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Fortescue Antoni

Consider it done, my lady.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Foppish Fixer
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Antoni
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 26
Birthday: 9/27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Steward
Height: average height
Hair Color: blond
Eye Color: blue-grey
Skintone: ivory

Description: The man has a princely handsomeness to him, and prefers to be found in lavish silks, but he can be non-descript in leathers when he needs to be. Blond hair shifts shades in the light and bleaches nearly platinum in the summer months from a wheaten gold in the dark of winter, kept fashionably tousled or swept back at a whim. His eyes are the blue-grey that also changes by mood or lighting. These shifting qualities help with the blending in. A strong prominent nose, wide brow, high cheekbones, and pouty lips lend an air of superiority to him, emphasizing his already snooty disposition. Roughly average in height and slender in build, he moves with poise and purpose. He doesn't cut an imposing figure, but he doesn't appear friendly, either.

Personality: If there was a single word to describe Fortescue, it would be haughty. For several years he kept people at a distance by being generally aloof, nonchalant, detached, thinking that was how he needed to be to be successful. He was raised to follow the rules and be deferent to nobility, both of which he mostly still does. However, recently he's been allowing himself to express some humor, and even warmth. Still, he's not likely to hold a baby or an animal unless it is literally his job to do so (sometimes it is literally his job to do so). He enjoys digging up information, people watching, and feeling appreciated - he is rather susceptible to flattery.

Background: Fortescue was born the middle child of three to a close side branch of the Antoni merchant family in Southport. Due to the family's relative privilege as commoners, he was afforded a solid education. He never worried about going hungry, always had a warm bed and a roof overhead. In fact, if you ask him, the great tragedy of his life was how utterly predictable and unmysterious his early years were. But things get hazy around his 14th birthday. He started realizing he could trade information for favors among the customers at his mother's shop. And then he ran afoul of the son of a smuggling operation, which - perhaps luckily - resulted in him being recruited to their cause for a little while. When he turned 16, his father enrolled him in the Southport Academy for military training in an attempt to straighten him out. It was a dismal failure.

While he gained only minimal military prowess during his time at the academy, Fortescue did have the opportunity to meet Lord Martino Malvici. Seeing some potential in him, Martino agreed to take Fortescue on as a student once he completed the requisite two years at the academy. The Malvici lord brought the merchant's son in as one of the stewards and coached him on improving the skills he would need. It wasn't long after that Martino took on Lady Medeia Saik as a student, as well. In a wondrous turn of events, Fortescue and Medeia got along great! While Medeia stayed in Saikland Greens and only visited Southport on occasion, the pair exchanged friendly letters to help one another through various concerns about their studies or challenges they were facing.

It took several more years, but when Medeia was called to Arx by her baroness, Martino saw the Saik Lady would bee in need of a solid assistant - who better than someone who already understood her? So, he arranged for Fortescue to travel to the city, too. With the pair reunited, they got right to work, with him supporting her efforts to host exciting events, keep a finger on the pulse of the city, and pitching in with the Saik staff. With Medeia poised to marry out, and the timely departure of the former head of staff of Saik Tower, Fortescue has found a new role to step into. How will the city treat him, now?

Name Summary
Martino One of my mentees who has thrived oh-so well now into the city. A pleasure to meet him and those smooth words of his will always open up doors to him.
Savio Thoughtful and refined, in a quiet way that stands out in all the noise of Arx. He seems to think before he speaks. I wish I was more like that.