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Keaton Summer Celebration II

Summertime is well under way and the Keatons want to celebrate! Celebrate what? So many things! Children growing up! Other things that you don't need to worrya bout! They have a host of new Keatons recently arrived in Arx, there are good friends, great food and excellent weather. This is going to be an all day affair, focusing on fun and games for the little ones during the early afternoon (offscreen) and evolving in the late afternoon and evening towards a focus on fun for the adults.

The food will be overseen by that culinary diva, Marie of Keaton Hall, and there will be games! Baelor Keaton has stolen rules and things from Reigna Keaton. Since this has definitely happened before. Right?


Feb. 8, 2020, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Baelor Kael Reigna


Tesha Apollo Scipio Adalyn Vitalis Amari Khanne Ciara Alessia Brigid Hamish



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Keaton Hall - Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

The children's portion of the party is winding down. The herds of little ones are all tuckered out. Their faces painted with bright colors, sticky hands holding onto treats and toys as they are led off by various nurses, attendants and the odd parent or two. The grounds are cleared, the servers and musicians switch out and a small herd of goats are ushered in.

An area of the grounds has been turned into a little obstacle course, starting with a dirt path with a banner hung over it that reads 'STARTING LINE' beside which hang a collection of the oddest cloaks imaginable, covered in vegetable and fruit peels, lettuce and other green food scraps. The track itself consists of a few wooden ramps, a plank bridge over a pool of water, a few twists and turns in the path. This segment is well away from the main party area, and there is a ribbon stretched across a set of sunken posts with a banner that reads 'FINISH LINE'.

The main area of the celebration has an area for musicians to play, background music during the games, and then upbeat, dancing music after, a free level area for dancing, a buffet of ridiculous size and quality, with Marie, Keaton chef extraordinaire overseeing the whole thing. There is also a display case holding the prizes for the raffle, for people to take a look at.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The children's portion of the party is winding down. The herds of little ones are all tuckered out. Their faces painted with bright colors, sticky hands holding onto treats and toys as they are led off by various nurses, attendants and the odd parent or two. The grounds are cleared, the servers and musicians switch out and a small herd of goats are ushered in.

Nomius, a deeply skeptical bloodhound, Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary, 2 Keaton Huntsmen, Vitalis arrive, following Apollo.

3 Keaton Huntsmen, Marie, chef of Keaton Hall, Sir Pupsalot, a polite, tri-color corgi, Oaken, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Fidelity, a white-tailed eagle, 1 Healer Guardian, Gigi, an apprentice physician with attitude problems leave, following Reigna.

2 Keaton Huntsmen, Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat, River, a happy Oakhaven bloodhound, Barf, the Bog Dog, Bandit, a dapple gray Duskshire feral, Clerk Kant, an absurdly brawny assistant arrive, following Amari.

The Keaton's were close to Telmar and with Ansel being back Tesha was not really swamped with the whole running of the house alonside Isabeau. So she'd decided to venture down to see what the festivities were. She's dressed in green velvet this evening, but, thankfully it's not highnecked or she'd be dying in this heat. She has Atramentous, her overly large black mastiff with her per her usual.

Apollo comes walking up the way from the gates, chatting with a lord who is not a Keaton, nor even an Oathlander; one Lord Vitalis Mazetti, that is. It's an animated conversation, scraps of laughter and vivid gestures that might imply whatever story is being told is about some sort of incident with a horse and unsure footing that turned out alright indeed. A little way into the gates, Apollo's hound Nomius bounds off ahead to go and greet the other dogs about, as there always are.

Having forged a recent relationship with the Keaton family, Scipio Whisper had decided to venture forth to peruse the social affair hosted by the family. Stepping onto the grounds, he makes his way along at a casual pace with his hands stuffed into his pockets.

3 Keaton Huntsmen arrives, following Kael.

Kael drops wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

Tesha gets a Keaton goat plush toy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

Baelor Keaton is...confusion. He is not dressed for a party, not that he would dress up for a party. Out of the main hall and into the grounds where festivities and tents and goats and all these things are sll et up. A servant passes by the man, greeting him, "A wonderful idea for a party, Lord Baelor."

Which earns the servant a glare, and then it happens again and Baelor gets even more scowly. Someone is playing a joke upon

"This is a wonderful party that you ordered up, Lord Baelor!"
Baelor....scowls HARD at this servant and finally vitriol rolls forward. "I ordered no such thing!"

"Marie, the chef...said that you had said a party like this would be a good idea. So..we...uhh..." The Servant flees.

Khanne gets a Keaton goat plush toy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

Apollo takes a Keaton goat plush toy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

Adalyn arrives at the home of her stepmother's family, a bounce in her step and a cheery smile upon her lips. She scans the gathering, mischief drawing her closer to Baelor as she overhears the fleeing servant's words. "Uncle Baelor, what a surprise! Hosting a party, what fun. I knew you had it in you!" She beams at him, the picture of innocence.

Apollo takes a Keaton goat plush toy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

Adalyn takes a Keaton goat plush toy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

"Excellent party, Uncle," offers Kael to Baelor right in time. You see, he just happened to manifest from Keaton Hall with his wife on his arm and his focus moving on to the older Keaton. He dips his head and - naturally - his expression is absolutely serious. As if, yes, he was sincere about such a thing. Word evidently travels quickly about Keaton Hall. "Well done." When Adalyn is addressing Baelor as Uncle, his gaze is flicking toward her, dark brows furrowing... but eventually it registers and he snorts, to himself mostly, before nodding his head. "Lady Clement," he greets her amiably, once his mental gymnastics are concluded.

Vitalis laughs, a bright bark, shaking his head, nodding, gesturing disbelief again and - ah! festivities - he turns a smile to those gathered, and the environs, new to him, veritably devoured. He says aside to Apollo, sotto-voiced, “I was going to thank our host, but I may opt to write a note.” A name catches his attention and Vitalis, brushes a thread from his sleeve before looking up to greet with warm smile and kisses thrice in Lycene fashion, “Lady Adalyn, how lovely to see you.”

