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Open Combat Exhibition and Festival

The Gold Order welcomes all to Glory's Arcade to share their combat styles. Whether skilled in unarmed combat, sword fighting, glaivedancing, daggers, archery, staves or any other type of combat, all warriors of the Compact are invited to display and discuss their style and its history.

Observers, merchants, members of The Faith, and all people of the Compact are invited to attend the festival, and celebrate Gloria with us.

[OOC: No checks or sparring necessary for this event. Just opportunities to pose and show off your character's combat style.]


Jan. 12, 2020, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Rysen Alexis


Merek Eirene Enri Lisebet Bianca Bhandn Verity Theophania Drake Tarik


Gold Order


Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Lair - Glory's Arcade

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

3 Templar Knight guards, Sir Alren, Archimedes, the Grim Face of Owlish Judgement, Scholar Duran, a perpetually put-upon assistant arrive, following Bianca.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard, Planchet the Lycene maggiordome, Domonico arrive, following Eirene.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout arrive, following Lisebet.

Rosaline, former contortionist of Tor leaves, following Blacktongue.

Merek had received a message that those in charge were a bit busy, and with that, it was time to put on his black attire, which is trimmed in white. He has a cape pulled about while he maneuvers into the Glory's Arcade, while he moves to set all the things up. Makeshift weapons placed about, while he moves to greet people as they come.
The place is well, always looking nice with the lattice work, and he has hired someone to bring in food and drink while he waits for folk to come in, his longsword upon his back while he bows to people entering, "Welcome to the Arcade of the Gold Order."

Eirene is a general of the Malvici forces and isn't about to miss a chance to study other techniques and fighting styles. Clad in her house's red and black leather with golden trim, Briagier General Eirene Malvici makes her way in and salutes Merek with hand over her heart. "Thank you for taking up the event."

Enri walks into the room, bidding his time to examine the area before he moves forward, checking his satchel to make sure all of his gear is there. For now, the knight stays in the general vicinity, just observing.

1 Malespero guard leaves, following Beatrice.

Lisebet is not a fighter indeed, but she's curious about the Gold Order perhaps, and so she makes her way to this event, so she can watch the fighting, partake in some snacks, and enjoy a chance to watch people show off their fighting styles.

Bianca Wyrmguard is not much of a fighter -- but she -is- an eager student and avid learner and, at the very least, appreciates seeing people in their element, even if that element is the kind that she might not necessarily be able to lift even using both arms. And so the Legate of Creation arrives at the Lair's grand courtyard without much in the way of equipment or weaponry to showcase, but certainly with a subdued degree of curiosity sparkling in those crystalline-silver eyes of hers, looking around Glory's Arcade as her heels click across terracotta tiles.

"You know," Bianca asides to her companions, hands clasping at her front as her gaze sweeps the expansive as if trying to digest it all at once, "I don't think I've ever been here before. I am glad I have now, though; the architecture is stunning, isn't it?"

"You're welcome, it is no big deal, if we can still honor Gloria, then we've succeeded," Merek mentions, while he offers a gloved hand while he bows. Then he's standing while he looks to the place, "Alright, the training Yard has been set up for you to use, we also welcome discussion of the varied styles of the Compact. I admit, I practice a Torean martial style which is reminescent of the Velenosian styles, which favors agility and subtle power. If anyone would like refreshment, just ask."
"We welcome people to practice in archery as well," he then grins while he strokes his light beard, looking like he's recently been traveling. He then makes his way to settle out platters which carry chicken, steak, stew, you name it. There are alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and for it being hosted by a Velenosian Knight in place of the others, he still makes the selection look diverse. "The Gold Order welcomes you to celebrate Gloria." He smiles to Bianca, "It is a beautiful place."

Sir Bhandn Yvar came dressed up in rubicund, but he also came with his weapons all peacebound. His helmet's off, tucked under his right arm while his left maintains an almost lazy grip on Vigil at his left side. Bhandn's grey eyes are slightly narrowed in curiosity, keeping quiet as he arrives on the tale end of Merek's introduction to himself and the event. Bhandn doesn't seat himself, but instead takes up near the back, giving a few glances around to the other attendees, but otherwise keeping quiet and listening.

Verity Locke considers herself something of a friend to the Gold Order -- well, more of an acquaintance, considering that she knows the Paragon. Well, met her once.


