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Mudwrestling Pit Showdown

Princess Marian Redrain and Lady Monique Greenmarch are inviting the citizens of Arx to get a little dirty by stripping down to their tunics and breeches, and wrestling in the mud. Matches will start with the warchief herself, but as the evening goes by, the winner last man standing will bring home a purse of 100,000 silver. There are no restrictions in classes, just clean fighting without any weapons. <<OOC Note: this is a non-lethal room so contestants will only leave with damage to their pride.>>


Jan. 2, 2020, 2 p.m.

Hosted By

Marian Monique


Aksel Merek Verity Rosalind Gerald Ras Martino Alarissa Gawain Sebastian Silvio



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Northlands Arena - Mudwrestling Pit

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Comments and Log

Princess Marian Redrain strides into the gathering wearing simple garb, just a few minutes to spare. She grins at the gathering crowd and gives a sweeping smile to all those present. Her clear, strong voice calls out, "Thank you all for coming tonight for a bit of mudwrestling." She motions to the bar that's full service in the back, "We have spirits for those that need a bit of courage." She motions to the ring, "A venue to have a bit of sport." She nods to her sister, "A lovely host to call out the contenders." She slips off her sandals and gets in the ring, her predatory green eyes searching the crowd, "A mighty warrior to bring down." She raises her fist to the air, "All the makings of a great evening my friends." She pounds it on her chest, "Now are there any among here who wish to fight me?" She arches a brow and searches the crowd, "Any that wish to win the 100,000 silver prize?" She motions back to her sister, "Now let's get in line and see who wants to take me on first."

Aksel has found him a nice barrel to lean against. His arms folded across his bare chest, as he waits for the event to commence. While he is shirtless and not wearing boots for that matter, he does wear a pair of pants that are loose and look to allow for free movement. "I'll take you on, but don't care about the prize. You can donate it for all I care." Aksel calls out pushing away from the barrel.

Aksel has joined the line.

Merek makes his way into the place with his dark attire on, shifting around to look about, then he settles in while he considers, he will participate it looks like as well.

Merek has joined the line.

Rosalind has joined the line.

Verity Locke does not look like she's dressed for mudwrestling, wearing a fashionable but sturdy errands-about-town dress and a bit of horse-themed steel jewelry. Luckily, she's not planning to do any mudwrestling, so her choice of outfit is a wise one.

Instead, Verity sits in the benches, hands clasped together and eyes widened with excitement. There is a nervous energy in her that, even sitting, she looks like she might leap directly up.

"This is so bizarre," she says to another nearby audience member. She raises her hands to gesture defensively. "I mean good bizarre! I like bizarre."

Johannes, A tall and red cloaked gentleman, A slightly embarrassed courier called Guido arrive, following Martino.

Rosalind comes running in, red hair flying behind her. Is she late? She hopes not! Mud? So up her ally. She goes to kinda wait patiently, somewhere where there's lots of people.

Monique is very clearly not dressed for mud wrestling. Or for movement at all. But she is dressed to stun in her corset gown of star iron, with its panels of delicate seasilk and adornments of a trio of gorgeous dawnstones. She flashes a bright, brilliant smile to her sister as Marian climbs into the ring. "I would do it, of course," the Greenmarch teases, "but for the possibility of getting mud on my outfit." At Aksel's pronouncement, she adds, eyes sparkling, "Must be some other reason you wish to grapple, hm?"

An older gentleman, dressed in well-made, but also well-loved linens and leathers makes his way into the arena, whistling a jaunty tune. In stark contrast to his simple garments, however, a platinum Duke rolls back and worth across his knuckles. Brilliant blue eyes consider the arena and he offers deep bows to Marian and Alarissa. Casually, he wanders towards the benches, offering those present a pleasant smile.

Verity receives a nod and a warm smile. "Should be interesting," he says, in a rich, folksy baritone.

Marian gives a deep laugh as surveys the first couple contestants to get in line, "Aksel, my old friend. You would challenge me?" She stretches a bit, and wiggles her toes to get the mud squishy beneath her, "Well then my friend, you are the first to meet my challenge so come, enter the ring." She motions to him with her fingers, "I should warn you that my skill was hard won as a youth against men just as big or not bigger than you." She lets the others know, "As each winner takes challenger in the ring, they become the mountain that others must climb. This isn't just a one fight and win scenario. Those who beat me, take on the next challenger and the next till they fall."

"Interesting," says Verity, seizing on the word with satisfaction. "That's what I was looking for. Interesting."

She glances down at the coin Gerald is toying with, and then gives the man a sly smile. "I'm Verity Locke. A pleasure to meet you. Are you an avid watcher of sport?"

Ras has both hands kept in the pockets of his leggings as he wanders into the vicinity of the pit from the ampitheater's marble hall. He doesn't appear familiar with the area, and wears a warily shadowed expression under a furrowed brow. His hood is down, but his shoulders are hunched in something of a skulk, and he makes his way around the outskirts of the crowd towards the benches. Finding a place to sit, he nods to both Verity and Gerald, then appraises Marian and the mud pit.

Stepping in through the main Redrain gate, the Malvici Lord Martino pivots on his toes to remain as far away from the mud-filled centre as possible. Directly aiming for the benches to climb the stairs for the highest position. Leaning aside, he murmurs, "Best view up here." But dripping through his voice is a clear lie. Mud and Brocade does not mix.

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Alarissa is most certainly not here to wrestle, saffron seasilk and charcoal brocade would be ruined. But the Princess Consort none the less has found a hopefully safe mud free place to sit or is making her way toward one.

The older man waves to Ras, offering a nod and a warm smile, before looking back to Verity. "Well, it's rather vigorous, all in all," Gerald says, chuckling. "A reminder of one's youth. Gerald Wilkerson. Merchant extraordinaire, traveller and storyteller." His smile turns into a grin as he adds, "Some of them are even, occasionally, true." Yep! That's a wink alright.

"For the first round," Monique steps into her role as announcer, "the exceptional Sword of Stonedeep, Master Aksel Nygard, versus the Voice and Muscles of Redrain, Princess Marian! Keep it as clean as possible, you two," she adds, moving carefully towards the stands to mingle, and clear of the splatter zone.

Verity catches sight of Ras while glancing between Gerald and the wrestling pit. She wiggles her fingers at the youth in a sprightly greeting.

"An untrue but entertaining tale is still entertaining, no?" says Verity, with a sparkle in her icy-blue eyes. That's a special level of perkiness.

She returns her attention to the match as the combatants are announced. "Who do you favor? I do not know either, but I admire Princess Marian's style! I cannot help but cheer for her."

Aksel moves towards the ring when called a slight grin upon his lips. He drops to his knees once in the mud and draws up some in both hands and wipes it upon his face. His lips move in some sort of silent prayer or offering or some weird Northern ritual. That takes done he rises and flashes Marian another grin, "Let's see if I have what it takes then," with that he's stalking towards Marian.

Marian grins as she watches her opponent get into the mud, and offers her own prayer to the gods before meeting Aksel. The two warriors come head to head, Marian not at all put off by his larger size. She attacks with the ferocity of a bear, moving in to try to take him down. Her bravo is short lived when Aksel gets a good move on her, almost taking her to the ground as she manages to slip away before he pins her. The dark muck clings to her tunic as she growls, "Good shot Aksel."

Ras leans forward, elbows on knees and chin planted between knuckles, to watch the ongoings. "Only ever seen Aksel wrestle before," he says towards Verity without looking, though he keeps his eyes on the match. "But Marian's strong and tough, at least with a sword." Titles are eschewed as carelessly as mud is thrown in the pit, apparently.

Rosalind watches the ring and grins at Aksel. She knows instantly who she is cheering for as she finds herself inching closer.

A fleeting crease of Martino's sharp green eyes welcome Princess Alarissa as she seeks a spot on the benches to the side. "Princess-Consort. A delight to see you." Bowing his head lower before those eyes turn to watch once the ring once more, a slight smile to the distant Verity. Trimmed eyebrows lift up as he watches Aksel and Marian move and strike.

It's all a flurry of moves. Bodies coming together, trying to find purchase and an advantage. Bodies sliding off each other as they slip this way and that. Neither seem to gain much of an advantage, that is till Aksel is able to get Marian into an arm bar of sorts, trying to take her to the ground. Unfortunately it's just enough to stagger but not take her down. He gives her a wink, the mud on his face dripping from a brow. He doesn't respond, just going back to trying to press any advantage.