"You know I was *just* talking about hosting a party, Uncle!" Reigna muses from beside Kael, her smile a thing born of mischief and affection as she looks to Baelor. "Well done! This all looks remarkable!" She takes hold of a caramelized onion stuffed pastry and oooohs. "Marie is on point tonight as well." She looks to Adalyn as she approaches and Kael greets her, "Hello Lady Adalyn!"

Amari is joining the party from the training field, and though she's not dressed for it, she has a diamondplate bow in hand, and a quiver strapped at her hip. Perhaps she was killing time, or just like to practice archery in the most fabulous fashion she can manage. Either way, yes, she has dogs. A bloodhound and a bog dog that tromp along with her while a little white goat follows after them all, slowly, because she keeps wandering off to nibble at whatever catches her fancy. Seeing familiar faces, the lady at the head of the parade lifts a hand to wave. "Baelor's hosting a party?" She asks as if somewhat surprised, but there's enough overheard talk to give her the answer, so she looks to him and gives a nod, "How excellent. I suppose that explains all the guests. Take good care of everyone."

"I didn't start..." Adalyn is sticking around and his words might get to land on SOMEONE who might be listening to him. "It is not my..." Except More Keaton-types show up and he has to reiterate himself. "I did not....this isn't...." Reigna has to join in, and that is when the man is defeated. He is resigned to the fact that everyone believes this is to be his fault. The Oathlander's jaw sets and he has entered permanent scowl-face. "Yes, Marquessa. It looks to be a grand party. Thank you."

Tesha stands off to the side for a moment, waiting to greet Baelor and the other Keatons, "Lord Baelor. Marquis and Marquessa." she dips her head to them. "Lady Adalyn." she greets Norwood's daughter. Vitalis is given a look and a bit of a smile, "Lord Mazetti." she nods to him. "Master Apollo it is good to see you." she tells him. There's a wave to Amari as well, "Lady Amari." she smiles.

Apollo laughs at whatever rejoinder it was Vitalis offered, and as they near, he shakes his head. "Yes, likely better. Though the alternative is very entertaining." He reaches up to scratch at his temple, then at his chin; he might be observing Baelor, or Adalyn, or any of the others, sweep of his eyes expansive. "We just met today. Both of us surprised we hadn't managed it before. Lady Adalyn." A pause, and then - somewhat more stiffly, though not cold (does Apollo even have 'cold' in him?): "Lord Baelor." Moving right along.

Waiting his turn to greet the host, Marquis, and Marquessa of the house, Scipio slips his hands into his pockets. Stepping up to the side of Lady Tesha, he dips into a bow before he says, "Marquis Kael, it is good to see you once more. And to finally meet you, Marquessa Reigna. This is quite the social affair." Looking toward those clustered about at large, he offers, "I am Scipio Whisper. It's a pleasure to meet tou all."

Khanne enters the grounds of Keaton Hall in a swirl of lightweight silks in green, grey, and white, that float airily around her legs. She has been accused, at times, of dressing far too Lycene like in style during the summer months, but she truly is just trying not to die from the heat. Looking around, she hears the calls of the servants and guests, praising Lord Baelor. Smiling, she lifts a hand and offers to him as well, "thank you for hosting such a wondrous party, Lord Not-my-Uncle Baelor!" She then is darting to her sister-in-law and grasping her in a hug if she is able. "Tesha, wonderful to see you." And then, it is a bee line to Reigna. "Rei! It is glorious to see you looking so amazing!"

It's fairly evident from her expression that Adalyn enjoys tormenting Baelor nearly as much as she enjoys teasing her poor father (and hence her emphasis on calling Baelor 'Uncle'). Teasing complete, she turns and finds herself recognizing many faces at once. "Marquis Kael, Marquessa Reigna, it's good to see you both!" she offers warmly, bowing her head respectfully. "Good day, Lady Tesha." Green eyes shift to the familiar Mazetti lord and, having acquainted herself with his customs, returns his Lycene greeting. "Lord Vitalis, it's a pleasure to see you here. I'm happy to make introductions if you feel you're in a sea of unfamiliar faces." Her gaze turns to Apollo, a warm smile in place. "And Master Apollo, I'm glad you were able to take a break and make time for a little merriment."

"Lady Telmar, it certainly is a pleasure to see you once more," offers forth Kael to Tesha, a slight smile going along with the words. Now Baelor's insistence, or perhaps concession, earns him a look in brief before the young man is shaking his head and shifting his focus on. Ah, Apollo. "Apollo," he greets him, just like that - friendly-like of course. To the Mazetti lord near to him, Kael is offering him a curious look - you know, as though he was attempting to place the young man. Nevertheless he inclines his head in the end, amiable. When Khanne approaches Reigna thusly, Kael just drops his arm from his wife, stepping off to the side. He, evidently, is not going to get caught in the middle of that. "Scipio Whisper, I am pleased to see that you were able to attend. I do hope that you have been well?" When Adalyn calls said Mazetti out by given name, his eyes flick there once more, but it is brief.

"KHANNE!" Reigna drops Kael's arm and positively, joyously, making her way towards Khanne and enthusiastically throwing her arms around the Halfshav woman. "You are HERE!" Has Reigna been this excitable in the last year? Noooo. Tonight she is all but vibrating with a spectacular amount of glee and happiness. "Khanne! Hi! Hello! I am so so so glad you are HERE!"

There's some whispered conversation between Baelor and Tesha. Looks like the Telmar lady is explaining something. She gives a huff to the silvery haired man though. She then nods to the others with a smile. But her sister-in-law does get a hug, "Hello there." she states with a smile before the other woman is off to greet Reigna. That leaves her to look back to Baelor and squint at him a little.

Tesha and Baelor were bantering about something until she gets stolen so easily but briefly by Khanne. He'll step past towards Apollo and Vitalis. Even if Apollo tries to keep walking, he'll follow with a narrowed eyed gaze for the man. "Master Apollo. So wonderful to see you." Strained dry sarcasm for the man. "Perhaps one might blame you for the splendor of the festivities?"

