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Lady Orianna Argento

Damn, well if my brothers can do it so can I!

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Little, But Fierce
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Argento
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 21
Birthday: 6/23
Religion: none
Vocation: Noble
Height: None
Hair Color: sun-washed brown
Eye Color: light brown
Skintone: tanned

Description: Orianna, stands on the short side, wide hipped, but petite. Her sun kissed brown hair is always worn loose unless she's working. She has a never fading tan, that she prides. Her mouth and facial expression are stubborn, with a skeptical glint in her eye. Though along with the glint, her eyes we're wide, round and warm brown, her eyes have a way of peering out at the world.

Personality: Blessed with a critical mind and the sharp eloquence to express it, Orianna stands by two things. Loyalty to her family and honesty with herself. Enamored by the sea. Nowhere near the lady her parents want her to be. Will challenge anyone who says she can't do something. Be the first to give her brothers a hard time, but will always have their backs in a moment notice,no questions asked. To some, maybe, loud and a little brassy, which is why the last few marriage proposals might have fallen through, because of Oriannas' fierce wit and tongue. Despite this she does want a family, but not with just anyone. She's willing to wait.

Background: Middle child and only daughter in a family of some of the most obtuse boys Lyceum had seen, Orianna Argento sometimes felt like she had to pick up the slack when her brothers were off goofing off. Peacemaker, lawgiver, second mother, steward and the loud, brassy voice of reason in the Argento household, she was the daughter that her mother was supposed to project onto. The one that was supposed to be put in pretty dresses, to teach how to sing lovely arias, to dress up and play at tea. Orianna defied the box that everybody tried to put her in. That telltale Argento rebelliousness was tempered by a strong sense of familial loyalty and duty, by an intellect that quickly analyzed situations and concluded the best result.

At an young age, she knew she wasn't going to end up where her parents wanted her. The sea always called to her. She learned to swim at an early age and every chance she go was in the waters. This very much displeased her mother, but Orianna was okay with it. She wanted to do things her way. She went along with certain things to please both her parents, but to also have at her disposal. Etiquette classes to tea functions with her mother.

After her brother left to be a privateer and it was just her and her younger brother things got a bit harder as she was expected to marry and such and the fact her younger brother was babied annoyed her beyond belief. She herself got sick of being home and the call of the sea became too strong and age of 18 she left on her own sea voyage. Only to run into her older brother at the age of 20 and demand he let her stay with him.

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