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Alrec Magaldi

You fight to win at war, I fight to win at life.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Hedonistic Pirate Admiral
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Magaldi
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 34
Birthday: 03/05
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: tall
Hair Color: sable black
Eye Color: deep sea blue
Skintone: sunbronzed

Titles: Admiral of Setarco, Silken Wolf of Setarco

Obituary: His badly mutilated body was found on the cabin of his ship, the Bullshark of Setarco, which was docked in Arx. Stabbed dozens of times, his badly beaten body showed signs of torture.

Description: Tanned, weathered skin and a vicious scar along his cheek can't quite hide the amusement and vigor with which Captain Alrec Magaldi views the world. A grin is never far from his mouth which is rimmed by a heavy black goatee, all the while eyes as deep and dark as the ocean perpetually observe his surroundings. Tall and broad of shoulder his frame is impressive without being overwhelming and his steps are all heavy and deliberate.

Personality: A self-confessed hedonist Alrec is not shy about what he wants from the world, and that is all the pleasures it can possibly provide. He tackles life with an exuberance that makes others shy away and has never backed down from a challenge or new experience in his life. But beneath the enthusiasm is a spine of iron, a discipline warrior who's faced death a dozen times and know he'll face it a dozen more. But that veteran warrior is only brought out for exactly as long as it takes to deal with enough business to go back to life's pleasures.

Background: One of many sons of sailors born in the docks of Darkwater, Alrec's early life was a predictable one. From child to cabin boy, from cabin boy to sailor, and eventually from sailor to Captain. He acquitted himself well on the high seas, sailing in support of house Thrax with other Vassal crews during the Tyde war before returning to the business of pirate hunting and a little discreet piracy on the side the Darkwater are famed for. All that changed however when he ran escort for a merchant vessel taking cargo to Setarco, the Silken City. The Merchant ship was held for repairs and he and his crew enjoyed two weeks living in the most decadent city in all of Arvum. Two weeks was more than enough and the Captain found a member of the Pravus family and promptly offered his allegiance. The half of his crew that remained loyal to Thrax were ruthlessly butchered by the Captain and just like that he became a loyal retainer of house Pravus. As long as they could keep him in the women, drink and other vices he desired, they had his sword. With his superior naval combat experience from serving the Thrax he was able to greatly improve many aspects of the Setarco navy and he was named Admiral of their, admittedly small fleet. His defection might be a sore point amongst many of the Thrax, particularly those from Darkwater but thus far they haven't assassinated him. Most recently he's come to Arx in order to advise the House Pravus leadership on matters martial and naval.

Relationship Summary

  • Pirate Clans - Don't be mad because you knew this day of Reckoning was coming.

  • Acquaintance:
    Name Summary
    Armani It sounds like you and Mangata might already be on good terms. Let's sail together.
    Belladonna A man with goals I can appreciate. A person I can respect. I wish him good luck.
    Domonico A big man, smart enough to shelter from the storm and warm himself with a drink before braving the outside again.
    Duarte So he killed a few sailors. Who could not love that face?
    Eddard The man can dodge an apple very well!
    Faruq Drinks rum. Good. Has wild stories of staying young forever if only someone had the money. A touch weird that.
    Gilroy Calls himself 'Alrec of House Pravus'. That could cause misunderstandings. Of course, some men thrive in the small cracks in truth created by misunderstandings.
    Iseulet A gorgeous man with a strange and dark past. May he be the brightest star smong the blackest of nights.
    Lore A good sport, offering to fight with me even though the blades was what he really wanted to do!
    Miranda Well, he likes to torment my aide, so that makes him good in my book! He has an easy way about him.
    Niklas Father never lost his temper, but his desire to use his thumbs to crush the Admiral's eyes was always a little too real.
    Reese He is super super fast and a very good sport about things going in more difficult directions. He also is an admiral!
    Reigna A complex man, not at all what I expected. I still believe he is dangerous and only a fool would trust him. But maybe, just maybe, he might not be all bad. Maybe.
    Sabella An Admiral that likes the sea and cigarellos! I didn't catch his name but I'm sure he has many stories to tell!
    Theodoric First to challenge the champion, how brave, or how foolish.
    Turo If he was on fire, I wouldn't even drown him to put out the flames.
    Venturo An apparently reserved fellow at first blush, but the tidbits one can find speak of knowledge. Further discoveries shall tell if they are from personal experience or book learning... but my instinct tells me it is the first.