Vitalis is happy to be swept around by whomever to make introductions.

Amari offers a polite smile to the lot also around Baelor and drifts off to give him room to get his party popping. Shouldn't crowd the maestro, after all. "Lady Tesha, so nice to see you." She replies warmly, before she's off to find refreshments.

"Marquis Kael, how are things going in Keaton? Everything is well I hope?" Tesha asks after his uncle follows Apollo and Vitalis off. Such was life. She gives a smile to Amari, "It's good to see you as well." she tells her.

Giggling (yes, actally giggling), Khanne wraps her arms around Reigna and squeezes her tight! SO TIGHT! Poor Reigna's ribs. "I am!" She plants a smooch (gasp) tight on her friend's cheek. "Now it might be hard to make me go elsewhere! At least for a while." She smiles then turns her head to look at Kael. That smile looks far too mischievous. "Kael! Don't you go too far!" Not exactly releasing Reigna, she reaches out towards Kael, as if trying to pull him, almost forcefully if she has to, into the hug. She has others to talk to, yes (I see you, Amari... Tesha, I'm not letting you go that easy), but for the moment, there is this.

Apollo veers one way and gets set upon by a Baelor, while Adalyn sweeps Vitalis off for introductions; for a moment, he looks very bewildered by this turn of events, but the end result - at least on his face - is a sort of curious satisfaction. He looks back to Lord Baelor, wide-eyed query on his face. "Why, Lord Baelor, I couldn't possibly have arranged all of this. I was quite busy stitching up a couple dozen stuffed goats for you. I couldn't possibly take credit you've earned."

Adalyn touches Vitalis's shoulder lightly, only too happy to steer him around the grounds so that she can make introductions. While the marquis and marquessa are momentarily engaged in enthusiastic conversation, she turns to look for other familiar faces and instantly brightens. "Ah, Lady Amari, so good to see you!" She leads the Mazetti lord straight to the Keaton at the refreshments, smiling brightly. "Have you met Lord Vitalis Mazetti? Lord Vitalis, this is Lady Amari Keaton, former squire to my father, recently knighted herself."

Reigna joins in the giggling and now Kael has *two* pairs of arms reaching for him to pull him into this group hug of giggling doom. "Good! I plan on not letting you go just yet. I am so GLAD you are here! Oh, the children..." Reigna cranes her neck, "They are going to want to see their auntie Khanne."

"Quite well, far less fatigued--" starts Kael, in answer to Tesha. Ah, but there comes Khanne with that hug of hers. He's grimacing slightly and it might be rather uncertain how much is actually play and how much is not. Yet before she can be the entire aggressor in the situation, his arms are encircling her and he squeezes tight, lifting her in fact, with the force of that hug. There's something quite genuine there, in that moment. "You look entirely well, Khanne." A beat. "Good." Just so, a moment before he lowers her back to the ground. "Thank you for the smile on my wife's face." With that, she is released back to Reigna.

It is with wide eyes that clearly reflect her excitement and many little 'oooh' sounds that Ciara enters Keaton Hall, eyes flitting first here then there in their attempt to take in everything at once. Her pert nose twitches a little as the petite young redhead makes her way further into the room, seemingly not at all discouraged by the fact that she's never been here before or know anyone. Or was even really invited as much as simply told that there was fun to be had. Ahem. Blue eyes linger a little on a group of those gathered, but given that she doesn't know anyone she simply offers a dip of her chin and a polite smile to anyone who might look her way as she explores her surroundings with barely restrained enthusiasm. Ok, not-at-all restrained enthusiasm is probably a more accurate description, honestly.

Apollo gets another long lingering look of distrust. "Hmm." Is all the response Apollo will get for his explanation before he departs the pair to move back towards Tesha, and the close conglomeration of Keatons and Friend of Keatons. "There are plushs, Lady Telmar. Of the kind that I was able to unload upon you if you haven't seen them."

Tesha gives a chuckle, "That's good to hear." she tells Kael. She doesn't interrupt the reunions though and the redhead turns to wander off to go look in on the goats. "Come on Atra." she tells him quietly. Then she hears Baelor and there's a bit of a smile to him, "I saw them, yes, Lord Baelor." she tells him. "I was going to take one home to add to the collection." she tells him.

Apollo has a distrustable face; he understands, and does not seem put off by Lord Baelor's scrutiny, or his departure. He turns after, watching Baelor with Tesha, corner of his mouth quirking a moment. But wait. Did he just catch Kael giving a bear-hug out of the corner of his eye? He is going to stare impolitely for a moment, before blinking, scanning the grounds for the snared Mazetti. Ah! Introductions. Apollo drifts back toward the heads of house, likely estimating a natural intersection coming. A little bow is offered both of them. "Marquis, Marquessa," he says, a pleased smile surfacing. "This seems well-suited to the moment, doesn't it."

Amari turns from the refreshment table with a cup in hand that she lifts as Adalyn and Vitalis approach. "Lady Adalyn." She greets first before giving a nod of acknowledgement and answering her question, "We've met. I believe I even tried to mildly flirt with him at the Explorer's test he ran, but he was just not interested in the least. It's a rare Lycene who doesn't even play along." She teases mildly before addressing him more directly, and with a smile, "How are you, Lord Mazetti?"

Vitalis blinks at Apollo, mouth opening a bit, them smiling at the tap on his shoulder, arm offered to Adalyn, though it is she who will steer. “Lady Amari, its been some time.” He inclines his head, studying her closely. Vitalis, as ever, keenly attuned to his surroundings. “See what I meant, Lady Adalyn.” A brow lofts and he beams, toothsome at Amari, “Serious flirting only, my Lady,” he inclines his head.