Verity follows along to the side of her legate patron, dressed far less impressively in a light but sturdy woolen court dress.

"It's what I'd expect from a group called the Gold Order," Verity replies. "It's all in the name, isn't it?"

Eirene asks, in her husky voice, "So what's lined up the docket? I can always show off a little Southport style fencing if anyone's curious. Most Lycene blade-styles derive from it somewhat." The lanky woman looks to the others, mostly settling her blue eyes on those in arms and armor than the silks.

Theophania Desmarais is more of a fighter than people might expect from her -- growing up in a context where you might actually hunt food with a bow and a knife does that! She's really mostly here to make connections, though. ... and maybe have some snacks.

She remains unassumingly-dressed as ever, every bit a commoner's commoner. Her eye briefly lands on Verity -- at which point she turns bright pink, and subsequently looks for somewhere else to look before she is spotted. ... Conveniently, she is presented with stew to look at thoughtfully.

She *does* like stew...

The moment Theophania looks at Verity, Verity turns her head to look back at her. It's eerie.

She also winks.

Unlike Biana, Drake is a bit of a fighter, or at least that's what people say. He decided it might be wise to bear witness to the demonstrations, if not outright participate as necessary. He has his armor on as well, and with him, though not brandished, he is carrying a spear. His first stop before the fields of combat is, however, the table of food. He walks first in that direction, picks up a pot of stew, and then notices the interplay between the two women happening.

He smirks a little at it, but then his attention turns back to the field of combat. "I wouldn't mind witnessing a demonstration," he says. Then he raises, just the spoon he picked up, as if he were going to fence her with it.

Enri eyes drift between each of the other guests, as if studying them carefully. "That's certainly different from what we do up North." He states, rolling his shoulders in a small shrug, "If your opponent's armour is going to soak most of the impact, there's no point in being fast and getting tired." The knight produces a mace out of his satchel, waving it around as a warm up, "I've been taught to attack slow, look for chinks and gaps, then defend fast."

Lisebet drifts in towards the food tables, pausing to smile and incline her head towards Merek. "Sir Merek, good to see you," she greets easily. There's some woman blushing nearby and Lisebet's expression shows a bit of amused perplexity, though she doesn't say anything. "I should love to see some demonstrations, if you all wouldn't mind. I believe that honouring Gloria is a good thing."

"Well, we ask only one set of fighters at a time to display their combat prowess, as this is a 'festival' I'm told, you are free to share history of your styles, to showcase them in combat, also to perform any techniques or archery you might like, we have room for all of those in this place," Merek mentions. He then smiles to Lisebet, "Heya!"

"It truly is, Sir Merek," offers Bianca to the host of the evening; her head dips in a respectful greeting as she stops at the precipice of the arena, keeping a deferential distance between herself and the people intending to wield great weapons to performative effect. Silver eyes turn towards Verity, a small smile ghosting at the corners of Bianca's red-painted lips.

"I do not think it is a literal name," she says, at first, her gaze tracking Drake's trek towards the food with the cant of her head. A second passes. Her brows furrow. "... perhaps. At the very least, I suppose you're not wrong -- all of this is rather fitting for such a prestigiously named order of knights. I am rather eager, though. I have heard wonderful things about Southport's fencing in particular, and -- hm?"

It's here that Bianca tracks Verity's gaze. Her brows lift. Her head tilts. "Ah -- Mistress Theophania, wasn't it? Would you care for some company?" It seems that there's no escape for Theophania.

Verity seemingly pays no attention to Bianca's level-headedness on the matter of golden orders and knights. Instead, she clasps her hands together to her chest and sways through her next few steps as if she were dancing.

"It's so romantic! Proud warriors, carrying their art inside them, only able to express it through deadly action! Both pride and terror!"

Eirene says, "Legate." She nods politely to Bianca. "It's an intersting study. I'm no fucking historian but I can talk about it a little. More importantly, I can show it off. Whatever. I'm just here to make sure the Lyceum is represented and all that." She stops to grab a glass of wine, taste-test it, and sip. "So, eh. Whatever happens happens."

