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Paint & Wine Night II

The wildly popular Paint & Wine night returns! Join Princess Katarina & friends for a night of liquor-fueled creativity and inspiration where the drinks are flowing and there's no shortage of art supplies to help channel your inner artist.


July 10, 2018, 7 p.m.

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Niklas Gianna Lethe Victus Cullen Amari Wylla Ingrid Sabella Merek Rosalie Dariel Terese Jayanthi



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Jayus Gallery of Art

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2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, River, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Amari.

2 Grimhall House Guards, Leta, the student scholar arrive, following Ingrid.

@emit The Jayus Gallery of Art is a place of both inspiration and worship for Jayusites (not a real term, or is it!?) and casual art connossieurs alike, making it prime real estate for the Paint & Wine Night: Deux. Great care has been taken into clearing ample space for pottery, painting easels and a few tables dedicated for arts and craft. But most important of all, there are white canvases held aloft behind four walls of white sheets - an exciting surprise that has been barred for for participants for the current interim.

Alcohol of all varieties are free-flowing and readily provided the moment individuals walk through the door, attendants and volunteers helpfully guiding newcomers along to their destination of choice with supplies galore. Katarina has already gotten herself a glass of bubbly champagne, floating around the main space, ensuring the final details are prepared. Dressed down, hair braided up in a bun, ready for the WORST. #Sabella&NiklasProofed.

Splat, a tiny calico kitten, Baxtalo, a fluffy white kitten arrive, following Wylla.

Sabella comes in on the arm of Prince Niklas, pressing close to his side and beaming up at him, "Maybe whatever you create this time will end up gracing the palace walls!" she's telling him while laughing, "I might try to paint you something tonight so you can rest assured that you are the real artist in the family." When she sees Katarina she beams a brilliant smile her way, "I was so glad to hear you were having another of these! It's such a fantastic idea and I had so much fun last time."

Merek walks into the Gallery with his black umbra silks on, and his velvet-fireweave scarf shifted about him. He looks around and inclines to others, before he moves towards the painting area. He then lifts a hand, "Oh, my work graces the Palace walls! Painting is fun."

Ah, free-flowing alcohol. Amari accepts a glass of something that smells of apple with a kick and has a sip as she lingers there by the entrance. Either she's not sure which station to approach, or she's waiting for someone. Probably the latter. She smiles amiably to those who pass by her, nodding politely where appropriate, of course.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Amari before departing.

When Sabella and Niklas arrive, Katarina smiles brightly at the Grayson newlyweds. Wine and champagne are slipped into their hands respectively, a golden-eyed wink accompanying her bubbly laugh, "I've come prepared for you both, Your Highnesses. Have no fear. We started with painting last time, so why not try the arts and crafts or the pottery wheel? Terese and I had a -blast- on that last time!" Then, ever the infectiously warm hostess, she's moving on to welcome Merek with a flutter of fingers. "Well, aren't you the savant. I look forward to seeing what you'll produce." Is that Amari? Returning? SUCCESS. "Lady Amari, it's so good to see you! Back for more, I see! Will you be tackling the easels with me this time?"

Wylla heads in, and perhaps it's the budle of fur -- half of it content and white, and the other half colorful and squirmy -- that makes her pause at the door. She looks around, offering the event's organizer, Katarina, a shy smile. "I, um, I have my hands full," she states the obvious. "But do you need -- would you like -- a blessing for this event?"

Not much of an artist, Ingrid is mildly curious about the event, having just been coaxed into coming by a certain Keaton. Not knowing what to expect, she hasn't actually dressed 'down' in the case that there would be paint flying everywhere, but she is dressed winter casual. Seeing quite the outcome already once she steps inside of the gallery, she smiles politely to those whom she passes, gracing a few with a curtsey before she spots Amari who seems to be doing the same thing. "Ah, there you are, Lady Amari." She says, her cool gaze looking over those who may have already started to dabble. Katarina is given a curtsey, of course, "Your Highness, it's nice to see you again."

Gianna swans in, vaguely concerned about being late but not concerned enough to have actually done any hurrying to get here. She has, in fact, dressed down. No silks, no jewelry. Just regular people cloth.

Jayanthi enters the breathtaking gallery, and after greeting everyone present, she smiles and remembers that painting session where she had so much fun.

Entering with a tentative glance around the Gallery, Cullen exhales a lungful of frosty air and makes a beeline straight for a server, a glass of whiskey quickly in hand. A smile of greeting is given to Katarina, then the redhead finds a place to lean against the wall, sipping at the Farhaven Ten Year and pulling off his coat.

Merek picks up 100.0 silver from a belt made with black leather, and small compartments.