"Hi Apollo!" This is spoken cheerfully from Reigna while hte Marquessa remains in Khanne's hug. It seems she means to remain beside Khanne for a while, once the Halfshav is returned to her by Kael. Reigna blows a kiss to her husband before she focuses on Vitalis for a moment, "Hello, Lord Mazetti! Welcome to Keaton Hall! I hope that you know you are always a welcome sight here, and that you feel at home here. If there is anything you ever need, do let us know." She waves to Tesha, eyes gleaming, "Hello Lady Telmar! Will you be participating in the races later?"

Kael's glancing back toward Ciara, expression curious, but it ends up being no more than that mere glance before his attention is summoned by Apollo. "It does," he agrees to the leatherworker. His voice dips just a bit before he adds, by way of confession, "Extraordinary job on the goats. I had to snare four for the children and they have them all named already. I think Aeryn ended up naming it Chaos Stomper." He might, just might, look a little wry there. When Reigna offers forth that greeting toward Vitalis, his eyes follow back to the Mazetti again and this time his attention lingers. "Lord Valerio's boy, yes?" he asks the leatherworker as an aside. "Our one meeting was exceptionally brief."

"Oh, don't you worry! I refuse to leave before I kiss every one of their precious heads," Khanne says to Rei before Kael playfully grimaces at her want of a hug... before he then lifts her with the force of the embrace after, repaying her ribs for the pain she might have caused Rei's. "Oof!" she protests until he sets her feet on the ground again. "Oh, it is lovely to see her smile, yes. You should try it sometime. I promise, your face won't crack." She gives him a wink before returning her attention to his wife. Wrapping her arm around Reigna, she looks around again. "Now... where did my sister-in-law get to?" But then Rei is greeting Vitalis and Khanne smiles. "A Mazetti... another family dear to me." She dips her head towards Vitalis and says, "your father was a dear, dear friend of mine," she says, as if he might not remember. Then oh! There's Tesha, being waved to by Reigna. Khanne lifts her free hand and waves over to her as well, waiting to hear her answer.

Tesha gives a smile to Reigna, "Hello, Marquessa." she tells her. "And no, I won't be in the races later. But I'm sure my sister-in-law has the courage that I don't possess." she motions to Khanne with a laugh. "I would just like to watch really." she admits. Then there's a look to Baelor, a bit of a squint at the man. Then she's waving to Khanne again with a smile, "I'm still here." she chuckles after a whisper to Baelor.

Baelor is looking out onto the small crowd bustling about the place before he catches just the bit of what Reigna had said. "Are you asking if Lady Telmar is going she a goat?" Apparently missed enough of it to really know whats going on now. He'll step just a bit closer. "Wait. Wam the Ram, Chaos Stomper, RockSteady and Hot to Trot are racing? They're stubborn goats. How are you going to make them run?"

Apollo's satisfied grin at 'Chaos Stomper' is only matched by the warm one - and sidelong glance at Kael - when he's asked about Vitalis. He nods. "Yes, Lord Vitalis," he says. "I half expected him to get whisked off from my side a second after we arrived, but - half as a jest. That lived only in my head, mind." He glances back to that introduction with Amari, then returns attention to Kael. "I'm glad to bring him 'round to meet everyone in a properly good mood."

Feigning dismay, Adalyn purses her lips into a slight pout at Amari. "He wouldn't even have the decency to play along? For shame!" The pout is short-lived as her lips curve into a smile of amusement at Vitalis. Hearing Reigna's greeting to the Mazetti, she blows Amari a kiss and turns attention to Reigna and Kael, arm still linked through Vitalis's as she steers him around to provide introductions. "Lord Vitalis Mazetti, may I present Marquis Kael and Marquessa Reigna of House Keaton." A cheerful smile and nod of greeting is offered in Khanne's direction, but unfamiliar with the woman, she's unable to supply a name for Vitalis's benefit.

"Serious flirting only. My mistake then." Amari replies with a look of regret, but Adalyn has yet to finish the tour with him, so as he's being dragged away, she sticks the tip of her tongue out at her briefly enough to deny she ever did such a thing and lifts her cup to the pair. Au revoir. "Did someone say there was a Whisper about? At least they're good sports about playing along with mild flirtations." She tips her head and looks about, eyes settling eventually on Scipio. They narrow.

Kael's eyes track back to Khanne and when she is providing that bit of marital advice, he shakes his head in response. Yet when she addresses Vitalis, his attention is certainly lingering there and the slightest of frowns manifests. It smooths away soon enough. "You arrived?" he asks, as if just now computing that. "Ah, he came as your guest." That's a half question, half statement, and definitely thoughtful. He might be able to respond regarding the latter of Apollo's words when Adalyn brings the man around for introductions. "Lord Vitalis Mazetti," he greets him with a nod of his head. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance." A pause, and then, just simply because he must: "Your father was an extraordinary man. I do hope that you will participate in whatever foolish game comes this eve with the same sense of humor as he. Thoughts of him -- well, he was a good man."

"Oh, that is a shame! Life is about participating! Watching is well and good, but it is in the glory of our actions that life is genuinely seized!" Reigna is bouncy as she replies to Tesha, "You should give it a try! Or have Lord Baelor race for you! He enjoys that sort of thing!" This advice offered with a wink, she looks back to Vitalis and nods, "Your father was a very dear friend to Keaton."

Tesha gives a smile to Reigna, "You're right, Marquessa Keaton." she tells her with a bit of a nod to that. Then there's a look to Baelor when Reigna suggests getting him in her place and there's a chuckle, "I will see how he might feel about racing for me." she states. Then she's looking back to the man in question, "Lord Baelor? Could I ask something of you?" she asks the man.

Baelor can't keep it in, amidst the talk of Apollo and Vitalis and mild flirtation with Vitalis from Amari. So he'll butt in then. Because why wouldn't he. "Only serious flirtation." He'll agree there to Amari. "But. I would probably have more luck than you, Lady Amari."

he'll slip away from the main focus of the event to go and track down someone else to....Except he is called upon, and he steps right towards Tesha with uplifted eyebrows. "What do you need, lady?"

