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Valardin/Malvici Reception

A reception for the wedding of the Prince of Sanctum, Edain Valardin and the Lady Admiral Caelis Malvici.


Oct. 5, 2017, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Edain Caelis


Edain Alis Victus Isabeau Ida Alarissa Silas Calypso Monique Percephon Corban Caelis Artorius Clover Melinda Reigna Kael Ian Dianna


Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Valardin Grounds

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Comments and Log

Ezekiel the German Shepherd arrives, following Artorius.

Caelis is standing at Edain's side. Somehow they managed to get the blood splatter from her dress. She looks nice, relaxed as they stand-waiting to greet guests. Karrigan, the very brave puppy is seated at Caelis's side and looking generally delighted to see people.

Ian makes his way onto the grounds at an even, if not rapid pace. He's got all of his attention on his feet, at least while he's walking, placing each footstep with care. He has swapped out his battered leather jacket for a wool one with slightly fancier buttons. (IOW: All dressed up!)

Clover slips in quietly, dressed in a silk dress for once! It's in sunset orange with soft gold colors and muted pink tones. It's embroidered with a sunset colored phoenix.

Prince Edain stands next to his beautiful bride, and he has made his own contribution to the receiving line as he waits for guests. There is a table next to him with a heaping plate of fresh maple bacon, and maple glazed muffins. As people come up to congraduation the new couple, t hey get handed a muffin and some bacon form Edain, "Thank you so much for coming."

Alis had to change out of her armor. it's much more difficult to dance and party properly in armor, afterall. Her first stop is obviously the bride and groom, and she intends to hug them both. /In public/, even. Sorry Edain. And then she will fuss over the dog as is proper. "Karrigaaaaan, who's a good boy? Who's a good /boy/!? You are, yes you are. You're already big enough to sit on and squish poor Sir Huntley."

Arm in arm with Victus, that's how Alarissa's returning back to Valardin. She couldn't and wouldn't have made her way to the -actual- wedding. The modest dress, the daintier and femminine version of Victus' coronet on her dark hair. She murmurs something to Victus, looking to see who all was in attendance, the diminutive in height woman to Victus' towering one.

With his guards left at the gate and the Princess Alarissa locked arm and arm with him, Victus made his way into the proceedings with a ghost of a grin on his face. "Smells nicer here than I remember. Like the better kind of bacon. The kind that isn't just a chopped up pig left out to dry and burn." He muses toward his wife, dressed in his typical ensemble of blood-black leathers and a coronet to match his wife's. For the time however he seems more than content for Alarissa to lead him on. The ward was still unfamiliar and a Valardin party was even less so to his expertise. "Do they have good wine in the Oathlands? I forget what the good stuff is."

Arriving in a timely manner with Melinda at his side, Artorius would definately be wearing his nicer clothes, a black suit with a longcoat over it, and rather nice gloves apparently. He smiles to his wife, before looking to Edain and Caelis....maybe or maybe not trying to fight back a tear trying to escape.

Calypso stands again when the festivities begin in earnest, making her way over to the couple. "I couldn't be happier for you both. Tell me though, I must know. How furious was the Seraph of Sanctum?" She asks with a faint smirk curling her otherwise serious expression in to something more mischevious.

Ian stops a little ways in, leans on his cane, and looks around. Fortunately, he has stopped before the receiving line, and thus is aware that it exists. He watches people given bacon and a muffin with a certain amount of skepticism, possibly because he only has the one free hand. (The other one being needed for his cane.) But he's game to plunge in, and gives his congradulations, calm and detached though they may be. The real question is, given only one free hand and two items, what Edain is going to inflict him with.

1 Sea Rover Bodyguards have been dismissed.

"Only half has furious as the Captain of the Guard, Hardwicke Morgan. He gave me a dressing down that I am pretty certain that Arn would have blushed a little at." He offers a muffin to Calypso then, "Muffin? And thank you Duchess Calypso. For everying."

Something Victus says draws a laugh from Alarissa who is then guiding the Thrax High Lord over toward the married couple for the obligatory greeting, waiting first for those who came before to be greeted.

"Alis, hello! Lord Ian. Your Grace, Princess Alarissa, welcome! There is wine and stronger spirits, my family would riot elsewise." Caelis greets and smiles, cordial and sweet. She looks to Melinda and Artorius with a fond smile. "Siblings, oh, and Duchess Calypso!" She doesn't hug her family, though she does squeeze arms, the Oathlanders must be corrupting her!

Jordal, a bodyguard arrives, following Isabeau.

Calypso takes the offered muffin and gives it a look over. The customs of the Oathlands are still something of a mystery to her. Do you eat the muffin now? Is it rude not to? While bite, or rip the top off and eat that first? She opts for the full bite like a heathen after giving it some skeptical consideration. "This is pretty good." She decides and then inclines her head to Edain and Caelis. "It was my pleasure, your Grace. We are family now after all. Whatever you need." She gives Caelis' arm a squeeze in return. Malvici affection at its finest.

Waiting until it was his turn to greet the newly weds, Artorius gives his dearest sister the warmest of all warm smiles, chuckling faintly though clearly emotion breaking through a tough facade. "Congratulations my dear sister." though he does feel tempted to pull her into a big hug. He looks then to Edain, nodding to him, and stretches out a hand to shake his own. "Congratulations Edain. Brother." he says in acknowledgement.

Only /slightly/ fashionable late, despite not being much of one for fashionably anything, Dame Ida Ferron enters the grounds and has to pause a moment to take all of the splendor in. Simply the smells of the food are enough to cause the smith to stop and take in their wonderful scents. "I hope there's some fried bacon on a stick," is half-mused as Ida slowly starts to work her way into the throng of the event-goers.

