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Lynn Romano

"Yeah, I guess I got it rough. No sense freakin' out about it, though. Just wastes energy. More sherry?"

Social Rank: 8
Concept: A Perfectly Permissible Privateer
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Romano
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 22
Birthday: 6/24
Religion: Tall
Vocation: Privateer
Height: average height
Hair Color: fiery red
Eye Color: green
Skintone: tanned and freckled

Description: Long locks of fiery red hair tumble from the head of this curvy young lady, reaching the small of her back. Her face is slightly angular, framed by red bangs, with dark, long-lashed green eyes, a scar across her nose, and thin lips that are usually curved in a smile. Her skin has a healthy tan to it, with smatterings of freckles all across her body - face, shoulders, chest, back, legs, you name it. Her curvaceous body boasts toned muscles and a couple more scars(on her shoulder and her other forearm) that suggest that she's been in a fight here and there.

Personality: Generally a laid-back, easygoing sort of person, quick to smile, quick to flirt, and slow to anger, and it can sometimes be a major endeavor to get her to take something seriously. Likes to spend most of her time lying in the sun or in bed, with or without that week's girlfriend, sipping rum and occasionally playing a tune or two. That said, when she does get serious, she commits. Her playful and laid-back demeanor is quickly replaced with a focused, no-nonsense attitude, and the jokes and come-ons cease until the task at hand is dealt with - and then she's right back to getting drunk and laughing, like someone flipped a switch on her back.

Background: Lynn was born to Viola and Antonio Romano, both privateers by trade, and throughout her life, she spent almost as much time on their ship as she did on land. She got her sea legs before her land ones, learned her way around a ship almost as soon as she'd learned to talk, and had the unfortunate side effect of growing up with a sailor's mouth to boot. Her teens were even more fruitful, teaching her how to fight(a necessity, once she was old enough to be expected to contribute to the crew) and how to play the fiddle(mostly because they found one in some pirate's hold and gave it to her as a birthday present), among a few other things. But it all went awry when Antonio, the captain, died from a stab in the lungs, forcing Viola and Lynn to live on land to support themselves, as the former was getting too old to serve and the latter was still too young for any ship to take her. Viola didn't take it well and promptly turned to alcoholism, only making things worse for the now-poor-as-dirt pair. As soon as she turned eighteen, Lynn promptly left to sign up on another ship, figuring she knew enough to make a living there. And she was right! But she was also left with even more baggage when her mother died of alcohol liver disease three years later, with the two having not even exchanged so much as a letter. So Lynn returned to land to settle what little affairs there were, claim what little inheritance there was, and to spend some time mourning. And that's how she lived until a while into her twenty-second year, when she figured it was high time she started working again...

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