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Valardin-Velenosa Wedding

Bummed you didn't get to see the private ceremony? *Don't worry*, Saoirse is going to make Beaumont relive the entire thing BEAT FOR BEAT.

Just kidding, she'd rather rip out her own eyeballs than go through a wedding again! But given that they're joining two Great Houses, the newlyweds ARE going to host the biggest blowout this damn city has ever seen.


Feb. 28, 2020, 10 p.m.

Hosted By

Saoirse Beaumont


Rowenova Ornella Alban Theo Calypso Juliana Gaspar Silvana


Valardin Velenosa


Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Estate - Ballroom

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

Dreya, an older woman in Velenosan livery, 2 House Velenosa Guards, Ailfryd, a tall, thin man with a haugty air arrive, following Saoirse.

It is with great pomp and some circumstance that Saoirse and Beaumont, ONE OF WHOM IS MORE CLOTHED THAN THE OTHER, enters the ballroom. Their wedding reception. And it is with more circumstance and less pomp that they slowly greet the many guests. For there are many. Definitely.

One of the many guests is Rowenova, in a cheesy cloak of matte black with an inner lining of red satin which is more shiny than the outer layer. She overexaggeratedly flourishes said cloak during a courtly bow to the married couple before popping up to her full height (plus wolf-pelt ears) and then waves back the excess(ive) cloak until it drops free from her arm.

It is probably to no one's surprise that Saoirse slowly mills away from the throng and toward a little group of people -- Rowenova, Theo, Ornella, and Alban. How convenient that they are all in the same little area. How convenient indeed.

The princess glances over her shoulder -- nope, no one's following her. Yup, Beaumont is still on Social Duty and ABSOLUTELY, she just left her groom on his own to do the meet and greet. Sucker! "Found the poisoned glass of wine yet?" she asks, plucking her own glass of white wine from a passing servant.

Tyce the gruff and disapproving, 2 Scarlet Phoenix Guard arrive, following Juliana.

Ornella smiles, the mention of poisoned wine causing a stir in the woman who had been stock still until then. "It's Lyceum rules, then?" She reaches behind her spot and pulls a gaudy, beaded bag from the table. It makes jingle-jangle sounds as a series of bells attached to it ring in unison. She offers it to Saoirse. "Congratulations on your marriage, cousin. Make sure he knows who's in charge." A wink given.

Alban refrains from staring at the bride in the sheer dress (too obviously), and lifts a glass of whiskey to her, "I have not, no,'s why I don't drink the wine," he says with a wink, before moving a little closer to join the group speaking to one another, detaching himself from a group of Valardin cousins he had been speaking with.

Saoirse takes Mercado, A Heady Lenosian Scent from A Festive, bedazzled gift bag featuring little bells that jingle-jangle when shook.

After her cheesy bow, Rowenova somewhat mimicks how Saoirse plucked up one of those wine glasses from that same tray which passes by. She curiously regards the white wine in the fluted glass in one hand as her other hand pulls up a slender vial from her weapons belt under the cheesy cloak. A single drop from the liquid vial is poured out into the wine glass. If there is poison there, she might detect it. Might being the key word! Though, it also looks like she just openly poisoned a wine glass, herself, too, which might not be the best perception she could have put out here. "Yes, congratulations, Princess Saoirse." Then, she nods over to Ornella and Alban during gifts and greetings to the bride.

"Isn't it always Lyceum rules," Saoirse deadpans to Ornella as she accepts the jingly bag. The young princess pulls out the perfume and immediately dabs it on right in front of Ornella without smelling it at all. Happily, it smells appealing. "Cousin, thank you," she says, handing the bag to a servant for safe keeping.

"You don't drink wine," she asks Alban, sounding VvvVvverrrryyy suspicious. An eyebrow even lifts. But then she softens almost as quickly as she turned. The woman walks over to Alban, hooks an arm with him, and lowers her voice conspiratorially.

And while all this nonsense goes on, a servant notices Rowenova and perks up. What the what. But wait. It's HER wine? What the WHAT.