Apollo glances at Kael at the question, and afterward there's just a brief nod, an uncertain slant to it. But Kael and Reigna's greetings have a smile curling, his head ducking. When Kael invites Vitalis to involve himself with the goat races - he glances askance. Innocent, not at all imagining Vitalis summoning goats with a string of carrots; no, he would never. He glances at Baelor, brows lifting, and then shifts attention back to the unfolding of introductions. Sometimes, he can be very, very quiet indeed.

Ciara is still 'exploring', weaving effortlessly through the gathered crowd (and probably touching things she really shouldn't be) when name she recognizes is called out, catching her attention. Right. Making introductions sounds like a good idea, right? Gaze settling on Tesha for a short moment, before Ciara starts moving in the direction of the redheaded Telmar lady. She doesn't interrupt, giving Tesha herself and those whom she is standing with a happy smile and a polite dip of her chin. When the chance presents itself, she straightens her posture and calms herself a little and then takes a last step closer. "Good evening." She'll greet the group, before turning her attention to Tesha. "Hello, Lady Tesha. Ciara Wyrmguard." she introduces herself with a soft smile. "I hope I am not interrupting anything. I have only just come to the city, and I heard your name mentioned and thought I should introduce myself."

Vitalis flares helpless apologetic hands at Amari, as if to say ‘just following the rules.’ And he is whsiked to Kael and Reigna, a fond smile for Apollo. He turns loose of Adalyn to step forward and kidd the liegelord and lady of Keaton on their cheeks. “It is good to meet you formally, Marquis. Marquessa.” He steps back, “Thank you, Marquessa. A meeting long overdue. Messere Apollo is incredibly fond of you all.” He offers a laugh at Kael’s comparison, “I have spent most of my young life in my fathers shadow and have become quite comfortable there. I hate to disappoint, but I prefer donkeys. I have a charming ass.” He bows to the both of them, retaking Adalyn’s arm.

As Amari looks his way and narrows her gaze, Scipio looks for a moment as if he is unsure what he had done to draw the ire of the lady. He had been relatively quiet through the night, and at the moment was busying himself with aquiring something to drink. Mild surprise shows on his features before he offers a smile and bow of his head her way.

Amari's parting look receives a wide grin from Adalyn. The Clement smiles fondly at the Keaton marquis and marquessa, stifling a laugh at Vitalis's last remark. A brow lifts, a quiet remark made to the Mazetti lord as she leads him on, a woman on a mission. Introductions shall be made! "Lady Tesha, have you met Lord Vitalis Mazetti? Lady Vitalis, this is Lady Tesha of House Telmar."

"I...was going to see if you might want to run in my stead." Tesha gives a look to Baelor, "But, I understand if it's not something you'd like to do." she adds. Then she's being talked at by another redhead and she focuses her stormy gaze on Ciara, "Ah, Lady Wyrmguard. Welcome to Arx." she tells her. "I'm sure that Marquessa Dominique will enjoy having more family in the city." she nods to that. "And a good way to get introduced as well. There are a lot of good people here." she smiles to that.

Certain words travel to Reigna's ear, namely 'Wyrmguard' is certainly one of her triggers. Those ink black eyes lock onto Ciara and her brows lift, "No...! That cannot be...! Lady Ciara Wyrmguard, is that *you*? Look how you have grown!" Reigna exclaims this, a charmed and delighted expression on her face. The warmth that radiates from her is so expressive, an altogether different person than the reserved and slightly cold cousin Ciara might remember.

With a dip of his head to Apollo, Kael continues to regard Vitalis with no small amount of interest. "I would hope so," he murmurs regarding Apollo in a most simple manner, his eyes moving back to the leatherworker in brief with a slight furrow of his brows. Yet with the rejection, as gentle as it is, his features smooth and he inclines his head toward the other. "As you say," he remarks, keeping any disappointment to himself. "Do enjoy your evening here, Lord Mazetti." When his wife proclaims her excitement over the other Wyrmguard, his gaze is moving on toward the arrival again, studying her features for a moment though he stands his ground.

Amari smiles a patient smile at her platinum white haired cousin. "Mmhmm. Thank you, Baelor. I'll just-" She dips her head in Scipio's direction. She's going over there, towards the Whisper she's been frightening with her 'flirtations', or narrow eyed looks that were not construed as such at all. Not even a little, apparently. She heads right for him, and is kind enough to smile broadly and warmly at the poor man. "Apologies. You looked terribly familiar to me somehow. Scipio? Wait. I think I know."

"Oh. I see." Baelor grumbles and looks to where the goats are currently corraled and not at all anxious to get to running in the lists for a prize of nothing. "I am sure that it will be a dignified showing. As you will it, Lady Tesha." Baelor begrudgingly nods to the much shorter Tesha before stepping away to allow her to depart like she desires. And ya'know. Get HELLO'd by a fealty member. "Marquis..." He'll sidle towards Kael instead to ask him bothersome questions about goats.

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes, Sirra, a very quiet maid, an indeterminate number of cats, 3 House Mazetti Guardians arrive, following Alessia.

Introductions had, Apollo gives an affirming little smile to Kael, in that moment. He considers a moment, then offers, "Perhaps he'll like to watch," he offers. "When are the races happening, mm?" He's shifting attention from the Marquis to Lord Baelor, who is trying to pretend like he isn't responsible for this thing but failing horribly. His eyes follow the string of introductions for Vitalis, but he doesn't interrupt them.

Tesha gives a bit of a grin to Reigna and Ciara, "And see, I'm sure you two are related. So I will leave you to reunions." the woman gives a dip of her head to them. "And welcome to Arx, my Lady Ciara." she tells her. Then she's looking to Baelor and she gives a soft smile to him as she reaches to give his arm a gentle touch, "Thank you, my Lord." she tells him. "I'm sure you'll do admirably...and much better than I would." she muses.

Kael's nodding to Apollo, agreement found there, but he is offering a few words in exchange to Baelor regarding the goats. In fact, with this exchange, he is gesturing toward the penned creatures and to his wife. There might be a helpless shrug added.

Kael's adding, "Do have a good evening, Lady Telmar. Thank you for coming to visit us at the Hall."

