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It's a birthday!

Lady Mabelle's birthday party to take place in the Laurent Gardens, fun and games as per usual - prizes directed to a charity of your choice. Come, eat, play, donate.


May 29, 2020, 9:30 p.m.

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Matteo Dimitri Lierre Ryhalt Kedehern Jacali Ingrid Piccola Shae Katarina Tikva Zoey Merek Rowenova



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Gardens and Pool

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Comments and Log

Technically, Jacali and Matteo are late, from when they ventured forth from the Lower Buroughs. After getting lost, and getting drunk, they stumble into the garden of Laurent's manse in a state that would be scandalous if the latter weren't a Pravus and the former weren't a commoner alchemist. Matteo Pravus escorts Jacali on his arm like a princess, catching the last bit of Dimitri's sentence to call out in slightly slurred greeting, "But, cousin! Is there any place in the city safe from /you/?" He flashes a bright, crooked smile.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The Garden is alight with candles beautifully arranged around the pool and deckside. Tables with sweets and finger foods occupy the patio, as well as three different booze cakes with bottles sticking out of them and a very large selection of alcohol, including some signature rum bottles. A very large cake is hard to ignore upon entering and a party favor chest beside it. The space is arranged elegantly and still, you realize this is a party.

There might be mini rafts by the edge of the pool, looking suspicious, but THIS IS FINE.

Rogue, a black falcon arrives, delivering a message to Matteo before departing.

The Garden is alight with candles beautifully arranged around the pool and deckside. Tables with sweets and finger foods occupy the patio, as well as three different booze cakes with bottles sticking out of them and a very large selection of alcohol, including some signature rum bottles. A very large cake is hard to ignore upon entering and a party favor chest beside it. The space is arranged elegantly and still, you realize this is a party.

There might be mini rafts by the edge of the pool, looking suspicious, but THIS IS FINE. Mabelle is standing by the enterance in her custom made birthday outfit, greeting those arriving, "Prince Matteo, Prince Dimitri, Messere, welcome welcome", she indicates the favor chest.

Mal, a devious raccoon, Daegmund, an Oakhaven Shepherd, Sylvie, a bubbly Keaton huntsman in training, Carwyn, a Greenmarch War Elk, Brimbar, Spice the toddling otter pup arrive, following Shae.

Alix, a young Oakhaven Shepherd, Shae arrive, following Kedehern.

Dimitri doesn't even need to turn around to know whose voice that is called to him, even if it is slightly slurred, "Cousin!" It's then that he glances over his shoulder, smile on his lips, "And Cousin's Date!" Pause. "But no. No where is /every/ safe from me. Especially not when there is to be drinking involved. Though, it seems you two started without me." A wink is shadowed to the pair and then he's looking over towards Mabelle, to make his way over towards her, "Lady Mabelle! You look absolutely /stunning/ .. which comes as no surprise." Slipping a hand into his pocket, his drawing out a small package which he extends over towards her, "Happy Birthday!"

Leta, the student scholar, 3 Grimhall House Guards arrive, following Ingrid.

Rogue, a black falcon arrives, delivering a message to Matteo before departing.

Lierre's arrival is not quite as replete with relaxed southern flair -- in fact, not at all. The Oathlander enters the scene without fanfare, giving polite nods as she navigates her way through the garden. When she stands before Mabelle, Lierre dips her head in courteous fashion, pairing the greeting with a smile when she lifts her chin again. "Lady Mabelle, a happy birthday to you. This all looks lovely." Taking a moment to look around the decorations and the bounty of food, she allows the birthday lady to greet the others.

"Lady Mabelle, I have brought a gift," Matteo tells her, producing a bottle of perfume and holding it, out stretched on the center of his palm, to the lady. He grins, crookedly and shamelessly, as he bows to her. "Yes! My date," he exclaims to his cousin. "Darling Jac, this is my much worse looking cousin, Dimitri. Call him Dim, if you want. Dimitri, this is Jac."

Rogue, a black falcon arrives, delivering a message to Matteo before departing.

Ryhalt takes his time, strolling through the Laurent gardens, as he makes his way to the party. When he at last arrives at the site of the party, he smiles broadly and walks over to greet Mabelle when she has a chance. "So you went with black after-all. But, the skirt is a pleasant contrast with it. Happy birthday, Lady Mabelle."

No drinking for the Fortiers, it seems likely, as when they enter into the gardens, each has a tiny bundle in their arms. Kedehern walking alongside his wife, ready to give her some support, if need be, as after all, she did give birth to twins less than a week ago. He'll give a look to those present, smiling and nodding at those he knows, and then he would head to the birthday girl! "Happy Birthday, Mabelle! You look wonderful, this evening." Even if perhaps he didn't wholly approve of the dress.

Confessor Imori, Confessor Warren, 5 Armed Confessors arrive, following Tikva.

Lierre is overheard praising Mabelle: A fantastic aesthetic eye coupled with a charitable heart. Excellent.

Mabelle beams quietly at Dimitri and Matteo has they hand her gifts, "Oh goodness, you shouldnt have. I am glad you made it! There are some small gifts in the chest, and lots of booze and a contest! Go in! Have fun", she radiates joy and turns to Lierre, "Lady Keaton, a pleasure to have you in attendence, Thank you for coming". She pecks her cheek.

Landing her eyes on the babies, Mabelle softens, "Awwww, you brought the children, hello adorables", she melts and chuckles at Kedehern's nose wrinkle. "There is cake", she comforts him. Nudging Ryhalt gently, Mabelle teases him, "Only a little black!"

Dutifully, Jacali meanders in on Matteo's arm. She's not quite so obviously drunk as her friend here at first, but she definitely doesn't appear to be hurting for it, either. There's a vague, somewhat goofy smile on her lips, her top hat so low that's likely that she's depending on her princely escort to show the way. "Ey?" Her head tilts back uncomfortably so she can stare down her nose ... up at him. Some how. "From me?" Her head then turns one way, then back the other. Cousin's a weird thing to call her, and she doesn't really understand it, but nobles do plenty of things she doesn't get.
"Not bloody likely. City's not safe from much--.." She's about to continue when someone else that she doesn't recognise speaks. Her hand snaps up to knock the brim of her hat back in order to fix Mabelle with a bleary, squinting stare of open assessment before she provides a quick, wiggling fingered wave as someone else says the woman's name. "Ah-eh, a-aye! Happy Birthday!" She absolutely knew that was why she was here.
She looks toward Dimitri, "Aye, I am the date, me, what a pleasure, pleasure," A quick clearing of her throat, "Pleasure's all mine, diddums, that it is." She offers. Cordially. "So, you're the trouble, are you?"

