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Lord Forato Fidante

I see my reflection in the dew of dawn's bloom.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: An Adventuresome Neophyte Noble
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Fidante
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 23
Birthday: 11/3
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Rescued noble
Height: tall
Hair Color: deep brown
Eye Color: sky blue with red specks
Skintone: sun tanned and lightly scarred

Description: A fine specimen of male from the southern lands. A noble of roses, to be certain. Olive toned and tanned, blue eyed though they have the golden circle of dawn when the irises contract and at least a dozen odd, red flecks here and there amongst the bright blue. He has long, dark brown hair that is often kept tied back at the temples. There is an air of energy and curiosity about the man, young as he is, and a quiet and stern wisdom to his long brows.

Personality: His time spent amongst the savages has given the Fidante an edge. Of wisdom and insight, of wariness and wit, of readiness and willingness. Curiosity is his greatest spark and his greatest flaw... it may be easy to lure him into uncertain situations merely by the mystery of them. He has yet to finally find his way in life and so he seeks out new information, experts and interesting people at every opportunity. One thing is for certain, though perhaps fated, the man does not think the world or anyone in it owes him a thing. His freedom, his family, his nobility have all come with immense and unparalleled gratitude.

Background: Born a Fidante 23 long years ago, this lad fell into the hands of a southern tribe of Abandoned during the Tor-Southport war when but a toddler. Sold as a slave for a few years he ended up in the service of a Witch Doctor who was steeped in the Demonic traditions. While never truly allowed to forget his place as a slave, he gained great knowledge of the enemies of the Compact, of their religions and their tactics. For some reason the Witch kept him always near but never allowed him to be taught any vocation other than that of a menial servant. When found and rescued in a raid only a year ago, the young Fidante finds himself in a world he had only really been able to imagine, or dream of based on his most distant memories. Now suddenly a noble, instead of a slave. The fated Fidante has his future to find.

Name Summary
Adora No one cares if you're kissing someone. Talks too much, doesn't order fast enough. I don't like him.
Aella This guy. Gods. This guy. I think he really wants me to kick him, very, very, badly.
Amari A curious Southerner with red flecks in his eyes and a serious demeanor. He seemed socially effective enough to me.
Ardee I hope he never stops being curious. It's an excellent driving force.
Aurelia A charming man of inspiring words. I think a songbird would suit his garden well.
Brianna He looks at me as if I am food, air, water. I'll have to keep a careful eye on him, and hope that I won't have to slap him for being overly familiar. Unless he likes being slapped. Well that's another thing completely, isn't it?
Brigida He seems damaged. How strong is he? Surprise us.
Cadenza I feel for him in a since. He was taken too but for a much longer time. I hope I can help him settle.
Cambria A young lord of House Fidante. Given time, I am sure he will find his feet here within the capital. It is a lot to take in for anybody.
Carmen He dresses like a noble and jokes like a scholar. He might even be a little funny, but I'm never going to tell him that.
Cullen An eager warrior who seems to have a serious grudge against a certain malevolent being. Not that we all don't, but I hope he can be more discreet about it.
Delilah An earnest and intriguing scholar. He shows a ready interest to learn about all sorts of things. An open mind, which is a blessing unto itself.
Domonico An inquistive man. Asks many, many questions. One must wonder why? Simply a love of knowledge or something else?
Eddard Another Velenosa, with connections further about Arx than I could hope for in my short time here.
Faye A friendly man, apparently a friend of Bliss Whisper. Perhaps easily distracted. I'd have to sit down and speak to him for longer to be able to say more.
Ignacio A fellow Fidante Lord. Obviously a man on strong will and good taste. A natural amount our House.
Joscelin Clever with words and conversation. Genuine, I think. Honest.
Mirk Enthusiastic. About everything. And a curious sort, too. It makes him seem so very young, but whether or not that's a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen.
Nurie A very kind lord who stopped to help instead of just sip his wine! In the tumult, I did not get to speak to him much, but I hope that can be remedied soon!
Reese He seems friendly, eager for life and lively. He has the energy to make a name for him and do great things.
Simone Having met his brother, Forato is perhaps not what I would have pictured. He is a young man with a curious and eager mind, who seems very dedicated to his people. I do hope he is ready for the secrets that Arx holds.
Sorrel This young lord is quite inquisitive. If he's not a Scholar already, he will be, I feel certain of it. And I just know he'll be following me around before too long! It's good, though. A willing learner is good.
Sparte A very lively individual with a quick mind and a love for riddles. I am happy to have met him, though I wonder at what inspired the interest. What is Forato's riddle?
Thorley I was caught off guard - there's something that seems familiar from him, but I'm not sure what it is.
Violet An inquisitive mind can be a good thing, but it can be dangerous. I hope someone is able to caution him before he stumbles and does more than skin a knee, so to speak. He seemed a good fellow.