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Vayle Savonorela

Loyalty is a pearl among grains of sand. Only those who truly understand its meaning can see it for what it is.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Daughter of Setarco
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Savonorela
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 30
Birthday: 9/4
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Handmaiden
Height: average height
Hair Color: sun-bleached brown
Eye Color: dark brown
Skintone: caramel

Description: The elegant grace of a Setarco woman is exemplified in the presence of Vayle. She moves as if walking on a rolling tide carrying an unspoken decadence despite her lack of rank or title, her chin always held aloft in a proud show of her stature. Long, sun-kissed curls cascade in a decadent mane within the wake of her fluid movements wavering on any breeze as if each spiral is a silken drape independent from the whole. Her eyes are dark, dancing with the shadows of her thoughts in a tumultuous pull of potential guile and wisdom. She sports a petite nose though it is slightly broader and tends to guide the gaze more prominently to the brilliance of a winsome smile. Her figure is slender, curves subtle at best.

Tattoo: Starting at the small of her back and working its way up following her spine to the base of her scalp is an ornate, but thin pattern that seems to be an artistic rendition of scales.

Personality: As with most born of the Silken City, Vayle is no stranger to the darkness of man. It is this knowledge that motivates her to rage against the stereotypes of her people, instead presenting herself as a woman of authenticity and sincerity in the social realm. She prides herself in her work serving House Pravus and it is when ill words are spoken against them or Setarco that the true fire of a passionate heart becomes exposed to denounce such attacks. The silk-clad lady is generally mild mannered, preferring a stance of thoughtful silence and observation to better focus on her tasks rather than partaking in idle conversations. To some this aloof nature can most definitely be construed as ego, but to those who know her or who have taken a quiet moment to engage the handmaid in private conversation it is clear her soft-spoken demeanor is not of a higher-than-thou attitude, but more simply the workings of conservative wisdom of a woman who has observed the machinations of manipulation for a lifetime from the shadow of a servant's place.

Background: The Savonorela name was known widely amidst trade routes, specializing in the transport of antiquities, but more so it was the loyalty of the trade family that wove their place of esteem within the hearts of Setarco and House Pravus. Whenever the call of martial support amidst the tides arose, the Savonorela ships would transform from that of simple cargo vessels to instead machines of war, first in line to defend the island and Lyceum as a whole if need be without argument or question.

So, while the arrival of two women at the gates of the Pravus Manor clad only in tattered silks and coated with brine and sand was a surprise to the household, that initial apprehension was nearly washed aside once the pair presented the insignia of Savonorela and explained their situation. They had been sent by their mother (having been at sea beside her through most of their youth) to serve House Pravus as a tribute from the traders, but in transit their small vessel had been cast upon the reefs due to an unfortunate misjudgment of the tide.

Over the next ten years the pair of sisters (Vayle and Lune) worked their way up the ranks of the Pravus serving staff, beginning as simple house servants until now in present day the pair have been sent to Arx to continue their service to the family in the esteemed position of Belladonna Pravus' personal attendants.

Name Summary
Christine She seems quite a sweet girl. A bit scared of animals, though.
Orazio Somewhat subdued, but interesting, and a fellow Southerner. Always nice to meet a woman from Setarco.