One hand dips into Victus' pocket for some added warmth while the pair of Alarissa and himself approach the newlyweds, a relaxed expression across that scarred face of his. "Good evening your grace Edain, your grace Caelis and so forth. Congratulations on your thing. I heard it was a very red wedding overall. I'm almost sad I didn't get to see it now that I know it was closer to a Thraxian affair." Pitch black eyes wander from the Valardin High Lord and Lady to look about the rest of the party with curiosity. "It's also real white around here. Really white."

    There is another addition. Although, one should give Percephon a pass. No one should rush genius. The tall figure of the Telmar Scholar-Lord has quietly made his appearance to the festivities. He takes a long look around, studying the appropriately thematic decor with a subtle smile. After this moment, it's time to seek out old and friendly faces before he extends his mandatory congratulations to the High Lord Princess and the Princess Consort.

Edain takes Artorius hand with his right, and offers the a muffin and some bacon with his left. Any good Oathlander knows how to balance multiple items of food in one hand. "Thank you for coming Count Atorius, Countess Melinda. It's lovely to see you both." He looks to Victus then and Alarissa then and bows to both of them, "I am sad that you had to miss it as well. It was a hell of a thing. Someone charged fifty men armed w ith only an elk, some courage, and a Dame Ida. It was... well it was kind of amazing to behold."

Alis sneaks around the newlyweds after she has lavished attention on the puppy, and grabs some extra bacon for herself from the plate Edain is using to hand out slices to everyone while she loiters. Warm smiles greet everyone, though she's twice as watchful as usual as people pass through the receiving line. Until she spots Percy. "Oh good! You can help me find my husband. I expect he's found a bottle of whiskey and hasn't found his way back to me yet to share it."

Ian manages to slip through the receiving line sans food, which suits him just fine, because he needs his free hand for holding a drink. He's especially careful walking on the uneven ground of the lawn while he goes in search of said drink.

"A woman with a knife coming from behind." Dips her head to them. Alarissa smiles at Edain, a look and then Caelis, a warm smile. "I had warned you that you would bring her into the family on a sea of red. I wasn't that far off" There's a let loose of breath. "I am very glad that things worked out. And if you'll pardon me, maybe us, I need to be as far away from that bacon as possible." Because she's looking a little green being close to the bacon.

    There's a wild Alis! Percephon presses a hand to his chest in mock-shock, offers a twitch of a smile and bows slightly. "Your Highness. I can. Only, without the impending doom of whiskey, please. Also, there is the little matter of presenting this gift on behalf of the /entire/ Telmar family ..." he smiles again. Such an expression does not bode well.

Smiling, Caelis gestures to the food and drink. "Please everyone! Feel free to fill your bellies, sate your thirsts! Enjoy the picnic! We are all kin here. Let's put our business aside for today and be glad for spring, enjoy the day and tomorrow we'll all be back in the thick of it!" She calls out and looks to Edain. "Shall I get you something to drink on that note?" She asks, glancing at Alarissa briefly at her comment and tilting her head. She looks back to Edain with a winning smile.

"Someone did /what/?" Victus asks as the corners of his mouth tug up into a smirk. "Did he take a blow to the head as well? Because good fuckin' gods, that's just... Silly." The word rolls off the man's gruff tone like nails on a chalkboard. It was just downright unnatural for such a thing to ever grace his lips. "Next time, I'll try to get my axe bloody as well. That sounds like one of the few weddings I'd actually enjoy... Beyond of course 'Rissa and I's. Which is happening. Eventually."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Caelis before departing.

Henrik arrives, delivering a message to Edain before departing.

Alis cranes her neck curiously, to try and see this gift that Percephon intends to present. Just seeing the general size and shape her her lips curving upward in a smile of delight that should be unnerving. "Of course. I would never stand in the way of a gift presentation." Nope, not her. Her expression of beatific innocence does not let up as she excitedly waves to Artorius and Melinda. And Calypso. And the Thraxians. So many people!

Princess Isabeau Valardin arrives at her cousin's wedding reception a little land and apparently unaccompanied, but neither of these condition appear to have soured her spirits considering the occasion. If there is a receiving line, the beautiful blonde bypasses it in favor of whatever table might be hosting the wine... or the mead... or the whiskey. Or all of the above and aside. After all, she can fawn over her cousin and his new bride whenever she pleases, but it's only for super special occasions like a High Lord's wedding that House Valardin brings out 'the good stuff' to celebrate. Priorities.

Artorius would smile bright and wide to Alis, approaching her with a wide wave. "Princess! It's good to see you." he says of course after giving his little sister a kiss on the forehead as a display of brotherly affection. He would bow to Alis when he came close, though was prepared for hugs or other greetings. "It's good to see you. I apologize I didn't see you's been quite busy, as it were."

Calypso slides her way over to stand near Alis when shes said her congratulations to the happy couple. "So. If my cousin has married your brother. What does that make us?" She asks as she reaches over to grab a glass of wine.

    Lots of people. All of the people. After having been a homebody for such a while it's just a touch too overwhelming of a situation for Percephon. However, there are gifts to give ... nobles to inflict with art ... and such. He proceeds toward the newly minted Princess Consort of Scantum, Caelis.

Whiskey in hand, Ian leans on his cane somewhere a little bit out of the way to sip at it and watch the people file in.

Alis considers Calypso's question, crunching thoughtfully on the purloined bacon that she didn't actually need to steal. "I think that makes us cousins. We'll go with cousins." she decides, nodding once. "And don't forget my former sister-inlaw married your husband's brother. I think if we tried really hard, we could really mess with some family trees right now."

