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Laurent Slumber Party

Bring your tents and sleeping bags, spend the night in House Laurent's gardens for an evening under the stars. Wear your best pajamas! There will be a small prize for the most wonderful slippers.


Jan. 30, 2020, 8 p.m.

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Rowenova Mabelle Zara Alessia Beatrice Jules Colette Shae Thorley Ryhalt Adalyn Amari Kedehern Jael Norwood




Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Gardens and Pool

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Comments and Log

Mal, a devious raccoon, Daegmund, an Oakhaven Shepherd, Sylvie, a bubbly Keaton huntsman in training, Carwyn, a Greenmarch War Elk, Brimbar arrive, following Shae.

1 Malespero guard arrives, following Beatrice.

Mr. Hops arrives, following Jules.

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound, Steadfast, a dunskin stallion courser arrive, following Norwood.

1 Farshaw trained guards arrives, following Ryhalt.

It rained earlier today, bringing down the temperatures considerably. There's still summer heat in the air, but it's not nearly as sweltering. The furniture around is perfectly dry, thanks to the servants of the manse. Colorful paper lanterns are strung up all over the gardens, casting a lovely ambient light to the party. Waiters circulate through the party-goers, handing out glasses of champagne, wine or other types of liquor and there's a wide table filled entirely with desserts. Hopefully everyone ate their meals before they came here!

It's a slumber party, which sees Cristoph wandering around the gardens and chatting with guests while he drinks a glass of wine. He's wearing a long black robe made from Artshall velvet. With velvet socks. And velvet slippers. And also the beeara. It's not really the best look but it seems... cozy? Yes, we'll go with cozy.

Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat, 2 Keaton Huntsmen, River, a happy Oakhaven bloodhound, Barf, the Bog Dog, Bandit, a dapple gray Duskshire feral arrive, following Amari.

After they have picked out a good spot beside lovely roses, the soulful hound Sir Floppington lays down atop a soft blanket which is stretched out over an underlying pair of thick bedrolls that Scout Rowenova has neatly arranged. Meanwhile, said lass switches out of her fur-topped boots to what are some strange slippers if there ever were any. Kipping up to stand up, there is a distinctive SQUEAK when she does so! Then, she double checks and flattens out her direwolf cloak around her which fully encloses her current clothing and walks closer to none other than the food table. Of course. SQUEAK. SQUEAK.

If there is a dessert table you can be certain you will find Mabelle there, with her three puppies standing beside her. She is wearing a fuzzy white velvet slip with matching slippers, embroidered with three dogs, an homage for her canine companions in matching colors to their furs. She really wants to greet the guests, but WAIT, IS THAT A RED VELVET CAKE? People? Where?

It's a good thing that the glass of liquor that Zara's collected comes in one of those low and solid looking glasses, you know, with the thick base. It's the kind of glass that can endure a drop. The kind of glass that can roll in the grass, spilling its contents into the dirt. It's not a delicate, slim-stemmed wine or champagne glass, that will shatter at the least bit of dramatics. It's a _good thing_, because when she sees Duke Cristoph wearing socks with his slippers--.


Zara's just made her way over to greet him with an easy, "Duke Crist--" She sees it. She sees the slippers. "--urk." The glass threatens to slip from her fingers as she greets Cristurk.

Drifting into the Laurent's gardens in the late evening, having actually travelled across the city in her sleepwear, Alessia's eyes brighten on spotting Mabelle at the dessert table. "Belle." She greets, heading over to the woman for an embrace. "I could have guessed you'd go puppy themed." Then she turns to the host himself. "My lord. Thank you for holding this." She grins, taking in the paper lanterns as she takes a glass of champagne from a server.

Since it is in fact a slumber party, Beatrice mostly assumed it would be full of other ladies in cute gowns, and puppies, and sweet niceties such as that. So far, as she arrives at the party, it about meets her expectations in that regard. But she DID have a fabulous nightie, so why not show up, make an appearance, and possibly get some cake?

She also makes her way to the dessert table, looking for some sweet liquor to go with whatever's on offer there.

Jules enters into the party wearing some rather simply silk green pajamas. Nothing flamboyant in the least, simply and flowing. His eyes look over the crowd and waves, bows, or greets anyone he passes. He's not particular in the least who he speaks to, everyone gets a greeting. He's just wandering right now and seeing who might be interested in catching his attention, if anyoe.

a dappled grey Artshall destrier, Slim, a Maelstrom Forest Cat arrive, following Thorley.

Colette slips in to the garden and pops up standing near her brother, something somewhat common for her. What is uncommon this time is she is dressed in some PJs. Well sorta. They are as plaining and boring as they come, and her slippers don't even have ears, or wings. Her eyebrow raises as she inspects Cristoph's outfit, then Mabelle, "You all really sleep like this?"

And so it seems that Nova and Mabelle and Beatrice might all converge upon the dessert table around the same time. Nova wolfishly grins to the noble women. "Greetings, My Ladies. It is good to see you." says she before she picks up an empty plate... which will probably not stay that way -- empty -- for long.

All this velvet... in a garden, in summer... linen is where it's at... at least that' Shae's thoughts on the matter. Not tht she is wearing pjs either. Cause she's not. Just a simple linen tunic in pale green, and some dark green linen trews. And no shoes. No slippers. Just good ol' bare feet. Wandering out of the manse and into the gardens, Shae glances around looking to see who all has shown up the the slumber party. They woman followed by her two dogs.