Jacali gets a free standing cookie tray, held by a carved wooden baker from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Ryhalt gets a free standing cookie tray, held by a carved wooden baker from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Ingrid arrives in the gardens and at first is busy looking around, taking in the beauty. As she awaits her turn to greet Mabelle, she holds a small gift in her hand, and a dazzling smile on her face.

Kedehern gets a free standing cookie tray, held by a carved wooden baker from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Like Lierre, Piccola arrives with little fanfare.

Unlike Mabelle, there is nothing -- NOTHING -- fashionable or aesthetic about her. Although her tunics -- her inner one is knee-length and green, and the outer at her waist and white -- are clean and look fresh, she's otherwise unremarkable. Are those leather riding pants? Yeesh. And those boots? Honey, you need a fashion consultant, that's what those say. (Mud's hard to get out.)

She is sporting a blackened eye, though, and her nose looks bruised and a bit swollen.

She takes her turn to make her greetings. When given the chance, she bows awkwardly at her waist, and says, "Greetings and happy birthday to you, Lady Mabelle of House Laurent, from House Tessere." A brief smile follows. And then, she respectfully steps aside, and starts for wherever the alcohol can be had with an explosive sigh of anxiety escaping her.

Booze -- needz booze.

Ryhalt chuckles at Mabelle as she nudges him for teasing her about wearing black on her birthday. "Still, I was expecting shining white or something."

Indeed, no drinking for the Fortiers. As Kedehern and Shae approach Mabelle, she gives her a bright smile. "Yes, Happy Birthday, Mabelle. That dress looks amazing on you, as always, you look wonderful." Shae says cheerfully.

"Of course we should have, Lady Mabelle. It's your birthday!" A smile is given to her and then Dimitri is looking back to Matteo, brow arching a touch playfully as he adjusts his frockcoat or no apparent reason other then he can, "You know that you have absolutely /nothing/ when it comes to me." There's a curl of his lips to a grin before his gaze is sliding over in the direction of Jacali, that grin only growing as he dips a nod of his head towards her, grin remaining upon his lips, "Diddums? That's one that I have yet to hear." A warm laugh in the back of his throat and then, "But I am indeed trouble. At least from time to time. And the pleasure is mine, Jac. Though I'm sorry you had to come on the arm of the fourth best Pravusian." A glance to Matteo and he's flashing a wink, only to then look towards some of the newcomers. There's polite nods and then a lift of his hand to give a wave in the direction of Piccola, "Pleasure to see you again!"

Shae has joined the an outdoor hearth with couch seating.

Kedehern has joined the an outdoor hearth with couch seating.

It is with no particular flourish that the party finds itself graced by Princess Katarina Valardin. The dusky-skinned, Eurus-born young woman mingles with no fanfare -- apparently content to stand out on her own merits, in an aeterna gown and fine jewelry, her hair a well-tended mop of dark curls. Of course, to take in this splendor, many will have to angle their chins down a bit: heels only do so much to boost a short person's height, and the effect is less of making her seem tall and more of making her seem like a short woman who's wearing heels.

Katarina dutifully waits her turn to say: "Happy birthday, my Lady~." The Princess trills the words with an accent straight out of the Dune Kingdom, but a curtsy that has the primness of any respectable resident of Sanctum.

Katarina is overheard praising Mabelle.

Mabelle looks around, counting the dogs and other animals who can swim with a devious smile on her face. "Lady Grimhall", a smile is flashed for Ingrid as she enters, "I am so pleased to see you, thank you for coming", she daintily places a kiss on her cheek, wiggling fingers to Piccola, "Thank you, Lady Tessere, Come in, enjoy, we shall start getting messy soon enough!"

Huffing at Ryhalt, Mabelle informs him, "I wore white last week", oh the horror, there are other colors in the world, Ryhalt!. Kisses go to Shae as well as Katarina when she enters, "Well hello there, it has been so long".

"And so good to be here!" Lierre returns the cheek peck on the other side of Mabelle's face, then stands back to offer a cheery finger-wiggle wave to Shae and Kedehern. "Hello! So good to see you both." she chirps to them both, before making a d'awww face at their little ones. "And hello, sweetie-faces." With that, however, sge makes a little gesture to somewhere in the garden that's a little quieter, her expression mildly apologetic thanks to a nose-wriggle. "Sorry, I'm just going over there for a moment or two, but I'll be back in a minute or three."

Confessor Imori have been dismissed.

Confessor Warren have been dismissed.

5 Armed Confessors have been dismissed.

Tikva is a little late arriving to the party, though she has managed to dress herself appropriately and wear shoes like a godsdamned adult, so that's one for the benefit column, one presumes. Tikva, however, struggles to arrive anywhere without fanfare; she is her own fanfare, on account of ... well, the volume and pitch of her voice, mostly. It is a fulsome instrument.

Still, she bears quite a cheerful aspect, and has brought with her a bottle, on the theory that you're never entirely wrong for bringing a bottle to a birthday party. Tikva has not, however, brought an escort. She has possibly misplaced her husband with her other pants. "Good evening! The gardens here look absolutely splendid!" she says. "I brought you some whiskey, please do not take it as any kind of statement that you might not have your own whiskey. Happy birthday! Birthdays are the _best_ reason for a party."

Tikva drops Tormaigh, a fine Crovane Whiskey.

Leta, the student scholar have been dismissed.

Mabelle chuckles at Lierre, "I understand, they are much cuter than me!", she admits and notices in surprise as Tikva walks in, "Princess Grayson, that is very generous of you. Thank you for joining us". Mabelle abandons her host post for a moment and seems to walk toward the gathering dogs. If you did not know better you would think she is holding a convention, because she is obviously bribing them with something.

Ingrid returns the kiss to Mabelle's cheek as she is kissed as well. "Lady Laurent, it is truly a pleasure to be here tonight." She moves off once Mabelle begins to greet others.

Ryhalt shakes his head at Mabelle, grinning his amusement that she couldn't wear white because of having worn it previously. "Uh, huh." There is a mischievous curl about his lips as he grins, doubtless thinking teasing thoughts, but he steps out of the way to check on the selection of food to allow her to see to other guests.

Mabelle is given a kiss to her cheek in return, and then Shae turns her bright smile upon Lierre. "Cousin! It is wonderful to see you. How have you been?" Shae would tilt the baby a touch so Lierre can get a look at her. "When you come back, feel free to join us over on the couch by the hearth." Shae says warmly to Lierre as she wanders off for a bit of quiet.

"Your Highness," says Piccola to Dimitri in passing.

But she really needs alcohol, it seems. She really does not stop until she gets there, and gets herself something -- something -- ah, that whiskey will do just fine, thank you. A cup of that is what she wants, and what she gets. Two sips, back to back, and then a sigh.