Vitalis bows to Lady Tesha, “It is good to see you again,” he looks over to Baelor, “I think your honor will be in capable hands, Lady Telmar.” He smiles and bows to her as she begins to make her departure.

Scipio offers a smile toward Amari once she draws near enough. "Yes, that's right. I am Scipio Whisper," he confirms for her when she questions whether she knows him. There is an uncertainty that crosses his features for a moment before he says, "Well I suppose that it is possible that you have seen me around the city before. You are Lady Amari, yes?"

Tesha gives a nod to Vitalis and Adalyn, "Lord Mazetti and Lady Clement." she gives a dip of her head in greeting when they come her way. "Yes, I'm sure talks will be on better grounds than they were, my Lord." she tells him. Then there's a chuckle, "I'm sure he'll do his best." she comments. "I apologize though, I need to get going. Paperwork is never done." she admits. "It was good to see you both though." she bows to them. Then she's heading off.

"Thank you." Ciara offers to Tesha's welcome. "I certainly hope so. I am here to act as her Lady-In-Waiting, so I very much hope she'll be happy at my arrival." she adds before giggling girlishly. "Yes, I can't wait to meet everyone, I...." She manages before a distantly familiar voice has her look towards Reigna, eyes widening in recognition and her smile turning to a wide grin. "Lady Reigna?" She exclaims back. She flits a little closer to her cousin. At the words of how she's grown, she looks down at her petite self before looking back up with a giggle. "I don't hear that often." she says, squinting a little with a mix of amusement and excitement before continuing. "It's been so long! How have you been? You look absolutely amazing." There's a faint tilt of her head as she studies the Marquessa's features with gently inquisitive eyes. The difference from last time they met isn't noted upon, but it's pretty clear that the fact is not lost on the young Wyrmguard. Tesha is given a bright smile and a nod at her words. "Thank you again, Lady Tesha. I hope we can find a time to talk more once I have settled in to the city." She says, before letting the Telmar lady get back to her conversation and turning her attention once more to Reigna.

Apollo ghosts back from the goat discussion between Kael and Baelor, moving to the margins; he shades his eyes and turns to seek out - what, his dog? A place to sit and watch the races? It isn't clear.

"Take care, Lady Tesha. It was good to see you, if only briefly," Adalyn calls in farewell to the departing Telmar before allowing her gaze to return to Baelor. "And have you crossed paths with Lord Baelor Keaton yet? Lord Baelor, this is Lord Vitalis Mazetti." Arm still linked through Vitalis's, she continues with the latest in a parade of titles and names. Glancing to the leatherworker, she beckons for him to join. "Will you be participating, Master Apollo?"

"I am sure it will be an adequete performance." Baelor tries to mollify Tesha a bit, by extension mollify himself. But his brief conversation with Kael has done nothing to soothe the trepidation at the future running of goats. "Perhaps others will be more colorful and distracting." Like Ciara. "I am sure the Lady Wyrmguard would welcome getting to run with the goats as well." He promptly voluntells her.

Atramentous, The Highhill War Hound leaves, following Tesha.

Apollo turns over his shoulder to look at Adalyn, at that question. "I... don't know if it's proper for me to join," he says, glancing at Baelor, Kael, back to her. "Serving the house and all, winning a prize here doesn't seem very sporting?" He looks, honestly, like he's never considered joining for that very reason.

A few more nods to Baelor and, turning back to Apollo - probably to say this or that - Kael finds himself alone. His eyes track to the leatherworker, he nods vaguely there, and afterward he is finally moving toward the refreshments. As he travels his attention is sweeping across the grounds as a whole, taking note of this person or that. When Baelor calls out Ciara, he regards the Wyrmguard rather curiously, even as he pours himself a glass of fruit infused water.

"It's quite possible you have, and I am." Amari easily concedes as she stops alongside and spares Scipio a direct stare by turning enough that she can keep an eye on the party at large, and Baelor in particular. More as if she's just curious to see how he's faring than anything. Her expression remains a pleasant one. "You're the Whisper joining our grand expedition into the woods, are you not?"

As one Mazetti prepares to exit, another enters, and Alessia doesn't hesitate before making a beeline for one of the hosts. "Marquis." She greets Kael with the warmest of smiles. "What a lovely event you've held. I apologize for such a late entrance."

Vitalis foregoes Lycene kiss of greeting to Baelor, he straightens and grins at Adalyn, “Refreshment?” He makes himself scarce to see to those refreshments. Waylaid by a messenger, alas. To the Marquis and Marquessa, “I am afraid I am called away. Thank you for a lovely evening.” And to Apollo, he murmurs something, drawing him away briefly. And, last, to lean and murmur into Adalyn’s ear. “Thank you for the introductions.”

"Lady Alessia Mazetti," greets Kael, though it is just after a moment of hesitation - faces and names not flowing for him as swiftly as they should. "I thank you for the compliment, but I admit it is my uncle there," and he nods toward Baelor, "that truly saw to the celebration. Tell me, would you care for some refreshment?" He looks a little rueful there, a smile offered in turn even as he is setting his own water to the side to look for a proper selection for the lady. Whiskey, cider, wine. At least there is selection.

Perhaps she should have sent a messenger over before deciding to take the jaunt down the way, but Vane's impatient pawing upon the ground and the bought of pleasantness that seemed to wrap her up in moments of feel-good tossed aside that polite notion. The Dragoon had eased up at the gate seeing there were certain festivities going on, dismounting in attire befitting a late night ride through humid air the blouse was sleeveless and hair a messy braid that moisture dug into causing umber tendrils to curl out. Baroness Brigid approaches with a large war horse the color of dried blood, curious ears flicker forward at the sounds but his temperament is wholly unaffected by the wandering goats and various scents. An attendant hurries over, taking the reins and Brigid offers gentle instruction that the beast likes a good chin scritch and should be no trouble. A smile if flashed but wouldn't you believe her cheeks are faintly flushed, that famed composure seeming to have abandoned her as blade sworn fingers lifted in a wave, " Evening. " At the departing Vitalis a nod of greeting/departure is given.