When Dianna arrived, it was swathed in burgundy silk and delicate lace. But more importantly, when Dianna arrived? It was not alone. On the contary, she was accompanied by two servants in the livery of House Mazetti, pulling between them a handcart. Because apparently, whatever gift it was she brought to Edain and to the new Princess of Sanctum necessitated it, rather than being born to the Valardin grounds on the back of one man alone. Whatever it was, it had been 'wrapped' by simply tossing a swath of bright silk over it, and she stood at the entryway having a discussion that seemed to consist primarily of "Well, /I/ don't know where they want it. Ask one of the household staff."

Edain smiles and says, "Fortune favors the bold they say. Sir Daemon and Dame Ida are about as bold as they come. I will be looking forward to your wedding as well. Though it is ok if it is not exciting. There is nothing wrong with the quiet ceremonies and the company of loved ones." Edain says to the royal couple of the Mourning Isles. He gives Calypso an asside look and says, "It means the two greatest strategists in the Compact are related now, and woe be to our enemies."

Edain tu rns his attention to the approaching of Percephon and says, "Lord Percephon. It is good to see you. I feel like I've been creating more work for the Seneschal of Sanctum as of late, I hope you will for give me for that."

Calypso grins a little. "You know, you have a point. If your former sister-in-law married my brother in-law. I thank that makes us some sort of sister-cousin-in-law hybrid." She raises her glass to Edain at his compliment. "No pity for the Abyss. They earned every bit of punishment Princess Alis and I intend to hit them with."

Artorius seems to rub his head a little at Calypso and Alis's talking of intricate family relations "ohhhh you two are giving me a headache a little bit." he laughs a little good naturedly.

    "That is /no/ trouble at all, Your Grace." Percephon adds with a short, formal bow to Edain. Another small smile offered. "In fact, I made the time in order to create your wedding present. I hope that you and your bride have many happy years with one another. I hope that you will forgive me for only dropping by, as I need to return to the work that I have set aside."

Not late, but only fashionably delayed, the Lord Corban Telmar escorts the Lady Monique Greenmarch by the arm, the two in their finest for the event. Corban murmurs to the woman he escorts, stopping off to hand her a glass of wine and to take one for himself.

"Sisin? Couster?" Alis tries out different variations of mashing the words together and just wrinkles her nose. "And let us not forget my other former sister in law married to Prince Victus. What I would give to hear the cursing of future geneologists as they try to figure out whom is really related to whom." she jokes, grabbing a glass of wine so she can raise it as well. "No pity at all, Duchess General. Not a single bit." she agrees. And with an amused smile, she nods towards the gift-giving going on right now. She's waiting eagerly for this.

Smiling to Percephon, Caelis looks at Artorius for the snuck forehead kiss and wrinkles her nose. "Count Artorius, would you get us some wine? We can share a cup." Seems she won't be sneaking off to get snacks juuuuuuust yet. "We appreciate the time you took Lord Percephon, please take some food with you." She offers and looks to Dianna and the arrival of Lord Corban and Lady Monique with warm smiles.

Ida had made steps to linger at the edges of the various well-wishers and gift-givers around Edain and Caelis, biding her time with which to offer her respects and greeting. As such, the sound of her name is picked up and the smith arches her brow. "What's this about bold," is half-wondered before she inclines her head respectfully to those around the newlyweds. "My pardon, as well, if that was a dreadful interruption. Your, highnesses, lords and ladies." Hopefully catching everyone. "Everything looks amazing and I could hardly be happier for you both, truly. Whatever gift I can offer from the forge, please do not hesitate to ask. Weapons are such personal things, so I didn't want to just make something without input, of course."

"Stretch out the gene-pool and all this new business about souls back far enough and you'll probably find a period of time where Edain and I were also star-crossed lovers." Victus remarks in a perfectly dry fashion toward Alis. His eyes soon finding his wife again now that the exchange of greetings had happened so they might leave the poor newlyweds onto the next entourage. "Shall we find a place to settle, drink, and eat for three?"

Artorius turns his head to Caelis and gives her a nod "of course." he smiles to her, putting a soft hand on her shoulder as he walks off to get a bottle of wine, pouring a cup for he and his sibling to apparently share. He's not gone long, and he returns fairly quickly, handing her a cup of wine. "Please, you first, sister. It is your special day after all." he smiles to his sister, she gets every luxury today!

    "Certainly, Princess Caelis," Percephon nods and will ... eventually consider taking food away, and with him back into his bolthole.

Seeing the smile from Caelis towards the two of them, Corban takes his cue. He angles himself and Monique over towards the Princess Consort, dipping his head when they come close. "Your Grace. You were right at home among the Valardin in the Vowkeeper Hills. We welcome you with open hearts to to the fealty. If there is anything that House Telmar might do to welcome you, or its vassals, you only need call upon us." His head swivels. "Is that Percephon?"

"If you think I eat far more than I do already you are sorely mistaken." Alarissa points out to Victus, bypassing the passing out of caon so that they can indeed find a pace to sit. "Lead on, your grace." She murmurs to Victus, smiling at Alis and raising her fingers to wriggle them. "Ahh I see the Lady Clover got the dress..." Alarissa grins then.

    It's a mirage, Corban. This is not the Percephon you are looking for.

The Prince of Sanctum blinks as Percephon presents him with a painting and he says, "I... really you didn't have to...." he studies the picture for a moment tthen and smiles, "It is beautiful Lord Percephon, Thankyou. Truly." He holds it where Caelis can see it.

The painting set where other's can see it the Prince bows to Percephon again in silent thanks, as he t urns to greet, Corban and Monique, "Lord Corban, Lady Monique. Thank you both for coming, and thank you both for standing with us in the Vow Keeper Hills."