Also, as a note: she is unescorted, but doesn't seem like the kind of woman that wants one.

"Well, how could they miss their cousin Mabelle's birthday, after all?" Kedehern says with a smile towards the woman. A nod to the Keaton, and "And good to see you as well, Lady Lierre. Perhaps we'll speak soon?" Looking back to Mabelle, "I wanted to say in person, we found the outfits you sent for Kristoph and Keirlys just adorable," he shares. And then he's looking for somewhere for Shae to sit, for the moment. His eyes soon lighting on the couches, and it's to there he escorts her. "I'll be back with some cake, yes?" he offers to Shae.

Tikva gets a free standing cookie tray, held by a carved wooden baker from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

"Term of endearment, that is, diddums. S'not me callin' you diddums again, diddums, it's me informin' you of the usage of the term," Jacali begins in retort to Dimitri, her own smile given to the man, easy if vaguely nefarious by nature and reputation of the one who wears it. Pale green eyes look over him in a brief assessment, making way for what might well have been brutal judgment, but it never actually finds her lips. At the mention of Matteo being the fourth best Pravusian, her shoulders bounce with a scoff, that bit of laughter she just couldn't stop in time.
"S'rough, that is. He's got your number, noodle," It seems she'll call anybody anything but their actual name or title, won't she? "I'm deservin' only of the finest, ol' Jac is, so fine and so fair as I be. Should give me a list of his betters n' I'll go shoppin' for sommit better for next time," She jerks a thumb toward Matteo, "Leave this one at home t'mind the childrens."

There's another warm laugh as Dimitri dips his head towards Jacali a touch, "I figured as much." A glance to Matteo and then he's looking back over towards Jacali once again, brow lifting just a touch as he flashes another grin towards her, "Now where would the fun be in providing a list? You'll just have to venture and find out for yourself." Once more it's to Matteo, "Shall I make a post in Setarco for you, Cousin? Princely nanny for hire?" He doesn't wait for a reply, though, for he's instead slipping off towards the table where the booze is located, so that a drink might be claimed.

Mabelle nudges Ryhalt, "Look look, the baby is wearing the sparkly dress". She practically melts and tells Shae and Kedehern, "Oh they look like two little darlings", sighing, "I really need to get one, or your world will be one of suffer", Mabelle eyes Maple and Taffy. A brief scanning of the room and Cupcake hands her a glass of rum, she raises it and toasts the room, "To good friends and family, thank you for coming to celebrate with me. In light of the situation in the city, tonight's game prizes will be donations to your charity of choice! Have fun"

Matteo is drunk. He is. He kind of lost track of this conversation between his date and his cousin, and wandered off to get a drink really quick before wandering back. "Hey! I miss my nanny. She was gorgeous. I would not say no to that," he replies to Dimitri, curving a brow upwards. He offers a glass of wine out to Jacali, having gotten two. "And I will have you know, I am the second best Pravus. Do not ask me the first. I cannot divulge that information."

Matteo then ushers their little group towards a sofa that he can collapse on with graceful nonchalance.

Matteo has joined the a cozy sofa nook.

Tikva sets down her party favor cookies _specifically_ so she can clap for the game prizes being donations to charity. "Such a delightful and timely choice," she says. "A credit to House Laurent."

Ingrid receives a drink, and when there is a toast, she joins in raising her glass. After taking a drink, she begins to look around, and see about meeting others here.

Ryhalt pauses before going to food, glancing at the new babies and their little outfits. He glances between Mabelle and Kedehern before he says to Kedehern with a straight face, "She totally just volunteered to babysit." The babies might come back dressed differently than when they were given to Mabelle, though...

"Thank you, the clothes are beautiful, Mabelle." Shae says, beaming to the Laurent Lady. "We might not stay for long, but we wanted to come the party for a little while, at least." And then to Kedehern, "Cake would be great, and something to drink." At Ryhalt's comment Shae laughs a little, "She did, and we will absolutely take her up on that offer!" Grinning at Mabelle.

Zoey is late, and she arrived in a hurry as one might guess by her relatively unusual party attire. She looks around the garden until she spots Mabelle, then goes to greet her cousin.

Katarina disappears from the crowd around Mabelle as swiftly as she joined it. The Valardin Princess returns to her mingling, pausing only so that she can listen to the birthday girl's announcement and join in the applause. Then, she turns to pressing matters like finding hors d'oeuvres, or at the very least wine.

Kedehern gives a chuckle to Ryhalt, and "That she did," he agrees. "Like Shae said, I imagine we'll take her up on that offer, too," as he hands the little boy to his wife, and then would go on his mission for cake. It was the best part of any birthday, after all.

Mabelle bows her head to Tikva with a grateful smile, "Your words are kind, Princess", she then turns to Ryhalt, "Yours we need to work on". Cupcake already knows that will fall on her and she almost facepalms. "Dress sessions!", she amends and pecks Zoey's cheek as she reaches her, "Hello lovely, right on time!"

CLINK CLINK, Mabelle taps against her glass for attention "As you can see there are mini rafts on the edge of the pool", some servants move to put cupcakes on the rafts. "You will all get a choice of a raft and a stick. You need to make sure the raft reaches the end of the pool, using your stick. First round will be without interruptions... the second......", she lifts her hand defensively.

Zoey gets a free standing cookie tray, held by a carved wooden baker from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Lierre raises a glass in approval of the charitable donations that are to be made. She's still here, a mingling figure in the background as she chats with any unnamed peripheral wallflowers who seem to be of a lonely mien.

When a messenger hands Tikva a note through the auspices of her assitant, she laughs out loud in a bright cackle, and shares a murmur with her. A brief pantomime ensues, involving flashes of broad sweeping gestures, and Tikva executes a turn on her heel to follow the directions through the party, sidling past several flower arrangements and neatly dodging a careless elbow on her way to loom over a sofa.

Tikva has joined the a cozy sofa nook.

A soft tsk, a terribly put out expression, and Jacali is left staring toward Dimitri. "Have I not suffered enough, me, having to shoulder the great disgrace of bein' seen in such company," Jacali gestures around at the collection of notable figures, "With the -fourth- best Pravusian? Come, lad, come now, at the very least you should point us in the right direction, you should. Look, you gimme names, and ol' Jac'll see you get some in return, ey? Ey?" Her brows rise and fall a few times, "The fun's in guessin' what them names might be in aid of. Give you a hint, I will." She leans forward toward Dimitri, stage whispering to him, "It aren't babysittin'."
Her head then turns toward Matteo, giving him a rather blatant once over. "... must be a helluva list..." She speaks before she's ushered off to the couch, where she will find herself a nice comfortable position. Nice enough that she can stay there. Perhaps for the evening.
As for the rest of the guests, she's surely listening to the banter, but is so very clearly out of her element.