Ciara is still standing with Reigna, but keen eyes don't miss the curious look given to her by Kael. She smiles sweetly with a bat of lashes and gives a little wave of fingers in response, before turning back to Reigna with a giggle. "He's cute." she remarks to Reigna, not knowing that it is, in fact, her cousin's husband, and not having put two and two together from seeing them standing so close earlier. But then, goats are mention, and she is more or less volunteered for whatever it is that will be going down involving said goats. She looks at Baelor with a grin, blinking a few times. "Goats?" More blinking.

Kael takes a Keaton goat plush toy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

Reigna smiles to Ciara and beams, "You *have*. Last I saw you, you were *twelve*." There is a joyous laugh, "So yes, you have grown." She winks and when Ciaramentions that Kael is cute, Reigna giggles delightedly. "Yes, yes he is. He is remarkably cute. I was so very lucky in who I was wed to."

Standing with Reigna still, almost as if she is stuck in orbit around her, Khanne greets who the Marquessa greets, speaks with who she speaks too, and occasionally stares off into space for seemingly no reason. This includes Ciara, who receives a smile. "Hello. I am Vala Khanne Halfshav. Reigna's most amazing friend." Her lips curl in a grin.

"Ah, I understand. You could always say you're playing to represent your patron?" Adalyn suggests helpfully to Apollo. As Vitalis appears to be called away by some business or another, she listens to his murmured words with a small smile. "You're very welcome. Take care, Lord Vitalis." Her gaze follows his departure for a moment which allows her to catch sight of Alessia's entrance. She offers a delighted wave of greeting to the second Mazetti, but finds herself distracted by an incoming messenger, who gestures vaguely toward the Clement house and hands over a missive. "It seems I must tend to something. Hopefully it shall be quick. It was good to see you again, Master Apollo!" She waves to the Keatons and any other familiar faces nearby before reluctantly taking her leave.

Fine. If this is going to happen, this is going to happen. Baelor trods off towards the goats who are milling around all ready to go. Adalyn is dropping out! "Perfect. Apollo will replace the Lady Adalyn. C'mere." His hand lifts, finger points down to the floor in front of him. Move it Apollo! "Who else is going to encourage goats?"

"Oh, then that's my mistake." Alessia says with a chuckle before turning to Baelor. "Lovely party, my lord. New to the city and already on your way to being a renowned host." She winks, before lifting a hand to greet Adalyn. And then a wave, when she sees she's off. "Until next time, my dear." She says with an apologetic smile.

Khanne mutters, "... should ... see ... ... ... and ... now."

Kael's tipping his head toward Alessia before regarding the gathering as a whole - his eyes momentarily take in Baroness Moore however and he inclines his head to her - before he looks on. "I believe that the hour is growing much later." He is using his outdoor, official-like, voice. This time, he looks back toward his wife, taking note of her placement. Why yes, he does momentarily look helpless. It takes a moment, but he manages to continue, "And there are goats to race. For those that wish to try their hand at the luck of having the speediest and least stubborn of the things, go and select your runner."

"I'm in for the goat race." Alessia pipes up to say, glancing around the room, presumably for a glass of something.

Apollo considers that, and soon enough he is opening his mouth - who knows if it was to protest or agree - it snaps shut, listening to Baelor, then Kael. "Er. Alright," he says, and ambles undertainly toward the... goat stuff. "Thank you, Lady Adalyn." He smiles briefly at her as she departs, offers a small bow, eyes sweeping past Alessia; she is offered much the same before he turns to the event. There are goats here? Sure. Fine. He will pick whichever one most closely resembles his plush goat design, because... when in doubt, go with Jayus, right? He might not even know the goat's name.

Khanne leans in to murmur to Reigna before giving her cheek another smooch, her arms squeezing her in a hug before she says to anyone near, "pardon. I have to go give cuddles to the little ones before they are whisked off to sleep."

Ciara's eyes widen EVEN MORE when Reigna indirectly points out that she and the cute lord are married. Oooooh. Big blush. She just nods and bites her lip in response as she tries, and fails, to contain another giggle. It's a nervous habit, you'll have to excuse her. Still blushing, she returns Khanne's smile with a bright smile of her own and grinning a little both at the woman's words and her own lingering embarrassment. "The most amazing? That is impressive indeed. So amazing that you'll be joining the goat race?" she says, goading (pun completely intended) in a teasing tone, before returning to formalities for a moment, her smile warming. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, lady Halfshav."

Khanne smiles to Ciara and says, "Vala, Halfshav, please. A pleasure to meet you as well."

Ciara takes a Keaton goat plush toy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

Amari takes a Keaton goat plush toy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice, 2 Redrain Guards leave, following Khanne.

Reigna takes a Keaton goat plush toy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

Alessia gets a Keaton goat plush toy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

When Baelor asks who else is in for some goat wrangling, Ciara raises an arm and waves her hand fervently. "Ooh, ooh, me, me!" She exclaims, bouncing up and down on the soles of her feet with an excited smile.

Baelor gets a Keaton goat plush toy from wooden goat pen Please Only Take One.

To be fair, there is a little course for the goats set up. It's got a little goat ramp at the very end, in fact. To be fair, said course also has some small makeshift fencing about it with timber, but these goats are quite unruly creatures and may be prone to escape. Some of the staff that are dressed in Keaton colors, lead the creatures over so that nobles and commoner alike can make their selection. Those goats look challenging, adolescents in fact, so it might take a while to convince them to follow along. Of course to assist with that, there's a crate brought out by other Keaton staff, filled with capes made of lettuce, carrots, and other assorted vegetation. A few spare pieces of food might be utilized as well for those that do not wish to ruin attire.

Brigid checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 4 lower.

Apollo checked luck + animal ken at difficulty 10, rolling 16 higher.

Apollo checked luck + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Apollo checked luck + animal ken at difficulty 20, rolling 17 higher.

