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Lady Fiora Malvici

Hatred is captured in ice, but burns like a flame. Do not ask me how to quell it.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Enigmatic Lady
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Malvici
Gender: female
Marital Status: Widowed
Age: 26
Birthday: 11/19
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: ebony
Eye Color: frosted blue
Skintone: ivory

Description: If it were not for her striking ice blue eyes and long lashes, Fiora would be considered a comparatively plain-looking Velenosian noblewoman. She possesses little natural coloring save for an angry scar which streaks across the right side of her face, narrowly missing her eye. Tall and svelte, what curves she does possess are subtle underneath her clothing. Thick tendrils of black hair accentuate her heart-shaped face and rest upon her shoulders. Her movements are precise and her cool gaze is alert.

Personality: There seems to be a permanent chip on Fiora's shoulder, and her view on the world is generally one of skepticism and cynicism. Always weary of others true motivations, she has a distrust for people that often comes across in social settings. Though she is rarely truly at ease, when she is she can be something resembling pleasant at the very least. Though her walls are high, she is the type who bears a deep loyalty to those who manage to get past them.

Her skepticism does not generally seem to apply to animals or children. Often treating them far better than she would people, and displaying a kind and adoring demeanor that could not be found in her day to day socializing with peers.

Fiora is passionate about her goals. Her father was killed when she was young which has seeded an ambition in her to ensure things like this would not happen again. Justice would be had. Though there are many things that Fiora is uncomfortable with, like people, she is intelligent enough to recognize what is needed and required. Fiora adapts. While court politics or frivoulous socializing may be something she does not have a taste for she knows to succeed you need allies. And allies would prefer you not to be glaring at them constantly all the time. She's working on it.

Background:     Fiora is the eldest child of Lord Romeo Malvici, the younger brother of Duchess Adona Malvici and consequently the first cousin of the sitting Duke.

    Her childhood, for the most part, was consistent with those of most noble children - save for the Malvici fixation on martial pursuits, unique within the houses of the Lyceum. Fiora discovered early she had neither the bulk nor the drive to become a conventional sword and board warrior, and instead began to focus her training on archery and fencing with lighter blades and armor. She was naturally nimble, with the nearly poetic grace of a cat, and her regime was tailored to take advantage of such natural talent.

    When it rains, however, it pours. Her mother passed after a difficult birthing of a set of twins when she was nine, and a war between her family and the Fidantes engulfed Southport shortly afterward. Her father fell in one of the ensuing battles and she was nearly killed after a poorly thought out quest for vengeance. By age twelve, she was a significantly more sullen girl. She took her vow to mother to look after her siblings to heart, but it was difficult to do in lieu of her own emotional turmoil, especially as a teenager. No one doubted her intentions were noble, but she lashed out frequently, in public and in private.

    Adulthood has given her more patience and a longer perspective, but the hurt little girl is still there beneath the surface, seething and threatening to come out when she becomes overwhelmed. She is an enigmatic combination of ice and fire, and nobody is quite sure if there's more of one or the other.

She served dutifully as a Voice for House Malvici for many years before the completion of the Great Road brought about a series of tense and uncomfortable situations along the border of the Oathlands and Lyceum. It was in the resolution of those burgeoning brushfire wars that she became better acquainted with the leadership of House Laurent, the Malvici's neighbor to the west. A marriage of duty was forged between herself and one of the many perfectly acceptable (and perfectly dull and utterly obsessed with horses) cousins of the duke.

Since then she's been known as Lady Fiora Laurent and enjoys a position of trust within her married family. Sadly, her husband was one of those lost in an attack upon the keep that saw not only his death, but that of the duchess and several other nobles of the house.

Relationship Summary

  • Hadrian - cousin Duke
  • Calypso - cousin General
  • Eirene - Aunt
  • Cristoph - A competent and adequate duke
  • Mabelle - A cousin-in-law with a lot of industry. A /lot/ of industry.

  • Sibling:
  • Inigo - Twin Brother

  • Friend:
  • Norwood - a House Sword with honor. And serious expression.
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