"There is that," Gerald replies, nodding to Verity. He reaches into his belt and draws out a flask of what appears to be wine, taking a long swallow. "I don't really know either. So, whichever is most entertaining, I would suspect." He grins, before slipping the flask back into place. Well, he starts to, before looking back to Verity and Ras. "Drink anyone?" he asks, brows rising and falling.

Of course, he's then looking to the brawl, grinning slightly. "Ah, to be thirty years younger." A wry chuckle follows.

"Fighting with swords is only sometimes like wrestling, when there is too much plate," says Verity to Ras. "We shall see--"

She cringes back as Aksel gets a telling maneuver in on Marian, but then she claps and cheers all the louder for it. "It's not over!"

Somewhere, she finds a moment to notice Martino and smile back across the crowd. A perceptive one, she is. Her attention is stolen back by the offer of a drink. "I will! What is it, or should it be a surprise?"

Marian winks at Aksel when she manages to get out of his hold, and the wrestling continues. As much as the warchief tries to get a solid hold on Aksel, her fingers keep slipping against his arms and chest as she doesn't fine purchase. Her growl of frustration can be heard by the crowd, "You're a slippery one." For a time it seems like neither will get a solid move until Marian slips on the mud and leaves her guard open, allowing Aksel to slip in. She groans as he takes her again to the mud but the warrior isn't done yet. She once again slips his hold.

What is to say about wrestling at this moment? It's a whole lot of grappling and a whole lot of moves and counter moves. Several times it looks like Aksel has Marian in some sort of hold, only to have her slip from his grasps. In what seems like forever, Aksel finally lands some wrestling move. A bear hug this time. However they are both slippery and she easy breaks the hold and he let's out a soft laugh, "I'm slippery? So are you." There is a lot of mud being thrown out, so at least that's good.

"Marian's tough and strong with /everything/," Monique asides to Ras as the Greenmarch approaches, sparkling and entirely, unapologetically out of place. She doesn't sit, of course. That would be impossible in a beautiful cage of star iron, but she does tilt slightly, for intimacy's sake. Her green eyes slide to Gerald, and her brows pop. "Wiser, you might teach them a thing or two," she adds to the man, and then echoes Verity's cheer. "Remind me to tell you the story of the time Marian dodged the Oathlands guard and ended up... well, later. I'll tell that later."

Champion, a large Oathlands Vanner, Josiah, in a backwards shirt arrive, following Gawain.

Alarissa looks over to Martino when he takesa seat, watching as mariana dn Aksel roll around, her former sister in law going down. There's a gasp from the Princess who calls out. "Take him down Marian!"

Ras gives a slight headshake at Gerald, focused on the pit and the two opposing each other within. He straightens from his forward slouch to look up at Monique standing there in that crazy dress and blinks at her thoughtfully, then bites his lip without saying anything. A slight nod follows the previous slight headshake.

"Wine," Gerald says, nodding to Verity. "Good wine. Setarcan red, I think. A gift from someone I helped arm," he notes with a shrug. "It's nice to help out, now and again." Grinning, he relinquishes the flask, before looking back to Monique. A bit of a chuckle follows and he says, "Oh, a thing or two, perhaps. If I'm not getting a little foggy with age."

Rosalind perks and lifts her hand, hazel green eyes not removing themselves from the mud,"Who said a drink?"the tall pleasant redhead grins. Rosa watches Aksel and Marian, getting muddy, grinning broader,"Comeon Aksel!" Wait--booze!

Having left his horse outside with one of his guards, Gawain has made his way to the mudwrestling pit out of curiosity when word got around. He takes a seat in one of the close benches, considering the prize. "Is this the tournament I donated money for, or is that a different tournament? I can never keep up with these things!"

Verity finds her cheering joined by an equal voice, and so it is easy for Monique to draw the dark-haired woman's attention away from the wrestling for a moment to hear the teasing start to a tale.

"I'll listen to any story about a woman as daring as she! I'll buy the drinks for you to tell it with vigor, if you'd like."

She takes a drink from Gerard's flask, makes an appreciative sound, and then hands it back. "Helping each other out is a wonderful thing," she says. "I will keep you in mind as the helpful type in case I am ever in need."

A low laugh touches Martino's breath as Alarissa calls out for Marian. Nodding, he lifts to his feet for a moment to applaud her on. "Marian can... do it!" A slight furrow from his forehead as chants are not quite his thing and back to seat he goes.

Marian growls to her supporters, "I'm working on it." Working she does as she tries to get that large man in a hold. However, her speed might keep her out of his grasp, it does nothing to give her leverage on him. She moves with fierceness that shows just how much energy she's using to try to take this man down. But none of her usual techniques are working. Once again she finds herself in a hold that she manages to break from, "My aren't making this easy for me."

Either these two are really good, or they are really bad. It's hard to really tell with the muddy mess the pair seem to be making. One thing is for certain, every time one finds a hold or an advantage the other seems to know exactly how to counter it. Aksel finally finds another hold, going for a leg, for a moment he has Marian teetering, but she once again slips away. "If I made it easy we wouldn't be friends, would we?"

The open bar at the back of the arena beckons, for all the thirsty fight-watchers. Monique herself takes possession of a glass of whiskey, saluting Verity. "Any time, any place. I never turn down a drink, Mistress...?" she trails off, searching for a name even as she cheers on the fiercely fighting competitors. To Gawain, she adds, "I suspect it might be a different tournament,

The open bar at the back of the arena beckons, for all the thirsty fight-watchers. Monique herself takes possession of a glass of whiskey, saluting Verity. "Any time, any place. I never turn down a drink, Mistress...?" she trails off, searching for a name even as she cheers on the fiercely fighting competitors. To Gawain, she adds, "I suspect it might be a different tournament, my lord."

Marian tells Aksel with a gritty laugh, "If you made it easy for me, I'd have to take a sword to you." On that note, Marian starts to improve now that she's had a chance to see how Aksel fights. She gets him into a lock with her legs and tries to bring him down into the mud. Then her next maneaveur to get through is a lock on one of his arms and she tries to twist and get him off his feet.

Rosalind blinks at the ring, half tempted to persuade one with alcohol. Is that cheating? She thinks so--making a quick turn, Rosa makes a quick break from cheering to get a glass of whiskey. Hurrying up the stands, the tall Ravenseye searches for a drink. Not that hard, right as she accidentally bumps people along the way,"Sorry. Pardon me." A smile on her freckled face.

"Well, I still like the concept anyway! Why can't our wars be mud wrestling?" Gawain idly wonders as he crosses his arms, looking over at Monique. He squints. "I've been very drunk lately. Don't I know you?"

So many passes, so many broken holds. So much mud getting kicked up. If you like defensive battles, with counters to counters to counters then you are in a right place. Aksel, though seems to be faultering a little, allowing Marian to get her moves in. He stumbles a bit with the leg lock, but his strength is undeniable and he's able to wrench free. The arm bar seems to have stunned him a little and he steps back rotating it a few pops heard. "Nothing broke," he winks and nods. "I've tasted your sword, we'll have to see if I've gotten any better since the last time. But first, you're going down."

"Ah! My apologies." Verity inclines her head to Monique for lack of being able to curtsey while seated. "I am Verity Locke, a servant to Count Philippe Blanchard." She waits a beat, and then gestures at Gawain. "His uncle."

That explains the flowery Oathlands accent, at least.

"I will seek you out sometime after all this excitement is over and hear all your tales."

"You're welcome," Gerald says, flashing Verity a grin. Looking towards Monique and Verity, he says, "I see an open bar. Perhaps that might be a better place to observe from?" His grin is a pleasant thing. And then, he is rising to head in that direction. Verity gets a wink, Rosalind a flask and he's off finding some more wine.

"All the best stories start with 'I've been very drunk lately'," Monique opines with a wicked glint to her green eyes. "I'm sure we've met a time or two, Lord Blanchard. Lady Monique Greenmarch," she introduces herself to both Gawain and Verity. "And I'll hold you to it, Mistress Locke. Anyone who dresses with such style is someone I wish to know better. Your hairpins, are they Dame Ida's work, or another talented crafter?" Her breath is stolen a moment as the fighting in the pit intensifies.

The battle rages on between Marian and Aksel who are well matched against each other. Marian pushes him back to try take him to the ground, only to find herself at his mercy. She growls and pushes her way up, turning the tables back on him but once they break apart neither are able to get a solid hold on the other. Marian the whole time is smiling because despite the frustration of not landing a solid hold, she's having the time of her life.

