..." Felicia starts to say, then decides better of finishing it and swallows the retort with a coloring of her cheeks and clearing of her throat. There's a glance towards Rowenova that might even be called apologetic,"She's damned fast, you know that?" she offers with a chin in the direction of Rowenova though she says it to Sabella,"I... well, damn, I..." so many interesting things to choose from, but as she chews at her bottom lip, apparently she can't go past the book about Tyrval's totally true tales,"This was great fun, your highness."

Felicia is overheard praising Sabella: A thoroughly enjoyable scavenger hunt!

Felicia gets Adventure Around Every Corner, the Very True and Accurate Tale of Tyrval Ael'Noctis.

Rowenova takes down not physical notes but mental ones concerning both those corrected answers. "Thank you." says she to Sabella before smiling gratefully about the complimented speed. She soon agrees with Felicia. "It was. So was." Apparently, she already knows what she really wants, that fancy compass!

Rowenova gets an intricate brass compass.

Sabella gets a large map of Arvum in an exquisitely carved frame.

Rowenova puts an intricate brass compass in an alchemy belt with preinked quills within the darkest vials.

"I'm very glad you enjoyed yourselves," Sabella says, gesturing to the rest of the shrine where little arts and crafts have been set up, "Please do feel free to stick around and create something! There's rock painting or of course all the musical instruments. Although if you're winded from running all around the city I don't blame you if you just want to head out for some relaxation!"

"I... if no-one wants that map... I would happily pay you for it, your highness..." Felicia doesn't seem inclined to try and create anything right now. She might not be winded due to her comparatively leisurely stroll, but from the way she's holding that book she really, really wants to sneak off and read it... even if the Harrow knight might not look like the likeliest of scholars in her free time.

With energy to spare, Rowenova seems good to stay. Sir Floppington pads closer and suddenly becomes the central focus of many pets which only turns those soulful eyes even more soulfully inclined. Rowenova looks back to the other human beans, especially Felicia with a slight grin about her book yearning. "Did it come from the Society of Explorers?" she curiously asks about el map.

"Oh! There's no need for payment, you can most certainly have it since there was no third place winner," Sabella replies to Felicia with a smile, gesturing for it to be brought over by one of her guards, who really doesn't look thrilled that he's probably going to have to haul that home behind Felicia, "And yes, it was modeled on something that Lou has up there. It's a bit more artistic in places but I think it's quite nice! A statement piece, really. Or I suppose one could lay it on a table and put little war figures on it, if need be!"

Tamorin, a bubbly Whisper apprentice, Evensong, a twittering songbird arrive, following Anisha.

Sabella gets Scavenger Hunt Clue #1.

Sabella drops Scavenger Hunt Clue #1.

"That I'm not sure... but still useful, and better than the one I have currently." she's merciful... at least to Sabella's guards, given the way she calls out,"Merril, Axelle! Could you...?" oh yeh, she's going to pay for that later the glares from the ladies suggest, but still the pair of them wrangle the picture between them to carry off,"War... figures?" oh gods beware the inspiration of the knight and the glint in her eyes,"Thank you so much your highness... it was a lot of fun. I wasn't... expecting that when Axelle dragged me in here but I'm glad I came."

The Softest Whisper Anisha eventually - albeit hours late - makes her way to the Shrine of Jayus, offering a smile, and a curtsey, to the people present, moving quietly to read the clue laid out, tapping her lips thoughtfully. Glancing over at Sabella. "I suspect the hunt is over - but do you mind if I take the trip for my own amusement?"

Sabella is overheard praising Felicia: Scavenger Hunt Winner!

Sabella is overheard praising Rowenova: Second place Scavenger Hunt winner!

After messing around with the brass compass, Rowenova quickly stowes it into a cloth pouch on her alchemy belt. "Welcome, Softest Anisha!" She looks back to Felicia and friends (the latter who have to carry off the map), and then the wolfy scout pipes up. "Yes, so fun. I learned so much." More pets for Flop.

"I'm just glad you both enjoyed yourselves--and Whisper Anisha! Welcome!" Sabella beams a bright smile to the latest arrival, "I'm afraid our two winners have already been chosen, but you are more than welcome to run the course and see what you can learn of our city! In fact, I may just leave the clues up for people to stumble upon and see what it inspires for the next few days. At least until someone tells me I shouldn't be posting notes all over the place!"

"I once saw a very clever table shaped like Arx, with places to put soldiers and fastholds." Niklas looks up from his lute and makes a face. "Admittedly, that does seem rather defeatist. The assumption that there will be battles fought. Realistic, I suppose." He nods to the painting. "I like that, though. Like how the moon sees the world. Maybe."

Niklas is overheard praising Felicia: Enjoy the book!

Niklas is overheard praising Rowenova: May you never get lost!

Niklas is overheard praising Sabella: A beacon to those adrift!

"Ah, well, that's what I get for being fashionably late," Anisha laughs. "Thank you, though, your highness - I think I shall do just that." She declares brightly. Sketching a courtesy. "Prince Niklas - if you get a chance, perhaps I could impose on you for a favour - there's a new Lady of House Fidante in town, Lady Rhaesena. She's an aspiring writer, or so she told me, and quite impressed by your reputation. I suggested she write you, but I imagine she would be _thrilled_ if you wrote her first." There's a little smirk, and a wink. "Of course, feel free to use my name, if you need an excuse."

Then, she peers to Nova, and grins. "Well done, Scout Rowenova - Dame Felicia. Perhaps next year I'll manage to give you challenge by showing up in time."

Felicia doesn't follow after her ladies for the moment, letting them tote off the map without having to wait for her. The book, though? It's totally staying with her right there. She dips her head respectfully to Anisha, though her attention flits to Niklas over at his words,"Given that there's been several major conflicts in my lifetime... bet is fairly safe that it's going to happen again, but, well, I'm more interested in it for the element of the different places I've been... as you said, it's sort of the moons view, and hiking through woods and riding on boats just... seems very different when looking at it in that kind of a fashion."

Anisha's comment is met with a broad grin,"I was pretty sure I was going to be dead last, so, I don't think you'd have to do much to beat me. Nova was here long before I got here... but I think some of the questions I had an advantage on, having been in the Kings' Own."

"Lady Rhaesena, you say? Well, I shall pen her a missive as soon as I get back to my desk, Anisha Whisper. Thank you for letting me know. Speaking of which, I need to write to Lady Esme and Duchess Calista as well. I may as well just move into Tor Plaza for a day or two so I can do all of these meetings in one go." Niklas slides off of the musicians stand and goes to put his lute back in its case. "Well, no one was eaten by bears, so this scavenger hunt went better than the last one!" He frowns, "Of course Prince Dimitri did disappear, so I may be speaking too soon."

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