Alis isn't sure whether to be vaguely disturbed by Victus' comment, or extremely amused. But if it's possible to be both? She's definitely both. She even pauses mid-sip of wine to consider it, glancing over at Calypso for help here. She wiggles her fingers back at Alarissa as the Thrax royals go find a place to have enough food. For three.

6 Malvici Guards leaves, following Calypso.

It should not, one would think, be especially difficult to identify the bride at a wedding -- familiar face or otherwise. At Caelis' smile, Dianna strode over -- or tried to, at least -- winding her way through the clusters of people with an easy, almost lazy grace, as though ducking the bump of other people were a sort of dancing. But, with the couple already engaged in conversation, she simply folded her hands together and waited at the periphery of their circle.

Caelis stares at Victus a moment, wrestling to keep a straight face. "Surely those were majestic times your Grace." She manages and takes a sip of wine, smiling her thanks to Artorius. "Thank you big brother." She grins and looks to Lord Corban and bows slightly. "Thank you my Lord. I find the strict military training we enjoy in Southport suits Oathlander culture well. I hope to see you in the training ring some time to be sure." She smiles and looks to Edain warmly.

Monique curtsies to the married couple. "Greenmarch welcomes you, Princess. High Lord. You look well." She turns, trying to spy the Percephon, her nose wrinkling when he is nowhere to be found. She swats Corban. "Don't tease. "

Ian's electric gaze follows the people who move through the grounds. He sips from time to time at his drink.

1 Sea Rover Bodyguards leaves, following Melinda.

Finding a quaint spot out of the way of the main fanfare, Victus led the pair toward the cherrywood picnic table. Of course he'd snagged a bottle of wine as well, as was his specialty at gatherings such as these. The giant of a man settles in for the moment, the socializing passing him by mostly. "So... Bacon /and/ honey? That's a fucking combination to make your teeth fall out and your heart stop. Yet I'm fucking intrigued. Weirdly so."

1 Sea Rover Bodyguards arrives, following Melinda.

"I could have sworn it was Percephon." Corban looks around, but, no, there is no Percephon to be seen. He shakes his head and takes a sip of his wine. "In any event. Thank you for your kind welcome, Your Grace. And for welcoming me to your morning drill. I have learned much about how to take a blow from them. It was an honor to fight in defense of our people, and under your command."

Isabeau happily imbibes whatever measure of alcohol may be in her cup, but she sips slowly to savor the flavor and wear her warmest smile for Edain and Caelis, if only from afar.

Melinda moves over to Caelis and she smiles, "I hope you like it, may it remind you of the islands and sea." she smiles as she moves to stand near her husband but she dose not interrupt

Smiling to his sister, Artorius would nod his head "No worries, dear sister." he looks then to his beloved wife, and wraps an arm about her waist as she moves to stand near him, giving her a light peck on the cheek. "are you enjoying yourself so far, Melinda?" he asks, before looking around a bit.

Melinda gets a single silver bangle inset with several round fire opal chips from a finely woven willow basket.

Dianna's presence isn't missed, Caelis smiles to Monique as she curtsies and bobs slightly in return. "Thank you Lady Monique." She murmurs and watches for others she's yet to greet or engage properly. Melinda gets an arm squeeze-the Malvici replacement for hugs. "Thank you sister, it's stunning." She murmurs and waves to Isbeau as well as she adds to Art and Melinda "Oh, do try that potato dish, it's one of Edain's pride and joys, it's actually surprisingly good, especially with a bit of fish."

"It might do that. But if the bacon is cooked and thick enough, and then you leave it in the honey, turning it, letting it soak into the bacon. It's no different than honeyed orange peels." Oooh. There's a look on her face. "Think of it akin to strips of meat cured and coated in spices. Only with honey. You can go try some." She encourages the Thraxian High Lord. She herself is settling in with just a little of this and that that she will likely not eat too much of it. Regardless of three. "Better than live octopus."

Dash the Guard Corgi, 2 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Silas.

Monique glowers at Corban, a stare sure to wither his witherables. "Sure, sure," the Greenmarch Voice murmurs. "I'm on to your games, Lord Telmar. What next? You'll tell me that Marian has arrived and she's agreeing to name her son Bertold."

Edain smiles to Corban and says, "If I am being completely honest, one of the greatest bits of training in how to take a hit I ow to Duke Arn... I am merely passing down what I have learned from him." He bows his head to Monique and says, "Is that what she is naming her son if she has a boy? That's a fine name!" Obviously he's not getting that she's razzing him.

"Bertold? Not Bertoligan?" Caelis manages to get in and looks at Edain. "A fine name? I'll enlist Alis to name our children." She teases and narrows her eyes playfully.

Honeyed orange peels. These words make Victus' face contort in a cocktail of horror for all of that sugar that must run through the veins. Standing up slowly, the High Lord just gives her a short nod. "I'll uh... Go find something sweet. And honey. And... Citrus?" He wasn't a stranger to citrus, no sailor was after all as he stalked away for some feast. Something that looked orange and sweet was his target and he certainly wouldn't return empty handed. One hand full of bacon with honey for him and another with what looked to be a dozen or so orange slices that had been freshly candied. "This looks like shit you eat." He bluntly replied as he set out the gourmet platter before her.

Melinda smiles to Caelis and she looks over to Artorius before she laughs "I have already named our first born boy whenever we have a boy"

Edain raises a brow at Caelis, "You realize she's the one that named Sir Arugula right?"