Slipping and sliding, things have certainly gotten into a groove. Back and forth quick as bunnies, neither wanting to make a mistake. Somewhere along the line, however, Aksel's attack has shifted not from one of attack and counter attack but rather more pressing. Marian had gotten a few holds in that has left Aksel staggering a bit, but he's able to right himself and presses on wards. Oddly even as heated a wrestling match they are having they don't seem to be tiring.

Alarissa watches still, standing to join martino as he does, her right hand coming up. "Stop playing about Marian. Finish it! This is not a Valardin tea party!

Ras chews the inside of his lower lip. He glances towards Gawain once, then after Verity and Gerald. In the end, the conversation in the bench area doesn't seem to interest him at all close to as much as the slippery back-and-forth in the pit. He leans forward again to study the fight, without cheering for either.

Having a flask thrust in her hand, Rosalind grins,"What's this,"bringing it to her lips anyway. Looking over to Alarissa, Rosalind gasps at The woman,"Bets Aksel wins!" Checking on him aside. Finally drinking from the flask, her hazel green eyes get bug eyed but she swallows. Ew. But politely smiles. Yum.

"Not yet at least! Someone bring me a drink!" Gawain shouts, then nods at Monique. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you. You should definitely dig deeper into the depths of Mistress Verity, she's a spirited woman!"

Ras checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

"I am sure I will find my way to the drink soon, since you have given me a first taste," Verity says to Gerald, with a roguish grin.

She turns to Monique and raises a hand to touch where her hairpin is holding her hair in place. "It was Brother Felix Meadson, the kind man. I wandered into his shop to ask after his experience in working with alaricite on behalf of Lord Gawain. After some conversation, he made me this pair to show me how a decent set of hairpins can be a courtier's defense against, ah, certain problems. Arx is sometimes dangerous, you know?"

But the fighting intensifies! Verity almost rises from her bench as she cheers for each passionate maneuver.

"Get your own drink or drink your own piss," Ras grumbles towards Gawain, needlessly and immediately rude at the sensation of someone yelling to be waited on in the proximity of the benches where he sits.

Gawain looks around, not immediately spotting who it came from. But he shouts anyway, "I'd drink my own piss, but unfortunately your mother appears to have a monopoly on the supply!"

Marian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 8, rolling 96 higher.

Marian remains capable of fighting.

Marian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 169 higher. Marian rolled a critical!

Marian remains capable of fighting.

Marian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 45, rolling 152 higher. Marian rolled a critical!

Marian remains capable of fighting.

Marian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 49, rolling 20 higher.

Marian remains capable of fighting.

Aksel checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 4, rolling 62 higher.

Aksel remains capable of fighting.

Marian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 50, rolling 40 higher.

Marian remains capable of fighting.

Marian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 53, rolling 22 higher.

Marian remains capable of fighting.

Aksel checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 10, rolling 27 higher.

Aksel remains capable of fighting.

Marian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 58, rolling 12 higher.

Marian remains capable of fighting.

Marian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 71, rolling 4 lower.

Marian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 37, rolling 63 higher.

Marian remains alive, but close to death.

Marian is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Ras slowly turns his gaze from the dramatic climax of the battle in the pit, missing the exhausted finale, and stares hard at Gawain. He has an A+ glower.

Merek settles about to wait and watch.

The fight is over before Alarissa can place money on Marian. But there's a serene smile for Rosalind as Aksel comes out on top. Btu her attention returns to Martino and the murmured conversation they are holding.

"Mmm... next time Princess. Shall we, then, on the next one?" Martino's sharp green eyes crease as he and Alarissa hushedly chitter away from the mud. Fingertips pointing to the purse carried by Alarissa.

One brow rises at Ras's comment and he shakes his head, but goes for a bottle of whiskey, arranging for a glass to be called for it. Of course, then, there is the nature of the battle in the pit and Gerald claps loudly. "Here, here!" He's grinning easily then.

"I can spare the coin." Alarissa agree's. "What will I do otherwise, buy more brocade? I think I keep Iriscal's March financially afloat just on my brocade orders alone."

Monique laughs at the quips being traded all around but her eyes are riveted to the mud pit and the valiant struggle being played out there. "Oh, I think it will be Aksel... no, it's definitely going to be Marian... but wait! Now Aksel has the upperhand... but look at Marian rally! Blessed gods and spirits, I can't even begin to tell!" cries the completely-expert commentator.

As the pair got tired, there were able to land more significant holds on each other, sapping each others strength and resolve to continue. But Aksel doesn't quit and neither does Marian. Back and forth the pair each able to bring the other down, but not able to gain much of an advantage. However, Aksel finnaly is able to slip around Marian, his large arms wrapping around Marian in a classic sleeper hold. She beats on him, to get free but the hold is sure and he doesn't let go. "Go to sleep, my dear friend. Go to sleep." He says in a soft soothing voice easing her down as he blocks air to send her to sleep.

Rosalind loudly cheers for Aksel, a big smile on her freckled face. She looks over at Alarissa, her energy contagious,"Hi! Lady Rosalind Ravenseye. Ros or Rosa though!"

None one can claim that Marian does not fight with her heart. She keeps wrestling through the sweat and grim in her eyes to try to pin her opponent. However, the fates are not on her side in the end and Aksel finally takes her solidly down into the mud. She finally has to yield with a groan as the man pins her in a hold that she can not get out of. There is a deep chuckle after she concedes, "Fine you bastard..." The blackness comes as the mighty warrior takes her out.

A shocked gasp touches Martino's voice instantly at Alarissa's words before his fingertips touch light upon his chest, "Princess Alarissa! One does not jest on that? I thoguht it was my own spending keeping them afloat." A wry twist of his lips before sharp greens angle back to the mud as Marian steps out of the mud. "Coin or... gossip. You know we trade on that as well."

Verity /does/ stand up as the struggle begins to grow dire for Marian. She cheers for every time Marian forges onward in the face of adversity, but! Alas! Aksel proves the lord of the mud this day! (For now.)

Verity falls back onto the bench, clapping, because ultimately it was a valiant showing for both competitors.

"Such endurance from them! I can't imagine how they must feel after such a contest. And now he must defend against another?"

"I would like to buy food for Princess Marian, she is an intense fighter. Mistress Verity what do you think Uncle Phil will think of giving her an entire horse? To ride, not to eat. This is separate from the food." Gawain clarifies, staring at the aftermath of the fight rather intensely.

The bought has left Aksel winded it seems he rolls onto his back in the mud staring up, his eyes not focusing on anything above. "Shhhh." he tries to call out bringing a finger to his lips in a shushing motion. "Marian is asleep. Let's not wake her just yet."

"Lady Rosalind. Princess Consort Alarissa Thrax." She introduces herself before offering her right arm to Martino so they can go over to Rosalind and join her. "Then clearly, we both are single handedly responsible for their financial good fortune. Though the new lace from there, I do not know if I will be using. I'm not terribly fond of lace." Marian's downf or good and Alarissa smiles. "She's the only one who has bested his Grace one on one. Same thing happened. Both fell, trading blows. Hard heads the both of them."

Marian is overheard praising Aksel: Fair fight. Awesome win!

"Mmm, it suits for summer but nobody wants to see a mostly bare-chested Malvici Lord due to lace shirts." Martino's fingertips aid Alarissa to feet before they climb jointly step down to greet Rosalind. "Lady Rosalind." Martino's head bowing to her before a wry twist of his lips follows, "Perhaps it is... something in the blood."

Ras narrows his eyes at Gawain, knits his brow, and gives a glum scowl. He finally diverts his attention, realizing that the match is over. Surveying the state of the pair in the mud, he glances once towards the line waiting next to the pit. There's a moment of perplexed quiet from him as his frown fades, and he scratches the side of his head as if trying to remember something, briefly touching the feather in his hair.

Is there a flicker of concern, perhaps of ire, in Monique's eyes as her sister blacks out on the combat field? Immediately, the Greenmarch is calling for the stretcher and the medics to take the field, to tend to Princess Marian, while she herself, after confirming that the Redrain is more or less fine, announces, "And the winner of that first and mighty bout, Master Aksel Nygard, Sword of Stonedeep!" She applauds the warrior, lifting her glass to him. "It doesn't seem fair that he must fight again after that, does it? But fight, he will! Our next challenger, Sir Merek Black, knight of the Lyceum!"

Gawain is overheard praising Aksel.

Gawain is overheard praising Marian.

