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Lord Morven Malvici

The tides of battle turns with the right strategy.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: General of Finances
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Malvici
Gender: male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 31
Birthday: 12/25
Religion: None
Vocation: General
Height: tall
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: medium

Description: This man comes to just above six feet and has a wiry build. His tall, muscly frame shows just enough of his strength to give him quite an alluring appeal. He has light brown hair that goes well with his naturally bronze skin tone. The sea blue of his eyes contrasts beautifully with his skin and eyes.

Personality: Morven is an overall friendly guy who fights for what /he/ believes is right. This does not necessarily mean it is what others consider to be just since everyone has a scale of what they think is just. He does get quite annoyed when people spend excessive amounts of money on frivolous things. He keeps the future in mind and spending money with little concern does not sit well with him.

Background: Morven is one of the children of Tanya Kennex and has some siblings. He was, of course, raised as all Kennexs are. His focus was more on the financial side of things, even from a pretty young age. This doesn't mean he skipped learning what was appropriate for a noble he just had his preferred focus.

When he became of age, he joined the Kennex military to assure he could protect himself and his loved ones, should he need too, though, his position was more of a desk one since he was more accountant than fighter. He was unconcerned when it came to staying in the military or not. It was an effective way to keep occupied and to get an idea of the finances of the military so he could help improve it. It was during his life as a soldier and Kennex that Morven joined the Silver Consortium and the Academy of War.

In recent years Morven married Sierra Malvici and joined the Malvicis. Upon joining them he decided to join their military both as a duty to the war type Duchy and because, again, it helped him get an idea of how to improve the duchy and their economics. Morven also travelled the lands of the duchy and their vassals along with Sierra. When Sierra and her twin decided to go to Arx he, of course, went with them. It only made sense for him to accompany Sierra with her being his wife.

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