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Lord Teireno Igniseri

Everyone has a story to tell, some more entertaining than others.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Curious Courtier
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Igniseri
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 23
Birthday: 7/10
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: emerald
Skintone: light golden

Description: As a matter of pride, Teireno keeps himself neat and proper, from his clean-shaven face to his comfortable, yet tasteful noble attire. He is quite physically fit, indicating that he takes good care of his health. His strength seems mostly in his arms and shoulders, but overall he definitely is not weak. His face is wide, with a muscular jaw and square nose. His eyes are a vivid green color, often matching the clothes he wears. His eyes and thick brown eyebrows often reflect his emotions, along with the smile he usually wears. His long, dark brown hair is often tied neatly in a ponytail.

Personality: At first, Teireno can appear to be cheerful and quite sociable. His training as a courtier has taught him how to get on the good side of most people, at least just enough so that he can get what he wants or needs from them. He is also pretty curious about places and people. However, underneath that bravado is a shy young man who lacks any sort of confidence in himself, and deeply longs for security in his life. He doesnt desire fame or fortune, just a family of his own and stability.

Background: The only son of Cirin and Elisa Igniseri, Teireno had a seemingly normal childhood, growing up in Granato alongside his other cousins. He was always a shy child and often stayed indoors or beside his mother. However, all of that started to change when he turned fourteen and his mother mysteriously died. He was always a mother's boy, so her loss was very striking to him. He has yet to find out who killed her, and despite all of his family's and his own investigations, he isn't one stop closer to solving this particular mystery. He doesn't even know why she died, which is a fact that bothers him to this day.

Despite his son's obvious grief, Cirin saw fit to take him away from his family and home and on a long trip that took several years. The reasoning behind it is always given as "courtier training," and Teireno will never elaborate on more than that. After that trip, he stayed at Granato for a few more years, before he was finally able to gather up the courage to leave his father's influence and move to Arx.

In order to reassure himself and to dissuade anyone from messing with him, Teireno has taken advantage of his natural height and focused on building muscle. As a result, he doesn't get into many fights too often. Though he may not have any desire for combat, he still has taught himself self-defense. He hopes he never has to use it.

Name Summary
Aethan Igniseri lord, who seems to dislike social occasions almost as much as me. That's a point in his favor.
Arcadia Sweet, but quiet. I hope he will show me some of his art next visit.
Braden Seems a bit more conservative than most Lycene men. Maybe it is just the setting.
Delilah I've yet to meet an Igniseri lacking warmth or a friendly spirit. Lord Teireno is no different, and his natural warmth will take him far.
Evander The Igniseri Lord who helped us avoid poisoned drinks. Also new to the city.
Evelynn Seemingly kind, well read and humble. I hope he finds himself in this city.
Giulio An interesting fellow and I do hope there will be time for further discourse.
Ian Says he's a courtier, but I'm not sure he wants to be.
Juliana Igniseri cousin, very kind. No doubt he is hiding some sort of mischief.
Liara Quick to laugh and thoughtful all at the same time. Seems to be finding his feet, to some extent.
Lucita My cousin recently come to Arx, a little shy the time I saw him but with quiet charm. We enjoyed catching up on a few old times.
Miranda Quiet fellow, but interesting. Cousin to the wonderful Quenia. Should be interesting to get to know!
Petal He seems like a very charming Lord who notices all the little people.
Quenia I'm glad to have yet another cousin in Arx from Granato, especially one who is good at investigating things. I'm certain there are a number of projects I can have him working toward, one way or another, to help forward the Igniseri name.
Reese He seems pretty clever and deeply thinking. I like him.
Samuele So shy, and awkward. I assume he'll grow more confident as he becomes more settled in the city. He seems warmhearted though.
Talwyn A fellow artist who works in the medium of paint and drawing, as I do in music. I shall have to play for him more, and see his work. A good friend in the making, perhaps.
Valenzo A damn fine artist, and kind to my crew to boot, which I won't soon forget!
Videl Teireno, haven't seen him in a while. I wonder what he's been up to in the meantime.