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Alessio Moretti

Beauty isnt created. Beauty is all around us, you just need to know how to bring it out.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Charitable Jeweler
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Moretti
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 31
Birthday: 9/5
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Jeweler
Height: average height
Hair Color: pitch black
Eye Color: hazel with large flecks of green
Skintone: light olive

Description: A ruggedly handsome man standing roughly six feet tall, with slightly broad shoulders and a well defined build that speaks of plenty of manual labour over the years.

Alessios thick, black hair is shaved short on either side and the hair on the top pulled into three long braids that runs back and connects just above the nape of his neck and continues down to end just above the small of his back. The thick full beard covering his angular jaw is kept short and is always well trimmed and groomed. Hazel eyes with large flecks of green set under thin but defined brows always seem to take in every detail around him with a calm and calculating curiousness and a rather large, hawkish nose lends an air of regality and authority to his appearance.

Personality: Alessio is a calmly jovial and easy-going man with a deep passion for his work, his wife and his hobbies. He is quick to smile, if not outright laugh, and has a natural talent for making people feel comfortable in his presence. He is kind of heart and always ready to help those in need should he have the chance. Beneath the calm exterior there is a burning need to succeed, to become the best at his trade, a fire lighted within him by his father from a young age. He can seem hard to figure out at first, but people who earn his trust and respect will find in him a fiercely loyal friend and a stalwart ally.

Background: Alessio Moretti was born in the twin cities of Gemecitta as the third and last child to Niccolo Moretti, a kind and passionate jeweler of some renown, and Fiore Moretti, a struggling artist with a big heart and a frail mind. It was a tumultuous childhood at the best of times for young Alessio. Between his apprenticeship in his fathers shop, a mother who was slipping into her own world for long periods of time more and more frequently and a sister who had inherited her mothers fragile psyche and was more or less constantly depressed and needed taking care of, there wasnt much time for friendships or fun.

One of the few friends he did have was Vittoria, the daughter of a tailor living only a few houses down the street from his own. Their fathers were good friends and her mother often came over to help with things around the house, bringing Vittoria with her. They quickly bonded and the bond only grew tighter as the years passed, the two of them spending most of their waking hours together when daily work and chores had been seen to. She was four years his younger but every bit as smart, a sharp-minded and determined young woman even from an early age.

His father was a warm and kind man, but also a ruthless perfectionist when it came to his craft and it wasnt easy being his apprentice. It was, however, a highly effective way of learning, even if it meant many sleepless nights studying or trying to perfect yet another of the delicate techniques needed for the craft to meet his fathers expectations. The rigorous training and mentoring proved not to be lost on Alessio, as he quickly rose in both skill and understanding of the art of jewelry making. At age twelve the first creation made by his hand was sold in his fathers shop and at the age of 15 he was starting to rival even the skills of his father and mentor.

As the years passed, little changed save for Alessios ever increasing skill at his craft and his bond with Vittoria growing closer and into something more than just friendship. He would work, take care of his mother and sister and spend what free time he had by Vittorias side. But then, one day, things suddenly did start to change. The relationship between himself and Vittoria had kept growing and had evolved into more than mere friendship to a degree where none of them could hide or deny it any longer. Roughly 4 years ago, shortly before his twenty-eighth birthday, they were married after a very short period of being together as a couple. They didnt need more time, they already knew everything about each other from a life spent by one anothers side.

Not long after the marriage, Fiore, Alessios mother, recovered from her ailments seemingly overnight, returning to the real world once more and not long after that, his sister started to recover, even if at a more modest pace than their mother. No one could fully explain how, but the little family didnt seem to care about such things as why or how, too busy caught up in the joy of finally having mother and wife, sister and daughter, returned to them. It was a happy time and the following years went by fast.

About two years ago, Vittoria approached him with the idea of Moving to Arx to start their own business and their own family. To get a new start in a new place, to define a future for themselves, a future forged by their own hands. Alessio was hesitant and not immediately ready to leave his home and family, still unsure whether his mother and sister would remain in good health and continue their recovery from all those years lost to them. He wasnt completely opposed to the idea, he just.needed a little more time. Vittoria didnt give up or abandon the idea, however, and over the following two years she slowly convinced him that it was the right thing for them to do. With his mother and sister not showing any signs of relapse and the increased passion and longing in his the eyes and words of his wife, he finally agreed.

And so, the two of them would set out on the longest journey either of them had ever undertaken, traveling halfway across the country to the capital city of Arx to start their new life.

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