Mabelle curves her lips entertainedly as she notices Cristoph's Beeara. Now that's an image she cannot shake from her head. She peck's Alessia's cheek and tisks amusedly, "Of course I went with puppies. My puppies". She grins at her and notes, "And you are very lycene", she notes to politely avoid saying something else. She wiggles her fingers in greetings to the guests as they enter, amused by Zara's expression, but when she turns to Colette she grins at her, "I would answer that, but the answer will not be very.. Oathlandish", she winks to Colette and winks to Nova, "Cake!"

Thorley wanders into the area, looking a little confused, and finds a spot out of the way to quietly post up with some rolled tobacco and a cup of tea.

Shae has joined the soft grass by a tulip patch.

Ryhalt walks through the Laurent garden at a sedate pace, in no hurry to pretend to be arriving on time at this point. At least the punishing heat was giving them a break. He enters the party area at last, smiling and simply dressed, perhaps looking a little uncomfortable for it.

Amari has joined the soft grass by a tulip patch.

No slippers don Adalyn's feet nor is she wearing anything nearly as fashionable as some, but she arrived dressed comfortably, having opted for trousers and a silk blouse. She plucks a glass of wine from the tray of a passing waiter, meandering her way toward the host with an upbeat smile. "Duke Cristoph, thank you for hosting! It's always good to have an excuse for a little merry-making." Not that any excuse is actually needed for such a thing.

"Scout Rowenova, it's been a while." Alessia greets the woman, taking a sip from her glass. She chuckles at Colette's question. "Oh, of course. Though when it gets absurdly hot, I doubt anyone is wearing anything at all." She winks. She smiles at something Mabelle murmurs to her. "Lady Adalyn." A one armed hug for the woman when she arrives.

Beatrice probably really sleeps like that. It's a comfortable looking enough silver nightie.

As she sees Rowenova by the desserts, she gives a gracious smile. She also picks up an empty plate. "You know I really shouldn't," which is just the socially polite thing that you say before you take a piece of cake, which she does.

"This party was a good idea. Nothing like wearing not very much when it's very hot."

"Lady Adalyn, it's good to see you. Will your father being joining us tonight? I haven't seen him yet today." And however will Cristoph survive without seeing Norwood? Somehow, he must do it. When Zara approaches, he offers a bright and cheery smile. Though frankly, he looks a little surprised by her nearly dropping her drink. He has no idea what could be bothering! "Are you alright, your highness?"

Colette tugs Adalyn over to her and whispers something to her.

Ryhalt stares at Thorley like he's seen a ghost, but he goes over and gives his cousin a hand-shake turned hug, thumping him on the back. "Of all places to find you, this is the most unexpected."

Mabelle curves a happy smile as Ryhalt walks in followed by Thorley, "Duke Farshaw, Baron Farwatch, Its good to see you!", she offers a smile and waves from afar to Adalyn and Amari. She peeks at Beatrice and decides, "I'll have one too!"

Amari strolls in with a blanket rolled under one arm, and a pillow under the other. Her menagerie of animals follow, naturally. Like Shae, who she heads directly for after giving a polite, if tired smile and dip of her head to the Laurent hosts, she wears a comfortable tunic. "Cousin." She murmurs as her blanket is unrolled and she's soon stretched out on it as if she's here more to catch up on her sleep than party. She's not even wearing slippers. "This is the perfect party for me."

After Mabelle has spake of CAKE, Nova sagely agrees with a dipping bob of her wolf-framed noggin. "YES!" says she before she carefully scoops one piece onto her poor plate which will soon see itself filled with at least two bites of every edible item here. With her arms out, the aeterna 'pjs' of a belly shirt with matching shorts and not much else are somewhat, sometimes visible through the parting panels of the direwolf cloak. "Lady Alessia Mazetti! Long time, indeed!" says she with evident fondness. "How have you been?" After what the Lady Beatrice says, Nova lets out a single giggle, apparently tickled by the social graces before the cake taking.

Alix, a young Oakhaven Shepherd arrives, following Kedehern.

Kedehern has joined the soft grass by a tulip patch.

Zara's eyes narrow, the deep and dark blue of her eyes as sharp and hard as the glitter of gems. And possibly a knife. Not that anyone has any reason to think of a knife when she looks at Cristoph and his sartorial offenses, ha ha, don't be silly. She firms her grasp on her glass, nerveless, trembling, as she holds it with both hands. She looks at Mabelle and mouths something at her that sure looks a lot like 'HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN'. "Oh, yes. Yes. I'm fine. Thank you. The drink. It's a strong drink. I think. For this early." She holds it out until someone takes it away from her with the casual air of expectation that one raised in a great house has. Someone will take it away and it will probably even be someone paid to do it. She recovers _admirably_, but a faint air of calculation lingers as she considers Cristoph's ... outfit. "That's a very _brave_ choice."

Thorley shows a rare and exceedingly broad smile as he claps Ryhalt on the back, remarking, "Gotta keep 'em guessing, eh?" He fixes a muted version of the same expression at Mabelle -- more of a creasing of crow's feet than an actual smile -- and simply greets, "Dear."

After an absent scratch at his cheek, he pats a palm on the Duke's upper arm and says, "Much to catch up on, but I'll not keep you from the revelry."

So many beloved, familiar faces in one spot, where to begin? Adalyn lifts a hand, fingers waggling in a wave toward Shae and Amari before she turns to return Alessia's hug, holding her wine glass carefully aloft. "Lady Alessia, good to see you. You look suitably comfortable and yet fashionable as always." There's a cheery wave to Mabelle, although Colette's whispered words momentarily capture full focus. She grins, whisking another glass from a passing server's tray and pressing it into her hands with a murmured response. Cristoph is cast a fond grin. "I should think he'll be joining at least for a time. If he hasn't made an appearance shortly, I'll return home and attempt to drag him out for some merriment myself."