Several servants in Redrain livery come forward with a stretcher to take the mighty warchief to the side. The Mercy on hand looks over Marian, giving her some smelling salts to bring the princess to. She wakes after a few moments, a bit groggy but it's clear that Marian is no worse for wear from her fight with Aksel.

Merek stands up while he takes to the mud pit. He doesn't look like he's the brawling kind of person, so it probably will be easy to match him. He has on his black pants with wraps on his feet that offer no advantage besides to protect the soles from the floor beneath the mud.

"I believe 'Uncle Phil' would be happy to furnish a valiant woman with an equally valiant horse, if you frame the situation properly to him," says Verity to Gawain. She leans in to stage-whisper: "That is, do not make him think you will use the gift to, ah, accost her. Romantically. She may break you. He will only frown, though."

Aksel manages to raise his head and lets out a groan. "I guess I signed up for this, eh?" Slowly the northern warrior rolls and pushes himself up off the ground as attendants starts to attend to Marian. He bows his head in respect to her as he tries to catch his breath. He stretches his arms this way and that and a loud pop is heard with he cracks his neck. He gives Merek a nod of his head. "No time like the present, yes?"

"I would never think of accosting a fair lady with a horse!" Gawain suddenly defends, scandalized and in utter shock!

Rosalind settles next to Martino and Alarissa, her northern accent thick,"Nice to meet you both,"her leg thumping as Aksel's name is called again. Followed by Merek's. She gets excited again as she asks,"Are you from--where are you from?"the naturally inquisitive woman asks.

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Watching Marian rise, Gerald's eyes widen and he offers a respectful bow of his head, before taking a long swallow of the whiskey he has gathered. A grin is shot Verity as he hears the banter, before taking a long swallow of his whiskey. He raises the glass then, once to Aksel and once to Marian.

Aksel wastes little time in grappling with Merek. He seems to have found his 495th wind and manages to move fluidly from one hold to the next. An arm bar here, a leg tackle there, he even attempts his sleeper hold early on but, Merek is more then up to the task of slipping free. It's not all rosy for Aksel however, as Merek places Aksel in a series of moves and counter moves that has Aksel stumbling and reeling.

Merek nods a bit to Aksel, then he takes a moment to stretch, while he shifts forward with his thin frame to swing into wrestling with the man. He is managing to match with him for a bit, spinning around to shift his feet and try to roll the man into the mud, evenly matching with him though with an advantage to Aksel towards the finish of the first exchange. It's fast, the knight using his style of fighting which looks Velenosian, subtle maneuvers, it's more agile than using his actual power.

'Five thousand on Aksel." Alarissa states as they settle, a look to Rosalind. "Born Grayson, married Valardin, married Thrax." Offering up. "And then, well, Malvici." A lift of Martino's arm with her good one. What remains of her left all be lays against her side.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 1, rolling 55 higher.

Merek remains capable of fighting.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 2, rolling 60 higher.

Merek remains capable of fighting.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 16, rolling 47 higher.

Merek remains capable of fighting.

"Mmm, I shall go the other way Princess Alarissa." A slight crease of Martino's eyes before turning his chin to welcome Rosalind, "Princess Alarissa this is, of Thrax. And I am Lord Martino Malvici. Voice of the House. Husband to Lady Kaia."

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 18, rolling 169 higher. Merek rolled a critical!

Merek remains capable of fighting.

Rosalind hushedly tells Alarissa with a grin,"Deal!"

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 22, rolling 41 higher.

Merek remains capable of fighting.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 45, rolling 93 higher. Merek rolled a critical!

Merek remains capable of fighting.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 46, rolling 31 higher.

Merek remains capable of fighting.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 50, rolling 64 higher. Merek rolled a critical!

Merek remains capable of fighting.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 51, rolling 24 higher.

Merek remains capable of fighting.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 59, rolling 28 higher.

Merek remains capable of fighting.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 60, rolling 6 lower.

Merek checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 28, rolling 48 higher.

Merek remains alive, but close to death.

Merek is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Merek maneuvers in with agile movement to Aksel, swinging him into a series of counters, then he's bested back, taking a moment to look into the hold, while he then makes his way from it. Another, and another, for some reason he keeps managing to keep in the fight. He is covered in mud while he takes a moment to motion to the opponent, "Let's finish this." He knows he will be bested, but he gives his all.

Around and around. Aksel never let's up on Merek. The Northern warrior presses whatever vantage that he finds as he starts to wear the other man down and tire him out headless of whatever Merek seeminly wants to do. There is a stubborness about him that wasn't there with Marian a single minded focus in bringing down Merek as fast as possible. "As you wish," he growls out when Merek makes his call. Aksel feints one way and slips around behind Merek much like he did earlier. His arms wrapping itself around the others neck and head in that classic sleeper hold move. "Nighty night, Sir Merek. Pleasant dreams." he whispers to the other man as he lowers him to the ground as Merek drifts off to the land of nod.

Marian is bruised and battered; however, she gets her facilities back and orders a few buckets of water to douse herself while the fight continues on the otherside of the screen. She then has a servant bring her mead and then makes her way out to the action to catch the last few minutes of the battle. She whistles for Merek's fortitude, "Aksel is destroying him but that man keeps on standing." She claps her hand against her leg for her protege, saluting his second victory of the night with her glass, "Fine job!"

For some reason, Ras looks like he was rooting for Aksel during the fight with Merek. When the Northern warrior defeats the knight, there's a fleeting flash of a grin and he leans back on the bench, a palm settling to each knee.

Verity claps spiritedly at the conclusion. She leans over to Ras, already wearing a lopsided grin. "After that last performance, it is easy to admire him, isn't it? Though you may have a prior cause as well, I think."

Merek is bested, eventually he wakes back up when taken from the mudpit on the field. He does settle up while he takes his time to lean back.

"Mmm well placed bet there Princess Alarissa. Care to double on the next go?" Martino's voice hushed with Alarissa and Rosalind in circle, sharp green eyes turning to Rosalind to ask, "What of yourself? Or you next to enter the ring?"

Merek is overheard praising Aksel.

Merek is overheard praising Marian.

"Im going to go in the ring too, and if it's against Aksel, my bet would still be on him,"Rosa answers the Martino with a easy going nature. Realizing she still has a flask with what must be wine, Rosalind impishly slides into Alarissa's lap. Sharing is caring!

Aksel is obviously thirsty and takes this moment to exit the ring and saunter towards the bar mud dripping seemingly everywhere as he moods. He snatches up a bottle of whiskey offering a gruff, "Excuse me," before he pulls the stopper with his teeth. He spits it to the side as he makes his way back into the arena, drinking from it as he goes. "Who's next?" He asks with a tilt of his head and offering the purloined bottle to whoever is his next challenger.

"I don't -admire- Aksel," replies Ras to Verity, maybe a little too defensively - it's very likely that he does indeed admire Aksel. "I just don't like Merek." Apparently then he notices that he's speaking too loudly, and clears his throat. Lower, he mutters, "He thinks coins can make shit better." His eyes might hold a glimpse of contrition, but not enough for any apology, nonverbal or no. He pulls a stubborn expression and looks back to the mud pit.

Marian is overheard praising Merek: His fine try against the might of Stonedeep.

"What an amazing round!" Monique choruses, applauding Merek and Aksel's bout as the latter emerges the victor once more. "Both fought with incredible willpower! And once more, the Sword of Stonedeep emerges victorious! And we have one final challenger, unless others wish to rise to the feat," does she look directly at Alarissa there, "the Lady Rosalind Ravenseye, defending the pride of the North, the wild woman herself!" Another toast given, another glass lifted, as the bout is called.

Verity giggles, genuinely so, and poorly hides the giggling behind a hand loosely placed over her mouth. She does not seem to mind her reaction being public.

"Oh, that is a common thing for people to think. It is always amusing when they run into someone who thinks differently."

Marian lets out an encouraging call to Rosalind as her name is called to join the ring. She raises her glass and takes a sip.

Leaning to Princess Alarissa's stronger side for a moment, Martino murmurs hushed to her, "Princess Alarissa. A delight, as always, to see you at these events. I shall have to take my leave after this spar with the Lady Rosalind." Bowing his head easy, Martino's eyes crease as he cheers on Rosalind with a low rumble in his chest. "Go on Lady Rosalind." As the fight goes on, Lord Martino watches before quietly turning to take his leave.

A flash of red hair that is Rosalind comes flying down from the stands,"That's me!"the tall Ravenseye woman says with a grin, energy galore. For now.

