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Opportunities may arise in the most unlikely of circumstances

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Dutiful Steward
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Gilden
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 3/23
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Steward
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: dark

Description: Ishmael has an intelligent look about his face. He is always aware of the conversations and subtle manipulations that seem to go on around him. His skin is dark, showing that he is from the far south of the Arvum continent and well adapted to life there. His hair is cut close to his head to keep out of the way. He is well put together, though not physically strong since it is obvious that he is more accostomed to work indoors then anything physical

Personality: Ishmael is someone who is eager to help out. He takes a great deal of pride in his work and his ability to be of use to those that he serves. He is always polite, though not above giving his own opionion. Still, even in disagreement he is able to maintain a level of respect. Ishmael has spent a great deal of time serving the nobility, so his manners are more polished then the average commoner but he still does not step out of line.

Background: Ishmael was born to a family of low significance in Gilden lands to a blacksmith. It was clear from a young age the boy was not made to be a smith, though fortunately he had some older brothers who could take over the business should his father grow ill. The boy was uncommonly bright though. He started off by handling payments his father received, and working with other suppliers to lower the cost of production. His father saw a bright future for his youngest son, and got him to apprentice for another merchant in the city. It was while working there, that he ran into the Previous Barron of House Gilden. Impressed with the lads intelligence he brought him in to manage his household. Ishmael excelled at his position and continues to serve House Gilden to this day. Though word has spread of some of the issues they have faced with the Baron's son being killed. Eager to assist, Ishmael dispatches himself towards Arx to serve his family and his new Baronness.

Name Summary
Ajax A man who seems loyal to the Gildens, a pity. I could make him rich.
Domonico This man must be a paragon of patience for his job. He has my respect.
Jasher The steward of House Gilden, clever as anyone needs to be to hold the station. I appreciated the opportunity to learn something new.
Kaldur Dutiful steward of Gilden. Ysabel seems to have left Caith in good hands while on pilgrimage.
Mabelle A polite and well versed Steward, representing house Gilden with honour.
Maja The steward of Gilden. He's very charming and from Caith. He sort of looks like me -- dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin. It makes me wonder if I am from the south as well! I look forward to getting to know him better.
Martino An attentive member of House Gilden. Good, easy personality and one who will surely be dedicated to his task.
Monique All the traits of an Oathlander, apparently. Though I think he's got a Lycene sense of humor, which is my favorite kind.
Petal He seems like a thoughtful steward who doesn't like to draw too much attention and who is not easily influenced. There is a subtle and likely hidden strength to him.
Reese Steward of Isabetta's house. I hope to know him better. He isn't one to be loud or draw too much focus, but he seems to have grace, awareness and a polite way about him. He makes for good company.
Ronja Another one who doesn't care for the snow. All I need to know to know that someone is of sound judgment.
Rook Hard worker for his Baroness. Kept his cool when an uncouth Lord slammed himself beside