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Lucio Mandragora

What songs will they sing of you after you are gone? Nobles hold land and wealth, soldiers deal in war and death, the farmer has his honest toil, but only the artist holds the keys of immortality.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Charmingly Clever Performer
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Mandragora
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 12/21
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Singer
Height: average height
Hair Color: chocolate brown
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: olive

Description: This young man has a wild, smoldering look to him. Uncontrolled curls of dark brown hair halo his head, long enough to cover his ears and the back of his neck, and framing an olive-complected face. His eyes are large and wide-set, a color of brown just a shade lighter than his hair. Set beneath thick brows and above a bold nose, they have an expressive movement to them. A small, but full-lipped mouth sits surrounded by the dark stubble of a newly started beard that is too short to hide the strong line of his jaw.

Personality: Lucio is knows that his success as a performer is dependent upon the good will of the noble class, and so he has worked hard to learn how to charm them. Outgoing and gregarious, he enjoys wordplay as much as he enjoys singing and delights in witty conversation. He also, however, takes great pride in his art, and feels the effects of both praise and criticism sharply.

Background: Born the bastard son of a smuggler and a thug in the slums of Setarco, Lucio never knew his father, and lost his mother when he was five to disease. His life had not been easy to that point, but suddenly became much harder. He lived his life largely on the streets, kept alive by rapidly developing keen observational skills, and a penchant for evoking compassion. He likely would still be eking out an existence in those very slums were it not for the gift of a beautiful voice. He began singing for his supper when he was only seven, and, by the time he was nine, his angelic voice had attracted enough notice to reach the ears of Marco Peduzzi, a singer in the court of Nino Pravus. Marco, astonished by the boy's voice, brought him to court and personally undertook his training.

Life in the Pravus Court was very different from life on the streets, and though he enjoyed the luxuries it brought him, he also missed the freedom. In spite of the square meals and nice clothes, Marco Peduzzi was a fearsome taskmaster, and kept Lucio on a short leash, managing every hour of his day with lessons in singing, various instruments, court etiquette, and history. On the rare occasions when Lucio managed to steal away and hide from his lessons, he was found, beaten, and given kitchen chores in addition to his studies. When he managed to get a day off for exceptionally good behavior or some surprising success, he would immediately head back to the slums to see old friends and to listen to gossip and the popular music of the taverns.

The mist frightening moment of Lucio's life occurred when his voice broke in adolescence. Marco looked at him sternly, rolled his shoulders, and said, simply, "You will work in the kitchens for one year. At the end of that time, I will listen to you sing again, and not before. If you can still amaze me, you may continue your training. If not, we will send you back to the slums." It was not until then that Lucio realized how much he had come to value the art of singing, and the mentoring of Marco. He spent months terrified that his adult voice would be mediocre, and when the time came to sing for Marco once more, he was sweating profusely. He opened his mouth...and a beautiful tenor voice emerged from the cocoon of his adolescence.

From that point on, Lucio's training with Marco became even more intense, and the teenager was frequently sent away on mysterious errands designed to test his loyalty and commitment as much as his ability to sing and play. With every passing day, he became a more skilled performer. It was, therefore, with some surprise that, shortly after a masterful performance ending his career as a journeyman under his master, Lucio was released from the Pravus court. Though there was great gossiping about why, the simple answer offered was that House Pravus already had a master singer in the person of Marco Peduzzi.

Since then, Lucio has traveled from noble house to noble house, taking jobs where he can, but never settling down for permanent employment. He even plays in taverns from time to time when coin grows especially low. Now, perhaps sensing that there are greater opportunities to the north, he has left the city states of the Lyceum to come to Arx, seeking fame and fortune amongst the gathered elite of the Compact.

Relationship Summary

  • Belladonna - Duchess of House Pravus
  • Valencia - Intriguing Noblewoman
  • Lianne - Scholarly Lady
  • Felix - Thraxian Weaponsmith
  • Aislin - Knowledgeable Explorer
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