You just say 'you really shouldn't' and then you do; this social grace absolves one of at least one food faus pas per party, sometimes two, but usually no more than that.

Beatrice will not remark on Cristoph's clothing choice, but she does look at him, because looks are free. Hey, if he's wearing it, and it's his party, then it's fashion now.

Coming out from the house, Kedehern is carrying what appears to be a field tent of some sort, and some extra blankets, Alix trailing along beside him. As he spots his wife, and Amari sitting down, he starts to head that direction, and on arriving, sets his burden down, while giving those present all a wave, and a nod of sorts. And then it was time to get that tent pitched.

"I've been well, thank you. Yourself?" Alessia says to Rowenova, before her attention is drawn to Cristoph by Zara's words. "Honestly, I'd feel majestic if I went to sleep like that every night." She studies the beeara. "I appreciate the fact that you have a whole theme going on, my lord." She chuckles. To Adalyn. "Thank you. Mabelle let me know my garb was very... Lycene. So as bawdy as you'd imagine." She winks.

"Yes, indeed. We'll catch up some other time. Lady Mabelle will throw cake at us if we do anything serious tonight." Ryhalt grins at Thorley and returns Mabelle's greeting, "Hello Lady Mabelle." He squints a bit at her outfit. "Well, I guess that is simple enough. Still it suits you."

A tired but happy smile as Amari finds her, "Oh, that was smart, bringing a blanket." No blanket for Shae, just grass to lay in, with tulips about. Brimbar is no where to be found, not when there is food to be had! The ugliest cutest puppy sniffing about, people were bound to to drop food, it was a party! Sitting cross legged, with Daegmund's head resting on a knee. "Right," Shae murmurs with a smile, wiggling naked toes in the grass. Eyes lifting a touch, she catches Adalyn's wave, and waves back to her, "Hey Adalyn!" Shae calls out to her sister, and then back to Amari. "I see you opted for a similar look."

After having gathered a couple bites of every edible that there is, then the Wolf Scout turns slightly with a little SQUEAK from her slipper-clad feet. "Fairly decent, today. Thank you, My Lady." says Nova to Alessia whose gaze is naturally followed to Cristoph and his BEEara... She smiles brightly, "Nice!"

Mabelle is horrified of being accused of a fashion crime, so horrified she blurts aloud to Zara, "It was not my doing! he locked me out. Look at me, I'm pretty!". She tries to comfort the Princess' eyes and gives an innocent smile and shrug to Cristoph as in saying HAD TO SAVE MY REPUTATION, COUS. She smiles to Thorley then and notes, "It is very nice to see you again in the city". Noting Kedehern, Mabelle almost looks for something to cover herself with, but she wont, meanwhlie assuring Alessia, "You look lovely. I did not say very". She nudges her. When Ryhalt approaches her she just stares at him a moment and murmurs to him, "Did you call my clothes simple? My bag will challenge you again"

Colette sips her whiskey as she wanders around the gardens.

Thorley takes in the exchange between Mabelle and Ryhalt and mutters something about territory too dangerous for even him to tread, then retreats to his beverage and people-watching.

It's hard to tell if Cristoph is wearing these clothes to offend Zara on purpose or because he /really/ thinks that this is a good fashion choice. Several of the servants seem to really like the socks and slippers! He watches with concern as the drink is taken away. When she finally comments, he lifts his eyebrows and asks in the most innocent of ways. "Oh, really? I think I'm probably going to wear this a bit more often. I've ordered the same outfit in several colors." He flashes a smile to Adalyn, "Excellent. Your father could certainly do with some merriment, even if I know he won't dress up." He turns to Mabelle and starts to laugh outright, betraying any attempt he was making at looking serious.

Nadine, an adorable bearded puppy arrive, following Jael.

"Why won't Baron Norwood dress up?" Alessia asks Adalyn, a curious smile on her lips. "I'm sure you can convince him. I've seen the most serious of my family members dress -up- when pressed." She chuckles.

As Kedehern comes out carrying a field tent, there is an arch of Shae's eyebrow at her husband. "A tent, really?" Is all she says about that, "Hey Alix," reaching out to pet Kedehern's dog, who gets greeted happily by Daegmund.

Ryhalt chuckles as Thorley 'retreats' then grins widely, wading right in with, "Look, I mean I think Duke Cristoph's outdone you with the flashy category today. I'm very shocked." Probably more at what Cristoph's wearing than what Mabelle's wearing!! He grins even more widely. "Ask for a bag ban at next Peers Assembly. If I live that long." He nods to himself.

Jael isn't bringing much to the table in terms of night wear but she looks appropriately weary. She's also accessorized with a baby curled in a sling against her chest, and neither of them are wearing slippers. Stifling a yawn with the back of one hand, "Hello everyone," she greats the crowd on her lawn.

After hearing that Cristoph has ordered more of the same attire, there is a whittle giggle from Nova before she step-and-SQUEAKs her way to the tulips.

Rowenova has joined the soft grass by a tulip patch.

Zara _does_ look at Mabelle, turning a full moment to rest her eyes, and her manner eases. Her habitual reserves settles over her shoulders, a mantle of dignity and calm, and it is with sincerity -- and perhaps some relief -- that she tells Mabelle, "You are, in fact, quite lovely, Lady Mabelle. I would expect nothing else." But then she has to look back at Cristoph. She metaphorically clutches that metaphorical calm a bit closer. She looks ever so slightly glazed. "In several colors. As gifts for others, maybe? Distant relatives?" Who live DISTANTLY?

