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Written By Evaristo

April 20, 2020, 11:23 p.m.(2/24/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Rukhnis

SOMEONE stole all me left shoes, apart from the ones I was wearing. No names mentioned. It was not Rukhnis. She won them fair and square.

It may be that I am willing to pay to get them back.

Written By Oili

March 22, 2020, 9:56 p.m.(12/22/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Rukhnis

Oili has met several people who claim to be healers. Rukhnis might be the only person who actually rises to the standard. It's a topic that Oili is opinionated about and Rukhnis has managed to break through every standard she holds. Oili might think that she's hiding some baggage but Rukhnis can keep that to herself. All Oili cares about is how great of a healer she's found.

Written By Rysen

Feb. 7, 2020, 8:54 a.m.(9.492869130291005/21.600671296296294/1012.707739094191 AR)

Relationship Note on Rukhnis

The Knight and the Physician

One day I hope the Grand Vizier
And the Prophet of the Sands
Will curse and rue their dire foe:
The Knight of the Northlands,

For word will reach their greedy ears
That countless soldiers he had slain,
Who from the cruel Eurusi horde
Had wished Arvani to enslave.

And with him was a woman strong,
Beloved by spirits and the gods,
Who no weapon save her wisdom used
To save many from Death's jaws.

"The knight and the physician,
Tore like Lagoma's her'tic flame
Through our mighty army,"
The Vizier to the Prophet said,

"Nor did they merely decimate
Our slaves from Skal'daja,
But welcomed those whom freedom called
From fetters, one and all!

"The physician is Eurusi.
Her people laid to waste.
She should cower and be hopeless,
Yet countless lives she's saved!

"And with her stood the people
Who'd called the Desert Kingdoms home.
She to freedom lead them,
And your will has quite undone!"

"Silence!" shrieked the Prophet,
And beseeching powers dark
Reswore to conquer Arvum,
But failing still to mark

The courage of her defenders,
Like the knight and healer free;
Its foundation is the gift of Skald
Which through the heart of Arvum beats.

The threat we face is dire,
And no illusions do I hold -
Yet offer up this soaring verse
In aspirations bold!

Written By Rysen

Dec. 22, 2019, 10:29 p.m.(6/5/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Rukhnis

In an attempt at wit, I made a joke in extremely poor taste about a medallion I'd won in a contest at an event put on to benefit people in the Lowers, believing the medallion was made by our Minister of Medicine, Rukhnis al-Katibi. Rukhnis and I arrived in Arx around the same time, and I am not ashamed to say that, after many long adventures and experiences together, she is one of my closest and most trusted friends. She saved my life many times with her skill in medicine, and my soul many times with her wisdom.

One manifestation of her wisdom is her ability to temper my pride, and prevent me from causing harm where she knows I meant none. She wrote to me recently, and the letter is worth reproducing here in full:

Lord Rysen,

I wish you to write a letter of apology to Miss Zettie Bissel, Crooked Tree Court, the green door on the north corner. She is a young woman of fourteen years whom I treated shortly after I began working at the Commons Clinic. Two of the fingers on her right hand were crushed in an accident with a wagon gate and had to be removed. Her heart was nearly broken by this because it was her life's dream to become a jewelcrafter one day. However, I assured her that I had seen others with injuries as serious as her own who had nevertheless learned to be so clever with their remaining fingers that their dexterity yet surpassed those whose hands were intact. When I wanted simple medallions for the wellness festival I commissioned her to create them, telling her they would be won and worn by noble lords and ladies and others among the great people of Arx. I doubt that she reads the Whites herself, but if word ever reaches her ears of what you wrote about your own prize, she will be devastated. I hope you will tell her that you did not mean it, and you only wrote as you did because you wished to play a joke on me instead.

Peace and honour,


I truly meant no disrespect to the fine work of Miss Zettie Bissel of Crooked Tree Court. The craftsmanship on the medallion was superb, and I was, in fact, making a poor attempt at humor. I have already written to Miss Zettie personally, and in recompense, I am happy to sponsor her apprenticeship to a leading jeweler of the Crafter's Guild, where I am most confident she'll excel. I will be wearing my second place medallion with pride everywhere I go for two weeks, and spending some time in the Shrine of the Thirteenth to reflect on my actions and seek greater wisdom for the future.

Written By Rysen

Dec. 19, 2019, 3:57 p.m.(5/26/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Rukhnis

Your sober insights and predictions are frighteningly accurate.

Know that as I write this, however, I'm smiling smugly. For all your intelligence and prescience, this world must be a boring place; whereas I, whose wild hopes lead to devastating disappointments, am never bored.

Written By Rysen

Oct. 22, 2019, 5:07 p.m.(1/22/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Rukhnis

Ode to the Assistant Guildmaster of the Physicians

Rise! O star from distant dunes!
Who traveled far 'neath sun and moon,
Who faced with strong and upright heart
Untold woe till meeting here in Arx,
When choosing free to join my House,
You've showered it in great renown,
Where countless wounds, and plagues, and pain
You banished with skilled medicine,
Till Lagoma's bright and chosen flame
Has with heartfelt pride proclaimed
Your service to the Compact's folk,
Whether noble or the lowest born,
All you aid with patient grace -
My own among the lives you've saved.
Rise! O brilliant, blazing star!
Our love from you will never part!

Written By Elisha

July 4, 2019, 12:18 p.m.(5/25/1011 AR)

Relationship Note on Rukhnis

My sigil is not an unburied skull,
but a newborn's head,

I am the queen of furrows.

The ditch that
a body
exhausted from life
the channel from which life,
gasps to breath

I am a mother first.

* * *

You enter the city through Fontanel Gate, which is guarded by red wardens who cast oblique glances at your bundles. You pass beneath an archway and find yourself within a tunnel; its compact fullness surrounds you; carved in its walls is a pattern of shattered diamonds that tell the tale of Skald's inevitable victory over Fate.

You advance for hours and it is not clear to you whether you are already in the city's midst or still outside it. Every now and then at the edges of the street, a cluster of black spires seems to indicate that from there the city's texture will thicken. However, you find instead other vague spaces: a neighborhood of metallic workshops, warehouses packed with bijous, a reflecting pool surrounded by scrawny shrines.

If you ask the people you meet, 'Where is the city?' they make a broad gesture which may mean 'Here,' or 'Farther on, or 'All around you,' or even 'In the opposite direction.'

Finally you reach a gate guarded by red wardens who cast oblique glances at your bundles. Stepping into a tunnel carved with the tale of Fate's decision to defeat Skald, you realize that this city is only ever the outskirts of itself.

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