"Ah. But you do it with an aplomb that the Duke does not have, Your Grace." Which is Corban's polite way of saying that the High Lord is not a total grumpypants. He smiles when Monique glares at him. "I guess my eyes just deceived me! I don't know what to tell you!" He politely steps back in the small knot so the others might greet the Prince and Princess Consort.

Artorius laughs a little to Melinda "You have? and you didn't tell me about it? I feel only mildly insulted." he winks at her as he leans in to whisper something to Melinda, apparently not taking any conversations at him at the present.

Alis elbows Edain. "I was how old? I also named Ellara." she points out, and looks past him to Caelis. "I'll help." she promises.

"She *insists* she's having a girl named Nia," Monique informs Edain with a long-suffering sigh. "While I am convinced I will be having a nephew, who *ought* to be named Bertold. It *is* a fine name," she nods, setting her chin firmly. "Make sure you tell her that, Your Highness." But as Corban steps back, and she is on his arm, so too does the Greenmarch move to allow others the space.

Silas steps onto the festive grounds, easily drawn by familiar scents of Oathlands bacon. Behind him, two guardsmen carry what one can assume to be his wedding gift: a large armoire whose design seems to strangely match the decor of its immediate surroundings! Deciding to relieve his men of the weight as soon as he can, he leads his small retinue to the wedded couple straight away, and gestures for them to set it nearby. "Congratulations, Prince Edain and Princess Caelis, on your joyous union. I come late, but I come bearing practical gifts." He eyes the nearby tables. "And to consume your food."

Victus returns triumphant but it's not the oranges that she looks to, but the other thing her brings back. Alarissa breathes a little shallower but doesn't seem to say a thing, just watches the fray around them, the famiiar faces, smiling at the festivities.

Isabeau eventually finds the bottom of her cup, and though she looks to be all smiles, there's a moment or two where the mask slips as she stands by the buffet table and considers refilling her glass. In the end, the Oathlands princess decides for moderation and leaves her empty cup aside before slipping away from the festivities.

Jordal, a bodyguard leaves, following Isabeau.

"Lord Commander! Thank you for coming!" Edain says with a bow to to Silas. "And thank you for dispatching Lord Estaban with some Iron Guardsmen to aid as at the Vowkeeper Kills. Please consume as much of our food as you like! We have plenty share!"

Corban leans in and murmurs something to Monique, and then catches sight of a certain Dame in the group. "Dame Ida! You have certainly made a show of it in the Vow Keeper Hills! I am so glad things turned out well for both you and Sir Daemon. I just met the fellow. Be a shame to lose him so quickly."

Melinda murmers to Art and then she smiles a little bit nodding her head slightly as she smiles "Malcolm it is."

Monique gives a wave to Ida, but shortly after the Greenmarch Voice slips away, promising Corban more booze upon her return.

Artorius gives Melinda a sneaky kiss right on the lips before he turns to face everyone. "Malcolm it is.." though his eyes widen a little bit, before whispering something quick to Melinda again, then looking out towards everyone. "It's so good to see so many people together."

Silas bows in return to the Valarin high lord, smiling. "Thank you for hosting a reception - I wanted the opportunity to deliver the gift personally instead of on the back of my corgi." Though that was an impressive feat! "Lord Saik led them well, I've heard. I was happy to assist in some small way." He then turns, towards the source of the delicious scent of bacon. "Should you need more in the future, you need to only ask."

Having made her greetings, Ida moves to inspect the various offerings of food and drink. Plucking a muffin and about to take a bite, she hears her name and turns instead. "Lord Corban," is replied cheerfully to the Telmar Voice's greeting, a wide smile offered and dip of her head. "Lady Monique, you look stunning, as always." Smoothing out her leather skirt and brushing a few of the muffin crumbs from it, a bit of a laugh follows. "Ah, that can only be said because you all came to save our asses after we rode Abyss-bent into the ambush. Sir Daemon, however, continues to beat himself up about it a bit. Any ideas how to convince him it wasn't stupid? I mean, now that we both lived through it, of course. I figure that's what counts, right?"

"Ah. Well. It -- did seem -- unwise -- in the moment." That is a polite way to put it, Corban! Even as he keeps close to Dame Ida in conversation, watching Monique go off in search of alcohol. A shrug. "But what is important is that he learns from the experience and adjusts things in the future." A beat. "Wouldn't you say?"

Ian has finished off his drink, but he doesn't seem to want to make the trip to leave the glass anywhere, so he hangs onto it.

"Lord Commander, thank you." Caelis says warmly and looks to her siblings. "Malcolm is a fine name. That means I get to use our father's name." She beams at Artorius like she's won something.

Aioni, a regal snowy white owl arrives, delivering a message to Edain before departing.

"The plan was, Lord Corban," Ida begins, which is probably the beginning to every story that may need to give reason to it some semblance of not-being-stupid. "That we would ride through on the elk, hacking at them and then making a return pass," she explains further. "You know, chop a few of them down until others could come help. However, neither of us apparently possess the skills necessary to properly stampede a war elk through soldiers of that caliber, which was not anticipated. I suppose we are lucky I can yell quite loudly." She beams a bit of a smile at that. "But, indeed, as I've told Sir Daemon more than once, what counts is that we are here and that I would follow him again into such a foray. It was some exceptional fighting! Ah, but I go one. What of you? Truly, the tales of how well everyone fought are not exaggerated. I hope they'll think twice about doing such again, but suspect that won't be the case. Have you heard anything since?"

Dianna turned to look back of her shoulder, a puzzled expression coming over her face. Where, exactly, had those two men with her gift got off -- ahh! Just there. With one hand, she waves them forward, indicating that they should make there way through the crowd to join her as she waited for a moment with the couple they were all there to celebrate.

