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Rylan Emory

Come now, let us share a drink, for who can persist with enmity over a glass of good wine and a game of dice?

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Gregarious Courtier
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Emory
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 31
Birthday: 8/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: dark brown
Skintone: olive

Description: On the tall side, broad-shouldered and well formed, Rylan Emory is a neatly-dressed man in the prime of his life, perhaps late twenties to early thirties. He has a face many might call friendly, dark brown eyes often alight with mirth, expression prone to smiles and laughter. His dark brown hair is shoulder-length and oft left in unruly curls, combed back but otherwise unstyled, and it is not uncommon for a day or two of stubble to grace his jaw.

Personality: Jovial and seemingly carefree, Rylan yet keeps to the codes of etiquette and propriety. He is often flamboyant and bold in his courtesies, without offending sensibilities. In a rare quieter mood he can be introspective to the point of irrelevance, but likewise makes a good listener to problems and sounding board for solutions.

Background: A child of uncertain parentage, Rylan was born in the year 983 on the island of Nilanza and fostered amongst a family of scribes in service to House Argento. Never quite one of the family, he was yet raised well, with food in his belly and kind words when they were earned, and given an education in all the things a scribe should know - at the least a neat hand and a good memory. He never quite took to the notion of being quiet and unobtrusive in the manner of a discrete scribe however, finding far more joy in hearing tales from the many visitors to the island, not to mention drinking and gambling with them. While he did serve Argento as a scribe in some small matters in his mid to late teens, the vocation never really 'stuck'.

During the destruction of the treacherous House Argento in 1006, he chose to leave the island and seek his fortunes elsewhere, intending to send earnings home to his foster family who found themselves abruptly out of work - at least until House Malespero was formed and took their place. By that time he was already situated in Arx, having held a dozen simple jobs over the years - a labourer at the docks, serving drinks at any number of bars, carrying messages for merchants and more, and continued to do so until he reached the age of 30. Each job teaching him something new, but nothing that could be called a career or vocation.

Finally in 1013 he decided that he should put his people skills to good use, taking up as an apprentice with Whisper House, learning to serve the great and the good. And everyone else at that.

Name Summary
Drake A courtier in training in the Whisper House, and apparently a clever sort. Made fast friends with my sister at least.
Gaspar A creative talent that has yet to be embraced by the Bard's College. His impromptu tale was charming and witty. It was a delight meeting him and there will undoubtedly be more.
Graziella Charming apprentice of Whipser House, I should like to have happenstance-bychance tea with him again one day and chat about current events...
Leonel A creative gentleman, capable of great improvisation on the spot. I should love to hear more of his tales, whether embellished or genuine.
Lianne Magnificently deliberate. Possessed of both forethought and charm. A fine reflection on Nilanza.
Medeia My favorite storyteller! He's always been one for the dramatic and I think he's finally found a place to dazzle.
Rhue A nice man, an apprentice with the Whispers. If he can plan events and be diplomatic and poetic and talk to all kinds of people about all kinds of things, he'll do just fine caring for a plant.
Ripley It's like me! But not me! But he likes to explore food! That's a good thing. He's easy to be around and the man can act up a storm. Not like misbehave act up, but act! He's great! Fabulous! I love him!
Sedna A charming apprentice Whisper. Despite reservations, he seems like he'd make an adroit diplomat. When you're from Redreef Shores, though, pretty much anybody seems like a better diplomat in comparison.
Valerius One should never underestimate who they are speaking with, you might find a wonderful, humorous, intelligent person right in front of you by accident.
Venturo A Whisper, and one that does that group proud by not just his stories, but spinning them to those who need them the most in the House of Solace.