"I am, Your Highness and I've brought reinforcements." Amari smiles, after she's given a proper little curtsey herself. "It seems you've already met. I think we will try our hand at painting, does that suit you, Lady Ingrid?" When an attendant passes with drinks, she helpfully scoops a glass from the platter and offers it to Ingrid.

Rosalie arrives in a flurry of fine linens and wools, pausing inside the doorway. Panting lightly to try and catch her breath, she straightens and puts on a bright smile of interest. Looking about with bright eyes and heightened curiosity, she moves further into the gallery, glancing around at the different alcohols. Brows knitting together, she chews lightly on her lower lip, trying to determine which to take. Finally, she shrugs and moves to take up a glass of whiskey that carries a faintly peat-y aroma. Carrying it around with her, Rosalie looks about for familiar faces. Or perhaps new ones? She does smile upon seeing Cullen there, lifting her glass towards him. Then again for Sabella and Niklas, her smile turning to grin at the sight of the couple. Sipping from her glass, she meanders over towards the painter's circle, then the potters' wheels.

Katarina acknowledges Ingrid's curtsy with a graceful bow of the head. "Lady Ingrid, just a name that's been on the lips of many with high praise lately," she quips. "Your sister-in-law and brother both have been clamoring that we should meet. Little do they already know, we're acquainted." A hint of a smile, Cullen is given a quick wave to before she's turning toward Wylla with a humbled smile. "Please, Mother Wylla, we would be most happy to have it." She looks toward the little bundles of joy in her hands. "Uh -- Would you like us to get them safely settled for you?"

Lethe takes an uncertain look around. She sees Amari and waves to the woman. She looks to her and Ingrid. "Hi have either of you been to one of these before?"

Gianna finds herself with a glass of wine. As it should be. Spying Wylla, she calls out, "Archlector! I thought I'd see what this was all about, since you mentioned it when I was showing you the College!" She just happens to be by Lethe, and she says, "I haven't been to one before, either."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Gianna before departing.

It isn't far behind that Terese appears in the doorway as she slips into the Gallery behind Cullen. She crumbles a slip of vellum in one gloved hand and chucks it at the back of the man's head while he's pausing to look over the drinks. With her hands free, she plucks at the fingers upon one hand even as her gaze turns towards Katarina and a smile lights her features. She gives her cousin a wink even as she slips off her other glove and tucks it within the belt that hangs low about her waist beneath the tails of her jacket as she moves further into the space. Soft chestnut curls spring about her cheeks even as her focus shifts and a hand is lifted to a few familiar faces.

Katarina has joined the Painter's Circle.

Sabella leads Niklas over to the arts and crafts section, though she does say, "Do you? What sorts of paintings do you do if i might ask? Landscapes? Portraits? I feel like the art I've seen lately has all been so...dark. Does no one paint unicorns and rainbowd anymore?" as more people she knows start arriving she gives cheerful waves and smiles!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Gianna before departing.

Wylla looks helplessly down towards her kittens, and then back up towards Katarina. "I'll just bless and then, um, I'll go. This second one, this white one, he's just a baby." She looks a little askance, but smiles towards Gianna. "Oh, this isn't the Shrine. But..." And, abruptly, she lapses into a brief blessing. "Jayus, we ask that you smile on these painters' endeavors, whether they're talented or whether they're seeking their talent. We ask that you speak to them in your wisdom, and show them images that they can and should paint, as befits their skills and their interests. Humbly, we request that you show them their talents, and if they desire to paint, that they paint well." There's no hesitation in the blessing, but then her shyness returns. "Um. Was that all right?"

"Oh, so I've heard from our last family dinner." Ingrid says in a light tone to Katarina, "I do wish to speak to you, but at a later time. For now.." She gestures to all the art stuff, "Art..." Her eyes lift to Amari and she nods, "I wouldn't mind trying my hand at such. It's been a long while since I've picked up a paintbrush, having only done so as a young child." There are so many new faces and familiar ones alike. "Lord Cullen, it's good to see you here to enjoy the evening fine wine and finer paint, I'm sure." Having never met Lethe before, or not that she can remember, she nods slowly, "Yes, this is my first time and I'm sure that it will be quite intersting."

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"I'm sure that was fine," Gianna tells Wylla. "And I know this isn't the Shrine. I was there when we last tore it down. It's the same concept, though, yes?" She inclines her head toward Niklas and Sabella. She nods to Amari and Cullen as well.

"Whisper Gianna, Goodwoman Hawkeye, it's so good to see you both here again," Katarina espies Gianna and Jayanthi with a familiar eye in the crowd, still very much engaged in surveying the flow of guests attending the event. A glove goes sailing through the air and her gaze traces its path to its origins; Terese. Lips twitch in faint humor, bringing her hand high in quick wave. "Cousin! You're in for a real treat tonight," she teases, cheeks dimpling with the warmth of her smile before she's quieting to bow her head in reverence to Wylla's blessing, a short prayer uttered up of her own. "Thank you, Mother Wylla, thank you."