Jacali has joined the a cozy sofa nook.

Tikva tilts her head curiously, looking towards the rafts with eyebrows upswept. "Oo, so, I guess we poke them with sticks?" She mimes-- well, it looks more like a fencing jab than it does poking a raft with a stick, but to be fair she's never poked a raft with a stick before.

Ingrid gets a free standing cookie tray, held by a carved wooden baker from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Ingrid hears about the contest with the rafts, and smiles, "That sounds like fun." She wonders who will participate in it tonight.

Ryhalt grins at Shae and Kedehern, nodding in agreement that they need to take up Mabelle's 'offer' to babysit. Then he laughs loudly at Mabelle saying he needed to work on the kindness of his words, but doesn't defend himself, he is teasing her! He listens as Mabelle announces the game and chuckles some more. "Cute."

Matteo scoffs a laugh, the corners of his eyes crinkling as he slocshes his glass of wine towards Dimitri. "I will have you know, he puts himself ahead of me on the list! Despite that, firstly, he is obviously a Velenosan! And secondly, well. Look at me," he practically purrs. But then Tikva has made his way over and he is quick to say, "Shh, shh! A true, noble princess is here. On your best behaviors, Jac and Dim! Would you like a drink?" He offers Tikva the wine glass he'd just offered Jacali, apparently unconcerned with keeping it in promise for her. "I will tell you. Those messengers are slippery, persistent people."

Piccola is a silent watcher of the crowd until the game is announced.

With a sigh, she pushes off of the wall behind her, and wanders up to where the rafts are. She looks them over, sipping thoughtfully from her cup of whiskey. Squints. She looks to her left. She looks to her right. And then, shrugging, she mumbles, mostly to herself, "Couldn't hurt."

At least, not as badly as getting hit the face was.

Mabelle confirms to Tikva, "You do exactly that". Servants are standing with long bamboo sticks in hand, waiting for those who wish to participate to collect one.

It should be obvious, in any case, that the Southern prince and his slurred words and nonchalant sprawl on the sofa where he drops his head into Jacali's lap, that Matteo is quite sauced.

"Why, such grace," Tikva says, taking the glass she is offered without any appearance of awareness that it might not have been meant for her from the start. "Thank you for that, Prince Matteo. My _true nobility_ is rarely so lauded!" Her grin flashes, a little lopsided as she shakes her head. She toasts Matteo with the glass and takes a sip. "Do you lack the strength to stand? Shall I poke things with sticks on your _behalf_, sir?"

"Well that seems straightforward enough!" Zoey says after giving Mabelle a peck on her cheek. She goes to the edge of the pool and stands by one of the rafts.

Zoey checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 46 higher.

With a drink in hand, Dimitri is taking those few steps to follow Matteo and Jacali over towards the sofa, though he doesn't sink down onto it, choosing instead to stand. The grin has never left his lips and as he listens to the pair of them, only to give a laugh, "Well of course, Cousin, I'm ahead of you. We've already established this." A quick wink and then he's looking towards Jacali, "And of course our cousin Sebastian is ahead of both of us. Perhaps one day we shall surpass him, but today is not that day." A pause, long enough for a sip of his drink, "And yes, I am Velenosian. I did marry into them, after all." But with the prospect of games, Dimitri is turning his attention over towards the rafts, before looking to to Tikva, "Poke him with a stick, Princess. A sharp one, please." A grin and then, "Pleasure, by the way. Prince Dimitri." Then, it's over towards where the rafts are, "But there games to be joined in on!"

Kedehern would return with cake for Shae and himself, setting both plates down. Listening to the announcment of a competition... "Well, I suppose I can give it a go. It's for charity, right?"

Kedehern checked willpower + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 16 higher.

Piccola checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 15 higher.

Dimitri checked luck + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 14 higher.

"Wait, wait! If you are going to do that, you're going to need my favor," Matteo answers. He frowns, looking up to Jacali. "Jac, my darling protege, do you have a favor I can give this beautiful princess?"

Ryhalt checked luck + sailing at difficulty 25, rolling 1 lower.

Merek visits while he looks about, blinking a bit in thought. He has on his dark attire along with a cloak and nods.

Tikva checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 28 higher.

As Matteo moves to offer -her- wine to someone else, nimble, sneaky fingers are trying to pluck it away from his hand, but ALAS! She was much too slow. Now, now that wine belongs to Tikva. She's in the midst of her scowling in the Princess's direction when Matteo's lap-bound head is saying something. She glances down at him, squinting, before lifting her attentions back to Tikva. Her hands now begin to pat at her body, manhandling her many pouches in search of a 'favour', until finally she pulls free the cravat that's bundled at her throat.
"Aha! Can't never say Jac don't provide!" She then lays it neatly over his face, giving it a delicate pat with her leatherclad hand. She turns her attentions to Dimitri now that Matteo is handled, "Seems by my reckonin' there's one name left to be spoken on that list, if'n he's the fourth."

Ingrid watches those that get into the rafts, and she waits, ready to heal anyone if they were to be overwhelmed. Every pool party needs a lifeguard, right? But she is sure this is safe and all in good fun.

"Why, I've only just met him, even the Inquisition saves stabbing for the second date," Tikva says with a bright laugh. Abandoning her inadvertantly pilfered glass for the moment, her fingers are quick in handling the bamboo stick, an unfamiliar instrument for her flourishes - which are dramatic, but at least mostly apply to the rafts and do not result in her accidentally lashing anyone with dried bamboo. The squeaky noise she makes as she maneuvers her raft is neither composed nor dignified. "Oop, shit-- oh, good! Never mind! No shit!"

Vern arrives, delivering a message to Shae before departing.

Matteo straightens on the couch, pushing himself to his feet without as much grace as he could normally muster. But! He gets there. Once gaining his feet, he smiles brightly and bows gallantly to Tikva, before he moves to tie the cravat around Tikva's stick. "Fight in my honor!"

Mabelle murmurs aside to Kedehern and Shae, "Do not tell Cristoph why there are cupcakes in the pool"

Looking back over his shoulder towards Jacali, there's a warm laugh that falls past Dimitri's lips once again, "Well, if Sebastian is on the list, then obviously Juliana, his twin, must be on the list as well. So there you have, the four names, with my good Cousin taking up the rear." Looking down to Matteo, there's a quirk of his lips to grin before he's looking back to Jacali, only to then watch as Matteo rises, "Oh my." A little shake of his head and he's then claiming a stick to fight with his raft and not poke other people with the stick.