Saoirse mutters, "I'm so ... no ... ... you ... Lycene etiquette manual -- what an ... A ... primer ... you: ... one, ... MUST drink wine. I'll ... you updated as the night goes ..."

Theo already has wind in hand, as he's stopped taunting his sister by bringing his own drink. No, it's her wedding day, so he drinks what she's prepared and planned for, and carefully slides on over to place a hand on her shoulder. "I never imagined you marrying a Valardin Prince, but every Valardin could use some spice in their life." He is notably still wearing his incredibly expensive dragonweep hat.

Ornella winks conspiratorally at Saoirse. A wine glass makes it way over to her and she accepts, taking a drink from the glass as she watches her cousin pull in poor Alban. She coughs at something and moves over to Rowenova. "Have we met? Ornella Velenosa." She offers her freehand to Rowenova.

As Saoirse slips her arm into his, Alban seems a bit surprised, but he chuckles at her comment, and then tugs her just a little closer to him as he whispers something to her in return, before letting her go about greeting other guests.

At the door, a servant takes Calypso's fur cloak revealing a dress that could barely be called a dress. It's a mark of the particular grace that Lycene women are taught (at an appropriate age) that she doesn't immediately flash everyone. She smiles her thanks and turns to regard the room.

Juliana finally arrives! Dressed in silver and white, her dark hair a mass of curles over one shoulder and dotted with crystals. No you are not to out dress a bride but if you don't at least dress well enough to give people pause, then how will they know how well the bride is dressed!? It's logic. That said, the shimmering silk flutters with each step, falling from a silver filegree corset that dares one to beleive she gave birth to twins only a few months prior.

Indeed, it is her own wine that Rowenova just turned a strange cast of blue. Then, she raises the glass in a toasting motion to her fellow servant who seems to be gawking her way before she knocks back the full glass in one go like any good Northerner (which might also hurt their Southern Sensibilities, too). After, if she is still alive at this point, she lets out a satisfied breath before setting that empty glass back down on a passing tray. Still assuming she is alive (at least for a few more moments here), "Greetings, Princess Ornella." She slides away the vial. Now with both hands free, she reaches out only one and shakes firmly but not hurtfully with Ornella. "I feel like we may have seen one another somewhere, but not met like this... up close and actually conversing, you know? Good to meet you. I am Scout Rowenova of the Ranging Wolves, which is a scouting party in the Halfshav Military under the direct command of Lord Arik Halfshav. I am a servant of House Halfshav, as well, who scribes and messengers and researches as needed." After her windy intro, a bright smile is flashed over to Calypso and Juliana as they arrive before she looks back to Ornella.

Rowenova quickly adds, "Not to be forgotten: Esteemed Protege of the lovely Baroness Lucita Saik, too."

The servant watching Rowenova audibly cries, "No, wha--y!" when she knocks back her drink quickly but he makes no further moves. Satisfied she's poisoning no one but herself, he goes back to serving the ball.

"What other Southern stereotypes can we lean into tonight?" Saoirse asks Juliana as the former Pravus wanders over.

"Well, I'm essentially naked," Calypso volunteers, having stepped into the conversation invited or otherwise. Somehow she's already got a glass of wine. "Congratulations, Saoirse."

Saoirse winks at Calypso. "It's the theme tonight."

Juliana has snatched a glass from somewhere.. its in hand, not that it has actually found her lips. Pausing beside Saoirse, there is a slight loft to one brow. "The cold?" if it is possible to make that one word sound as if it was the worse damnation of the abyss, Jules managed it. Then she presses kisses to each of the Princess' cheeks.

Alban meanders in the direction of Calypso, "Dutchess, a pleasure to see you again," he says, smiling, perhaps at her dress, or perhaps at the comment she made. He has ended up with a glass of wine somehow as well, having finished his previous drink.

Calypso turns towards Alban with a knowing smile. "Lord Alban. I had a feeling I'd run into you here. You should consider marrying into the Lyceum."

