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Alejandro Rossetti

There is no life without music.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Bard of Roses
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Rossetti
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 27
Birthday: 9/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Minstrel
Height: tall
Hair Color: espresso
Eye Color: dark brown
Skintone: tanned

Description: Tall, quiet, and unimposing. Alejandro frequently seems to linger in the background. He is a handsome man with the touch of youth in his smoldering dark eyes. Dark hair is kept a touch long and seems to get in his face, casting shadows over bronzed skin while glancing down to play his beloved guitar. His kind, soulful eyes are met with a thin, straight nose that sits perfectly upon his face. A thin moustache is matched with a touch of scruff on his chin that can't quite be called a goatee. Broad shoulders slope slightly as he if might want to make himself disappear but it is sometimes difficult not to notice him there as hard as he might try. It is the unspoken intensity he gets, especially when playing his guitar, that makes the man more than curious; perhaps it makes him a touch dangerous. Or perhaps he just enjoys playing his guitar.

Personality: A Lycene man of passion and fire, Alejandro puts his heart and soul into all he does. A perfectionist when it comes to his own abilities and actions rather than others, he can tend to obsess over himself in an effort to improve. This may come across as being full of himself or self-important but his intention is always to make himself better. To play his guitar with more skill. As one might expect of both a Lycene and a skilled guitarist he is a charming and suave man. Quick with a witty reply or a smooth remark. Though common, he has spent his life amongst the nobility of House Fidante and it shows in his refinement, grace, manners, and charisma.

Background: Born in the city of Tor to a house servant of House Fidante, Alejandro Rossetti was the first of three children born within three years of his parent's marriage. Precocious from a young age, he was considered by some to be a musical prodigy at the age of four. There was talk that the Whisper house in Arx was interested in him but by that time his path had already been laid out before him. By luck and hard work he was being raised with Lady Calista, the very young daughter of Duchess Giancinta Fidante. There was tragedy that saw Giancinta killed and Calista's brother Leo eventually becoming Duke but neither Alejandro nor Calista could well remember those times. He was raised and educated by the same tutors she was and the pair grew close.

The boy's musical talent blossomed and he became well known in the gardens of Tor for practicing his guitar and trying out new songs on both the Duke's sister and anyone else that would come past. His relationship with Calista grew to one of constant companion and confidant. A convoluted series of events saw more change come to House Fidante when Alejandro had moved to Arx and Calista ascended to her brother's seat as ruler of Tor. The Duchess of Roses, they called her. Numerous were the songs he wrote in honor of his friend and now liege. Alejandro is content with his life of service and is honored with the role he plays for the young duchess, chief among them being friend.

Name Summary
Aahana Quite a handsome minstrel. I look forward to truly hearing him play and showing of my family's dance.
Ignacio Always a loyal servant and friend to Duchess Calista, he has garnered a lot of trust over the years and rightfully so. A great man and a valuable asset to House Fidante.
Ophelia A captivating musician I met at the Hundred Cities Inn one rainy afternoon. He played his guitar for me and he lifted my spirits in a most unexpected way. There is something special about him! Perhaps one day I will find out what it is.
Sabella An incredibly talented musician who I directed to the Bard's College even though he already had an appointment! He was very kind and a wonderful flatterer and I look forward to that song/poem he said ought to be written about me! I would definitely like to get to know him better and think we could be great friends!