Merek seems amused with Verity's words, then nods a bit with an incline to Bianca and to all others, while he explains a bit, "The Gold Order of Knights is prestigious as some would say, we require all our members to be examples of what it means to serve the Faith in truth in benefit to others as well as the Compact. Charity and guidance is one of the main concepts we follow."

Drake gestures again with the spoon. "Let's have it," he says to Eirene. "Someone will have to kick the festival off after all. I've been praticing lately with the spear-" It's what is strapped to his back right now. "Nothing beats a good long pole for reach after all."

He jabs again with the spoon, even though the larger weapon is somewhat at hand, and also, that spoon jab is not how you'd jab with a spear... Yet, somehow, he sells the motion, squinting.

"But I have a feeling I'll be back to swordplay soon enough. So perhaps I could learn a thing or two from your wisdom." He gives a smile to the older woman.

Theophania murmurs, "how does she do that," as she stares into a stew and tries desperately to avoid embarrassing herself.

Eventually, she decides her strategy will simply have to be seeming otherwise engaged, so she turns her attention to someone else nearby instead. She listens to Drake briefly, then notes, "I'm also excited to see the demonstrations! It will be my first time seeing such things, actually."

Then Bianca addresses her. Defeated... "Ah -- yes, certainly! It's good to, um. See the both of you. Again." She laughs a little nervously; she's out of her element here, and it seems wallflowering through it is Not Permitted.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eirene before departing.

"Charity and guidance is a concept /everyone/ should follow," Bhandn replies suddenly from his wallflowering position. His deep voice and grey eyes are directed at Merek, though Bhandn spares a glance for Drake and Eirene as they get the party started in truth. "I'd have less scars than I do if /that/ were the case throughout Arvum," he adds a moment later in a complete deadpan.

Lisebet grins at Merek, but lets him get about his duty today, instead moving towards some others. "Legate Bianca, how nice to see you once again," she says softly. She looks to Verity and Theophania who are near by as well, not quite so familiar with them. "Good day, I'm duchess Lisebet Ashford."

"Right, s'what I get for opening my mouth." The woman, silver and white braids bright against her ebony hair, takes a moment to step forward. She stops as a messenger approaches and she pauses to replay a response, looking dead serious for a change. That business aside, she removes her basket-hilted rapier from its' sheath, the blade a bloody rubicund red. "Southport style is a fencing stance designed for speed and lightwear maneuverability. We tend not to wear heavy oathlands style armor, and we prefer silks and leathers, so the fighting tends to be more about finesse than brute strength or heavy blows."

Verity's gaze bounces between Merek and Bhandn as the necessity of charity is espoused upon, but she has no fanciful quip. Instead, her attention is stolen by the incoming duchess. Verity curtsies with a lowered head to the noblewoman.

"Verity Locke, my lady. Sworn servant of House Blanchard and protege of the immensely generous Legate Bianca."

As she rises from the curtsey, her gaze is pulled toward the impending demonstration between Drake and Eirene. "Ah, speed versus reach? I... have no idea how to predict this!"

Politely baffled, that's probably the best way to describe the look that scrawls across Bianca's features as she watches Verity dance out her grand melodrama. Her brows rise. And very slowly, Bianca turns her head to the side, clears her throat, and offers a look of look of modest apology.

"... In any case, it is commendable indeed," Bianca continues, very smoothly. "The Gold Order have been an upstanding example of bravery and courage since their inception. And I'm given to understand Dame Alexis is now their Paragon?"

The Legate, at least, is politely respectful of Theophania's boundaries as she approaches, a simple dip of her head given in greeting. "Surprising to see you here. Are you at work, or here to learn?" Her attention only turns once Lisebet addresses her; Bianca's smile is a tiny thing, but it is no less sincere, dipping her head with a, "It is truly good to see you, Duchess. I hope all has been well," the beginning of demonstrations afterwards drawing a a bit of her attention with quiet interest.

Lisebet smiles in return to Bianca. "Indeed, I am well, and I do hope you are as well." That said, she turns her baby blue eyes to Verity, inclining her head politely. "Mistress Verity Locke, a pleasure to meet you. Especially if you are the protege of the wonderful Legate here." Her gaze goes to Theophania, and her head tilts a bit. "I don't believe we have met either?" she asks gently.