Aksel takes another swig from his whiskey and places at the edge of the mud pit before turning to look towards Rosalind. He draws in a breath causing his broad chest to puff a little and he rises just slightly appearing for a moment much larger then he was before. He lets out that breath and he's 'normal' again. "You aren't going to make me cry, are you?" he flashes a toothy smile towards Rosalind. "I'm ready when you are."

"I lay double, but this time on the Lady Rosalind." MOnique looks to Alarissa and she shakes her head. "I challenge you to go against her Lady Greenmarch. Or are you not brave enough to let a lovely northerner trounce you?"

Rosalind grins at Aksel,"Always,"hopping in the mud already

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Ras sneaks a sidelong glance at Verity, vaguely appreciative of her amused reaction, and then refocuses on the coming match between Rosalind and Aksel.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound wakes up.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound have been dismissed.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

"Goodness, Princess Alarissa, you say that as if Marian doesn't trounce me soundly /constantly/," Monique quips back to Alarissa, flashing a teasing smile. "But, I'd certainly face a Crownlander-turned-Oathlander-turned-Thrax, if someone could find us a suitable set of clothes."

Gerald watches the fighting and various banter with a grin, taking another swallow of his own whiskey, looking to the currently undefeated victor of the wrestling match. An eyebrow is offered as he looks between Alarissa and Monique. A casual stroke of his chin follows, as if amused by something. Clearly, he is pondering something.

"If someone can find something suitable." Alarissa states, faintly rolling her eyes

Marian takes a deep drink of her mead and watches what might be the final match of the night. She throws an encouraging word to Rosalind, "Use his size against him..." She leans back in her chair, not being drunk enough yet to chase the pain from her bruises and worn muscles away.

It's another back and forth afar. Aksel looks to be weary of the whirling dervish that is Rosalind, not allowing her to get close enough to land a grapple but not pressing things either. He does manage to snag her arm in one go and put an impressive arm bar on her, but sadly Rosalind is able to slip away.

Figured she would circle the man first, get a feel for him. Why? No idea, shes been watching him. She darts at him finally, mud flying but missing. He instead manages to get her but the tall woman gets away with ease. Rosa looks at Aksel and grins, enjoying all of it. Hearing the voice of Marian, considers.

Monique's eyes are riveted to the match, to Rosalind and her whirling prowess, but she still has an ear for conversation. "Of course, Your Highness. Though one has to wonder how long people would wait for us to get changed. And who might guard the combined worth of our jewelry."

"As I said, if someone can find us something appropriate to wear. By the time this is over, we can surely be divested of our baubles." Alarissa calls over. "Lord MAtrino would surely safeguard mine"

"Mmm," Gerald says, observing the fight with a grin. "Hmm, perhaps, oh, a half million silver donate to the charity of the victor's choice in the next few weeks. Seeing as these most proper of individuals are willing to shed their expensive raiments on account of the event." He glances to Monique and Alarissa. His tone is casual, as one might say, 'pass the butter'.

"You could just wear nothin," Ras suggests casually (just as casual as Gerald's tone) towards the deliberating noblewomen, folding his arms and leaning back as he watches the fight. From the almost bored anticipation on his features, he seems to have predicted the outcome, and doesn't expect to be surprised.

Verity reels back from Gerald and Ras, hand to her heart, with comedic exaggeration.

Marian takes another deep sip of her drink. As the fight continues, her frown deepens and she mutters to no one in particular, "He's tiring her out..."

Ras' comment receives a raised brow from Gerald and a shake of his head. He takes another swallow of his whiskey, observing the dance and flow of the fisticuff duel.

"For half a million silver to say... AARG, I woudl surely dress in cotton and step into the ring with the Lady." Alarissa turns to Monique, brow raised.

Rosalind checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 10, rolling 43 higher.

Rosalind remains capable of fighting.

The exaggerated reaction from Verity makes Ras look over, and start to smile - but then he catches Gerald's disapproval and ducks his head in chagrin, glancing back to the fight just in time to see Rosalind land a hit on Aksel. Even though she's faltering, that widens his eyes faintly with surprise.

"Half a million silver, Master Gerald! My goodness, you must think me the equivalent of Princess Alarissa in worth, which, while flattering, is unfortunately untrue," Monique replies with a deft twist of her lips. "But for the joy of seeing Princess Alarissa in cotton, I think I could persuade my brother to front a quarter of a million from Greenmarch's coffers, should I lose."

Rosalind checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 12, rolling 30 higher.

Rosalind remains capable of fighting.

Rosalind checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 22, rolling 49 higher.

Rosalind remains capable of fighting.

"I bet I can take him!" Gawain finally speaks up after an extended time trying to get someone to find him a mug of rum.

Rosalind checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 60, rolling 4 higher.

Rosalind remains capable of fighting.

Rosalind checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 62, rolling 17 higher.

Rosalind remains capable of fighting.

Rosalind checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 68, rolling 19 lower.

Rosalind checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 35, rolling 12 higher.

Rosalind remains alive, but close to death.

Rosalind is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Aksel is a flurry of movements. Nothing showy or flashy. He is not a champion to wow the crowd. He is a man focused upon the task at hand and that is getting Rosalind either to the ground or into what seems to be his favorite submission move as of late. He seems to be working on wearing her down, tiring her out so he can slip behind her for the sleeper hold. He finally rushes her, using his much larger frame to take her to the ground. It's a mad scramble as he works to wrap his legs then arms around her head to start the process of putting her to sleep. "Sleep well, my friend." He murmurs barely audible as she slips to dream land.

Marian gives another round of applause for her protege as he claims another victory. She shakes her head in amazement and calls out to him, "It looks like no one shall defeat you my friend." She gives a sideways look to Gawain since he mentioned he might like to fight, "It seems unless another can challenge you and win, Aksel, you shall take the prize of 100,000 silver."

When, after a heroic and ferocious bout, the force that is Rosalind finally succumbs to the force that is Aksel, Monique applauds and calls out, "Our Champion, thus far, the Sword of Stonedeep, Master Aksel Nygard! Will there be no other to stand against his strength?" she asks, calling out for any further competitors, her green eyes avid as they scan the arena.

"Okay, I'll take him!" Gawain stands up, starting to remove his armor already.

Ras stiffens where he sits, watching Gawain. He glances at Aksel, then back.

"Oh, this will be spirited," says Verity. She recovered very quickly from her shock, probably to no one's surprise.

Rosalind tries--really. There's mud flying everywhere! She even manages to get mud in his face and well you know--But eventually Aksel prevails and beats Rosa into submission. Get your thoughts Unity! Even though technically they're dirty! She collapses, passed out for a few a few moments. After a time, her voice creaks and she. an. e heard,"Aksel the sleeper has awoken."(he wanted me to lol)

A grin follows and Gerald nods Monique and Alarissa. "Well, if that is offered, Lady Greenmarch, I shall add another quarter million in silver." He grins a bit more. "Good cause and all."

2 Pravosi Honor Guard, Intruder, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Sebastian.

The Redrain servants move to attend to Rosalind, bringing her out of the ring on a stretcher. The moan causes a few of them to smirk but then they get a serious face when Marian shoots them a look. She's taken behind the screen so the Mercy can see to her injuries.

"I see that you are," Aksel says looking down at Rosalind. Before rising to his feet to look towards Gawain. He studies the other man a moment, "Needed liquid courage to get into the pit with me?" He asks a glob of mud dropping from his brow. He brushes some off his chest sending it back into the pit with a plop. He stretches his arms again and once again cracks his neck. "Shall we?"

Stepping down through the rows of benches, Sebastian, with a tiny entourage in tow -- surveys the space. His brows go upwards as he sees a woman being removed from the pit on a stretch, mouth parting. "Oh, I see I've missed a most interesting bout already," comes his brief comment, a hint of aomething perhaps amused in sky-blue eyes, an odd reaction given the woman's state. His gaze tracks her until she's taken by the screen, before he steps downward, looking for a seat.

"Another challenger! Lord Gawain Blanchard, pride of the Oathlands, to face off against Master Aksel!" Monique announces, lifting her glass dramatically to signal the start of the newest bout. To Gerald, aside, she offers, "That is an offer I shall happily accept. Marian," she asks her sister, smiling beatifically, "do you happen to have a couple of cotton sheaths hanging around that Princess Alarissa and I might borrow?"

It would seem that Rosalie is out, Aksel's still in and Alarissa needs to divest herself of finery for a show bout with Monique. So it is that the blonde excuses herself from Martino's side so she can go do just that. "I've sent Maxene to the estate proper to get something appropriate." She assures the Greenmarch.

