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Princess Loelai Velenosa

Because I'd rather burn alive than suffocate to death. Not to be poetic.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: wildfire
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: velenosa
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 23
Birthday: 8/7
Religion: none
Vocation: Swordswoman
Height: average height
Hair Color: red
Eye Color: silver
Skintone: bronze

Description: She belies her modest stature through a prowess from within, muscle rippling like steel down the length of her back. Svelte of frame, her taut core exaggerates the swell of a generous bosom and full hips, the strength continued in smooth contours along her slender limbs. A spill of soft ringlets flows over her shoulder like velvet, woven from the crimsons, coppers, rusts of sunset. Sculpted in classic symmetry, the marble cast of her features cools a glowing youth. Light freckles dust her fine cheekbones and the button of her nose, as the delicate bow of her lips blooms with a carmine tinge. Immense eyes, gently canted as if feline beneath sable lashes, gleam in facets of ice and silver that melt to liquid gold at the pupils. The rich bronze of her skin bears the scars of adventure, forearms crisscrossed with nicks healed in faint white lines and fingertips subtly callused.

Personality:     From watchful reserve to a ferocity that blazes, Loelai can be as hot or cold a fire as she likes. Implacable confidence and a brazen way often belie the class innate to her upbringing, but she sometimes lets its glimmer through. True friendship with her is a reach, due more to the casualness of the road than her cynicism--but when earned, her loyalty is to a fault and occasionally her detriment. A streak of brutality drives her raw approach to a fight, whether of the sword or the interpersonal, with a wit that lashes as sharp. Somewhere within it all, though, a young woman with a clarity of mind, an adventure at heart, and hope for an unknowable solace burns bright.

Background:     Loelai, by the account of most, was an easy kid to handle. Joyous, energetic, and rarely a nuisance, she regarded the mischief and mayhem common to her age with something like avuncular indifference. Her cousins could engage her, but she found more delight by her lonesome with dolls and toys for whom she created adventure. Imagination was her playground, so when other children invited her to play, she loved to weave fantastical storylines of action and character into every game. Active in sport, days of athleticism preceded long evenings of reading by the hearth. This was her life, until the teenage years onset.
    Her reserve concealed perceptive eyes and ears, and all she absorbed began to shape an early cynicism. The typical rebellion of youth was a factor, of course, but Loelai saw the world in shades deeper and brighter than those who surrounded her. At 12, she developed a disdain for her courtly lessons in favor of the sword; at 14, she spent more time beyond the estate than within it, and at 16, she flashed a blade in her mother's face with a promise to never be the daughter she wanted.
    Soon after, the young and headstrong princess struck out from her parents, from Lenosia to reify past dreams. The woods was her solace for a time, then the sea and its farers, then the roads and the cities. Through raw survival, she honed her strength and craft as a swordswoman until able to compete, earning herself a name in a few arenas across Arvum. Arx, to her, will either be the unfurling of a new chapter for the prodigal daughter, or just another stop on the journey.

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