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Swords are rarely effective, blunt instruments of power, compound interest crushes all.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Machiavellian "Moneylender"
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Malespero
Gender: male
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 51
Birthday: 3/19
Religion: Agnostic
Vocation: Moneylender
Height: average height
Hair Color: grey
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: olive

Description: Older and uglier than most, Murdoch has given up trying to impress. Of average height, short grey hair, crows feet, and a physique starting to go to fat with age, he does not exert a strong physical presence. But anyone who gets a close look in his eyes will see the gears of his mind working tirelessly, analyzing all the angles, and weighing the odds.

Personality: Murdoch is not a cruel man, exactly. Taciturn and calculating, he tends to find creative solutions to problems, but sometimes those solutions can be brutal, like cauterizing a wound. He is old enough now that he finds black humor in many things, and has learned to truly appreciate the precious moments in life.

Background: Born in Caith to a struggingly shipping family. Murdoch's elder sister (Lady Beatrice Malespero's mother) inherited. He spent his youth working the docks and caravans by day and learning the books by night, expecting to command one of his family's ships one day. But, just before coming of age, the family fortunes sank leaving a single ship remaining. His sister took command and he was asked to branch out to find new work. After a series of odd jobs and many tough months, he landed a job at a gambling establishment and discovered he had a rare head for numbers. After a few years scrimping and some personnel changes at the establishment, he was put in charge of the ledgers. It was during this time, now in his mid-20's that he met the woman he would eventually marry. Together, they had a daughter and a son, and some of his investments began to bear fruit. Things looked to be going well, and he was even able to help his sister's shipping business stay afloat through a tough spot, day he came home to find tradgey. His wife and children were slain in an apparent robbery. No evidence of the killers was found. He fell into a black period and for years cultivated associates from the less savory contacts he'd met at the gambling house. His sister and her family raised Beatrice during this era, and he managed to teach her a thing or two but eventually was asked that he stay away, lest he taint their business with his shady dealings. Some years later, he learned that Beatrice prospered and was even ennobled by the Argento family. His network of contacts by that point rumored that Pravus would move against them, and for the first time he found he needed to truly pay attention to high houses. Beatrice was sentenced to prison for a year, and he was surprised to learn that she not only survived it, but thrived and landed on her feet as a new member of House Malespero. Curious how she had managed it, and feeling the loss of his own daughter, he visited.

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