"Just in case it rains..." Kedehern states back, as if that makes perfect sense. Sure, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and they literally lived in the Laurent Estate, but still. "Besides, if you set a lantern inside it when it gets dark, it makes this nice glow effect."

Colette sees Jael and approaches her happily, also giving her niece a smile in greeting.

Adalyn snaps her fingers upon hearing Cristoph's comment, looking momentarily distraught. It's an exaggerated sort of face she pulls, though, making it clear she's just being thoroughly dramatic. "I should've had some bee slippers made for him and matching pajamas as well. Surely if his adoring daughter went through all the effort, he'd be obligated to try it on. An opportunity missed!" She sighs heavily, turning to Alessia with a twinkle in her eye. "Ah, are you telling me there is hope yet? I must learn your powers of persuasion."

"I'm planning on having a set just like this one made for you, Princess Zara," Cristoph tells her expansively and with a broad wave of his arm. "But all in Valardin colors. With some little dragons on the back of it?" It's a very generous offer! Hearing Ryhalt's voice, he turns in a place and lifts his chin. "Duke Farshaw! It's been an age. Thank you for coming to my house."

Mabelle curves her lips at Cristoph and Zara, altering glasses between them, she assures the Princess, "I canceled those orders. Like a moment ago", she nods, certain. "Thank you for your kind words, Princess. You have been well? That is an exquisite robe, I must say, I like way it falls upon you". Ryhalt's commentary gets him a fair warning, "You are putting all our business endevours at risk. Be aware". Jael's enterance with a baby gets her a smile, "Cousin", she then wonders, "Where are all our rowdy cousins? Naka?", pfft. Rowdy, "Klaus, Eiran? I was certain they would be here"

Shaking her head a touch at her husband's response, "But there are a bunch of paper lanterns already," Shae replies, "that's just a fire hazard, what about the otters, Kedehern? You can't put them in danger like that." A little huff there a him. Perhaps if one didn't know the two it might seem all to serious. But theres was the slightest crack of a grin on her lips.

Nova sits down by Shae and pulls off her awful slippers, giving them one last final squeak between thumb and forefinger before she sets those down with a hearty laugh: Northern style. She quiets down, though, becoming conversational.

"Colie," Jael says cheerfully when Colette approaches, offering her a careful half-hug that avoids squashing baby Nora. "Hi Belle," she adds to Mabelle with a smile. "I would pay a lot of silver to see Naka acting rowdy."

"Princess Zara." Alessia greets the Valardin, more formally. "It's been a while." Then her lips curl. "I think the most experienced of models can certainly pull off that style." She affirms. "You could, Mabelle." She smiles.

Kedehern squints his eyes at Shae, there. "...No tent then," he huffs, though there's a cheerful glint in his eyes. Perhaps he's just happy to have an excuse to not have to set up the tent, after all. He plops to the ground, and looks around a moment. "...What is that... Thing... That Cristoph is wearing?"

Mabelle grins at Jael, "You and me both". She peeks at Alessia entertainedly, "I could. But would I?"

Nova cracks up again after Kedehern's comment about what Cristoph is wearing.

Laughing at Mabelle's warning, Ryhalt grins widely. "Can't have that, I'll behave." So as not to get strangled by a handbag, self-preservation, mostly. As Cristoph greets him, he nods in agreement. "It has been. Good to see you, too, even if a bit outlandish like this. Thank you for inviting us."

Jules makes his way over generally towards Colette and Belle and gives a bow to all those around them and seems generally cheerful, "My ladies and lords." He says cheerfully and eyes about with a general look of unease.

Norwood is... so late. So very late. He's also NOT dressed up for the occasion, meaning he's wearing nice normal clothing. He even is wearing Queensguard. His hands are behind his back as he walks in with an impassive look upon his face.

Zara freezes. To ice. She's carved of it, cold and remote and struggling to claw her way to courtesy. C o u r t e s y. "Oh," she says, a bit faint. "That's very kind of you, but you really needn't. I'm sure there are others in need." Perfect. She's quick to turn her attention, averting her eyes from Cristoph's feet for the future. For forever. "Thank you," she says to Mabelle, her voice warming as she inclines her head. She pushes her feet out from beneath the hem of her robe: slippered, in patterns of scales more suggestive of armor than dragons, but _also_ that. She is not wearing socks. She is not a monster. She eyes Alessia's feet, too, at the greeting, before her eyes lift. The warmth lingers in her voice as she says, "And good evening to you, as well. You put a very great deal of confidence in the power of a model."

"Yes, exactly. Mabelle could certainly pull off this look. I'll make sure to un-cancel the orders and definitely have one made for my cousin as well." Cristoph is a horrible terrible troll for a hobby, apparently. He casts a well-humored wink in Alessia's direction before he drinks from his glass and turns back to Ryhalt, "You're always welcome to stop by for tea sometime, if you wanted. Or you know, coffee. I keep some on hand."

Colette waves to Jules happily, "'allo Master Jules. 'ave you met my sister?" She gestures to Jael.

"JAEL." Adalyn's voice is raised to carry over the din of the crowded surroundings as her eyes lock upon the Laurent. "It's been ages! And is this the beautiful infant with the most enviable name?" The Clement begins to wind her way through the crowd, evidently content to attempt conducting a shouted conversation at Jael even while she moves to close the distance between them. On her way toward the Laurent, she spots Norwood and waves enthusiastically. "There you are, Papa! What, not even a robe?" she asks teasingly. She has little room to talk, considering she's not decked out in true sleepwear either.

