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Ophne Monrosa

If you want the impossible, you have to make it want you back.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Unruly Whelp
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Monrosa
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 18
Birthday: 2/27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Game warden
Height: average height
Hair Color: blue black
Eye Color: dark brown
Skintone: pale moonlight

Titles: Disciple of Petrichor

Description: A deepset frown has taken up residence on Ophne's features and refuses to leave. The same beleaguered expression lingers in moments of rest and perfect contentment. Family members say that even as a sleeping infant, Ophne looked like she was about to punch somebody in the face. Athletically cut from frequent overland treks through forested regions in the North, the raven-haired beauty's default expression is not the only formidable thing about her. She really does look like she's got a decent right hook.

Personality: The truth of the world comes easily to Ophne and she doesn't always know when to hold back commentary. Thinking she's being constructive or witty, she'll say a hurtful thing and upon seeing the look the other person's face, come to regret it instantly. However frequent, Ophne putting her foot in her mouth is easy to overlook or forgive. She's much too hasty to hold onto any kind of meaningful negativity and it shows. There's a distinction between being heartless and accidentally using your heart, y'know, a little bit less.

Background: Ophne is a sharp punctuation mark on the seemingly endless brood of Lord Rognan Nightgold and his Lycene bride. Born well after her mother and father were even thought to have shared a marital bed, the imposition of Ophne's care was mostly shrugged off to Stonedeep nannies and wetnurses. Brought up without very many boundaries, it's no wonder Ophne inevitably caused offense.

During a days-long religious festival held in celebration of the year's mining bounty, Ophne deeply offended a transient shaman and prompted the old woman to curse her right where she stood! Well, she's pretty sure it was a curse. She doesn't exactly have an ear for cheesy spoken word poetry. As punishment, she was sent to live with her 'equally troublesome older sister.' Their mother's words, not Ophne's.

That Ophne should enter into a Discipleship was Rhea's grand idea. It was the Marquessa's reasoning that, in addition to it looking great on paper for her personally, some anti-poacher patrols with the Petrichorians might humble her little sister. Ophne was even sent to the lands donated to the Faith by Acheron's vassal house. How fitting, Rhea had said! After a few months with little improvement, Ophne was summoned to heel in Arx.

Relationship Summary

  • Riagnon - Bear with me...
  • Odile - Patience beyond what I have.
  • Rhea - She Who Must (Should) Be Obeyed.

  • Parent:
  • Rognan - Parented from a distance.
  • Adalisa - Sent me away.

  • Spouse:
  • Amund - When you get that look, nobody is safe. It's why I first fell in love with you.
  • Name Summary
    Amari I haven't often run into her, but I'm always glad when I do. There's an honesty about her that's very refreshing. You'll always know where you stand with Lady Ophne.
    Amund Her sense of humor and playfulness are a rare privilege to behold and I'm lucky enough to witness it in play more than once.
    Audgrim Seems tough and competent, and knows good armour.
    Dante I remember when we talked in the Fox long ago - she struck me with her with and charm. She seems a bit guarded now, but I imagine her decision was a very difficult one and fraught with trouble. If she or Sir Amund need help, I shall provide it. They are truly good people.
    Eleanor Despite not having an entirely clear picture of the King's Own, she's won my respect simply by her interest in dedicating herself to the Crown. I'll be very interested to watch her, and see what unfolds.
    Gaspar A cousin to Sabine, she came looking for a connection and instead found me. She's innocent, wild, and so full of potential, it nearly boggles the mind.
    Ilira Gave up her nobility to marry the man she loves. One-hundred percent of my respect.
    Liam Fought valiantly against me and with the challenge now to face her at archery. Brave to step up like that and with a cheeky smile still touching her lips.
    Mabelle She seems more of cheer than I remember her, but I pray that getting updated on matters of the city will not upset her too much.
    Martino There is a cheeky air about the Lady Ophne in both her words and actions. Seeking answers to questions and with a determination to find them. Is willing to trust, if you do earn it.
    Medeia Still hard to know when she's in good spirits, but she is a smart and capable woman that I am glad to see returned to the city. Perhaps now she will let me teach her the art of wielding hairpins.
    Nigel Lady Ophne Acheron. I have not quite got her figured yet. She seems as if she could be delightful company, though there was almost certainly afoot that was unsaid when I met her. I will be certain to keep an eye out for her about the city.
    Quenia I'm afraid I delivered bad news the first time I met Lady Ophne, but she seemed to take it with grace and dignity which is more than I can say for some when delivered such news.
    Raja I met this woman while going for a walk in the forest where we just so happened to cross an elf. I think there is more to her than meets the eye.
    Savio A lovely northerner who should visit the Saffron Chain. But watch out for the carnivorous pants!
    Sira She's an interesting one; can't say I've met many nobles who willingly gave that up - least of all for love. She seems happy, though. Skittish, but happy.
    Titus A skilled archer who handles hunting or being the hunted. She also has an interesting way of trophy collection. Perhaps we might collect more trophies.