"Ah, yes," Saoirse says, cheersing Juliana. "The cold." She feigns a shiver, which she probably SHOULD be doing in this outfit. As she "shivers" her stygian crown shifts slightly on her head, sending a bevy of servants to right it. Saoirse pays no mind. "Oh - I know. I have a game for us." Saoirse lifts her voice so that the party may hear:

"Stereotypes, legends, lore, and secrets of the two Great Houses we joined here tonight. Perhaps we would like to share..." She gestures to her guests. Go on, guests!

"Let me know if we're all getting naked, I'll need to switch to brandy instead of wine." Theo requests as he takes casual sips of his wine, just sort of hanging back to listen to the discussion.

"Secrets of the houses, or secrets of the guests?" Alban asks idly, and then he turns his attention back to Calypso, "What do you think I was laying the groundwork for last evening?" he adds with a wink.

Juliana takes a sip... a SIP Row... and then looks at Saoirse "Don't look at me, the house I spent most my life in went and became it's own great house. Which is neither of those that were jointed tonight."

Still alive (we hope), Rowenova winks back to the poor servant who finally accepts whatever just happened there. She could have probably worn a bit less than all these leathers and furs, but alas... the only Lycene thing that she is really wearing is that black-and-red cape. It is so cheesy. "Duchess Calypso. Lady Juliana. Lady Silvana. All good to see you." She greets aloud then looks to Theo and Alban next with some curiosity. "Both of you, as well, even if--" She cuts off with a Northern laugh, doing so quite loudly about what Theo just spake! Though, she tries hard to focus back on Ornella, but it takes some willpower to finally recompose, too many giggles here.

Ornella laughs at the situation Rowenova has put the servant in. Quietly, she drinks her wine until the servant has a break down before returning to the rest of the guests. "That's an impressively long list of accomplishments Miss Rowenova of the Ranging Wolves. Here I am, just a lawyer, and you make my accomplishment seem so small in comparison." More people arrive for the wedding in stellar gowns showing off skin. "Of course, there are other things in this room making me question my accomplishments." She steals a sidelong glance at Rowenova. "Well, at least there's one person."

She motions for Rowenova to follow and moves after the congregation of Lyceum power huddled in the corner. "Well, I hope you didn't hurt the poor man, cousin." She smiles at Juliana and Calypso. "Duchess Calypso and Lady Juliana. It's Lyceum rules tonight. The wed have opened the season."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

Calypso turns to Theo with a smile and a shake of her head that makes the artful disarray of curls that frame her face bounce and sway. "This is as naked as anyone's seeing me tonight." Then, following Saoirse's challenge she speaks up: "I heard that when the Oathlanders talk about spilling tea, they're literally talking about spilling their tea, which is a thing that they drink."

Saoirse gives Juliana a funny little look and quirks an eyebrow, "Ah, well. Funny, that family does so love calling Procella among their ranks but her blood flows steadily here."

Rowenova easily follows Ornella, doing so as a speedy messenger shows up and deftly relays a quick message by short note. Then, she quietly replies before looking up as that other messenger zooms off into the yonder Arx. "Aww, Princess Ornella. I could never verbally defend anyone like you probably can do. I can only punch people when it comes to defense methods." How very Northern of her. She lets out a little giggle about Calypso's commentary concerning Valardin tea, too.

"If ever you are in the Valardin archives, you should look into a book about Dame Sugan, it is...most enlightening." Alban shares with the group, though it seems mostly pointed to Saoirse. Perhaps it is his wedding gift to the bride? Either way, that is the secret he is sharing. He then takes a rather long gulp of wine.

After hearing out Alban, something suddenly causes Nova to seriously shiver, doing so much more than any of the Lycene ladies had done before her. And look, she is completely clad in all her warm furs, too! She suddenly darts her cobalt-blue eyes one direction then the other direction,doing so with great suspicion as well as a deep frown, too.

Daro, a rough-looking man with a scarred visage arrives, following Beaumont.

There's amusement in the slight curl of Calypso's dark-painted lips and in her glacial blue eyes as the party devolves into gossip about House Pravus.

