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Lady Jael Laurent

You can do no more than you can, but I will accept no less.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Steel-Spined Warrior
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Laurent
Gender: female
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 29
Birthday: 5/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: summer blue
Skintone: tan

Description: Jael's features are a little too fine, a little too sharp. The strength of her jaw suggests determination and will. The black eyebrows are sharply defined over her eyes, blue and clear and often glittering with wit and focus. Slim but wiry, her grace is that of a frequent rider and archer. Her lips are thin, her mouth often set hard. Her rare smiles light her face with a candle's warmth, flickering and warm. Her hair is long; loose, it cascades to the blades of her shoulders in a shimmering cloud of midnight black, but most often it is kept braided elaborately into crowns or twists of hair, swept back and up away from the planes and angles of her face.

Personality: Fierce and impatient with a riotous temper beneath the sturdy veneer of her duty and pride, Jael learned in early adulthood to control herself and to manage herself with discipline ... but there are times that wild warning can flash behind her eyes and there are moments when it is easy to look at that fine-featured face and imagine literal smoke huffing from her nose as she controls the urge to breathe fire. When her ambitions are blocked, she has the will and intensity of an oncoming storm, and woe betide whatever stands in her way. She is passionate, fiery and energetic; she takes herself very seriously and she will be damned if everyone else doesn't as well. That said, Jael has a low taste for shocking people and has it in her to swear like a soldier in a barrack more than like a young lady of breeding and diplomacy. Oh, also, her sense of humor is terrible. She effing loves puns.

Background: Jael has a serious case of sibling ribalry and it's the kind of thing that is life defining. Her sister was best at everything and everything that her sister wasn't the best at, her brother was the best at. It led to a childhood of being unusually tempestuous, and parents -- and nannies, nurses et al -- who kept trying to find different ways to channel Jael's impatience and rage into something more constructive.

Arts and crafts did not cut it.

Jael was a wild child. She broke discipline and ran out into the woods and fields all the time when she was young. Unfortunately, even in the civilized center of House Laurent's territory at Artshall, running out into the woods is a really bad idea. The first time she ran away from home to live in the woods and become a baby bear -- this didn't work -- it was worth a knighthood to the beekeeper and woodsman who brought her home. The second time, she was a teenager in the high dudgeon of a tantrum, and it took her brother and a squad of armed men to bring her home. She was 17, and too young to fight as a soldier in any man's army, but not too young to be forced into an unofficial squiredom to the knight who had rescued her years before.

Jael learned to control her temper. She learned to control her impulses. She learned not to run away from her problems, most of all, but to face them head on. So it was that she strode into the office of her brother, the Voice, and demanded -- at the age of 21 -- that she be given something -- anything -- constructive to do.

So Jael began to train with the scouts. She began to study with the Seraph of Artshall. She began to grow and learn and blossom into a woman of stubborn will and derring-do. And when her brother became the Duke instead of the Voice, she had earned enough trust with him that he gave her wings to fly with, and made her his Voice as well as his heir. Let's see what she does with it.

Relationship Summary

  • Cristoph - After years of bitter rivalry, a much beloved elder brother.
  • Cassandra - Still my sister, no matter what.
  • Aeryn - Dear little sister even if she's clearly a changeling.

  • Friend:
  • Tyren - You were my anchor.
  • Name Summary
    Aeryn Hasn't changed. Not one bit! Okay maybe a little, but she still puts a smile on my face and a skip in my step. Thank you for being my big sister, Jael. It wouldn't be the same here without you!
    Alessandro Voice of Laurent -- and easy to see why. I was certainly glad of her presence on the journey.
    Amund Voice of Laurent. Dutiful. Good sister to the Duke and more importantly, a storied warrior on her own.
    Bliss It's always lovely to meet an Oathlander who is interested in having fun in life and taking things a little less seriously. I'm sure that many of my friends would be less than thrilled with her attraction to bees, but I rather like this one. She's got a charm to her that reminds me of the simple joys of life.
    Cahal A graceful and knowledgeable Lady of the Laurent. She shares my interest in the Furyborn. I look forward to working with her.
    Clara Damn can that woman eat some cookies!
    Cristoph Jael has been busy attending her duties in Artshall for close to a year now. She's returned to Arx, likely at the behest of our mother. It's good to have her back in the home again. With every member that joins us in the manse, the place feels a little less empty and more like home. I'm glad to have her back.
    Drake The Lady certainly throws herself into a challenge with gusto! I'm quite impressed with her enthusiasm.
    Ectorion Skilled and nimble, lasted longer than the rest of her team and fought with honor and dignity.
    Kedehern My niece, technically, but she's always felt more like a cousin, since we're so near in age. She's got a good head on her shoulders, brave, but with a sense of humor. I rather enjoy her company, really, when I get the chance.
    Luca I feel a little bad that I might have scared her a touch. There's a lot happening beneath the surface of Arx. Unfortunately, now she's aware of just a little of it. To her credit, what I think was nervousness didn't seem to last for long. We'll make a Champion of her, I'm sure ofit.
    Margerie Her sister may take after me more, but Jael - ah, that spitfire. She'll may be reckless enough to stop my heart, but she's glorious enough to warm it.
    Miranda Cristoph's sister. Hmm... The Duke is quite the character, makes me wonder if it runs in the family. Time will tell, I suppose!
    Monique Not the first time we've met, but the first time, I think, I've seen her surrounded by her family and looking so very much at home, cracking jokes and poking people with forks. It's really nice.
    Naka Met this cousin again recently in the gardens. Good discussion and no contraband animals. I'm glad she serves as General of our forces.
    Norwood Spunky and energetic, having Jael back in the city is like a breath of fresh air just swept by. There will be no more dull moments with her about.
    Nuala A superlative hostess with a proper sense of humor will always be a welcome addition to the social scene. I've found her easy to warm to.
    Reese A great racer and promoted by my sister!
    Sunniva She has not changed one bit from her youth. Probably less likely to get into trouble from day to day but trouble still finds her. Energetic as ever though she reminds me so much of what I loved about living with the Laurents. How many days did I follow her exuberant spirit? Not enough.
    Tyren Lady Jael Laurent is intelligent, witty and good-humored. I think she'll make a tolerable wife.
    Valerius Threatening siblings at a birthday party. This feels very familiar.
    Zara She seems to have a clever sort of sense of humor. I await her report on the Laurent stones.
    Zoey Seeing her sampling some of these concoctions people are making leads me to believe that she is either very brave of have a stomach made of iron.