Tikva lifts a hand reflexively away from her stick to hover near Matteo just in case he tips over in the process of bowing and tying his cravat to her stick, but once he appears to manage it without particular difficulty, she beams and goes: "Huzzah!"

"Yes, you should do it, dearest!" Shae says brightly, now holding both of the babies. A light laugh as Mabelle says something quietly to her and Kedehern. Shaking her head a bit, grinning.

Stick in hand, Zoey coaxes her raft across the pool with ease and waits for whatever challenge is coming with round 2.

Eventually, Kedehern is out on a raft, stick in hand... Crossing the pool, perhaps not with the alacrity of Zoey or Tikva, but doing better than some others, at least.

Mabelle cheers the contestant with her glass in hand, "Huzzah Cousin", she cheers Zoey, "Come now, come now! There is still no secon...there we go! But dont give up, you might still do better on the second round", no they wont.

Having divested of his favor, Matteo moves back to the couch to settle back down with his wine and protege to watch. He calls out: "A kiss to whoever sends Dimitri and his lies into the pool, first!" Then he murmurs to Jacali.

Ryhalt either has never done this before or is purposefully sabotaging his own ship since he pokes the stick at it a few times before he starts bopping the ship over top which makes it bob and start to take on water. Unless the next leg takes out most of the other ships, it isn't looking good for his ship...

"I bet he does, treacle, I bet he does." Jacali retorts to Dimitri first, impish grin creeping over her lips before suddenly dropping away, "Wait, did you say ... takin' up the rear, or ... takin' it up the rear? Cause them's very different statements, and bein' wrong's gunna give me terrible confusion when I'm ruminatin' on this conversation a bit later." She pulls a bit of a worried face, quite clearly play rather than genuine concern.
She uptilts her chin toward Tikva as the woman goes to do battle, "Be as the tides, chickadee! Cruel, merciless and ever so hungry!" Surely it made some measure of sense to her. We can hope.
When Matteo has returned to his position and makes his announcement, she scoffs softly to herself, huffing out a sharp breath. When he speaks to her, she gives an obvious sign of agreement, a nodding of her head as she reaches a hand to give him a soft pat against his thigh. "I know, diddums," Pat pat. Pat pat. "I know." What she knows is left to question.

Mabelle checked command + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Staying mostly on her own, Piccola gently pushes her chosen raft across the pool as directed. And then she takes a long drink, and waits to see what's next. By then, she seems to be comfortable. There might even be a little smile on her face too, as the whiskey kicks in.

Mabelle claps her hands as the contestants reach the other end of the pool or just drown their cupcake in the pool, Ryhalt. The servants move to collect the rafts and bring them back to the beginning point, setting up a new one for the Farshaw Duke. "Alright then. Round two", she gives an evil grin and then a low whistle leaves her lips. All the dogs, including the baby otter jump into the pool. "Second round include obstacles". She wants to cackle. So bad. Holding it together she announces, "You can either try to dodge them, beg them not to eat your cupcake or... persuade them to help"

"Lady Tessere!" Matteo calls out, pointing across the gardens and pool towards Piccola and slurring the call out. "For you, I offer silver to ensure my cousin finds his way into the pool. As I would any good mercenary."

Standing with her weight balanced towards her toes, Tikva leans over the pool, weapon aloft-- but her bright gaze lingers a little on the signs of injury blooming near Piccola's eye, appropriate party etiquette warring with visible curiosity. At length she tilts her head and pitches the query, "So what does the other fellow look like?" as her glance skims quickly back and forth between the woman she doesn't know and her potential floating disaster. "Oh my gods, Mangata preserve my sad little cake!" she laughs. "Don't you know I've honor to bear up with?"

"If I go in the pool, I shall dutifully devour all of the cupcakes," is what Dimitri offers at Matteo's declaration that he should be pushed into the pool. A glance to Jacali and there's a quick laugh, "You'd have to ask him that, I'm afraid." Then, it's to Mabelle, so he can listen and there's a quirk of his brow upwards, grin back on his lips, "Ooh. Now this sounds interesting, Lady Mabelle."

Zoey checked luck + diplomacy at difficulty 35, rolling 19 higher.

Dimitri checked perception + diplomacy at difficulty 35, rolling 3 higher.

Quiet, a Valardin champion, A dutiful Valardin aide leave, following Katarina.

Kedehern checked willpower + leadership at difficulty 35, rolling 4 higher.

Piccola checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 35, rolling 25 higher.

"Oh, I wish this worked on real ships." Ryhalt chuckles as he gets a new ship. He's looking at it like he's plotting how to sink it this time, but gets distracted as the animals jump in the water. "Oy, this is bad."

Ryhalt checked perception + animal ken at difficulty 35, rolling 20 lower.

Tikva checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 35, rolling 3 higher.

Well, Kedehenr is -mostly- able to convince the creatures to help him out, but... It seems perhaps not as well as certain others. Still, he puts up a valiant effort, it seems! "Taffy! We taught you better than that, surely!"

There is a snort of a laugh as Mabelle gathers up all the dogs, and Spice, the baby otter. And announces the second part of the party game. A raccoon also joins large pack of dogs, and sea otter. "Come Kedehern, you got this!" Cheering on her husband, though she cringes a touch as she notices Duke Ryhalt, not having any luck with spotting the animals.

With the next steps announced, Piccola goes about surveying the field.

"I //was// a mercenary, your Highness," she calls out almost absently. "I'm no longer for sale, fortunately or unfortunately." She takes a sip from her cup, reaches out with her pole, and then starts to maneuver her raft around the various critters in the pool, through a mix of speed and, perhaps, just knowing how animals do what they do.

Meanwhile, she dances about the edge of the water, almost to the point of falling in.

Shae might have taught Taffy to be a good swimmer but Mabelle taught her to be cunning and like sweets. The dogs are all over the place, their names are there for a reason. Maple smells bacon. Is there a maple bacon cupcake in the water? hoomans, what are you doing? Ryhalt's Cupcake is long gone. Toffee grabbed it, left the pool and is eating it behind the orchid patch. The dogs are being a mess all over the place.

Ryhalt waves his stick at the pool, totally pretending he hasn't noticed the dog that stole his cupcake. "Faaaaaaster!" Is he trying to make a breeze or something? With a stick? Now he's just being silly.

"Yeek," Tikva goes as she teeters in her careful balance, trying to edge her raft away from others, swirling and dodging in the eddies of others' wake. "It's every cupcake for herself!" she cries aloud, on the verge of a breath that sounds suspiciously cacklish.