"Yes, Dame Alexis is the current Paragon, we have leadership which is doing well for its people," Merek mentions, while he takes a moment to consider all of them, "Southern styles tend to favor grace and agility, Northern a little bit different also." He then seems to consider, looking to Bianca, "Thank you, Dame Alexis would love the compliment." He's more talkative than usual but still has that way about him, a bit distant as well.

Eirene wields basket-hilted longsword with a blood red blade.

Drake has to put his bowl down now, and take a few steps away from the food display. If only a few. He's still letting Eriene have the ring, explaining as she does her fencing style. "Do you care to see how your speed fares against a more armored opponent, or, should we have a static demonstration first?" Empty handed for now, he gestures with one open arm. "Obviously we have all the time we need and I am in no great hurry, but I do have to warn you, I can be a fast mover myself."

'Ah -- hello, Duchess Ashford," Theophania says, with a small laugh. "Theophania Desmarais -- I've been plying my trade as a merchant, primarily on behalf of House Blanchard. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." At the question of whether she's here to learn or for work, she answers, "Ah -- perhaps both? It would be a lie to say I'm not keeping an eye out for business contacts, but I *do* hope to see some of the skills on display, at least..."

Eirene says, "You'll probably beat me. I'm more a battlefield medic - my job is to hold off an opponent until relief arrives, not defeat them." The older woman chuckles as she does a flourish with her weapon. "This is a thrusting weapon, not a chopping one. Sharp and flexible. It may bow a little against a heavier thick blade but it holds up." She shrugs at Drake and makes a bow towards him. "I'm fine either way. I'm in no need to display my skill or lack thereof," she finishes with a smirk. "Your call."

Bhandn's keeping his eyes on Eirene and Drake, for now, but there are times when his lips part and he promptly closes his mouth, swallowing down a few comments (and maybe some banter). He does this enough that he finally notices and resorts to shifting the helmet to his left arm, and placing one gauntleted hand over his mouth, beginning to move one finger as though trying to pass himself off as pensive, despite the fact that he's closely studying the pair with a critical eye. So wrapped up in his watching is he that he's not paying much attention to the Duchess Ashford's arrival.

Verity puts on a bright smile for Lisebet's compliment to Bianca.

"She is wonderful, isn't she?" Verity repositions herself to watch the demonstration, but she continues to speak to the duchess: "How do you two know each other? Legate Bianca seems to know everyone, sometimes. Of course, I am not surprised everyone wishes to make her acquaintance!"

Drake's eyes go aside for a second as he notes the arrival of the duchess, speaking to the ladies of his house. Still, it's just a brief glance, as the interplay between himself and Eirene has most of his attention.

He's extroverted enough to continue to step forward... pulling his spear and holding it out in what looks like a defensive posture. "Well, if you aren't sure, then let's use this as a time of demonstration. Show me how you'd get close enough to attack."

Drake wields Steel Spear.

For now, Enri just watches from the small crowd. The knight leans forward as the demonstration is about to begin, clearly showing just how curious he is about the southern styles. He remains unarmoured, though keeps the mace close by, just waiting for an opportunity to demonstrate his own style.

"With a spear, it's about waiting for a strike and then counter-striking. Eirene feints forward and then whirls around his reach for a tap with the flat of the blade. "Or, striking it aside and then reposting in quickly." She taps his spear away in slow motion and demonstrates."

Eirene checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 11 higher.

Lisebet smiles, shrugging delicately. "I am a member of the Scholars group, and so have met many through our work there," she says easily, replying to Verity. Her gaze returns to Theophania, and she nods. "A valuable bit of work then, most excellent. And I think it's a good thing to meet new people and get to know them. Though it seems difficult to chat a lot at a situation such as this."

Eirene's well versed in her weapon and it shows in her demonstration. Her expression, usually smug or displeased, is set neutrally today.

Merek smiles a bit, while he steps back to watch folk, then nods. He is content when all people have a place to do what they like. He maneuvers then to pick up his bow to begin firing upon the targets while he does as well.

Merek checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

"Mistress Verity is one of the most dependable people I know," asserts Bianca with nothing less than absolute certainty, tempered though it is by the Legate's typical sense of grace and restraint. That silver gaze takes a calm sidelong look towards her protege. "If I have such a sterling reputation, it's doubtless thanks to her tireless efforts in keeping my head above water."