Sir Floppington gets up. He pads and wags his way over to meet up with Kedehern.

"Well there's no use in a gift going to waste." Alessia says, nudging Mabelle. Though at Cristoph's words, she feigns horror, placing a hand over her mouth. "Oh gods, what did I do?" She grins when Zara gives her slippers a glance. "No socks. I didn't want to draw attention away from the center piece." She watches the many headed snakes with affection, like they're her pets.

Mabelle winks to Ryhalt, "You'll Bee-have". She greets Jules as he approaches her, "Master Jules, you are well? Did you try the cake? It is so moist and yummy!". She wiggles her fingers to Norwood and grins at Zara, Alessia and Cristoph in unison, "I'm flattered, but I do not think I own socks. So there, it is settled." She peeks at Cristoph for a moment, smoothing her puppy themed slip and trying to think of a way to let him down GENTLY, "Good! I am collecting clothes for the shelter in the lowers", she hides a grin, which goes even bigger when Cristoph offers Ryhalt coffee.

"I like your nightgown, Belle. Perhaps I should have worn my dog blazer. Though I suppose that's not nightwear. Ugh, Cris, why?" is Jeal's typically sisterly response to Cristoph's getup, whether or not he's close enough to hear her. Nora burbles to herself in her sling, head wobbling as her blue eyes try to take in the sights. "We have not met," the elder Laurent notes when Colette points Jules out. "ADA! Hello, yes, I'm so sorry...I have not been fit for company until fairly recently." Jael gestures at Nora, the explanation for her recent unavailableness.

"No." Norwood replies staunchly, eyeing Adalyn with the 'duh' laying unsaid in the air. When Adalyn speaks up he is caught by the word socks, and THAT has his eyes going slightly bug-eyed. "Lady Mabelle." Yes, he is getting offended okay, "Socks are the //proper// attire when one wears boots."

Mabelle quips quickly to Norwood as if intimidated for a moment, "I wear stockings!". She then glances at Kedehern and informs him, in a lamenting tone, "He's scarier than you"

Ryhalt does well to catch the laugh when Cristoph says Mabelle can carry off the look he's in, turning it into just a suspicious series of coughs. Life and profit is on the line here. He even makes a finishing touch of grabbing for a drink to 'cure' his 'scratchy' throat. After he's drunk, he smiles to Cristoph and says, "I would like to do that. I've heard you got different types of honey in the past year, I believe? Can see if it's something we can make a new blend with for the Espressions."

Jules is about to answer Colette's question of whether he's met Jael when he startles at Adalyn's calling out for her and gives a soft laugh, he allows Jael and Adalyn to have their greeting. After Adalyn is diverted by her father, he turns back to Colette and says, "I have not yet met this one my lady." He says and then bows to Jael and says, "Jules Fabron, your servant." His smile broadly given. He looks over towards Mabelle and says, "I have not but I do so love moist and yummy things, I must eat something!" He states cheerfully. He then adds, "It is interesting to know what people wear to bed."

"Norwood!" Cristoph calls to the man when he turns up. "Do you like my slippers?" He's wearing slippers and socks, Norwood. Like some kind of... something. Some in this room might call him a monster. When he hears Ugh, Cris, why? from his sister, he busts out laughing. Whatever is going on here, he's having a good time of it. He definitely enjoys Mabelle trying to get out of it, covering his mouth briefly to hold back more laughter. He sobers up enough to reply to Ryhalt, but he's just barely serious. "Yes, well. Every years honey is a little different from the year before, that's the way of things. I'd like that, I can give you some samples as long you promise not to set them on fire."

Eventually, without the slightest fanfare, Thorley can no longer be spotted in the background of the festivities. In the place where he sat, however, can be found a simple bottle of citrus-flavored cider brewed in Sandreef Point. Can't just show up at a party without a gift, right?

"What is this I've been hearing about exploding honey?" Alessia suddenly turns to any Laurent who will listen.

Jules just diminishes at the mention of exploding honey, cheeks red and he slinks back a bit.

Cristoph is overheard praising Zara: Princess Zara is a wonderful, graceful sport about terrible fashion.

A bit belated, Mabelle's gaze land briefly on Jael, "Dog blazer? female..blazer?", the fashion choices in this family alarms her. She glances communicatively at Zara and then back to Jules as he disappears with the note of flammable honey, "Oh some people found it useful. I mean, if you have no other choice and its in hand, you might as well save yourself. Maybe in the future we will make cake and explosives, expends the industry", she teases Cristoph.

1 Malespero guard leaves, following Beatrice.

Adalyn casts Norwood a most convincing pout, but the effect is thoroughly spoiled by her short attention span. Focus quickly flickers back to Jael as she smiles and waves her free hand at her, wine glass still clasped in the other. "Oh, of COURSE. No need to apologize. I only missed seeing you. Are you adjusting well?" Her gaze shifts briefly toward Alessia, then to Jules, her lips twitching with a barely suppressed grin.

"Hrumph." Yes. That's the sound Norwood makes at Mabelle. And he peobably would have responded to Cristoph more than with a SCANDALIZED GLANCE, except someone is asking an important question. "HONEY IS NOT EXPLOSIVE." Not yelling, just emphatic. However his tone modulates itself, "Flour now. That is quite explosive."