"I intended to simply get drunk and watch people covered in mud, but instead, I will dedicate this fight to Princess Marian, the Warchief of House Redrain! You're a very strong man, I can't rest not knowing if I can defeat you in a mud fight!" Gawain's rather ornate plate armor is laying in the stands, leaving him in a blue tunic and some simple shorts.

He flexes a few times before stepping into the pit, then points at Aksel. "I am Sir Gawain Blanchard, a man of no fancy title, but still a man of horses! I represent House Blanchard. The Blanchard horses, our beautiful Blanchard fields, and yes..." He raises his arms, flexing again. "The Muscles of Blanchard!"

"Fancy," Aksel replies giving a slow clap to the introduction. Then they are off to wrestling.

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Marian laughs deeply as Alarissa and Monique get ready for a show bout, "Now that should be interesting." Then she turns her eyes back on the ring where Gawain is soon to join Aksel. The Oathlander's galantry is note with a raise of her glass and a deep drink. She turns to Aksel and teasingly tells her protege, "Drive him to the mud my old friend!"

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, Pellinor, 3 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, Elegance, a Velenosian Greyhound, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Tracker, a Kite of the Cloudspine leave, following Alarissa.

Champion, a large Oathlands Vanner wakes up.

Josiah, in a backwards shirt wakes up.

Still covered in gobs of mud, Rosalind makes her way out from behind the screen, a slight limp. Finding a spot to sit up front, Rosalind sits with a loud SQUISH! Yep! Still supporting friend here.

"Did I hear talk of a bout between the Princess Alarissa Thrax and Lady Monique Greenmarch?" Sebastian murmurs, as he finds a seat a row behind Marian, settling in. "If I -- I have perfect timing, even if I do say so myself." He leans forward, eyes flickering over the two competitors stepping into the ring with interest. Rosalind's return earns a sidelong glance from the Pravus. "Seems like I already missed a show, however."

Champion, a large Oathlands Vanner, Josiah, in a backwards shirt leave, following Gawain.

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"Aksel's been beatin everybody," supplies Ras to Sebastian in a mutter, unasked. "You missed a whole line of 'shows'." He doesn't take his eyes off the mud pit, though, observing this recent match with a little more tension than before.

"You certainly did," Monique offers up to the newly arrived Pravus Lord, flashing him a smile as bright as the torchlight. "Almost as if you have a sixth sense for these types of things, Lord Pravus. I think this will be the last bout of the tournament itself, though. Look at them," the Minx whistles dramatically, eyes sliding back to the mudpit. "It's breathtaking."

Gawain has been fighting rather recklessly, focusing far more on showing off than fighting like a half intelligent knight. But when he finds himself actually getting beaten pretty badly, he pushes himself up from the mud, taking a few deep breaths, then he shifts his stance, preparing himself more like someone who can actually defend himself. "Alright, you're nothing to scoff at! It's time to take this fight seriously now!"

"I'm not sure how skilled my Lord Gawain is at wrestling, but he definitely has a horse's measure of stubbornness, which may account for something," Verity adds to Ras' assessment, equally unasked.

"And which one is he?" Sebastian asks of Ras, turning his gaze briefly towards the man, though it doesn't take long for him to determine that as the fight progresses. His gaze flickers over the broad-shouldered man in the pit with a lift at the corner of his lips. "I see," he murmurs, leaning forward to watch intently. Monique's answer earns a soft laugh and a sidelong glance. "I suppose it could be said I have a sense of dramatic timing, considering I'm rarely on time. But still --" his eyes quickly swivel back to the pit.

Marian shakes her head and gives a sigh, "He better get his head in the fight." She nods to Aksel that's in fine fighting form, "He's playing it smart. If something doesn't change, he'll easily win the purse." She takes a deep sip of her mead and then calls a servant over to get her another one. The mud on her that wasn't washed off by the buckets of water is starting to dry, giving her the look of a street urchin.

Aksel does not waste time with this new challenger, when it's given indication it's time to go, Aksel presses forward with a speed and flurry that he has not shown. Throwing caution to the wind, he moves quickly and without any wasted movement. "Taking things seriously has kept me alive all these years." He says to the lord, as he dances back and circles the other man, solely focused upon him. Once again the Sword of Stonedeep moves quickly and decisively, obviously trying to take down his opponent quickly.

Rosalind is covered in mud, in fact the only thing the familiar about her would be the hazel green eyes that look about. Seeing Sebastian, a man she doesn't even know anyway, she gives him a friendly wave. Mud dripping from her arms. BLOP! She turns to Marian and gives her bright smile. That looks actually whiter than usual. Rosa turns more to the fight, resuming back to cheering on Aksel.

Alarissa's making her way back in - Maxene diverging off to bring Monique a shift to wear. Divested of the seasilk and brocade, the stygian jewelry, everything. Not even the Thrax signet upon her hand. The left sleeve of the shift has been carefully pinned and the Princess Consort of Thrax settles back in to watch Gawain and Aksel.

Gawain slides back through the mud, falling down to one knee for a moment after an intense and muddy exchange. He quickly makes his way back up to his feet, crackling his neck. "Taking things seriously doesn't seem to be helping me very much! You must be an absolute animal in bed with the ladies! Am I allowed to bring my horse?"

He doesn't wait for anyone to answer, he instead throws himself right back into the fight, diving in head first.

Every movement Aksel makes is seemingly preparing Gawain for something. Every little hold or grapple he performs edges things closer to something. Aksel is razor focused upon his opponent, seemingly always one or two steps ahead of the lord. Even when Gawain manages to get Aksel into some sort of hold he's slipping away easily and quickly pressing the back into the attack. At Gawain's quip Aksel simply shrugs his broad shoulders, choosing not to respond.

"My lady," Sebastian leans forward towards Rosalind for a moment. "I think you missed a spot," he says, tone laced with amusement, as his fingers flicker towards maybe one of the few clean spots on the back of her hand.

Gawain checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 4, rolling 48 higher.

Gawain remains capable of fighting.

Gawain checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 5, rolling 37 higher.

Gawain remains capable of fighting.

Gawain checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 6, rolling 37 higher.

Gawain remains capable of fighting.

Gawain checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Gawain remains capable of fighting.

Gawain checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 16, rolling 12 higher.

Gawain remains capable of fighting.

Gawain checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 18, rolling 21 higher.

Gawain remains capable of fighting.

Gawain checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 21, rolling 14 higher.

Gawain remains capable of fighting.

Gawain checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 44, rolling 14 lower.

Gawain checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Gawain remains alive, but close to death.

Gawain is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Rosalind mentions aside to Sebastian, her large eyes on the fight,"Thanks!" She introduces herself with a pleasant demeanor, northern accent thick,"I'm Lady Rosalind Ravenseye. Ros or Rosa for short. Nice to meet you." The redhead--or usual redhead, gives the lord a side grin, as she shifts at her seat.

Verity gives Ras a conspiratorial look. See? Stubborn.

Ras bites his lip, glancing towards Verity and giving a slight nod. Something about him seems vaguely annoyed and on edge. He slouches back in the bench and fidgets restlessly with a patch on his knee, gaze tracking back to the fight as it reaches a conclusion.

Gawain goes down again and again. He is indeed taking this fight far more seriously than he did earlier, but not taking the fight seriously earlier enough is clearly showing its wear and tear on his body.

But still, he continues to stand back up, again and again, where most men would fall, or exhaust themselves. Gawain is like a bottomless pit of stamina and energy. It's not until he's finally slammed into the mud that his body decides that it is, indeed, human, and not a horse, and he falls unconscious.

Aksel starts to look tired. Really tired in fact, but the Northerner keeps pressing Gawain to find away to get the man to submit. Even as Gawain looks like he's started to pull through, Aksel grabs the Blanchard's arm and wraps his large arms around the Blanchard his hands locking at the wrists and starts to squeeze. "Submit," he growls to the man, his eyes intent as he stares into the others. Harder his squeezes lifting the man off the ground and dropping back into the mud to wrap his strong legs about Gawain. "Yield, before I break your ribs." he growls again, his legs tightening and squeezing. "Yield, dammit!" But the lord passes out and Aksel immediately loosens his grip.