Silas dips his head respectfully and bows Caelis's way, as well. "You're welcome, Princess Caelis." He moves towards the food table and helps himself to some morsels, mostly of the meat variety, while also casually eavesdropping on the conversations nearby. He didn't have details about what happened earlier, only a vague idea.

Corban shakes his head slightly. "I haven't seen Sir Roland, to see how the -- other things -- went," says the Lord Corban with a small smile. "But that makes sense, I suppose. It was a sound plan. Just some issues in the execution." He takes a small sip from his wine. "As for me, well, I was just among the infantry. I did my bit, as they say. Lady Monique --" He looks for her, but then shrugs. "-- She helped intercept that assassin."

Vim, a guard-corgi in-training have been dismissed.

Sir Dalan, Longsuffering Valardin Knight have been dismissed.

Ian takes note of someone else standing off on their own somewhere, and starts in that direction. The trip from where he is to where Dianna is is something that he has to navigate with care; all of his attention is on his feet for the whole trip, each step chosen carefully on the uneven ground of the lawn. He manages, somewhere along the way, to trade out his empty glass of whiskey for a full one.

Turning his head from whispering to his wife, Countess Melinda, Artorius turns his head to Caelis and gives her a wink "I always do like a good name. We plan on naming a future son such." he smiles to her warmly.

After the couple have had their fill of wine and good Oathlands food, Victus stands. "Congratulations on your union again, your graces. I would stay longer but, I'm afraid I'm called elsewhere." He raises his arm to Alarissa. "Shall we?"

Looking to Dianna, Caelis gestures her forward. "Please come say hello. I feel dreadful you've waited so long." She says warmly and looks at Artorius. "I have dibs on Samuel. It's decided. You can name a daughter after mom." She decides brightly. She waves to Victus and Alarissa. "Thank you for coming by!"

Alarissa's rising with Victus, easing her arm into his. "Best wishes and congratulations again High Lord Edain, Princess Consort Caelis." Ready to go as well it seems, making her way with Victus.

Keaton's Faithful Shadow, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Kael arrive, following Reigna.

Melinda laughs and nudges her husband and she softly laughs and she shakes her head a bit and she smiles before she moves away from the new couple

Bobbing her head a few times, Ida lets out a long sigh, the muffin in her hand left untouched for now. "I heard about that. The assassin, I mean. She played her part well and I think both Sir Daemon and I will regret being so trusting of someone who seemed truly in distress. We are taught to help those who can't, and yet some turn out to be the true threat. It's frustrating." Indeed, the smith still seems vaguely haunted by that. "Psaw, Lord Corban. You did more than do 'your bit,' I think. I'm glad that most of us are here and able to cheerfully celebrate now, y'know?"

Corban touches Ida's arm lightly. "You must make the judgments you can about people quickly. You certainly cannot be perfect at all times." He tries to reassure her. "But as you say, it was a grand victory, and we can all be pleased of the role we played in it."

The familiar click of a cane brought a smile to Dianna's face -- small, but warm. She was about to greet Ian when she caught sight of Caelis' wave of recognition and murmured "One moment?" to him as a means of excusing herself. When she approached the couple, she offered a deep curtsy. "You, my lady, must be Her Highness, Princess Caelis Valardin -- so recently of the Malvici. It is a privilege. I am Lady Dianna Mazetti, of Ostria -- and of your cousin, the former Duke's, new family."

Better late to the party than never having made it, yes? Whatever the case, Kael and Reigna Keaton are indeed late. The reason might be due to the fact that Reigna is huffing her way across the Valardin grounds with Kael guiding her step, trying to take as much burden off of her as he can. At one point it might seem as though he was going to scoop his wife up and carry her, but for the moment he refrains. At her side happens to be a bloodhound trotting along prettily, the female an adult rather than the juveniles that they are typically running around with.

Ida wrinkles her lips a little. "Well, I'm just disappointed that we were not more suspicious and the results could have been disastrous. Thankfully, though, yes; victory was had and we each contributed to as much. How have other things with you been? I got so busy with commissions and it seemed everyone was out doing something or other even before the wedding. Settled into being Voice?"

Having made the careful trip across the lawn, Ian now... stakes out a new place to drink and watch people.

Laughing faintly with Melinda, Artorius would look then to his sister after nudging his wife in return. "alright alright...Samuel's a good name. Father would be proud of you Cael." he smiles to her warmly.

Corban chuckles at the question from Ida. "I feel as if I was not told at the beginning how much routine paperwork it would be," remarks the Telmar Voice with a small smile. "But I am glad to be of help to the Duke and to manage much of the day-to-day for him, along with Lord Ansel. It is a tremendous honor. That is, before I march out to the North against yet another enemy." He shakes his head.

Alarissa has left the a small cherrywood picnic table.

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Crow - Thraxian Steward, Lilybelle - Fluffy Maine Coon, 12 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Victus.

Pellinor, Victus leave, following Alarissa.

Cheeks flushed and indeed breathless, Reigna shakes her head to Kael, laughing, though there are tinges of embarassment in it. "I am fine, I can walk. I still have far too long to go to be rendered immobile, even IF I'm carrying giant-spawn." She gives her husband a faux glare and then smiles, taking a little break before continuing on. "Oh! It's so lovely! I love a picnic. I wonder where the bride and -- Oh! We just missed the Princess Consort and awww."

Ida can not help but chuckle along with the Telmar Voice. "I can only imagine, Lord Corban," is remarked, amusement littering her tone. "Indeed, though. Truly, I doubt the Duke would have given you the task if he didn't think your contribution would be advantageous to the House. I mean, you don't need me to tell you that, knowing him as well as you must." Her head tilts at his latter words, her expression growing curious. "Another? Oaths and steel, sometimes I wonder if we've any friends outside the walls. Not that they are all friends within, at times. A terrible threat? If you can speak of it? If not, I'd understand of course."