"Oh, flaming coffee." Ryhalt rubs his sidewhiskers like this is actually a good, viable idea. "We could call it the Flaming Bee." This is why someone else names things. "Sounds like a perfect fall or winter blend." He grins to Cristoph. "Probably won't actually set it on fire. Burning coffee, not the greatest. Unless you like that flavor. Guess there are those types out there."

'Ugh, Cris, why.' It's like music to Zara's ears. Her eyes close. The evening brightens. "I'm glad you could join, Lady Jael. That's such a lovely sheen and color and--" Lack of socks. A lovely lack of socks. She glances over at Cristoph, looking from him to Norwood, and she might be gently, gently pleading as she says, "Baron Norwood, you're quite right that socks are appropriate to boots, but boots are seldom appropriate to bed." It's simple math. Looking from Norwood to Cristoph, her eyes narrow. The humor is implied. "You can always rely on Laurent to make a statement." There's no insult in the words, whatever her despair for his fashion choices -- but her eyes _do_ tease.

Zara is overheard praising Laurent: Such a ... brave ... statement!

"Well met, Master Fabron," Jael says with a smile that shades puzzled when he reddens and slinks, and her attention next falls on Mabelle. "No, it was...Norwood's maybe? It's very nice, dogs embroidered here and here." She gestures to more or less either side of Nora. Then, "Gods almighty, Ada, I feel like I haven't slept in a decade. But at least she doesn't seem to have inherited my temperament." She wiggles her bare toes in the grass. So freeing! "Good to see you again, Princess Zara."

"It IS flammable, however!" Kedehern adds to Norwood's proclamation, from where he sits with Shae, Amari, Rowenova, and an awful lot of dogs. "But yes, flour can be quite dangerous! It's why you don't bring fire into a grain silo, after all," he says with a stern nod.

Mabelle Hurmphes back at Norwood, then hides for a moment behind Alessia. Spotting Daegmond she beckons him with a whistle to fluff his ears, "Hello, sweet dog that saved my life". She sneaks him a treat and suggests to Ryhalt, "You can do it just for the show, flame it and maybe add something spicy to the mixture". She explains, "I like the name". Jael's blazer explanation is recieved with relief.

Although she might be wielding a fork in one hand (her left) and petting pups with her other hand (her right), with a well-piled plate balanced on her lap; Rowenova looks up from where she hangs out with Amari/Shae/Kedehern when Norwood talks about Honey not being explosive. Then, before she knows it, a pupper nose is in her food plate. "Aww, Brimbar! Hah! Can I let her have some, or... is that bad?" For now, until Shae says otherwise, Nova lifts up the puppernosed plate!

From over in the grass and tulips, where Shae and others: Kedehern, Amari, Rowenova, sit. Shae's voice is raised, "BRIMBAR! NO!" Some sort of commotion, with hungry puppies. An exasperated sigh, and Shae shrugs a touch, "It's fine... she just, thinks all the food is hers... pretty sure one of her legs is hollow."

Cristoph looks between all the different people talking about things that can be set on fire. "Why do you all know so much about flammable objects?" He sounds momentarily a little CONCERNED.

Rowenova checked intellect + alchemy at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Jules whispers something back to Colette and then he smiles to Jael and says, "It is a pleasure to meet you Lady Jael. I know a few members of your family and I am fortunate for it." He states and then shifts his eyes over as the talk of flammable honey continues on. He does jump though as he hears Brimbar being chastened but then draws his attention back to the company at hand.

Mabelle quips to Cristoph, "Its how we get rid of lovers", she talks for everyone. She doesnt do it. No.

"I haven't tried to set fire to honey." Alessia comments, draining her glass. "Yet, anyway." Before adding. "Not that I would dream of using /Artshall/ honey for such a thing." She says, aloud. She turns to Mabelle who hides behind her. "See, I told you I'd be your protective uncle." She gestures to the liquor at Cristoph's words. "There are a lot of flammable objects in this very room. Be /very/ afraid."

"Because you put me in charge of a realm full of elves and BANDITS." Norwood is going to reply to Cristoph before moving towards Jael. "May I?" He wants to steal Nora for a moment.

At Mabelle's whistle Daegmund hops up from his spot in the grass to walk over to her. Sniffing and then giving her hand a friendly lick. Tail wagging happily, but all serious and knightly like. How Oathlands of him.

"You're setting them ON FIRE?" Cristoph asks, squinting at Mabelle from where he stands. He downs the rest of his glass of wine. Then when a servant passes him he gets another one. He turns to Norwood and grimaces before offering, "The bandits aren't that bad. You mostly got rid of all of them!"

After getting the okay from Shae, Nova lets out a little laugh and forks off a good glob of her plated food to the green grass below. She sectioned off the puppernosed parts, so she chows down on the remaining bites on her own plate. Betwen bites (politely chewed and completely swallowed, of course), she says, "Lady Alessia is quite right, there are many. So many. We could even mix a couple things for extra immolation."

Ryhalt nods to Mabelle's suggestion, but ends up laughing at Cristoph's question. "Well, it took this long to discover that honey is an ideal weapon when on fire, so... it's just the start, really. Maybe you should have someone alter your outfit to have flames around the bees." Is helping the outfit become (in)famous!

"I am glad you made it to Cristoph's sleepover," Jael tells Jules, no she is not taking any credit whatsoever for this shindig, and then deftly extracts Nora from her sling and hands the infant over to her namesake. "The only thing worse than an elf is a bandit," she quips.

"Also stubborn mules and garden hating mustangs," Shae adds to Norwood's words about Duskshire.