With Verity's question, though, Bianca tilts her head the Duchess' way graciously. "We both have a love of knowledge," is her initial answer. "We both belonged to the Scholars, before my elevation. And the Duchess is sister-in-law to my cousin Clover, as well. And I am doing well, Duchess. Engaged in duty, but -- it is nice to find opportunity to simply indulge a little, when time can allow it."

She shares a small smile; but as her eyes turn towards the demonstration unfolding between Eirene and her cousin, Bianca leans towards Theophania to offer, "There is no shame in trying to find opportunity to expand where you may. There are plenty of connections to be made here, at least; the Gold Order might even benefit from someone with a sharp business acumen."

Drake plays along with the demonstration as he promised he would - the sword-tap moving his spear aside, and then, sliding in as if to cut against him. The weapon would strike only armor, but still, he sells the pretend-hit, in a bit of slow motion rebound. "I see. I might add, it's a fine blade you're using." He looks cheerful and amused to be utilized in practice in such a way. "Now, how about defensive manuevers?"

He turns the spear around--

And here, for just a second, he does not move so slowly, but pulls the spear around quickly in both hands, turning it several times in a rapid and clever spin --

before holding it in the proper position for a thrust... which he suddenly slows way down on again.

"The scholars do get around," Verity replies to Lisebet. "In terms of knowledge. And... scholarly, things. I'm running out of adjectives."

She waits a beat, looking away with a scrunch of her nose. "I really need to be on top of my game around scholars."

Verity rebounds quickly, looking up to Lisebet with renewed cheer. Perhaps she is buoyed by Bianca's kind words. "I do think meeting people at these chaotic gatherings if of great importance! There's so many people in this city, and how are we to know when our potential very best friends are out there, unmet, if we don't say hello to as many people as possible?"

Eirene says, "Defensive? Well, we tend to rely on speed and agility to block away the weapon." She backs away to make sure there's space and slowly demonstrates once again how their fighting style is set more about agility than anything else. "Our armor doesn't block much, so we try to not be there to get hit in the first place."

"Quite," Theophania agrees with Lisebet, before turning her attention to Drake and Eirene. Part of her was hoping for something a little faster-paced, but she's still interested.

Verity says something that draws her attention back away, though. "That's true, really -- you have to be open to meeting new people to succeed as a merchant, too. Everyone approaches things a little differently, which means finding the right partner takes... well, openness, I suppose!"

She descends into another slightly-nervous giggle.

"And now you know why I prefer to be dressed up in all this," Bhandn calls out to Eirene. "Because sooner or later, I know I won't be fast enough. What does the Lyceum have to say about fighting /multiple/ opponents, though?" His eyes are still largely focused on watching Drake and Eirene, but for now it's the latter that commands his full attention.

Lisebet smiles at the answer, inclines her head. "Yes, that makes sense," she says. A nod to the women she's speaking with, and then there's a messenger coming to find her. Bigsby intercepts, but he passes her the note. After reading it, Lisebet sighs a bit. "If you will excuse me, it seems I've been called away by duty. Good luck all. Nice to meet you. Sir Merek," the last called out somewhat louder. "Good luck with the demonstrations and all. I appreciate the opportunity to come watch for a bit." She starts to make her way to the door.

Merek offers a bow to Lisebet, then he maneuvers to fiddle with things while he listens to folk, seeing to make sure they all get food as well as drink.

"As well I would expect. A demonstration of footwork." Drake nods. He pulls his spear back into a ready stance, and holds his chin high.

Perhaps he's picked up on the vibe of the crowd, wanting to see a little more direct action. "Let's pick the pace up a little bit, and demonstrate further. Follow my lead--"

And he begins to move his weapon in a downward sweep, then thrust it out, and turn, and, at the appropriate time, give her just enough opening to lunge in, but himself enough opening to step aside...

Creating a bit of a weapon dance for the pleasure of the crowd, if she's willing to take his lead on it.

At that moment there's what he might consider a heckler, as Bhandn calls down from the stands. "Ah, are you threatning to join this dance or do I mistake your shout?"

Drake checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Eirene checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Eirene follows his lead. It's a very close match, the spear versus the swift strikes of the lanky battle-medic. Spinning, dodging, spear and sword clashing together. Now it's a lot less 'here's how we do it' and a lot more 'here's how it's done.' But in the end, it finishes with his spear blade against her throat and she stops, backing away with hand in the air to signal her defeat. "Well done. You'd have gotten me there..."

