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Lady Xanthe Igniseri

Honor that has been besmirched should be avenged.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Icy Champion
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Igniseri
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 20
Birthday: 11/11
Religion: Pantheon - Gloria
Vocation: Knight
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: chocolate brown
Skintone: tanned olive

Description: Feminine and powerful are two words that come to mind when looking at Xanthe. She has a shapely figure that is made to catch the eye and to soften the hard tones of her tanned olive hued body. She has strengthened her short body, to the point that her small stature can not be mistaken for weak. Her dark brown hair is cut to frame her face, drawing attention to the femininity of her features and her chocolate brown eyes.

Personality: Xanthe is a cold and distant person who hates to socialize with most people. She feels like there are too many expectations on how she is supposed to behave and what she should say when it comes to social interactions. It doesn't mean she WON'T socialize, just that it is more of a chore to her. It is not that she fully dislikes people, though most she isn't a fan of, she just gets bothered by expectations put on her. Those she lets into her 'inner circle' Xanthe is fiercely protective of and cares deeply for them. She will do anything for the people that she cares for, no matter how far into the 'bad' it might go and feel no remorse. Don't mistake the lengths she will go for those she cares for as her taking away their ability to protect themselves. She is a firm believer in letting people stand up for themselves if they can so she will only be their sword if they need it.

Background: Xanthe is a child of nobility and received the education to that effect. Sure, it might be basics in the social aspect because she didn't enjoy it much but she has the proper education. Her interest was in weaponry. That she excelled in, met all expectations for it. She spent much time traveling, mostly by land since she is not big on being on the water, the irony of someone sworn to Velnosa not being fond of being on a boat is not lost on her. When she heard what happened to her family after Gyre was defeated she was surprised. She was not really upset, though, when the March was given to someone else. It happens. She travelled as far as she felt like, trying to hone her preference of using large weapons. Her travels eventually lead her to join the Champions and the Society of Explores, both of which caught her interest. Not long before arriving in Arx she was recruited by someone in the Iron Guard. She saw no reason not to join. If being a member of the Iron Guard proved to be a hindrance to her goals then she would leave it. She does not lack goals, to note. They are a bit varied but ultimately they fall into two categories, combat and exploration. It is a bonus when the two can be combined.

Relationship Summary

  • Kaia - During her adventuring Xanthe ended up travelling with Kaia and during those times Kaia ended up in a bad place and Xanthe saved her.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Caprice - Caprice is an excellent creator. Xanthe goes to her exclusively for her clothing and jewelry.
  • Orick - Orick is an alchemist that Xanthe goes to exclusively for her alchemy needs.

  • Family:
  • Quenia - Quenia is the leader of the Igniseris. Xanthe is very fond of her.
  • Luis - Luis is a Voice for Igniseri and the family Sword. She is rather fond of him.

  • Friend:
  • Martino - Martino is someone Xanthe is quite fond of. She enjoys his company and feels at ease with him.

  • Patron:
  • Dante - Dante is Xanthe's patron and she likes him well enough. On occasion she will even say something inappropriate or something that humors her to him.
  • Name Summary
    Ilira She has about her a social indifference that I sense may translate to the passion for battle, given her bearing and turn of phrase.
    Kaia She saved my life, once, long ago during a SoE expedition; and, I shall forever be grateful. She's a brave woman and a most capable fighter. A boon to Igniseri and a fine Champion!
    Mabelle An Igniseri lady of very few word. Seems like she enjoys the sword.
    Martino The Champion, Lady Xanthe, was a delightful student of mine upon the dance floor. Her graceful steps, while slow to start, show that fine softer side to the Igniseri that we all do-so adore.
    Seren I do hope Lady Xanthe is a showier fighter for the Champions than she is a talker. But she's not the worst customer ever, just not a woman of many words.
    Vittorio A bit on the shy side. I hope her family helps her open up. Or Sabella might.
    Zakhar A noble with a sense of humor
    Zoey A hardened combatant of relative few words. She aught to get on with Ian just fine.