"Perhaps their setting the things on fire, and Norwood is just finding out afterwards," Kedehern remarks quite helpfully to Cristoph. And then, "For myself, Duke Arn was a great lover of using fire in war, and so I've quite the education. Denying the enemy, and all that, don't you know?"

So many other doggos! Sir Floppington not only indulges in human-gifted pets but also nose touches to the other doggos who would like to touch noses, too!

"No body, no evidence." Alessia swivels to Mabelle. "Are you prepping yourself to become Minister of War for your house, my lady?" She asks with a grin. Then to Rowenova. "We'll never get invited again." She winks.

"Hasn't inherited your temperament?" Adalyn echoes Jael's words. "Ah, well. Then there's your silver lining - maybe all your sleepless nights are happening now rather than when she's older and getting into mischief of all kinds." ALL KINDS. Not that Adalyn would know anything about that, of course. She smirks at Norwood's response to Cristoph.

Colette watches the goings on grinning behind her glass

Mabelle grins at Alessia, "Is this because I failed the sister auditions? Either way you are hired". She blinks innocently at Cristoph? "Me? Setting people on fire? I am a sworn physician! Besides, there are more humane ways to get rid of lovers". She laughs at Ryhalt's commentary about flaming bees and beams, "I love it! Especially if it will no longer be blue!". She leans hushedly to Alessia and mumbles, "Love, not war"

Norwood has a Nora now. He doesn't need sleeping clothing when he has a Nora. Expert handling go, because there's no 'parenting' roll. "Do I hear you disparaging my mules and mustangs Shae? Because I will ask Cristoph if you can be dispatched to assist." Like Cristoph isn't right there. It's fine. Adalyn gets called out to, "I am SURE they would like Shae, yes Adalyn?"

"Actually, she probably would," remarks Kedehern, helpfully. I mean, they were animals after all. Had Norwood never met his step-daughter?

Nova grins back to Alessia then looks over to Shae with some curiosity about the mentioned mules and mentioned mustangs. Then, she shifts her cobalt gaze toward Kedehern then Norwood. "Do tell of your mules and mustangs!" says the curious scout! Kedehern's comeback brings a laugh to Nova but a quiet one because she soon forks another bite.

"No, she barely fusses at all. Perhaps she'll be a brilliant scholar, like her father." Though Norwood has Nora, Jael still reaches over to smooth the reddish fluff of down on the infant's head. "Then again, he's an explorer as well. So long as she doesn't run off into the woods to be a bear, I'll be content." She cracks a grin. "And so will Uncle Norwood."

Jules has apparently been whispering back and forth with Colette for a moment and then turns his attention back to the area around and randomly states, "I do think I love dogs quite well."

"I'm trained for both." Alessia says to Mabelle with a shrug, no elaboration. "Gold beads. Around the bees." She adds belatedly to Ryhalt's comment on flaming bees. "That should definitely get the effect you're looking for."

"They loved Brimy, I can charm them with Brimbar again," Shae calls back, cheerfully in fact. A grin there at her step-dad, and then she gives a secretive smile, the sort sisters might share when up to no good, toward Adalyn and a wink. Looking to Rowenova, "Oh, Baron Norwood's land, has some wild mustangs, a while back a group of us tried to round some of them up. They were /very/ spirited." Shae shares with Rowenova. Meanwhile, Daegmund is hanging around Mabelle, which means others around her get friendly sniffs and greetings from the tall and noble hound. Wandering over to say hello to Jules, as well!

Mabelle checked mana + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Norwood checked perception + survival at difficulty 36, rolling 7 lower.

Alessia checked perception + investigation at difficulty 36, rolling 21 higher.

Jael checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

"They would LOVE Shae," Adalyn answers with utmost certainty, a firm nod directed toward Norwood as she gestures her agreement with Kedehern. Catching Shae's eye, she flashes her a conspiratorial grin and winks right back. It's that sister connection. She cracks an amused grin to Jael, sneaking a sidelong glance toward her father as she considers. "Oh, you know he'll go charging after her to save her without a second thought. But having a new generation of spirited girls to have to chase after would probably age him twice as quickly."

After Shae explains, Nova ahs softly. "That must have been a fun quest to do." Then, she ultimately agrees with Adalyn, "She is very lovable; they so would."

Ryhalt gives a very definite not to Alessia's suggestion for gold beads around the bees. "Fantastic idea. Make it shine even more. Someone might even be able to figure out how to make the flames sparkle like fire. Make the bee wings move. Why go bland when you can go bold?"

The baby gets one last snuggle, but then Norwood has to hand Nora back to JAel. "I'm afraid I can't stay very long, but I should get home." Cristoph will get bowed to, because that's how things are suppose to be done, and Jael, ADalyn, and anyone else who wants them gets a nice warm clasp/hug as they choose, and then he's going to have to go with a backwards, "Adalyn, get someone to buy that long eared spotted nosed mule before I have to make him into glue." And then he's gone.

Must be standing there in a nightgown, but fatigue seems to have dawned upon her. She hides a yawn behind her fingers and apologizes to Cristoph and the rest of the guests, "This is lovely, cousin, friends, but I think my slip is demanding to fill its calling". She gives a few kisses here and there. Cheeks, on cheeks. And while others expect her to go to her bedroom, she instead climbs up the treehouse to find comfort there. Its a slumber party after all.

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound, Steadfast, a dunskin stallion courser leave, following Norwood.

Mabelle has joined the a comfortable wooden treehouse.

There is a snort as Shae over hear's Adalyn's comment to Jael, "Do you think his hair and beard will be stark white by the end of it all?" Shae asks back to Adalyn, sadly Norwood had already left. But, "He doesn't mean that, he loves that mule. I know it."