Ornella finishes off her glass of wine and places it on a tray that moves past her. "I learned how to punch people while I studied the law. I suppose what they say about the law is true. The law has no compassion and all that." She listens as everyone starts up the gossip. "Oh, I've never heard that tale before. A shadow ruler is very Lycene, though I think there are too many voices now to operate effectively."

"Fewer now than before," one-line-zinger Saoirse Velenosa says as she draws her wine to her lips. Zing!

Beaumont makes his way in late, heading toward his wife with a charming though somewhat abashed smile, stepping to her side and sliding an easy arm around her waist. "Sorry I'm late," he says. "Though I seem to have arrived at the right time to hear tales of - punching and law?" He looks curiously at Saoirse. "Best wedding party ever."

Besides shifty eyes and the random shiver, Rowenova stays still. For now, and barely focusing. "Someone is watching us, it feels like." She quietly tells Ornella this, but just about any of the Lycene folk near her can also hear it, too.

Albanfinishes off his glass of wine, and then moves to whisper a few things to Calypso concerning something that he recently heard of the secrets being shared.

Saoirse listens to Juliana explain a few thisses and thats and immediately narrows her eyes. (Did her husband wander over? She doesn't seem to register it) "That sounds like the piffle of one man who wanted attention," she tells the Igniseri noblewoman.

Juliana passes her half full glass off, giving an one shoulder shrug. "Don't they all?" something nibbly is plucked from a passing platter before she looks back at the bride and nods towards the groom. "Speaking if which..."

It wasn't truly a party until a Lycene prince shows up an hour late, or so they say. Right? Gaspar eased into the ballroom looking finely put together and in his finest outfit. He spotted a few faces he knew and several more he didn't. But it was his newly-married cousin that had his attention. "Saoirse--" He looked over her risque gown and smiled fondly as if there was not a thing wrong with it. "--you look gorgeous. Congratulations. Where is the lucky man?"

Calypso dips her head close to Alban as he speaks to her, but something across the room catches her attention. She gives him a kiss on the cheek, just a brush of her full lips, and raises one finger to signal she'll be right back. Her layers of dress alternately outline and conceal her legs as she crosses the room to sway up beside Rowenova. "You don't have to worry. My cousin's wedding notwithstanding, it's considered very gauche to let one's guests get poisoned or..." A vague hand gesture, a flick of her fingers, encompasses whatever goes unsaid here. "Saoirse's way too classy to let something like that happen." Her tone is indulgent, and the slight smile she still wears shows her amusement.

"Oh, no I am not," Saoirse says very flatly to Calypso. And that is all. She smiles at Gaspar.

Juliana pops a honey date? Into her mouth, catches a clean glass of wine as it passes. "I wouldn't beleive any of them Rowenova." The Igniseri nee Pravus, says as she takes a sip. "I have been poisoned four times and everyone was rather classy. But then, I am Pravus by birth."

Somewhat hugging herself in her direwolf cloak under the black-and-red one, the Wolf Scout soonfocuses upon Calypso. She briefly bows before standing up. "Thank you: you are most kind to come comfort me, Duchess." She at least feels better, feeling like someone understands. Though, she also looks sorry for Calypso and mayhaps anyone else who might show any potential recognition. Though, she does not let that last long, calming down a bit more and fully composing herself once again.

Beaumont glances over to Gaspar and gives the man a nod. "I'm Beau," he offers. And then he's turning back to Saoirse and ignoring the fact that she's - ignoring him? - gives her a rather sly grin. "You said to add the packet in the blue, right? Not the black? The black one was the poisonous one, the blue was just for fun? Or did I get that backwards?" He shrugs, not minding.

Calypso gives Saoirse and Juliana a mock-glare that, thanks to severe features and eyes as hard as stone, winds up looking less mock than she probably intended. The laughter in her voice proves playful intent, at least. "Let me tell lies in peace, damn it. The poor girl looks like she's about to jump out of her own skin."