Mabelle hides her face behind her palms, sitting with Shae, laughing at all that is going on in the pool, "Cristoph will kill me", she snickers

"That breaks my heart, Lady Tessere," confesses Matteo sadly, still calling out his heart break across the gardens. He will nurse it with the wine he has, watching his champion as he murmurs to Jacali.

"Good answer, Lady Piccola!" That's offered with a grin from Dimitri to her before he's looking over towards Tikva, to laugh, "Hey! Stay away from my cupcake! It's in a precarious enough position as it is! And it's mine!" He does look over towards Ryhalt though, brow lifting a little bit, "I like your style. Feeding the animals. Making friends. Got a big finish planned?"

Ingrid looks to Mabelle, a giggle coming from her. "What's a party without some good fun?" She tries to find a nice way to put it all with a smile.

"He might, but no one needs to tell him." Shae replies, smiling. Watching the chaos of the dogs, plus otter and raccoon, trying to get to all the cupcakes. And the party guests trying to keep their cupcakes safe from them. Laughing as she watches the hilarity ensue.

Ryhalt chuckles at Dimitri. "Wondering if the cake floats. But, I suspect that might end up with me in the pool with said cake...and all of the dogs. But the dogs won't be in for friendly nibbles." Did he just call Mabelle's dogs sharks?

"Will you avenge your cupcake should it squelch?" Tikva asks Dimitri in a bard's ringing, declamatory voice.

"An amusing thought!" That's offered to Ryhalt's mention of winding up in the pool, only for Dimitri to then look over towards Tikva, stick raising in a non-menacing shake towards her, "Of course! It's too cute a cupcake /not/ to be avenged."

While Mabelle applauds the contestants, the animals in the pool make sure there are no evidence of this affair in case the Honey Duke should decide to visit the pool. Nothing to see here folk, nothing to see. She quirks her lips and assures Ryhalt, "I will send three trays of cupcakes on your behalf the the orphange at the Tragedy". Cupcake blushes because she thinks Dimitri called her cute. Stop drinking, Cupcake.

"First place goes to Lady Zoey, second, not too far behind, apparently does better with obstacles is Lady Piccola, and last, but not least, Princess Tikva, who managed not to get her cupcake savaged by a pink pom!", she claps her hands for the winners.

"Yay!" Tikva raises her hands in the air, despite the fact that she is still holding the bamboo stick. The cravat is tied too closely to banner properly, so she waves it in the air. "The cupcake lives! I-- sort of."

Ryhalt smiles to Mabelle. "Very good, then."

As Kedehern extricates himself from the pool, he'd shake some of the water off, and pick up Spice, before starting to head back to his wife and children. "How are you doing, dear?" he asks, after sitting down next to her.

Dimitri's is hanging his head in defeat at the announcement, only to look towards Tikva, "You have bested my cupcake." Then, he's looking towards Zoey, "Lady Zoey! Congratulations and when did you sneak in!" To the others, he looks about and gives a smile, "Well, we tried! I think we should at least match Lady Mabelle's donation to the Tragedy with equal trays of cupcakes."

Mabelle beams at Dimitri, "Splendid idea!". She invites Zoey, Tikva and Piccola, "You may tell me where you'd like your donations to go, privately, if you prefer". Meanwhile, the huge cake in the center is being cut and served to people as they so desire it. "I might commission some toys from the same wood carver that made the trays. Did you all get a cookie tray?!"

"Congratulations to all the winners, and those that participated as well! Well done everyone!" Shae says with a bright smile. Smilingly warmly as Kedehern returns, bringing back Spice with him. "Hope you don't get a sore tummy later, Spice," she says to the baby otter, who flops onto Shae and the babies. Waking one of the up, and then the crying of the other, wakes up his sister. Two crying babies now! "I was doing well, but it seems we should return to the nursery."

How one negotiates with an animal to protect a cupcake is unclear, but somehow Zoey managed. Whem Mabelle announces her as winner she goes to her cousin and wraps her in a hug. To Dimitri she says, "Oh, just before the contest started! I was actually out of town and made it back just in time."

"As always, my cousin comes after! After all, the princess fought in my name," Matteo calls out as he rises and claps, grinning to Dimitri and Tikva.

"I did! The children will love it," Tikva says with a bright laugh, smile easy. "Though, hold on. Prince Matteo!" she calls over her shoulder, volume pitched to carry: "I poked with your favor on my stick, is there a charity you prefer?"

Mabelle lowers her voice to Shae, "Cupcakes were animal friendly", she pouts at the babies, "Oh do not cry. Thank you for coming little cousins. Big cousins", she smiles at Kedehern and Shae.

Mabelle is overheard praising Zoey.

Mabelle is overheard praising Tikva.

Mabelle is overheard praising Piccola.

Mabelle is overheard praising Kedehern.

Piccola looks a little surprised, actually.

She looks to Zoey, and then to Tikva. The green-eyed woman doesn't take too long to announce where she'd like her donation to go, but she does take some time to have another couple of sips from her cup. "If you would perhaps send that donation to the Knights of Solace? For their work with the city's orphans." She inclines her head respectfully. "Thank you, m'lady." And then she hands one of the bamboo poles to a nearby helper.

She looks into her cup, probably considering whether to get another.

No one said Pravus were anything less than scandalous. They are, after all, named the Sins. So when Tikva poses that question to Matteo, sloshed and slurred as it is, his answer is a dry drawl of: "No. I am absolutely bored with charity. Especially ones in which we rich nobles send cupcakes to." Though, he seems to remember it is Mabelle's birthday after a moment and sketches a salute to her as he adds: "Though it's certainly a sweet gesture, my lady."

Ingrid is overheard praising Mabelle.

Matteo is overheard praising Mabelle: Happy birthday!

Shae is overheard praising Mabelle: Happy Birthday!

"I have those from time to time, Lady Mabelle." That's offered with a laugh to Mabelle before he looks back over towards Zoey, "Well! It's good to see you." A glance to Matteo and there's a lot, "So very true! But, I at least participated while you sat on the sidelines." There's a little grin and then he's glancing to Mabelle, "How ever many trays of cupcakes you accumulate, Lady Mabelle, I'll match to each of the charities in your name and honor, in recognition of your birthday."

Kedehern gives Mabelle a hug, and then would help Shae up. "It seems the nursery is where we're going indeed. We had a lovely time, Mabelle. You'll have to come soon, for dinner!" He'd give a nod to the others there, and then with that, he'd escort Shae back to the house, with the little ones!

Kedehern has left the an outdoor hearth with couch seating.

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Mal, a devious raccoon, Daegmund, an Oakhaven Shepherd, Sylvie, a bubbly Keaton huntsman in training, Carwyn, a Greenmarch War Elk, Brimbar, Spice the toddling otter pup leave, following Shae.

