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Lady Auriela Malvici

Parents do not define who we are. Only we do that choosing what we want in life.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: A point to prove
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Malvici
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 29
Birthday: 09/21
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: rich brown
Eye Color: icy hued blue
Skintone: blush kissed

Description: Sculpted elegance. The Lady Auriela Malvici holds herself and her appearance to a high standard at all times. A face and posture that has been well cared for like a fine Lycene Red, the Lady Auriela's features exude the meticulous care that she has put in. Tumbling locks of rich brown hair kiss upon her shoulders and chest to frame her wide-set icy-hued eyes. Well kept eyebrows are drawn over her eyes, a small angular nose. Full red lips spread across Auriela's mouth, cheeks toned in slight drawing across to a small flat chin.

Slender in arms, rakish in hips, there is not a touch of fat to the body of the elegant Auriela.

Personality: Being further from the Malvici branch lines, Auriela has a point to prove and is willing to make what she wants - happen. A voice to be reckoned with, clicks and harsh tones are not rare from her when needed but, also, there is still that refined education she received. That training, that understanding that sometimes a soft smile, a secretive glance across the table, achieves a lot in Lycene politics. Believing she is a cut above the rest, but not given the chance, now she takes when she can and grips onto it with both hands.

Background: When you are born the daughter to a member of the Malvici family who is blamed for much loss and suffering, you start life with your head down and with the intent to forget your name, who you are and who your father was. From child to teenager, Lady Auriela kept herself to herself and her studies. When she became of age for her Malvici military training, she signed up under a different name - one so that those who served with her did not know who she was out of worry they might treat her so differently. With a sword in hand, it was not her forte. The delicate frame of the Lady Auriela having her easy to overcome. But, like her father, the battlefield was where she excelled. When faced with a board, counters and strategy - she was able to make bold moves against her opponents. Sometimes with significant numbers of her side lost in the war games. This, soon, led to rumours of her having a similar mindset to that one Lucien Malvici. That was it, she needed to finish her service and step out.

Upon finishing she travelled to Tor, Grantao and Lenosia as well. Spending much of her time people-watching, she developed her own set of skills this way. Returning to her home city, quietly, she made light ripples around Southport as people started to ask about 'Lucien's girl' it became apparent that it was time to run once again.

She cannot be remembered as Lucien's daughter. That cannot be what defines her. So it is to Arx where she has come to make her name.

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