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Wandering back to the Painter's Circle from near the pottery area, Rosalie looks to Katarina with a bright and friendly smile, dipping into a careful curtsy. "Your Highness, thank you for hosting such a fun event! I admit, I am -wildly- curious as to what is behind those sheets. Or are the sheets supposed to be paintable as well? That would certainly be new and novel!" She sips from her glass and looks to the canvases, chuckling softly, "I love to paint, but I fear I'm just horrible at it. Perhaps I should try something abstract..." A blink and then, "Oh my! And I'm forgetting my manners, I'm so sorry! Lady Rosalie Redtyde. Its a pleasure to meet you."

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Lethe smiles as she looks to Gianna. "At least I'm not the only one." She turns back to Ingrid. "It sounds fun. I'm Lady Lethe Tyde."

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"Ah, Lady Lethe Tyde! I have, the last was quite a lot of fun," Amari smiles, "Would you like to join Lady Ingrid Grimhall and I, we're going to try painting, I think." She so sneakily sneaks the introductions in there, already starting to move towards the easels. On the way, she catches up with her waves and happy smiles, there's definitely some for Sabella, Niklas, Gianna, Wylla, Cullen and Terese. "You've got more kittens!" She beams at the Archlector, pausing a moment to look-see. Still, she's on a mission, and doesn't tarry long. Painting! Paint. She's given some brushes along the way and examines them like they're slightly baffling.

Jayanthi has joined the a small dining table draped in snowy linen.

Cullen never sees it coming, having just picked up his glass of whiskey and starting to find a comfortable place to lounge. A crumpled up missive bounces off the back of his coppery haired head and off to the corner somewhere, a servant rushing to pick it up. Eyeing the crowd, it's quite obvious who the troublemaker would be. "Oh, greetings Princess Terese. I see someone is still a bit miffed from the...ambush? Well, I suppose we're even now from that most horrific incident." With a chuckle and a sip of whiskey, he moves towards where the painting is going on, smiling at Ingrid on his way over. "Lady Ingrid, always a pleasure. I'm very glad to see you here." Rosalie likewise gets a pleasant grin, "Lady Rosalie! It is good fortune for you to have made it to this, plenty of fine people to get acquainted with."

Merek checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 19, rolling 4 higher.

"It's a delightful surprise for when everyone's had their fill of the regular arts and crafts," Katarina divulges to Rosalie whilst preparing a medium-sized canvas for her to mess with. "The sheets are, ah, more of a barrier really. We tend to try and experiment with the mediums each Paint Night I host." She goes right for the paints after tossing a stained smock over herself, mixing greens and reds to see what they make. "Oh, oh. This should be pretty..."

Katarina checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

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"Ah, a Tyde." Ingrid says with a faint smile to Lethe, "I'm Lady Ingrid Grimhall." Oh, Amari introduced her as well~ "It's a plasure to meet with you then and I'm embarrassed that we've not met until today." With so many introductions and the like going around, she takes her seat at the painting circle and carefully looks at the variety tools at her disposal.

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Sabella checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

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Jayanthi turns to Katarina, after hearing her voice. "It's nice to see you too, Princess." She then goes to a small table and starts preparing the painting supplies.

Gianna inclines her head to Katarina as well, and even bows forward at the waist. "Thank you for holding this," she tells the woman. "Gianna Whisper, Nightingale of the Bard's College," she introduces herself.

Wylla colors a little at Gianna's correction. "Right! Of course you were. And yes, it, um, is. I think it is." She doesn't seem entirely certain, for whatever reason, but just then Splat starts making his way across her hair, and she does her best to retrieve him while not dislodging the sleeping whiteness in her other arm. "I hope it's a success," she points out. "And yes," she tells Amari. "This second one was supposed to be for Princess Echo, though." She frowns a little at something, before turning for the exit, offering Jayanthi a wave of recognition as well.

Merek splashes some paint on his canvas, and then works with fervent maneuvers. He then kneels as he offers up a hand, and stands. The man takes his time to continue to paint as he closes his eyes, refining it, perfecting it. The details become more noticable, and he steps back once complete, offering up a quiet supplication to Jayus. "I devote this to you." He nods.

Merek drops Dreams of the Everwinter.

Katarina settles in behind her easel, her glass of champagne balanced carefully upon her knee. "Now, what do I want to... draw?" she wonders aloud, a wet brush brought painstakingly slow toward the white expanse of canvas. And then, just as slowly, she manages to drag it down inexorably in a.... straight line. ART. WORK.

