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Tris Magaldi

He made a place for me. Taught me things. When someone gives you a life, it ain't truly your own. You owe some part of it back.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Ruthless Gambler
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Magaldi
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 27
Birthday: 8/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Captain
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: oceanic blue
Skintone: fair

Description: Tris seems possessed by an air of dangerous action and turbulent emotion within her slender, pale silhouette. Her relaxed posture deceptively hides uneasy tension, as if seeking a target to pounce and attack in feral reflex. Her hair falls over her shoulders- sleek, straight, and stygian black. Lustrous all the same, her hair hardly moves within a breeze, by styling or a by-product of her intense aura. Oblique eyes stare back with a piercing intensity, calling attention to the bright oceanic eyes. Her gaze looks fixated and narrow, when you manage to catch it for more than the moment she might waste. The color of her lips is a mix of chilled raspberry hues. Despite her layers of clothing to hide her buxom chest, the scars of seafaring rake across pale skin in bare discoloration. The curves and contours of lithe muscle smooth speak of her fitness, and she lacks the gaunt appearance of a tar confined to rations. Still, there is something strangely idyllic about the balance of raw beauty and strength that is evident in her cagey sort of grace; be it reserved to a glare or demonstrated in a bought of violent fury. She appears as the sea made her.

Personality: There is little to understand about the dark-haired sailor who has become Tris. Though she might be occasionally expressive, it is usually in sour notes and muttered complaints. She seems a very guarded and untrusting sort by her looks, and her grumpy demeanor doesn't seem to dissuade that opinion. She shifts between arrogance and impatience to silent and observant in a tide more chaotic than the moon prescribes. Whatever she protects, a piece of who she once was or secret she'll die for, it is always on her mind. Her hand, likewise, always on a weapon or prepared to be one.

Background: Equally, Tris gives nothing to her crew about her youngest years or true port of origin. She doesn't feel she owes any of them anything but her share. She's never drunk, for whatever reason she gives at the time. So there is little doubt she lies to everyone about what she does mention of herself- supposedly or allegedly.

Where she will start her story is Port Defiance. She was promised a new life and got abandoned. That place was no paradise, and she had no picnic. When word that her old Captain legitimized and left it to the winds to inform her, she wanted her accounts settled. Arriving in Arx, she followed his trail and made her demands. In some turn of events, she joined the Pravus Navy and quickly climbed the ranks to become a First Mate under that damned Admiral.

Name Summary
Alrec A wise man said a woman's scorn is given to her when she's born. She carries it, though undercover, a secret weapon for a lover who dares defy her even once.
Beatrice Competent, direct, and skilled and patient enough to both manage Alrec and have his trust. Someone I hope to work with in the future.
Carmen Efficient, at-the-ready, patient, direct. I wish she was on my team.
Duarte There are those who work to elevate their stature in society to get their hearts' desire, and there are those who fully embrace their station and accomplish the same. She's the latter.
Fatima Some... captain person who works for Admiral Alrec, and runs his floating casino? I like the boldness of her business, but still advise that she play to her strengths rather than trying to overcome her weaknesses. Sailors are fun!
Fiora An attractive woman, laid back and enjoys life as it comes. She's interesting though I'm not sure I would qualify as normal company for her.
Gilroy The capable first mate. Eighty percent do what the boss says, twenty percent improvise like a motherfucker.
Reese She seems to be interesting and up to some interesting projects. Her casino is attracting a lot of notice.
Sebastian Captain Tris -- a woman not afraid to stand up for herself, nor her place, both things I approve of.
Torian Was tending the bar of the Rising Sun, but I hear she's actually the captain. Seemed generous regardless.