Ornella shrugs at Rowenova. "Of course we're being watched. It's a Lycene wedding. It would be stranger if there were no abject stares of contention." She grins at Saoirse, "Of course, fewer now. We know nothing about that." A wink. Ornelle reaches over to pat Rowenova on the back, "Just enjoy the party. You're Saoirse's guest. Leave any danger to me tonight." Idly, she eyes Beaumont's confusion over the packets and turns to whisper something to Saoirse.

Ornella mutters, "Don't think he'll last ... if ... ... confusing."

Indeed, as Soairse and Julianna tell the truth of it all, Nova swallows deep, and she is not even drinking anything!

Saoirse glances up at Beaumont and smiles beatifically. "There is really only one way to find out," she tells him before listening to Ornella's whisper. "In fairness," the princess says to the rest of the room, "I've never actually *murdered* anyone." What a high bar!

As Calypso brushes her lips across his cheek, Alban perks up a bit, but then he's off to get a drink. He returns a moment or two later, and comes to a stop at the edge of the discussion again. "Abject stares of contention? Is someone about to be knifed for dressing in this manner?" he asks, tilting his head.

Juliana's blue gaze meets the Duchess' head on. "I don't lie. Which not one believes and makes it all the more tragic and wonderful at the same time." another sip. "I have told many people, never accept a glass from a Pravus, normally while I am passing them a drink.. but do any listen?"

Calypso's attempts at comfort and sympathy would probably be more effective if she hadn't just burst out laughing at the look on Nova's face. "Well if you're not going to drink, you might as well dance." With her. Right now. Is there music? If not, the musicians had better get their asses in gear, because Calypso is leading/dragging Nova to whatever area has been set aside for dancing (or wherever she damned well pleases if no such area exists).

This would not be the first time that Nova has danced with a noble woman, and thus she moves along with the Duchess and offers out her spindly arms from the layers of direwolf fur and black-and-red cloak, too. She does no resist this, letting out a little laugh of her own about the whole scenario that is apparently unfolding!

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Ornella listens to something Rowenova whispers. Her face remains smiling at Saoirse as they haze the newest member of the family, though every now and then she steals glances off at the dance floor where Rowenova is. "Just mix them together cousin-in-law, that's you now Beaumont, and hope for the best. A true Lycene drink."

Two more sips of this glass and again it falls to a passing tray as Juliana turns from watching Calypso drag the nervous northerner to the dance floor. Her gaze landing on Gaspar with a slight arch to her brows. "Well hello your Highness, you are just in time to dance with me."

The prince made his rounds after shortly after giving Beau a nod. "Gaspar." He glad-handed some, smiled to others and when Juliana stole his attention, his brow lifted. "Ah, my lady, it would be my distinct pleasure." He offered her his hand and made for the dance floor. His gaze swept over the Igniseri beauty with a grin. "Don't you look enticing this evening."

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Juliana's hand settles in Gaspar's with a smile... ahhh dimples... as she lets him lead her to the floor. "I always look enticing Gaspar, but thank you. One must try."

"And been caught," Beau amends Saoirse's statement. "Let's be specific, just in case," he adds to her with a grin. "Besides, it's the getting caught that's the real shame, isn't it just?" Then he leans slightly closer and stage-whispers, "This is how to Velenosa properly, right?" He seems in excellent spirits, but this is of course his wedding party so one would certainly hope so.

Dance is..not in Alban's repertoire, and it is readly apparent as he is tugged out onto the floor by an acquaintance, seeming caught more than a little off guard. He turns slowly with the woman, but it seems his footwork could use some practice. The man is clearly not up on the latest 'in' dances as he moves out of step with his partner and out of time with the rhythym of the music.

Gaspar checked charm + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 43 higher.

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Juliana checked charm + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 28 higher.

Saoirse stage whispers back RATHER obviously: "Yes, yes, you're fitting in just fine, no one will suspect a thing!" The princess glances up at Gaspar and Juliana and you'd THINK some emotion would waft over her -- but no. She just... stares.

