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Dame Talaith Calvatti

No matter how many times I lose I still learn something, and one day I will rise above all my losses.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Ambitious Knight
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Calvatti
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 21
Birthday: 4/21
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: average height
Hair Color: ebony
Eye Color: ice blue
Skintone: alabaster

Description: A young woman who appears to be in her twenties, likely just entering them. Alabaster skin is smooth and flawless to look at. Thick curls of deep black cover the top of her head and reach down, falling in loose ringlets across her shoulders and all the way down her back to her waist. Those dark curls are left free and unbound falling down her shoulders and back. The hair of her bangs is just as long and pushed apart to reveal her forehead and a pair of trimmed low set black eyebrows. Large doe-like ice blue eyes with curly dark lashes are set below those brows. The lashes are thick and flutter lightly whenever she happens to blink. Shaped like a heart her face is blessed with soft feminine features. Her nose is straight and small and reaches down between her eyes coming to a gentle point and then stopping a few inches from her lips. Those lips are full and pouty drawing attention to them and the straight white teeth behind them. A slender neck leads down to a body that is just a touch above average in height. That body itself a nice mixture of healthy muscles and soft curves.

Personality: A knightly fighter who is both determined and ambitious. She wants to be all she can be and wants to rise as far as she can. While not especially drawn to religion or driven by honor this does not mean these are things she ignores. However she is more of a practical type prefering proof of her own strength and deeds to the strength of her beliefs. She is deadly serious, her ambition driving her more than anything else.

Background: Talaith Calvatti was the youngest daughter to a family of common born merchants living in Southport. Talaith's parents had four other children and Talaith was the last of those. In her early years her parents tried to teach her a merchant trade but Talaith had no interest in artistry or learning the art of craftsmanship. After some observation her parents agreed that thier daughter was destined for more, Talaith was encouraged to pursue her dreams of being a knight. Talaith trained without pause pushing her body to its limits as her ambitions drove her to rise to the occasion again and again, getting up and still trying even after she was beaten. She sworn fealty to House Malvici and served a knight under that house as a Squire. Her knight was a grumpy and cynical sort yet still appreciated Talaiths practical and stubborn nature. Talaith was knighted when she was twenty one years old, now a full knight in service to House Malvici Talaith had no intentions of stopping there. She would push ever forward continuing to work towards her goals of greatness.

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