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Lord Vicarin Saik

I will either find a way, or make one

Social Rank: 6
Concept: erudite tactician
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Saik
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 25
Birthday: 3/20
Religion: The Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: black
Skintone: brown

Description: He's a tall man, six feet in height, with a slim frame. He has allowed his hair to grow: it is shoulder length, straight and glossy black. His face is graced with a fine, aristocratic nose flanked by well pronounced cheekbones, sitting above a well groomed moustache flowing down to join a well kept, clipped beard. His eyes are obsidian jewels with a piercing look. They often glimmer with good humor and unrestrained curiosity even though the rest of his face might remain passive.

Personality: He's a quiet man, contemplative and reserved, seeming to prefer the company of books to people. But his aqquiantances and family tell a different story: of a friendly, affable man when among company of friends, and a good orator when the need arises. He is also said to have sharp business acumen, taking interest in the management of finances. He delights in playing miniature wargames with whoever is unfortunate enough to accept his challenge, beating his opponents more often than not. Though he's yet untested on a real battlefield.

Background: Vicarin Saik comes from a relatively obscure branch of the Saik family, being descended through his father from Kathivor Saik. He has spent most of his time in the Lyceum, though he was sent on a port to port voyage on a galleon where he interacted with merchants and studied their business methods, being possesed of an affinity for commerce, and also managed to pick up the finer points of sailing from the ship captain who he maintained a friendship with for a time, him being the only other educated man on board. Now, he has been sent to Arx by his parents with the hope that he can join the main family and make something of himself and perhaps as an added bonus, bring repute and fortune to Saik house along the way, for his parents felt his potential was being wasted at home, blunted by his pampered life.

Relationship Summary

  • Wash - appreciates water like I do. Both for drinking and sailing on.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana A very fun sparring partner and amusing to converse with.
    Achard Pleasant and real, Noble but human in his manners. ANd he wants to spar! Cannot wait...more the merrier!
    Aelgar Quiet man, which is usually a Good Thing. Personable and pleasant when he does speak, though, and to be fair, I am not awake, either. I look forward to further contact.
    Aiden He wanted a confirmation of what his intentions are. I can't give him that. It's not my confirmation to give.
    Andrina He is quite pleasant to speak to, but surprisingly bashful. It's kind of cute!
    Calypso Another Saik and not, in fact, a random messenger. Good to know.
    Cirroch An interesting one that doesn't fit the Lyceum as I was lead to believe that they were like. A downright sensible man.
    Delilah Lord Vicarin is an exemplary Saik: curious, respectfully inquisitive, kind. He asks the right questions to learn about the world, but with a gleam of enthusiasm and Lycene grace.
    Deoiridh Another cityfolk whose path crossed with mine underneath darkened skies. I thought him to be a guard, intent on scolding me, yet he seems to... adapt to one such as I. Why, I couldn't say...
    Dio A pleasant lord of Saikland Greens. Good company before a long voyage.
    Domonico Inquistive and asks relevant questions. He's aware of the gaps in his knowledge and works to improve them. He'll serve Saik well. I approve.
    Dorian He seems like a bit of a stiff noble, though Dorian figures that's the standard, so stays out of the man's way.
    Drake A pratical man who comes prepared for challenges he's about to face and has a good idea of the odds. And a fair fighter with a blade, even in a casual duel.
    Duarte Perfectly reasonable company. Not particularly piqued. A fine one for a drink or two to pass the time.
    Ember Lord Vicarin is a man whose temperament is difficult for me to read accurately. This is a virtue for a Lycene, I suppose, but even more of a virtue for a leader of armies, and gives me hope that he leads House Saik's soldiers well.
    Emily Quick and glad to take part of the games I come up with. I can see he is not an idle mind and his company is enjoyable. Why is it that I find my compatriots in the southern houses most often? Perhaps they up for my impish ways and strange moods.
    Evaristo The Saik family seem to be everywhere these days - and no complaints from me! Lord Vicarin is another good conversationalist with a keen mind and a friendly disposition. Very pleased to have made his acquiantance.
    Fredrik A level minded man who has a knack for numbers. But sits by the fireplace in this summer. I am puzzled and curious at the same time.
    Georgine I liked him. He seems a more sensitive soul.
    Gerrick A good memory for a Lyceum
    Giada Pleasant enough. Not that I trust him yet.
    Gwenna Lord Vicarin Saik is certainly a remarkable asset to his House. We seem to have much in common - from our arrivals in the city to our positions within our Houses. He is an exceptional conversationalist who inquires as much as he answers inquiries, thus leading to fine discussions. I would welcome these in the future, especially as not many truly appreciate talk of ledgers and taxes.
    Haakon Southron lord. Quicker to ask questions than most, which is a bloody good trait.
    Ian Good to see Baroness Lucita getting his support.
    Iseulet A pleasure to be around with such a lovely beard - also seems to like cats, so that's a definite plus for me. We'll always have something to talk about.
    Lenard Lord Vicarin Saik seems like a man that I would like to know better as he seems to be a combatant, which is something I can appreciate. I'll have to spar him at some point.
    Lottie What a kind and generous lord. He was patient and gentle when speaking to me. Understanding too! I'll need to work EXTRA hard on his order.
    Lyra A rather reserved nobleman of House Saik. Pleasant manners and doesn't gorge himself on free food.
    Mabelle A well accomplished man of many talents. Pleasant and well mannered. Undoubtly an asset to his house.
    Martino Provides good insights on complex topics, a curious mind and one who asks the right questions. Wants to know more and, truly in our world, that is what matters. For knowledge is important and the Lord Vicarin is gathering his in.
    Medeia Cousin whom I have not seen in several years. Navally inclined and eager, like many Saik before him.
    Monique A man of the most austere dignity. I find the need to emulate it, at least in part. I'm captivated.
    Neilda I dunno why he puts up with me, but I've never been so glad to see anyone. Except maybe Deia.
    Porter A friendly and courteous lord of House Saik!
    Razija A beard almost as nice as an Oathlander's.
    Romulius A Lord of Saik, polite and courteous.
    Rowynna A quietly charming and well-mannered lord of House Saik who engaged me in conversation in the training centre. I'd not mind if our paths crossed again.
    Sabella It's always a good day when one meets a new Saik in town! He was a bit quiet but that's likely just because he is new and I shall make a note to introduce him to everyone the next time I see him!
    Samira A Saik, and cousin to Deia. He strikes me as a quiet, but pleasant sort. Probably the studious type often found in the Archives, spending hours poring over books.
    Tatyana Polite and possessed of an excellent sense of timing. To his credit, his very clearly excited by his sister's upcoming wedding.
    Valdemar He seems to have a good head for details. I am curious to see how things will go moving forward.
    Vitalis Very nicely coordinated ensemble. Who AM I? Apollo must be rubbing off on me.