Mabelle has left the a comfortable wooden treehouse.

Maple, a brown golden retriever, Toffee, a fluffy pomeranian, 2 Laurent trained guards, Cupcake, a cookie girl, Truffle, an energetic mountain puppy leave, following Mabelle.

Some servants are going around, collecting little slips of paper from the people throughout the party. Then eventually they end up in Cristoph's possession. He's stopped asking people about sitting things on fire, though he remains disturbed, guys. "Oh, hello everyone! The voting for best slippers is in. And it seems like the party believes Lady Alessia's are the winner! For her fine fashion choices, we have this pillow!"

"It might age him twice as fast, or the running around could keep fit as a fiddle, in spite of it... I suppose only time will tell?" Kedehern muses, there.

"Of course he would," Jael says to Adalyn, tucking Nora back into her sling as Norwood relinquishes her. "I think all those gray hairs on that side of his head-" gesturing vaguely at the departing man, "-were caused by me. And those by you, and those by Cris-" More gesturing, then she burbles a laugh at Shae. "Yes, and sticking straight up."

Nova cringes slightly after Norwood's talk about the glue mule before then calming down with a relieved sigh after Shae's response to Adalyn! Then, "Congratulations, Lady Alessia!"

Returning Mabelle's kiss, Alessia smiles fondly. "Sleep tight." She takes another glass from a server. "Indeed, with fire opals, gemi---" She begins, clearly taken by Ryhalt's idea for a bee themed garment, before her attention shifts to the honey duke. "Oh." She raises her brows, before beaming. "Thank you." She takes, the pillow from him, eyes glittering. "There was /stiff/ competition, so this is truly an honor." She cuddles the pillow close.

This was probably the best-worst party Amari could have attended. Practically the moment she's wrapped herself up in her blanket and her head hits her pillow she is -out-. She's gone straight to Snoozeshire. Thankfully she doesn't snore, or isn't yet, but this leaves all the socializing duties to her dogs, and her goat. Sadly, none of them are great conversationalists. Barf, in fact, just goes to sleep at her feet while River sniffs around and looks for trouble, and Marigold starts trimming the weeds.

Ryhalt turns his head as Cristoph gets their attention. He smiles widely to hear the winner and claps for Alessia.

"Oh, incredibly lovable," Adalyn calls to Nova in agreement. The topic of Norwood's future aging process seems to draw careful consideration. "Perhaps a mixture of the two," she decides, her eyes tracking Norwood's departure with a fond look. "Perhaps he'll be the fittest gray-haired man in all of Arx." She laughs at Jael's remarks, giving a knowing nod. "So long as it doesn't begin falling it. Then I suppose we'll have to calm down our antics considerably." Christoph's announcement prompts applause from the Clement. "Congratulations, Lady Alessia, sleepwear fashion icon."

"Don't worry. I bet that mule has gotten into his vegetable garden again. He'll forgive him eventually," Adalyn asides to Shae, sounding more hopeful than certain.

"I suggested that we eat the mule once, you know," Kedehern shares. "He didn't take it very well. No, he loves it to death," with a nod.

"That mule is as stubborn as he is, he loves that mule." Shae says with no doubt at all. "Besides it getting into the gardens just gives him something to be grumpy about." Smiling fondly. At the announcement of how has won, "Confratulations Lady Alessia!" Shae calls out.

"Poor bald mule-tormented Baron Clement," Jael sighs dramatically, tucking one arm around the bundle on her chest. "Congratulations, Lady Alessia!" And this brings a querying peep from the sling. "Ah. I had better feed her. We must catch up properly soon, Ada." And she pads in barefooted splendor back towards the Manse, never to return. Look, y'all don't want to camp with a 3 month old.

After the truth about the mule emerges, Nova cannot help but to smile more. After cleaning up her whole plate of whatever food had been there, doing so with Brimbar's help (and maybe a few bites to Sir Flop, too), Nova rises up. "Now, for a snack before sleep." Did she just not eat a whole 3/4 plate full?

Kedehern would pull a blanket over Amari at least, and then he'd start getting some ready for Shae and himself. A whistle, and suddenly Daegmund and Alix are tasked with keeping Marigold away from the Blood Orchids. That done, the pair of Kedehern and Shae no doubt pass out.

Ryhalt as the exciting part of the evening wears down, he takes another stroll through the garden to relax, probably will come back to sleep, later.

Since Amari is asleep, Nova pads over to the food table, doing so WITHOUT the squeaky slippers which are 'god' awful. Maybe, literally so? Walking barefoot, doing so with the direwolf fur flowing whilst scantily clad underneath, the hangry scout finally pauses before the food table once more.

Kedehern has left the soft grass by a tulip patch.

"Is that going to be a thing, now?" Alessia asks Adalyn with a teasing smile.

Shae has left the soft grass by a tulip patch.

"Undoubtedly," Adalyn answers Alessia with the flash of an impish smile. As the slumber party seems to be shifting into the 'slumber' portion of the night, she finds a comfortable spot to settle and tucks her hands beneath her head to stare up at the stars.

3 House Mazetti Guardians leaves, following Alessia.

Rowenova has left the soft grass by a tulip patch.

Amari has left the soft grass by a tulip patch.

Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat, 2 Keaton Huntsmen, River, a happy Oakhaven bloodhound, Barf, the Bog Dog, Bandit, a dapple gray Duskshire feral leave, following Amari.

Rowenova drops grey slippers - with not only a distinct squeak with every step - but also something seriously wrong going on.

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