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Lord Apollis Malvici

Scruples are for people who don't mind dying.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Stealthy Adventurer
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Malvici
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 22
Birthday: 12/2
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: platinum blond
Eye Color: emerald green
Skintone: fair

Description: Apollis is slender and sinewy with pale skin and platinum blonde hair that borders on being snow white. He has chiseled features including a thick dark skeptical brow, a strong square chin, and high aristocratic cheekbones. His hooded eyes are emerald green, piercing and impassive. He has full pouty lips and a wide smile that overtakes the entirety of his steely face. He has wavy short hair worn swept back and slightly tapered ears. He carries himself with a quiet confidence and speaks with a creaky, honeyed, and perpetually sleepy tone.

Personality: While Apollis flirts with nihilism and hedonism in full measure, his true beliefs are hidden beneath a sea of not giving a fuck. While his days of troublemaking are behind him, he's still no model of excellent behavior. He doesn't sit still and struggles with impulse control. Don't call him untrustworthy, though, for he's fiercely loyal to his family.

Background: Apollis was born in Granato and became the eldest brother of four. Through his whole childhood he'd have to endure constant scrutiny and suspicion, much deserved. He was a hellion and rabble rouser. He was often the one inciting others to fight rather than being the one to get into a fight. Then during the chaos he'd make off with the coin purses.

He'd often go off on his own urban 'adventures' where he'd come across 'hidden treasure' just sitting around. While his sisters were content with a different kind of adventuring he was often playing with Abandoned children and getting into places he had no business being in.

After growing up a little the boy mostly put aside his troublemaking ways but his path was definitely chosen. He wasn't going to be a stuffy noble do-nothing. He was going to go out and experience things. That's why his match to his Malvici love was so opportunistic. They both shared a love of treasure hunting - some might call it grave robbing and ruin looting. They traveled all over Arvum together before she was suddenly befallen with a strange illness. In a matter of days she had died in the Northlands during one of their adventures.

Once again Apollis was met with scrutiny and suspicion on his eventual return to Southport. He wondered if he'd ever live it down or if anyone would offer him the comfort he needed in his time of mourning. Unsatisfied with how he was being treated he left once again to find his fame and fortune in Arx.

Relationship Summary

  • Avaline - Striking beauty.
  • Astraea - Pure beauty.
  • Amarantha - Dark beauty.
  • Echo - Sweet beauty.

  • Patron:
  • Isolde - Confidant, kind and warm, she will teach me balance and grace.