It's a monumental battle of will and strength and as it goes on, Monique's breath catches again and again, each time Gawain falls but continues to get back up. "Goodness," the Minx murmurs, riveted. But as all good things, it must have an end. And when Aksel defeats his final challenger, the Minx is on her feet (not that she could sit, in her star iron corset), applauding. "Our /undefeated/ winner, the Sword of Stonedeep, Master Aksel Nygard! His prize is 100,000 silver, to do with as he wishes. Congratulations, Master Nygard, you fought with great strength and bravery and we salute you, and all the competitors this evening, who were /all/ exceptional."

Sebastian's soft laugh answers Rosalind's grin. "Lord Sebastian Pravus, my lady. You battled hard I see. He seems a tough challenger," blue eyes are back on the pit again as the men begin to visibly weary. His attention shifts mostly to Gawain as the man continues to stand up and fight, whistling low and appreciatively until the fight ends. "Well done, to both of you," he calls approvingly, clapping.

Sebastian is overheard praising Aksel.

Sebastian is overheard praising Gawain.

Redrain servants move to put Gawain on a stretcher to bring him to the Mercy behind the screen. Another set brings a chest to the edge of the pit and opens it up so everyone can see the 100,000 silver prize that he has won.

Verity fans herself with her hand. "I suppose that's my cue to go inform Count Philippe that Lord Gawain will require medical attention."

She stands to applaud for Aksel. A mighty feat deserves recognition, and she puts her spirit into it despite cheering for Marian earlier.

But, with a wave farewell to Ras, she makes her way down the rows of benches toward the exit.

Marian is overheard praising Gawain: For his fine effort

Marian is overheard praising Rosalind: For being the only other lady in the ring.

Marian is overheard praising Monique: For being a fine hostess

Ras presses his mouth into an almost satisfied line at the end of the fight, and glances after Verity with a farewell wave. He lingers for a few minutes before getting up from the bench, too.

Gawain is overheard praising Aksel: From unconscious groans.

Marian stands from her seat, ignoring the pain in her legs from her own fight with Aksel. She gives him a rousing applause for being undefeated tonight in the ring, "The Champion!" She raises her glass and takes a deep sip of the drink, "A fine match."

Rosalind cheers for Aksel quite loudly, a grin on her lips for friend. She leans over against Sebastian, perhaps unintentionally getting mud on him,"I tried to. And yeah he is. I'm going to have to get him to teach me,"the Ravenseye says fearlessly. "After I get him on a boat,"eyeing the champion.

Aksel is overheard praising Monique.

Aksel is overheard praising Marian.

Rosalind is overheard praising Aksel: champion mud slinger

alarissa claps, right hand making contact with her knee in celebration of Aksel and his win, a smile on her face.

Aksel rises slowly to his feet. He wobbles a little before bending over and placing his hands on his knees trying to catch his breath. His head tilts upwards and looks around, "No more. Spirits please no more." He looks about and while he is begging off there is a look in his eyes that if another should step forward he'd be willing to go. He does breath a sigh of relief when no one does and he staggers towards his whiskey that is covered in mud.

"Well fought and well won," Gerald says with a flash of a grin. "A most entertaining bout, I must say." He raises his glass in Aksel's direction, before taking a long swallow.

After the announcement of the winner, the presentation of the award money, there's a moment where Monique is nowhere to be found. When she re-emerges, it's in a plain cotton shift that matches Alarissa's, devoid of all her dragonweep and finery. Her flame-bright hair has been spun up in a loose knot, and she has smeared two lines of mud beneath her eyes, war paint.

Tertius, Third of Monique's Assistants have been dismissed.

Primus, First of Monique's Assistants have been dismissed.

1 Greenmarch Guard have been dismissed.

Kit, the grey fox have been dismissed.

Seeing the Greenmarch Minx decked out in cotton and warpaint, Ras develops a wide-eyed look of interest and quietly resumes his seat on the bench.

"At least our skin will be soft." Alarissa murmurs as when people clear from the wrestling area, she starts to make her way down. There's a wrinkle of her nose, mud. -Mud-. The chin lifting and looking to Monique, her own hair in a braid and over her shoulder. Hand smooths the skirt of her shift. "What one does for charity."

Rosalind blinks as Monique steps out in a shirt. She's left curious as she watched. Rosa grins as she's left wondering on who's getting muddy next!

Aksel moves to find himself a seat plopping down with a loud thunk. He turns to the mud put and watches, though in the state he is in, he may not be able to focus much.

At a nod from Gerald, Roger meanders over to Aksel and hands him something.

"This is for charity?" Sebastian murmurs as he watches Alarissa and Monique head down into the pit. His voice lifts to call downwards, "I'll donate ten thousand silver if you win, Lady Monique," he calls out. Nevermind he has no idea what the charity -- it's the thought that counts, right?

"Keep in mind," Monique announces to the stands, a smile flitting over her lips, "neither Princess Alarissa nor I are at all pugilists or skilled in the art of wrestling. This bout is for charity, and any bets placed ought to go to charity as well, should you be so inclined to wish to bet on our match." She joins Alarissa in the ring, offering out a hand for shaking. "To you, Your Highness. You are a good sport. Let no one doubt it."

Ras cranes his head backwards and then forwards in order to establish a sidelong line of sight to Aksel. He shows the man a thumbs-up gesture and a somewhat awkward smile before shifting back again, whether his gesture is noticed or not, and continues watching the two noblewomen enter the mud pit.

"For once we put to rest the answer to the most asked question of all times." Alarissa takes Moniques hand and then steps into the pit carefully, a squeamish look on her face as mud instantly gets between her toes. "Who is the best, Alarissa or Monique." But then she's in and she still looks like this was the wrong idea. But for charity. Charity.

Monique just casts Alarissa a look at that. It's a completely undecipherable look. There's a glint of... something. It's impossible to tell what it is. She casts a look to Sebastian's bet, and it breaks into a smile. She dips her fiery head to the Pravus and then falls into a ready stance.

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Gerald leans back against the bar, raising his glass in both of the fighters direction. When Roger returns, Gerald says something to him, and he's off again, leaving the grounds this time. A bow of his head is given to the two fighters. His gaze is intent on the match before them.

And they're off. Alarissa's wobbly, looking a little unsteady on her feet. This is not a woman who tends to fight. This is a woman with quite frankly only half a left arm as is and so she circles, oh she tries to circle around the redhead, a glance to the gathered throng and then with a deep breath - and thus signaling her attack, she's lunging forward. And slides. Slides past the greenmarcher with a yelp and barely grazes the other woman. A hand down as she stumbles and sprawls into the mud. But back up she gets, arms out and cringing at the mud. 'it smells like Aksel..." She remarks to Monique.

Aksel blinks a bit when Roger brings him over something. He tilts his head at the man his brows knitting in confusion. "Wha..?" he looks stunned before looking towards Gerald curiously. The muddy northerner doesn't seem to have the energy to respond. He raises his bottle to the man however, before his gaze goes back to Monique and Alarissa getting there mud wrestling on.

"That you know what Aksel smells like, is that something the High Lord should be worried over?" Monique quips to Alarissa, side stepping in the mud and wobbling a little but manage to maintain her balance. She takes a few feinting swipes at Alarissa, managing to find mud on her hands, which she smears dramatically in swipes on her face.

Rosalind slips over to Aksel, looking not at all like a person still. She's going to have to sit in a river for hours after this. Or peel all this off. Regardless, Rosa looks happy as she makes squishy plops next to Aksel,"Can I still make you cry?" still watching the match with curiosity.

Ras seems pleased by Monique's apparent supremacy in the mudfighting arena, but that must be offset a little by the fact that Alarissa doesn't have two full arms. It's hard to cheer against someone handicapped in such a fashion, so he doesn't, and just watches to see how things go, with a slight tilt of his head.

"I smell like mud," Aksel calls out to Monique and Alarissa, he tilts his head to Rosalind and grins slightly, his teeth a pearly white in contrast to the ammount of mud on his skin. "Right?" His gaze turns back to the wrestlers for charity before looking towards Rosalind. "I'm sure if you punch me, I would cry."

Keso, a totally legit assistant arrives, delivering a message to Aksel before departing.

It may not be easy to in fact cheer against Alarissa, but the blonde - now muddy blonde - probably wouldn't have been the best fighter even before the unfortunate whatever it was that cost her half her left arm. Time adn time again they clash, both coming away with mud and more often than not, looking like Alarissa at least is trying to embrace the Greenmarcher as opposed to actually wrestling. "I think this is how Victus does this!" She exclaims, likely getting more than a few bruises and unlike the rest of the time, even lifts that left side to try and leverage it against the redhead. But she has terrible footing and not once does she manage to gain the upper hand thus far on Monique. But she's trying, of but she's trying. As she goes down again with another yelp, she lays still for a moment. 'This is so not how Victus does this. Or even Barric. This is how a seal does it." But up she goes, the fights not done yet. For charity she tells herself. "For charity." While speckled, spackled and coated in mud.