"Hello Lady Dianna." Caelis greets and curtsies. "There is no need to be so formal. I am glad to meet a member of my cousin's new house. Thank you for attending. I do hope you get a chance to try the wonderful spread." She offers and looks to Reigna and Kael warmly. Karrigan sits very proud and fully seeing his trainers and his tail beats the ground in audible thumps.

"In relation to the same threat which we marched against in the Gray Forest," explains Corban. "That which despises freedom and seeks us under its sway. Our hope is that we will see victory once more. But, yes, I do think our days of one peril after the other." A purse of his lips. "Regardless. What do you wish to grow in, Dame Ida? Is there any way we can help you?"

"Countess Reigna, I am glad you could make it!" Edain says greeting the Countess of the Keaton.

"As do I. It looks postively delicious. But! First, I wanted to offer something on behalf of the Mazetti," Dianna said, gesturing towards the cart that she had brought. "We could hardly let the marriage of one of the Marquis' kin and our so-near neighbors to go by unremarked upon, let alone uncelebrated among us. So I've brought you a little something, imported all the way from Ostria, to accompany our hope that Limerance blesses your marriage and that Gloria blesses your children." And with that, she gestured Caelis and Edain towards the cart, drawing brack the silk to reveal their offering -- a rather large cask of brandy. "Third Wall. It's a wonderful cherry flavor, perfect for spring."

Dianna drops Third Wall, an aged cask of Ostrian cherry brandy.

1 Sea Rover Bodyguards have been dismissed.

Again, Ida offers a few nods of her head, only hints of concern betrayed by a sigh. "I wish you luck and fortune, Lord Corban, as well as victory again. I've not been to the Gray Forest for any of those excursions, though have heard things here and there. If I might be able to help at all, please do not hesitate to let me know. Quickly forged swords or whatever." That said, her lips wrinkle again briefly as she considers. "Grow in? I'm unsure, Lord Corban. I must admit, I love my forge, but bouts have been few and far between for me lately. Fighting out in the hills made me realize how much I miss my more martial pursuits. Perhaps I should ask what it is you think the Valardin might need, that perhaps I could better train myself in? Though I won't likely learn a weapon, I'll say upfront." A faint grin follows the words.

Edain bbows to Dianna, "This is very generous Lady Dianna, thank you! Princess Caelis and I will be retiring soon, but perhaps we could come and visit and share the first snifters from the cask very soon?"

"You are not carrying giant-spawn," counters Kael to Reigna, grinning toward her and perhaps on the cusp of something more, but he spies Caelis and is soon enough and is starting to head that direction. His eyes flick to the pup of fluff and he breaks into a broad grin temporarily. He manages to sober however to break into a low bow toward Caelis and Edain both. To Edain, he offers forth, "Our Squall did not help the commute. I believe he was kicking her repeatedly in the ribs. Many blessing to both of you, however. I -- yes." He clears his throat and then offers as an aside toward Caelis, "Your explanation." A gesture to the adult bloodhound near them before he glances to Reigna.

Corban chuckles at that and thinks. "The weaponsmith that does not wield a weapon. Very well, Dame Ida." A smile tugs at the edges of his lips. "At times, there is need for those who are quieter. Someone who can get the jump on the enemy rather than charge at them directly. Or, if you'd like to learn to ride, scouts are of great use."

"It would be a very welcome visit indeed, Your Highness," Dianna answered with a smile for Edain. "And one that I look forward to. In the meantime, don't let me keep your from your other guests. Or your rest."

There is only a touch of breathlessness in Reigna's voice as she greets the High Lord and his Lady, "Congratulations! I am beyond happy to see this day. You are radiant, Your Grace," This to Caelis and then a beaming smile to Edain, "I am so happy for you, Your Grace." There is a grin to Kael and then a nod, "We have your gift for you, Prince Edain." She whistles and the adult Bloodhound moves forward and with a small subtle gesture, sits in front of Edain. "This is Keaton's Faithful Shadow. She is the best tracker in several generations. She has been expertly trained and will continue to be so. She has also," And there is a grin cast to Caelis, "Been trained to find your lovely bride in particular."

Unable to laugh a bit as well at the irony, Ida nods again to Corban. "You would likely not be surprised how many people find great irony in the fact that I can forge weapons yet lack any skill with wielding one," she says, hints of similar amusement in her tone before her expression betrays some thought to his latter words. "Perhaps riding, considering my most recent experience. Quiet, I fear, is something I'm unsure I might manage terribly well. Besides, I rather like charging directly, but scouting seems like something I might like, truth be told. Thank you for the suggestion, my lord."

Approching Edain and Caelis, and Diana at that, Artorius would smile to all of them "I should return home. After all, Serah is waiting for her father and her new mother to return home." he gives his sister a hug, apparently wanting to be brotherly about it. yes, he gives one to Edain too. his new family. "I'm so proud of you both. Never forget it." he says now.

"Ah that will help me greatly! Princess Caelis has already taken to hiding in the Manor and ambushing me when I least expect it. She says it is a Malvici training tradition. Helping finding her when she does so will be a great boon." He bows then to Kael and says, "Thank you Count Kael, Countess Reigna."

It is also possible that Edain just made all that up too.

"Aye. Well. Charging is delightful, but if there is no weapon in the hand when you do so --" Corban shrugs his shoulders. "But scouting, yes. It's a good idea. I do not ride myself, but I am sure you will be able to find training."