Alessia checked luck + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Alessia checked luck + animal ken at difficulty 20, rolling 14 lower.

"That I am," Scipio says in reply to Amari as he nods his head, seeming to understand the connection that Amari had picked up on prior to him. "Going to negotiate with the Shavs, yes? At least, that is the hope."

Alessia checked luck + animal ken at difficulty 10, rolling 9 higher.

Ciara checked luck + animal ken at difficulty 10, rolling 4 higher.

Ciara checked luck + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Ciara checked luck + animal ken at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

Baelor checked luck + animal ken at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Baelor checked luck + animal ken at difficulty 10, rolling 2 lower.

Baelor checked luck + animal ken at difficulty 20, rolling 5 lower.

The hand that had been lifted in greeting dropped, fingers curling in on themselves and smile waned a fraction. Head dipped for a mere second before lifting and striding past those she had meant to meet instead for the one person she had initially came to speak to and that would be Marquis Keaton, " Might I be able to speak to you a moment? If this isn't a good time, I can certainly come back." Gaze goes to the goat races with a somewhat speculative stare.

Apollo, probably having been in the company of both the occasional charming ass and also enough of the pygmy goats to have an idea about what motivates, estimates his goat with mouth aslant. He selects not a string of carrots, but instead a small head of lettuce, and woos his goat along to the finish by tearing leaves off with vivid crunchy sounds and smells, and also, the most cooprative juvenile goat in Arvani history, steady-on throughout.

"Hopefully they're in an agreeable mood." Amari replies with her attention somewhat divided by the goat madness about to take place. She can't not watch this play out, even if she keeps conversing with Scipio easily enough. "I'll be leading the cavalry, but mean to do much more diplomacy than violence, if it can be helped. Perhaps we can discuss it all on the journey to Oakhaven."

When Brigid is approaching him, Kael is offering forth, "Baroness Moore," by way of greeting and inclining his head in turn toward her. He glances back toward the goats, but it is a brief thing and he shakes his head. Mind you, there is a glance cast to his wife as well, but this too is brief. "I...a moment, please," and he hesitates there, still, doing another sweep of the area. "Vern can keep a look out, I suppose." He summons the young man dressed in Keaton green with a gesture of his hand, murmuring a few words briefly to him. Also of note? He hands off one of the stuffed goats that he had snared previously with instruction. That being said, with a deep breath, he tips his head back toward one of the carpets set yonder for those that want to take a break from the festivities. "If you do not mind discussing the matter there?" he asks.

Kael has joined the a large purple pansy carpet.

Giving a mere shake of her head, Brigid follows.

Brigid has joined the a whimsical wooden pony.

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Brigid has joined the a comfortable wooden treehouse.

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Brigid has joined the among the chickens.

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Brigid has joined the a large purple pansy carpet.

"Hopefully they are in a more agreeable mood than I." Baelor amends Amari's statement as he plucks carrots from a bucket and waves them right towards one of the goats. Who IGNORES HIM COMPLETELY. "I will not be scoffed at." The goat gets booped on the nose with a carrot and he'll try and woo the thing forward towards the course when go is called. Poorly. But somehow gets him to thread through the obstacles with ease. But is one of the last to get his goat named Hot to Trot up and over the ramp.

Reigna returns from the Hall, sans Khanne and she moves over towards Kael and Brigid, smiling as she settles down by them. "Hello again. Apologies, I was with Khanne as she was visiting the children. They were *overjoyed* to see their auntie."

Similarly, Scipio keeps an eye on the contest while speaking with Amari, an amused smile playing about his features. "Yes, I would like to discuss the specifics with you in greater detail. I would like to know exactly what end goal we are working toward in our expedition. It is my hope that we can do more talking than fighting as well."

Well her goat is not doing well in the least, Alessia notices at least mid way through the race. Even so, she stares *intently* while trying to beckon he/she to the finish line at least second-to-last.

Kael's looking over toward Reigna when she approaches, his brows furrowing slightly even as he turns to glance across the field toward Vern. The young man is standing there somewhat awkwardly, but he still manages to look more or less official. He tries, anyway, with a straightened spine. Ignore the fidgeting, however.

Yes, I suppose it had been some time," Kael says to Reigna, regarding Khanne visiting the children.

Reigna has joined the a large purple pansy carpet.

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar arrive, following Hamish.

After having politely excused herself, Ciara goes to pick herself a goat. Goat 'racing' was not what she was expecting to be doing here tonight, but she looks quite excited to participate, all smiles and giggles as she makes her selection, a tiny, black and white little goat. He's soo tiny and adorable! Or she? Who knows, not Ciara that's for certain. For now, the goat is a he, and that's that. Grabbing a bunch of carrots, she leads the little creature through the course with a mix of encouragements, spoken in a voice like you would to an adorable toddler or a small fluffy pet "Who's a good boy, who's a good boy? Yes you are!", and what can best be described as maternal nagging. "Oh c'mon you stubborn little..." To everyone's surprise, not least Ciara's own, she manages to guide the animal through the course rather quickly, finish second only to Apollo and his go(at)-to-animal. Once the course has been run, she celebrates with her goat for a short moment, giving the animal a hug and the rest of the carrots to enjoy. Then she looks up at the others, laughing a little through a bright smile. She looks very happy and maybe even a little proud at not having finished last as she cheers on those still making their way through the course.

When he finishes ahead of others, Apollo turns to look back - then looks ahead, like he's not actually sure how he got /any/ animal to cooperate with him at all. Blinking, he stands aside... and gives his goat the hard-earned lettuce. She came all this way.

Though her goat isn't quite so speedy reaching the finish line, Alessia nonetheless gives a gracious reward of lettuce for effort.

Hamish walks up from the streets of the Valardin ward, apparently just a BIT LATE. When he sees that he's missed all of the goat wranglin' he stops, then shoots his templar a look. "This is why we don't stop to buy pastries when we're on our way somewhere, Daniel." Sir Daniel wipes powdered sugar off of his face and looks suitably abashed.

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