Alix, a young Oakhaven Shepherd, Shae leave, following Kedehern.

Mabelle bows her head to Piccola, "That will be done, thank you for your kindness, I am sure they will appreciate it." Matteo gets a glance but gladly she is distracted by Dimitri, "In hopes I wont eat them before they get there", she nudges him. She wiggles her fingers to her cousins and smiles anew to the prince, "That is very kind of you. Sweets always make people happy"

Ryhalt sits on the edge of the pool and dips his feet in, now all the race shenanigans are over. He smiles with contentment.

Tikva's eyes widen and for a heartbeat she merely looks at him across the lawn. "Oh, Your Highness, was that your outside or inside voice?" she says, shaking her head. "Please direct my winnings, then, to the Knights of Solace, Lady Mabelle, for the Silver Order's work shall never yet be done." She lowers the stick to the ground, leaning it into the earth like the base of a pike as she reaches up to untwist the knotted cravat from its crown. "I'm pretty sure the cupcakes were merely embattled, not the donations themselves, at any rate."

Ingrid approaches Ryhalt, "It looks like you had quite a time with that game, Duke Farshaw." She says with a smile and a wink.

The nudge from Mabelle has him giving a laugh and Dimitri stage-whispers towards her, "I would say no such thing, Lady Mabelle." There's a dip of his head to her, smile on his lips, "Everyone loves cupcakes." Then it's to Matteo and if he had something to throw at his cousin, he might just have with the look he gives, "Tsk, Cousin." A look to Tikva and he's giving a smile, "Knights of Solace shall indeed enjoy passing them out, I would well imagine."

"At least they generally work on me," Zoey tells Mabelle before picking up a chocolate cupcake with purple frosting from one of the tables. "And for a donation..." She considers this a moment, and sighs. "So many good causes out there! Let's go with the Liberators."

"Is it so? Ah, that would make a lot more sense," Matteo admits, a drunken laugh escaping as Tikva explains the cupcakes not being the donation. He grins, crookedly, what might be charming. "After ten years of banishment, your highness, I'm not sure I have an inside voice," he admits in a too-loud aside, shameless, as he slides a glance towards Jacali. He smiles to his protege.

Matteo checked charm + seduction at difficulty 15, rolling 55 higher.

Mabelle has Cupcake jot down the charities list, smiling to Zoey and Tikva, "It shall be done, thank you for your kindness". She collects a piece of cake, announcing, "I'm starving", and begins to foork it instantly. "It has been a while since I held a physician shift in the house, I should do that". Matteo's comment about banishement makes Mabelle go "Ooooh", that wasnt her inner voice either.

Ryhalt tips his head up as Ingrid comes over to address him and he grins widely. "I did very much, Lady Ingrid. Did you enjoy yourself, too?"

Jacali stands to her feet not long after Matteo does, a clumsy sort of grace about her as she keeps pace with Matteo. She couldn't even begin to understand this conversation, and so she just does her best to look like she's informed. She's lost in her own thoughts until he slides a glance her way. Her brow quirks as she stares at him, "Ey? This my line?" She looks out at the 'audience', quite clearly not ready for this big debut. "... Why're you lookin' at me?" She speaks out one corner of her mouth, apparently 'whispering' in her little slice of reality.

... no.

Piccola makes a noise, and sets her cup down on a table. Decision done. She finds her way over to where Mabelle is and says to her quietly, "Forgive me, but I must take my leave, m'lady. And, again, happy birthday." A quick smile, a quick bow, and she turns to head out. Along the way, she gives Dimitri an arch look, winks at him, and then continues on her way.

Quickly and quietly.

Mabelle reaches over to Piccola's arm and squeezes it gently, "Thank you for coming", she manages a smile before she runs off

"Are you ready to leave? Shall we stay longer? I have promised the princess a dance, but I think perhaps she might not wish to dance with me, now," Matteo muses to his protege, as answer for why he's looking at her. He then looks to his wine glass, swirling the dredges consideringly.

When Piccola moves past him with that arch look and then a wink, Dimitri is giving a laugh and an incline of his head, "Until next time, Lady Piccola!" His gaze slides over towards Matteo, "Shh. We don't talk about that. And that's why you're the fourth best Pravusian, remember." Turning his gaze back to Mabelle, there's a smile, "An absolutely lovely event, Lady Mabelle. I do think it's now time to drink more of the Duke's booze, though."

In a swirl of particularly swishy skirts, Tikva swarms back across the sward to stand with hand athwart one hip, she says: "I've never had much of one either, but will you say I would renege, Your Highness? Tell me, how does one get to be bored with charity while one is banished for a decade? I don't know your story," she says with easy frankness, "but since you claimed to think me the most noble of princesses I'd suppose you don't know mine either."

"Right, that's nice, don't even ask me if I wanna dance. -Friends- we're meant to be, diddums." A beat. "Friends." Another. "... Friends -dance-." Jacali has, once again, clearly lost the plot.
Just as he's swirling his wine, her nimble fingers are making their attempts at artfully pilfering his glass, what with him having given hers away. "Er. Looks as though she's still interested, I can always toddle on so's you can get about your ... princin'."

Mabelle grins at Dimitri entertainedly, "I will if you will", she spies Ryhalt and Ingrid by the pool, making sure everyone is having fun but truly curious, her gaze lands on Tikva and Matteo, "Same for both".

"When those who would wish for charity choose instead to kick in your ribs just as you return to the city," Matteo answers lightly, a careless thing as he smiles crookedly to Tikva. "And! They took a bottle of rum I'd offered to them to not do so, that was a gift." That seems like the more offensive part, since he frowns over it. He points his glass towards Tikva and then towards Jacali. "Yes, friends. But, this other friend can teach me what I've forgotten about noble dancing. Friends wouldn't abandon each other, either! However, I shall accept that you will leave me, eventually. I wouldn't hold you tightly near."

Zoey licks some of the frosting off her cupcake before leaning toward Mabelle and saying something quietly.

Ingrid nods to Ryhalt, "Yes, I did. Even without jumping in on the game, it was entertaining." She does look like she had a nice time.

Dimitri smiles to Mabelle, "How could I refuse? I would say that drinks are on me, but since this is your event, I guess that they are you on." He does cast a glance back to Tikva and Matteo, brow arched before giving a little shake of his head, though there's the hint of a smile back on his lips before he's looking to Jacali, "He's still a little sore for that, I imagine."

