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Pero Ilic

I always look before I leap. It's that much more exciting to know how far I have to fall.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Picked Pickpocket
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Ilic
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 23
Birthday: 3/12
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Criminal
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark
Eye Color: green
Skintone: fair

Description: Pero may be a little too cute to garner much of a first impression for his martial vocation. Late teens. Bright eyed. Mischievous smile. A deceptively smooth face, to imply lack of past hardship. All the rough edges of his upbringing have been washed off by his noble service.
He's short, to start; standing at roughly 5'4" with a petite, lithe build. His hair is shoulder length and dark, stylized to the point of appearing fashionably shaggy; verdant green eyes behind a thin veil of black hair. His skin is fair, pale, displaying not a hint of stubble, giving him a rather boyish - or mistakenly tomboyish - cast, with the aid of his more delicate features.

Personality: Pero is subject to dreams beyond his station. As a pickpocket in Nilzana, Pero would fantasize about becoming an infamous outlaw - a mythic thief who would scale sheer towers to steal from royal quarters. Not all such fantasies are behind him (though, hopefully less criminal in cast), but they are surely tempered by his service to the Malespero family. To which he exhibits loyalty - cautious loyalty, given how his parents sold him out - but more than he'd be known to offer, otherwise, given the new life they have given him.

Background: Pero was a criminal of a child in Nilanza, born to an odd sort of family. His parents took in orphans and would raise them to be beggars and pickpockets. And when they grew to be too old to be worthy the pity or pittance of strangers, the then teens would be kicked out into the streets. In these days, Pero was not Pero, but Mutt - and he was made to pickpocket among the rest as if he weren't a blood descendant of the opportunistic couple. And, owing to his runt-of-the-litter size and prodigal agility, stuck around into his earliest stage of adulthood.
Perhaps Pero would have remained Mutt, acrobatically scaling walls and roofs of his home - a burglar, a second story man of some acclaim. But, perhaps, also, he was a little too reckless in his youth. And a little too eager to make a name for himself outside the property of his parents. At the age of seventeen, Pero picked the pocket of Pasquale Malespero. And he survived his personal guard, adeptly dodging what would be killing blow after killing blow before fleeing from the scene.
By then, Pero's parents were getting older. Their exploits well known, as spread by surviving pickpockets and beggars who'd go on, lucky to find vocations that would keep them fed. Thus, when it came time to find the thief, the family home was the first stop, and they were quick to sell out Pero. He was caught and put before Pasquale - his fate in the hands of the nobleman he'd pickpocketed. He was given another option. Martial service to the Malespero family (and a less infamous name than Mutt). He leaped at the chance.

Relationship Summary

  • Lianne - Poetic and Commanding
  • Pasquale - Eternal Gratitude
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