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Lady Rhaesena Fidante

Let me see how you are...

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Explorer of Heart
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Fidante
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 19
Birthday: 5/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: dark

Description: A slight woman, who's eyes are bright blue, sticking out of dark brown face. Her hair is a dark, tight and neatly trimmed curly mass, which is kept closer to her head. She is not very tall, instead would be considered small for a woman of her age. Her face is round, and gives an indication to the rest of her body, secure in its place in the world, curvacious and yet still somehow petite. She is dress impeccably, using both colors of cloth and jewelry to accent her dark coloring.

Personality: Passionate and vocal, Yslaine is not as quiet as some would have you believe. Get her talking, pique her interest and she will not stop.

Background: Velanosa's vassal House Fidante''s Vanesa & Redrain's vassal Prosper Sanna, were wed and produced a single child before their untimely demise. Rhaeserna grew up with her Fidante family, under their protection and watch. She loves her cousins but also focused on being practical. A Socliate to her core, she strives to shape and change the world.

Name Summary
Anisha A young rose from the Fidante Gardens, Lady Rhaesena still glistens with the dew of the spring morning, as - too much? Very well. Lady Rhaesena Fidante is a delightful young woman, brimming with potential, passion, and joy of life, and it shall be an utmost thrill to see how she finds Arx. And how Arx finds her. May she pursue her dreams and excel in her chosen field, whatever that ends up being.