Dianna inclined her head sharply to Artorious, stepping back to excuse herself from the family's goodbyes. And to find Ian again, of course. And quite possibly a drink.

Ian has about finished his drink at this point. He's nursing the last little bit while he watches Dianna return to his general vicinity.

Ida makes a loose fist and holds it up a moment. "No need for a weapon in hand when my hands are already ones, I suppose," is noted with a bit of a grin at the corner of her mouth. Lowering her right hand (the left still managing to hold the muffin she plucked earlier), she bobs her head yet again. "It seems more like something I might be do well at, though I'm unsure. Certainly worth looking into, my lord, and I'm grateful for your advice on all of this, truly. But, I'm certain I've kept you away from Lady Monique too long already. I want to go scope out the other tables, as well. I've never had dishes from Southport, I don't believe, and am curious to try some. I'm glad we were able to catch up a bit, Lord Corban, quite sincerely. It feels like a year has passed since you were in the shop, with all that keeps us busy."

Looking to Dianna, Caelis lets out a breath. "Brandy, Mangotta bless you. I'll become a light weight in this family." She says in a joking tone. Then she's hugged and she looks flabberghasted. Smiling to the Keaton's Caelis manages to look pretend outraged at Edain. "There's a reason Lady Fiora doesn't startle me like she does you!" She sniffs and places her hand on her chest before leaning over to greet the Bloodhound.

Kael breaks into another grin, a hint of something boyish about it when there is mention of the Princess hiding in the manor. "I am glad to hear that she will be placed to good use," he says, glancing to Faithful Shadow again. His eyes linger a moment before he comments, "A sister -- from another litter of course, to my own young Echo." His throat clears. "However, we should not take much of your time. We simply wished to express our congratulations...and give my wife a moment to rest before I carry her home." The bloodhound is a well trained thing, sitting and waiting and, upon the offer of greeting she nudges her nose just a little to palm.

Corban touches Ida's arm again lightly. "Far too long. When Duke Arn stormed in and ordered that blade. It has served me well, Dame Ida, and I thank you every time I use it. Be well." He slips away from the weaponsmith to go back to mingling in the party.

Artorius would smile to both Edain and Caelis "Congratulations to you both again...and Caelis, I have something to give to you." he takes his necklace off his neck. "This has gotten me through many dangers. I like to think of it as a good luck charm..I would like for you to have it." he says as he takes off his aquamarine necklace, and hands it to his sister. "THis is my gift to you." he smiles happily.

"Lord Kennex," Dianna greeted, canting her head to one side to consider him for a moment. "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, but I'm afraid I was on something of a mission to give my gifts."

Reigna leans in against Kael, even as she laughs at Edain's words, she winks to Caelis and says, "Clearly I need ot take lessons from you." There's a comic pause as she looks down at her belly, "Perhaps in a few months, however." She smiles to the dog, who seems perfectly at ease amongst the party goers, content to sit obediently where she was told to.

Ian shakes his head. "Not at all. It gave me time to finish this off." Almost finish it off. (It being the glass of whiskey he's been nursing.) Close enough. "How are you?"

"Well, that gash I took has healed rather well. If I'm quite careful applying my creams and ointments, it may not even leave a scar," she replied. And then Dianna lifted her hair from off of her shoulders, showing him the mark curling around the back of her ear.

After helping himself to a plate of meat and some Lycene wine, Silas quietly departs from the grounds with his stuffed guardsmen.

Ian studies the healing gash for a moment. "You're right. That might not scar." He finally finishes off the whiskey. "I can't say the same for my leg, but another scar there will just blend with the others."

Accepting Art's necklace, Caelis places her hand to her chest. She smiles at him and looks to the Keatons with a warm chuckle. "I would be happy to offer lessons in startling one's husband in his home. It's delightful fun."

Kael snorts softly toward Reigna and shakes his head, sliding an arm around her now that she's leaning against him. This allows him to strategically lift her in part, even as she's pulled against him, and he bows his head deeply toward the pair. Quite slowly he is starting to draw back, without turning... and Reigna is being drawn along with him. Maybe to make certain that his wife gets no more ideas.

After Murmuring quitely with his wife Edain nods to her and steps forward, "Family, Friends, I want to thank you all for coming tonight. Your kinda well wishes and gifts are more than we could have asked for. Princess Caelis and I are going to retire now, but please, stay, enjoy our hospitality as long as you like. There is plenty of food and drink for all!" And that said he offers Caelis his arm as if asking if she is ready to retire with him.

bows lightly to Caelis and Edain as Artorius starts to turn heel. "goodnight you two. Congratulations once more."

Reigna is overheard praising Edain for: Gallant, honorable, humble, Best High Lord Ever!

Reigna is overheard praising Caelis for: Sweet, funny, fierce, excellent addition to the family!

"I'm afraid I have no medicines to share you with you for that, my lord," Dianna murmured in reply, frowning faintly. She pulled her hair back down, drawing long locks over her shoulder and dragging her fingers through them as she did. "Would that I did."

Reigna murmurs to Kael as he offers her such tender support and when Edain and Caelis are making their farewells, she cheers for the newly wedded couple, beaming affectionately to the both of them.

Taking Edain's arm, Caelis smiles up at her husband. "Rest sounds delightful." She tells him and looks to their hounds. "We might need a bigger bed." She adds teasingly before lifting her voice. "Thank you all so much for celebrating with us. We hope we can find more time in the future to spend with each of you in celebration and protection of the Compact." With that she looks again to Edain, ready to leave.

Ian gives Dianna a puzzled look and then, when he puts two and two together, he breathes out a soft laugh and shakes his head. "The blood you saw at the Hart turned out to be a pretty nasty gash. That's what's going to scar."

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