Despite the fact that the way the fight's going looks like the Pravus Lord is going to be down ten-thousand silver, Sebastian still looks pleased. He's half leaning forward, eyes glued to the pair of women in the mud-fighting pit. When Alarissa slips over -- and gets up again -- he grins, as if the prolonging of the fight is just as entertaining as the outcome.

Rosalind doesn't care care who wins this match, it's exciting nonetheless. She cheers for both, mud flinging in all directions. She nods to Aksel aside,"You reek of mud--but so do I! I plan on changing that soon!" Pausing, she realizes and stares at Aksel again,"I wouldn't hit you!"

"This isn't at all how I pictured myself rubbing up against you, for what it's worth, Your Highness," Monique tells Alarissa, with a lewd waggle of her mud-spackled eyebrows. "But that isn't to say I'm not enjoying it thoroughly." Her eyes gleam bright green through all that grime and she slides sidelong in the mud, to force Alarissa to spin off balance, or perhaps just for the excuse of grappling the beauty from behind. Who can tell!

Alarissa checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 3, rolling 86 higher. Alarissa rolled a critical!

Alarissa remains capable of fighting.

"It's not the worst I have ever smelt," Aksel says with a soft chuckle turning his head to look at Rosalind. "The day is still young, Lady Rosalind." He smirks a bit his gaze turning back to see Monique come up from behind. "Hey! That's my move!"

There's a screech as Monique comes up from behind, this was unexpected as she was trying to get up and she goes spinning with Monique, braid whipping to the side as she goes and then yelps. "What is it with you and Ember and those comments!" She's going down but damned if she won't bring Monique down with her, muddy hand grasping at the collar of the other womans shift and trying to bring her down with her.

Down Monique goes. Willingly? It's so very hard to tell, the Minx exceptional at her 'game' face. But the end result is that she lands on top of Alarissa with an 'oooof' and then slides sideways into the muddied pit, laughing helplessly, hooking a leg out to try and drag the Princess with her and keep in the grapple. "It's not our fault you're irresistable."

Alarissa checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 10, rolling 24 higher.

Alarissa remains capable of fighting.

Rosalind busts out laughing at the comment from Monique. She'll win based on distractions! Eyeing Aksel, she agrees, but her eyes grinning. Since that's all you can see,"You bring that out, yeah."

Alarissa checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 13, rolling 18 higher.

Alarissa remains capable of fighting.

The older gentleman observes the fight, nodding once as he drowns another bit of his whiskey. The start of a laugh is turned into a discreet cough, muffled by the man's free hand at the exchange of banter. Charity and community is one thing, but, well. He also knows that he's a commoner. And has had more than a few years in which to pursue the 'not getting horsewhipped' track of discretion.

"Oh, ha!" Sebastian's exclamation and loud clap suggests he's well-pleased by Monique's approach -- or maybe Alarissa's counter, grabbing for the Greenmarch Lady -- or both, more than likely. "Fine. I'll donate the ten-thousand no matter who wins," he calls, as he rises to his feet, to better see now both women have toppled to the ground.

Alarissa checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 38, rolling 2 higher.

Alarissa remains capable of fighting.

Alarissa checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 58, rolling 33 lower.

Alarissa checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 26, rolling 25 higher.

Alarissa remains alive, but close to death.

Alarissa is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

There's tussling and sliding and all for dramatic effect. Monique and Alarissa, by the end, are covered head to toe in mud and the former, at least, is grinning wickedly at the latter. Some how, she's got her legs wrapped around the Thraxian princess's legs, entangled like lovers, pinned. "Do you yield? I'm half hoping you'll say no, you know," the Minx offers, breathless and cheerful.

"I yield!" Alarissa's not going to chance getting knocked about and out by Monique and the kerfuffle that might cause. She's stuck, she doesn't know how to get out of this. Wrong, she might if it was Victus but it's not Victus and so she yields verbally, to the Greenmarch. "You are the better and the best Monique Greenmarch."

Silvio is not dressed for mud wrestling, but he does seem rather curious to watch those that are! What a delight, he's just in time to see the Magnificent Monique tussling with the delightful Alarissa. "That she is...always." He praises, through the clapping. A beat passes. "Where's the wine servant?"

Ras blinks a few times, eyebrows furrowing as he watches. There's a strange glint in his eyes for a moment that might be amused entertainment, but then he frowns more tightly to himself, unsettled.

Seeing the way the fight has endeavored, Gerald claps loudly. Bowing his head to the two, he says, "Lady Greenmarch, to which charity would you like the silver to go to?" he inquires of her. And then, he bows his head to Alarissa. "Your Highness, I would take it as an honor, if you would permit me to donate a matching sum to the charity you spoke of earlier."

The Greenmarch might not be the only one that's hoping the Princess doesn't yield, to judge by the intent way Sebastian is watching the exchange. The exhale he gives is almost disappointed when she does. "What a show," he calls, approvingly, clapping. A familiar voice pulls his gaze around, face lighting up at the presence of Silvio. "My lord," he murmurs, "So very good to see you," he gestures, as if offering the space beside him.

Aksel brings his fingers to his lips and belts out several loud whistles as the wrestling between the two woman comes to a close. "Excellent showing!" the thoroughly mudded up Northerner calls out to the pair before looking towards Silvio, "Booze table is right over there," he says hitching a thumb as he glances in that direction. "Or if you'd like, you can take a swig or three from this." He holds up a bottle that is caked in mud towards Silvio, he pauses and looks at it, giving it a little shake. "Ayup, still a few drinks left."

Aksel is overheard praising Alarissa.

When the muddied Alarissa goes down with the muddied Monique, it's apparently time for Ras to depart. He gets up and pockets both hands, ducking his head as he swiftly and quietly moves towards the exit. Silvio's query about the wine servant, though, gets a dark look. "Over there, Aksel beat the shit out of him." A tilt of his head is rendered towards the unconscious Gawain as he continues to skulk out.

"That.was.great!"Rosalind enthusiastically claps with more mud flying from her hands at the women in the mud. She didn't notice the Princess only had one arm. She just saw her wrestling. Maybe she should have? Leaning down, she murmurs something to Aksel.

Monique matches Sebastian's disappointed look when Alarissa yields, but there's a deep purr of satisfaction at the Princess's pronouncement. "Well, with that in mind, I suppose I had better donate my brother's purse anyway. Any who wish to honor my win and the gracious goodwill of the beautiful Princess Alarissa Thrax may donate in Her Highness's name to the Arvum Refugee Relief Group!" She sticks out a hand to Alarissa. "There is fire in you. Well fought."

Silvio heads towards the not-mud-covered bottles. "Why, thank you, /fine sir/, but I shall have a fresh one, I believe." He swipes up a bottle. "Did you /really/ beat the shit out of the drinks server?" he asks with some amusement.

She sees the disappointment in eyes. "There's ramifications to knocking out the wife of the High Lord of Thrax." She murmurs to Monique. "Or I would have kept fighting" To the bitter black end. But Monique's offering assistance to stand and she does, right hand closing on the other womans and wobbily stands. "You are permitted sir. To the Arvum Refugee Relief Group. Who are assisting in the transition that the isles faces. Or you can donate it to any house in the isles that still has thralls, to aid them in transitioning. Now if you'll excuse me... it's not just fire in me, there's mud and I need to clean up." There's a shudder. Oh a shudder and a squeak as she's looking at herself in disgust.

Aksel head tilts and looks towards Silvio, he seems to be pondering something for a moment. Even caked in mud, it's easy to tell when he's thinking. "Nope. I have not laid a hand on a drink server any time recently. Just two ladies, a lord, and a knight." He pauses, "Though I wouldn't call it beating the shit out them. We were wrestling."

Bowing his head, Gerald says, "Be well. I should likely bid farewell as well. My bones are starting to ache a little." And with that, he departs.

"You missed quite the show, Lord Silvio," Sebastian tells the man, with a delighted smile as he watches the muddied pair in the ring stand up. "Worth every cent!" he calls towards the pair.

Looking like something the river rolled up, covered in mud and well--mud, Rosalind, looks over at Silvio and gives him a friendly wave. Hazel green eyes are about all you can see as she smiles,"Hi! I'm one of the ladies!"

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