"You dunno. Maybe I know sommit 'bout dancin'. Pffff," The skin above Jacali's nose wrinkles, her expression particularly sour. That can't be good. "Right. Well. Splendid shindig, chickadee, well minted. I'll be away," She lifts her hand to provide a sloppy salute, head turning toward Dimitri to provide a brief grin, but no response as she turns to skip-stride her way on out.

Ryhalt chuckles, grinning even more widely. "Must have been sheer madness just to watch. Why not join in? Drowning I mean helping cupcakes swim isn't too hard."

"Well, I think _many_ people are terribly angry, and would kick anyone, and probably anyone's dog, too, rum or no rum," Tikva says with a cinch to her brow, and her eye flicks between Jacali and Matteo and then back as she lets her weight drop backwards onto the heels of her boots as she looks puzzled. "But perhaps when your heart is healed from such brutal reproaches, you will feel better disposed towards Lady Gild," she concludes, based on... some internal calculus related to how much alcohol Matteo may have consumed and the point at which one is publicly very silly for being affronted by what a drunk person has said.

Mabelle takes a free standing cookie tray, held by a carved wooden baker from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Whatever Mabelle says in a hushed reply gets a grin from Zoey. "Oh, are we drinking now? Do you have a wine that pairs well with chocolate cupcakes?"

Kicking dogs. That's all Mabelle took from that. She ushers the dogs to go dry out in the treehouse and answers Zoey amusedly, "What do I know? I always drink everything with rum"

"Goodbye, my darling Jac," Matteo offers to Jacali as she says goodbye. He catches her hand for a moment, pressing a kiss to her knuckles, before letting her stride away. Then he begins considering his glass again. "My heart has been broken, but perhaps, perhaps. One day it may be mended. I'm sure I am only waiting for the right love." He considers Mabelle thoughtfully, well, as thoughtful as one can be, as she speaks of rum.

Jacali has left the a cozy sofa nook.

"Until next time, Jac!" That's offered with a friendly smile from Dimitri before he's looking over towards Zoey and then to Mabelle, brow perking just a little bit, "Ooh. Rum. Now that is indeed what I should have, instead of a wine. So many delectable choices."

Mabelle glances at a bottle of Whiskey, "Princess, this looks like fine, hard, northern Whiskey. Shall we?", she invites the others.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound, a grey mare with black points arrive, following Rowenova.

Tikva cocks an eyebrow, studying Matteo for a beat. "Or the right bottle?" she asks. "Rum's too much sugar for me, personally. A sturdier drink--" She tips her chin towards Mabelle as she smiles again, "what a good idea."

a grey mare with black points have been dismissed.

Scout Rowenova shows up with Sir Floppington, doing so with a Norhtern yell. "LADY MABELLE LAURENT: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

Rowenova gets a free standing cookie tray, held by a carved wooden baker from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

"A bottle can never be repairing for a man like me," Matteo answers, shaking his head. "I'm sure there is someone out there, however, that can fix me." His smile is crooked and charming, his fingers ruffling through his mussed curls shamelessly. It may be a joke; it certainly seems like it should be one.

Matteo checked charm + seduction at difficulty 15, rolling 57 higher.

Tikva checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 72, rolling 59 lower.

Tikva just dissolves into undignifiedly squeaky laughter at this point.

Ingrid shrugs a bit sheepishly to Ryhalt, "In hindsight, I should have. I fear I overthink things too often."

Watching Matteo, there's a snicker from Dimitri, only for it to turn to a good natured laugh as Tikva dissolves into her own laughter, "Whiskey. Pure trouble in a bottle. How can one say no to that?" Rowenova shows up with that yell, drawing his attention and a grin, "Well, that's indeed one of the better birthday yells yet."

Mabelle leans over to collect the bottle of whiskey. She gets intoxicated with the smell and has the girl pour it for the rest of the group, trying so hard not to join Tikva's laughter

Rowenova merrily bows to Dimitri, and then she pops up to her full height plus those wolfy ears atop her pelt headdress. "Why, thank you!"

"Am I invited to partake as well, of your birthday present, my lady?" Matteo asks Mabelle sheepishly, looking so sad with his empty wine glass and his ruffled hair. He moves over to Mabelle and claims a careless seat next to her, even as he asks.

Matteo checked charm + seduction at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

Mabelle takes a free standing cookie tray, held by a carved wooden baker from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Merek gets a free standing cookie tray, held by a carved wooden baker from PARTY FAVOR CHEST.

Merek doesn't look like he knows what to do, keeping to himself like often, though he does look for the birthday woman, and nods a bit, "Grats! A happy birthday," he says, pulling that cloak to him.

Mabelle wiggles her fingers to Merek and Nova and peers aside at Matteo, "Certainly, we shall bleed it dry". She tastes it and the kick makes her squint. "Goodness, Princess", she tells Tikva, hoarsely, "You are not playing around"

"Would you pour one for me too, cousin?" Zoey asks Mabelle. She smiles pleasantly and avoids looking in Matteo's direction so as not to be drawn into the vortex of laughter.

Biting the curve of her lower lip, Tikva presses the palm of one hand to each of her cheeks as though to scour the pink away (this rarely works), and she shakes her head, muttering something.

Tikva mutters, "Fix you my ass, you ..."

Mabelle happily passes the bottle around, "Careful darling its.. yeah", she notes to Zoey, still trying hard not to couch, eyeing Tikva with sheer amusement

For once, Rowenova passes along a bottle without drinking and then offers out a wolfy hug to Mabelle. "I am probably not going to be able to stay the whole, except I wanted to come and give you a hug if you wanted one."

Matteo throws his head back and laughs, a full bodied thing that only reinforces the laugh lines at the corners of his eyes. He will take the bottle with a brush of fingers, smiling to Mabelle as he takes a long sip, before trying to catch Zoey's gaze as he passes it to her. Excuse me, please look at the charming prince.

Dimitri gets his own drink of whiskey, only to take a sip, which causes a rather scrunched up feature to cross his face as the liquid burns going down his throat. He does, at least, not cough, though it takes him a moment to offer, "Oof. How could I forget why I don't drink whiskey." But then there's the approach of his assistant who murmurs to him, causing him to give a little nose wrinkle as a result. Casting a look to those still gathered, he gives a smile, "It would seem like I need to go deal with something. Lady Mabelle, once again, happy birthday."

Ryhalt nods to Ingrid and nods in agreement. "Now you know, no need to pass up cupcake drowning." As the bottle comes around to them, he has some before passing it on.

Mabelle squishes Nova gently, "That is kind of you!, you missed the games though, next year!". Since the party is now just causal conversation, Mabelle proudly presents he shoes to Zoey, wiggling her feet, "Finally used the SPIDERsilk!" Yes she's proud. Dimitri gets a pout and a smile. "Thank you for coming!! And for the gift"

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