As Lisebet makes her farewells, Bianca turns her gaze the Duchess' way. "A shame, but understandable," she offers, dipping her head, lips tugging in a friendlier smile. "Take care of yourself, Duchess. It was good to have opportunity to see you again."

It's only after that Bianca allows herself a bit of time to wander, as Theophania's attentions turn towards Verity. Hands falling comfortably to her sides, the Legate circles the grand arena, her gaze tracking the flow of that demonstration and the smooth flurry of weapons with rapt interest. Bhandn's words draw her attention, though; Bianca glances towards the knight, curiosity filtering through her gaze for his question. "I admit, I'm woefully unfamiliar myself with the deeper intricacies of traditional Lycene combat."

There's a brief, deep chuckle from Bhandn's lips as Drake asks the knight whether he's threatening to join in. "That seems more appropriate for the Grand Melee when a rival is about to win, rather than a demonstration of style. I rather doubt Gloria would approve of me suddenly accosting either of you in a situation such as this."

Eirene answers Bhandn "Multiple enemies? Be faster. Or better yet, don't. Have friends to handle them. Even better? Poison their food supplies before the battle."

Eirene adds, "Not very approvable by Gloria's standards, no."

Truthfully, Drake was hoping to keep things tense and close. That's a much better show to put on for an eager crowd. And as the woman downplayed her own abilities, it wouldn't do to race in as hard as he possibly could.

But her skill is more than she let on. She gives him a bit of a challenge, before he finally finds enough gap in her swift manuevering... and uses the reach of his weapon and his own speed to put her at the tip of the spear.

He makes eye contact, but friendly eye contact, with a smile, before he lowers the weapon. "A tremendous demonstration," he says to her...

Then he turns back to the stands, and gives a bow to the audience - really Bhandn in particular, who is still asking questions. "Then I'll step aside for your demonstration. If you have something you'd like to demonstrate."

Verity curtsies again as a farewell to the duchess. "She seems clever," she observes to Bianca.

Her attention turns to her fellow Chevallier next. "A good attitude for a merchant to have," says Verity to Theophania. She leans in, putting on an indulgently pouty look to tease. "And better still for a new citizen of Arx. Think of all the trouble you will get into, especially if you fall into the Lycene Ward."

Verity senses a climatic movement in the demonstration between Drake and Eirene -- her peripheral vision is excellent, it seems -- and turns to raise her hands over her head and clap. It's not exactly a tournament, but it's important to support people!

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout leave, following Lisebet.

Eirene salutes Drake with the blade before sweeping it back into its' scabbard. "An excellent bout. Thank you. I should get back to my soldiers, though. I've got some good tips for them on how to fight a spearman now."

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard have been dismissed.

Planchet the Lycene maggiordome have been dismissed.

"Well, for me, that's to the wine then," Drake says, returning his spear to its spot on his back as he goes back to the tables. But he seems pleased with himself, as he did enjoy the exercise.

Verity leans in closer to Bianca. "Legate, would you like to move on to your other activities this evening? I think you have 'made an appearance,' as they say."

Once Drake and Eirene finish, only then does Bhandn finally start to look around again. His curiosity sated, he turns to take note of the ladies who have joined the group, offering them a long-distance bow, but no words. For himself, it seems he's of a mind to depart as well, and he wastes little time getting to the door, thoughtful.

As things begin to wind down, Bianca's head tilts. It's when Verity leans in towards her that Bianca blinks, and offers a small, simple nod. "Ah. Yes, I think that might be best," comes her quiet aside, before she provides a graceful curtsey to all those still lingering.

"Thank you for graciously hosting us this evening. It was an educational trip," the Legate offers sincerely, before she makes her way towards the exit to the grand arena, waiting for Verity to accompany her before she slips out.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle arrives, following Quenia.

3 Templar Knight guards, Sir Alren, Archimedes, the Grim Face of Owlish Judgement, Scholar Duran, a perpetually put-upon assistant leave, following Bianca.

Tarik walks into the lair as a group of people start to leave.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle leaves, following Quenia.

Merek inclines to people needing to be on their way!

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