  • Protege:
  • Deito Igniseri - Distant cousin, eager to please and not without his charms.
  • Name Summary
    Aiden He shouldn't be very hard to spot in a crowd and yet I wasn't quite paying attention the first time we were in the same place. I felt bad for my oversight and when I saw him again at the Badger, I did introduce myself properly. He was reserved, but made an impression on my cousin to which point left an impression upon me. His smile or in case his frown, carries influence.
    Alaric Rather jaunty for a Malvici. Not that that's bad, of course.
    Alarissa Lycene at it's finest.
    Aleksei He gives out quite a lot of kisses!
    Amarantha My partner in crime as a child. I'm afraid of what havoc he might wreck on this city--how can I top it?
    Arianna Dudes a major hotty. No matter how you cut it, he's got true class and style that sets him apart. Distinction from the sameness of the boring Lycene nobleman. The kind of guest aboard I'd love to have again and again and again and again...
    Armani He's good company and a long time friend. Drinking and friends with benefits, nothing better.
    Astraea My brother is like a fine wine, he only gets better with age. A rapscallion and a ruffian but the kind that makes you forget all about gentleman and there particularities. He grabs life by the balls and always gives it everything he has. That silver tongue and clever wit of his add to that roguish charm. Despite our perceived differences we're the same where it matters and I am proud of the man he has become. No doubt about it.
    Brigida More hungry than he is devout.
    Cadenza Well he's grown up a lot since I saw him. His words are pretty flowery but....he was so kind when I had one of my episodes. Maybe next time we can have a full conversation.
    Calarian A good-looking gentleman. He's frightening with that knife and I'd very much prefer not to be on the wrong end up of it.
    Caspian A charming guy who seems to be pretty laid back. I like how southerners are always so relaxed and enjoy a bit of fun.
    Cirroch He seems like a decent enough man. I can forgive his odd drink choices.
    Costas A bit of a silver tongue but he was ready to put himself to work. Seems canny, which is a trait I come to associate with Malvicis and so it don't surprise me it'd apply to them's married in. I look forward to seeing what he can do for the family.
    Echo Apollis is my wonderful older brother. Though he may be the oldest sibling, he definitely wasn't the most spoiled, despite his knack for getting what he wanted. He's good at all sorts of things that my sisters aren't, and I can always count on him to get things done. How they get done, well... Does it really matter?
    Ectorion Astraea's brother, seems protective, was asking some pointed sorts of questions. Thankfully, seems to have been distracted by a pretty lady.
    Eleyna Lord Apollis Malvici and the other scouts saved countless lives in the Battle for Setarco. If not for the information he and the team provided, we would have been lost. As far as I am concerned, the man is a hero.
    Emilia He is so polite and honorable! I am very happy to have met him.
    Emily He's a rogue through and through and likes to take bets, both in money and other terms. He's an interesting sort and she's curious to see what he's about.
    Esoka Kin to Princess Astraea and a decent archer. He described the content of Lycene blood as wine, haze, and poison. ... That mostly squares with what Esoka knows of his countrymen.
    Fatima So much potential in one handsome package. I look forward to seeing if Lord Apollis puts his talents to use or squanders them on woman and wine.
    Gabriel An effusive man, silver-tongued. I don't know if he can be trusted but he seemed perfectly pleasant.
    Gareth Sly, humourous, seems like a very fun fellow. If you're into that sort of thing.
    Gaston Brother to the beautiful and aggravating Amarantha. He is a charming fellow and a gracious conversationalist. I would like to see him again.
    Gwenna Lord Apollis Malvici is the brother of my cousins by marriage, Astraea and Echo. While we don't often cross paths, it's always nice to see him. We were caught having candy in the Great Cathedral by Archlector Brigida during Astraea's Godsworn Ceremony and I think I nearly died of fright by her withering glare. Still, it was nice to join in a little bit of mischief with him.
    Ignacio Lord Malvici is a good spirited man with a sense of adventure. There are few men I have seen use a dagger to the degree that impresses Master Caspian.
    Isolde I can't fathom rum with honey. But his charm and wit make up for his lack of taste in drinks.
    Jeffeth A friend of Mirari. He wants to get in touch with the Cullers. It makes me uncomfortable. But I'll help, and hope this doesn't end with anyone getting hurt.
    Jev Not Astraea. I don't care what she says.
    Jordan Was very surprised when I threw the gauntlet at his feet. Unfortunately the fun-killing Inquisitor was there to make things more rational than they should be. Damnit.
    Joscelin Painfully pretty for a man, dashing as well, but smitten by Valencia, I think, amusing to watch him make her fluster.
    Kaede A sweet-talking Lycene lord that lurks in the shadows? Oh, yeah, no trouble to be found there...
    Katarina Yet another of her favored Malvici clan, and consequently a cousin-in-law if he's a cousin of Caelis. Outgoing and silver-tongued, he has an infectious air about him that makes Katarina curious about what fun is to be had with the sly gentleman.
    Kenna I wasn't QUITE sure exactly what was going on behind me because I caught a fish. But I do know that I need to learn more about a dagger. And if he is a man of his word. Really, it's a little confused in my head.
    Lianne A restrained presentation. Kept the conversation centered on others, allowing only hints and inferences about himself. Curious.
    Lou I enjoyed getting to know him better during the Explorer's dinner. I expect before long he'll find himself on some grand adventure, searching for treasure.
    Luca There's a lot of potential there, though he does stick out just a little. Isolde seems to be.. working on him? If she is, he should be fit for the worst sort of machinations, in no time. I shall have to check up on him soon.
    Lucita My handsome cousin, a widower. Friendly, charming, interesting and supportive. Am so happy to have him around again. I'd missed him!
    Luis Troublemakers we were, but now, life has thrown us all in different directions, though it is good to see that despite all that, Apollis still leads in his own way. A curious one, more reserved and quiet, and yet I do not believe he is any less a troublemaker for it.
    Marian The mystery brother. He seems to have the same sense of humor as his siblings. I wonder if he's as much fun as the twins and their little sister Echo. It's worth figuring it out.
    Melody Charming, sweet, and all too curious. A Lycene lord with an eye for the stars, perhaps -- And, strangely, one who cares for the shav'arni.
    Mirari There is something there, well I think there is. He is up to something and I've a mind to find out what.
    Orathy Ain't it a thing that he only be having a little hair out of place after a spar. Pretty boy, ain't he? Reckon we be having had our fun and I suspectin more to come.
    Petal He seems like a kind lord. I don't know much about him. Maybe he will visit my garden one day.
    Prisila Well that was me doubling down on a bet with myself. I was thinking, there's no way I can meet two delightful beauties in the same day and was I wrong? Yes.
    Quenia I know you always mean well, even when sometimes your wit gets in your way. But, there's not a thing I would change about you cousin. Continue to make things interesting, and never let anyone try to quench your light. We will not be quenched, we Igniseri.
    Reese He comes from quite the family and seems out going.
    Reigna A truly lovely young person who has complete freedom to enjoy their lifechoices, and be whoever it is that they wish to be. I hope they find happiness however they might. And I hope someone kisses them, because that would be very embarassing.
    Rue Another pretty face! I've been meeting so many silks of late that I fear I'll start to lose track of titles. He's charming though, what with that accent and stark white hair!
    Sasha My soon to be cousin-in-law's brother who put sugar in his rum. I find him peculiar but interesting and am excited to see what he does here within Arx.
    Saya HGe doesn't believe in curses. He definitely needs a shark to protect him.
    Silvio He seems polite, but there WAS dirt on his boots. I shall keep my wits about me.
    Skye I know he's a transplant to Southport but he really needs to learn how to sail. Malvici rivels Thrax in their naval power. It only makes sense. I do hope he takes me up on it.
    Snow he seems to be someone who knows exactly what they're after.
    Talen Scout, and searcher for stars, he's proven himself in the field at Setarco and he's received recognition by the Archduchess herself. Now, he's part of the Mirrorguard. Now, he's going to be put to the real test.
    Theron Lord Malvici. I've seen him with his sisters at several points in the past. Princess Echo is a friend, and Princess Astraea is friendly towards me. Certainly a good man to make acquaintances with.
    Thesarin Either a drink or a joke spilling across his lips, most every moment I've seen him. Which makes for fine company.
    Victus This man wore a dress and claimed to be a Princess, with the prize of a drinking game being to lock lips with him. Yep.
    Wash An affable fellow, striking and energetic. My pallid reflection. Needs some sun I think.