Calypso checked dexterity + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Rowenova checked dexterity + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Being late? THat means nothing to the Fidante noblewoman. Even to the wedding party of one of the Velenosa royals wedding party. She saunters into the ballroom at her slow pace that she always does. Instead of silk she wears exotic leather. It is, of course, not functional. Around her gaze sweeps, idly inspecting who is present. For the moment, she doesn't seem inclined to speak to anyone. At least until she has grasped what is going on currently.

Calypso mutters, "The danger in the ... is all in ... ... As long as ... ... ... ... ... you'll ... fine. And ... not ... lie."

Gaspar checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 26 higher.

Saoirse's entire countenance changes when Silvana enters the room. The princess straightens at sight of the Fidante noblewoman and watches as Silvana traverses the room. There is no *expression*, so to speak, but there's also no smile.

Juliana checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 21 higher.

Ornella nods. "He gets it." She's standing near Saoirse and Beaumont, hands behind her back, and idly taking glances at Rowenova after a whispered conversation from before. She doesn't seem overly interested in the dancing. For the most part, she stays along the sides of the party in acceptable distance to the guests of honor. Stalking away for a second she finds a servant and sends them off for a minute before they return with water.

Juliana laughs out on the dance floor, spinning out from Gaspar, the silvery mists of her skirts swirling around her, only to be pulled back in tight.

Calypso dances quite close to Rowenova -- even her occasional spin doesn't let the northern woman get far from her -- while the two women whisper to each other. She doesn't have the grace of a real performer, but she has the confidence of someone who doesn't give a shit, and that's almost as good. Then, there's one final spin and the dance is over as abruptly as it began. Calypso gives Nova one last look (and a truly Lycene smile that could mean almost anything), and goes off in search of another glass of wine.

As he dances, Alban takes a few glances at those around him, and tries to keep in step, but, soon is far far behind. He seems actually relieved when a page runs up to him and whispers something in his ear. The man stops, and then gives a quiet curse, before he turns and starts to head for the exit, apparently, there is something afoot with one of his responsibilities.

From the corner of her eye Silvana catches the straightening and the slight change. The Fidante seems far more amused than concerned by the change. To her lips Silvana brings two fingers then pulls them away in a blown kiss to the princess. She even winks at her. Still, the Fidante lingers quietly.

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Rowenova happily obliges Calypso with their aggressive dance, in more ways than simply one, mayhaps. She certainly seemed to be much happier as time progressed. Then, it is all over, of course. She lets go at the abrupt ending before stepping back into a deep bow before popping up to full height. For the first time since she first complained a bit ago, she smiles back. Though, she soon heads for her own wine, too. A bit less disturbed than before.

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Saoirse flicks her gaze ...elsewheres, as if she hasn't seen the blown kiss at all. But -- oh! Wait. A few seconds later, a servant approaches Silvana with a ... hammer. A hammer? Where did he get a hammer? did Saoirse send him? What the hell?

Ornella eyes the exchange between Silvana and Saoirse with idly curiosity. She takes slow chips at the water in her hand as she paces a bit around the back, never engaging much with the music now that it has started. The water finished, she puts it on the tray of a passing servant and moves into the crowd. No goodbye, just a disappearance, the Lycene way.

Post-dance Rowenova must be in better spirits and finally pulls the cheesy cape from her strong back before moving past Saoirse to whom she pawns off the fancy cloak. Merry Marriage! Then, she finally succumbs to her usual antics which ultimately involve figuring out where the best treats are and piling up a plate full. The new appearance of a random hammer certainly gets a little attention, too.

The Fidante looks even more amused when Saoirse basically ignores her. When the servant with the hammer approaches Silvana. To Saoirse Silvana's bro lifts, almost mockingly. Then to the she looks, waiting for what is in the plan.

After procuring her glass of wine, Calypso discovers that Alban seems to have left before they could finish their conversation. She doesn't look especially put out by this fact.

That's it, it seems. It's just a hammer. For you, Silvana! A hammer! The princess turns to speak to Beau, gains a cloak and hands it off to a servant, and spends the rest of the party wining and dining -- as you do!

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