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Jackson Brooks

A deal is a deal. It'll get there in one piece, don't you worry. Just...don't ask how it gets there, aye?

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Fair-Minded Cargo Captain
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Brooks
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 31
Birthday: 1/30
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Ship captain
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: bright blue
Skintone: suntanned

Description: The look of sailor if there ever was one. Six foot even and the robust, corded muscle of one who has worked upon ships all their life. With a darkened copper tan by years in the sun, Jackson's skin has a slightly weathered look from the amount of time being outside and the the spray of seawater wearing on his oval face and slightly angular features. His eyes are a clear, bright blue and with longer brown hair just past his shoulder, a few sections of hair having been twined together to thing, but long braids.

Personality: If one were to describe him via alignment, he would be chaotic good. Freewheeling and snarky, Jackson is a decent sort, even if his morality can be quite flexible at times, so more often than not, he tries to do good, but the route to getting there can sometimes be sketchy. If there's a good deal to be made on a shipment, he's happy to agree to it. However, he's also happy to break a few rules so long as it helps getting the job done. Comfortable in his own skin, he's at ease either in a den of thieves or a fancy event for nobility, picking up social cues as easily as a toad picks up warts. Laws are meant to bent, and only broken if nobody is around, but he's just as capable of doing neither so long as it doesn't get in his way. Not one to worry too much, usually thinking that things will 'work out', and when his talking fails, his sword tends to be a good backup. As rough as his life has been, he's never let it keep him down or make him bitter, and would rather have a good time than let things he's done or had to do eat at him. Probably does at times, but never for long.

Background: Growing up in the Lower Boroughs of Arx, Jackson always felt there was plenty more outside of the low-quality living he had dealt with for the majority of his life growing up. His mother was a simple bartender in a tavern and his fater was...well, let's just say he did enough, but just barely. That is until he drowned because he fell off a pier while drunk. In the eyes of the eldest son Jackson, he died as he lived. And now suddenly, he was the oldest of three kids. And he had to step up into manhood at thirteen. The docks that he had lived near for so long in his life ended up being his ticket out, while helping pay to his family. A family friend, a Captain of a trading vessel, took pity on him, taking him on a cabin boy.

And that was good for a long time, working his way up the ranks of being a sailor. The downside is that he ended up spending a lot more time in Lycene than he had anticipated. But that in itself wasn't horrible either, the young man falling in love with that part of Arvum. He would move from ship to ship, spending time as a sailor, privateer, a pirate, a trader, and swashbuckler. Many names, many faces, and he loved them all. Eventually, he took on a ship for himself, offering to deliver goods for a fair price. Granted, he never really went into details about how sometimes he got the job done, but he did take a certain amount of pride in always filling deliveries. Made plenty of good working relationships and contacts in Arx and elsewhere in that time, hauling freight, people, and even cargo that he was asked to 'not ask too much about'. Willing to keep his reputation intact, and with a healthy amount of self-preservation, he never tempted fate too much.

While he was no stranger to seeing action on the high seas, taking part in plenty on his own considering his somewhat own bloody past, he had put that life aside. And a freighter was good work and plenty of good pay involved. Which did eventually draw the notice of others who he would likely call 'old friends'. They attacked his ship, the Savior's Haste, and even having a pretty fast ship, it was designed to outrun, not outfight. And this time, there wasn't time to gain enough headway. A battle on the decks his ensued, his crew, the hardened sort, were outnumbered two to one. So come to his surprise when another ship intervened. Being captained by Salazar Argento who had come to his rescue. His proverbial bacon saved, Jackson felt at that point he owed the man who had just saved his life and swore his loyalty to Argento as one of their captains.

In the time since, Jackson has been able to return to his career of cargo hauling, with the occasional questionable dealing on the side. Old habits and all. Some might call him a cargo hauler, others might suggest he's some kind of privateer or smuggler. Truth is, as Jackson simply says, he's a man out to make a decent living.

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