There is a moment where Terese has some grace to pause as Wylla offers up a prayer. A smile flickers at the corners of her lips as she murmurs, "Thank you Archlector, I fear some of us shall need far more than inspiration to do this paint and canvas any sort of justice." She dips her head, her long, dark upswept curls quivering with honeyed and amber streaks. It's only afterwards her voice lilts across the way towards Katarina as she muses, "This is finger and hand painting, yes? At least .. that's what I was told." She glances around then, noting what is mostly likely -not- that set out and about. Cullen's gravel draws her attention back though her lashes fall as her gaze narrows though it seems she isn't set on speaking to him as she circles about the room and towards Sabella and Niklas. "Your highnesses, you are both looking lovely tonight and often I hear one paints what is on one's mind."

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Sabella squeals something about fans and painted roses and glitter? before smiling at Terese, "Thank you! And that sounds reasonable. I am perhaps thinking of unicorns and rainbows far too often."

Terese checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Lethe nods to Amari. "I'd be happen to join you. I suppose I'll have to learn from you what to do." She turns to Ingrid. "I'm very glad to meet you too. We probably should have met before today, but at least we're meeting now."

Merek looks then to Kat and offers an incline, motioning to the Dreams of the Everwinter painting. "I hope it looks alright, I like painting but only when I have the muse." He looks around and notes Sabella, "Did you ask something? I was distracted, apologies."

"I suppose I could try my hand at painting a library filled of books." Ingrid says with a thoughtful look on her face, her own paintbrush in hand. The many choices of paint seem to make the issue all the more difficult. "Where to begin...?" Randomly, she just dabs the tip of her brush into one of the colors, then dabs the excess paint off with care so that it does not splatter. Rather than go ahead and start, however, she instead decides to watch and observe others as they being their own works of art. To Lethe, she pipes up, "Yes, please join us. It...might give me more inspiration for this."

Nodding to Katarina, Rosalie dons a smock of her own, setting her glss precariously on the easel while she mixes up some paint for her own blank cavnas. She glances over towards the arts and crafts station and grins, lifting her paintbrush to wave. The motion sends a small spatter of bright fuschia dots onto her face, bright pink freckles for the young woman. Giggling at her mishap, she turns back to the canvas and liberally begins to apply the paint to the canvas. Loops and swirls, curli-cues and bold strokes. She rinses the brush quickly and reaches for blue and green, mixing up a bright teal that is soon giving the canvas the same treatment!

Rosalie checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

From where Cullen is loitering at the arts and crafts table, poking around with some pots of paint, he takes a look at the canvas before noticing Terese circling the room like a shark. He'd know, the Greenmarcher having had a little experience with sharks lately. Warily picking up a brush, a grey eye is kept vigilant on the menacing Princess, which is probably not going to help his artistic skills of dubious quality. Rosalie's own novice efforts with paint being sent all over her own face brings a low chuckle, a brow quirked at Katarina in amusement. And the canvas...

Gianna finds herself a smock. She has to put her wine down to do so, balancing it on an easel much like Rosalie did. Once she's suited up, she glances around what the others are doing. She eyes her canvas. Gianna wrinkles her nose and starts to dab some bright yellow on.

Cullen checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Gianna checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

"Proprieter of the Bard's College, are you not?" Katarina recalls of Gianna after a moment's pause, turning her head to lend the Whisper a bright smile of infecitous warmth. "I've heard quite a bit about the organization. It's quite popular, I'm told." Her head tilts ever-so-slightly at the sound of Terese's voice. "You can do what ever you like within reason, Terese!" she calls to her cousin. That single line she drew upon her own canvas becomes a little something more. But, you know what? TWO. LINES. And they're straight. STRAIGHT. Something is being formed here.

Wylla checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Jayanthi checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 42 higher.

Lethe nods to Ingrid. "Do you know if it matters what we paint?" She looks around. "I'm not very talented." She looks to Amari and laughs. "That's not something I'll be trying either and thank you. You do too Lady Amari."

Niklas checked luck + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

"Oh, I was asking what you painted! Landscapes or portraits or something!" Sabella replies to Merek with a bright smile as she makes swirls on what looks like a plain white silk fan. It actually doesnt look too bad. Definitely not great, but not a total disaster!

"Both, though it depends on what I'm making the painting for, honestly," Merek admits, as he considers a moment. He then nods.

Focus quite intent, the novice takes to painting, perhaps inspired by the whiskey in his hand. Or the antics of Lady Rosalie. Or the lurking horror that is Princess Terese. Or perhaps the Archlector's blessing did indeed work, for when Cullen goes to paint a most magnificent war elk, a very likeness of Alces himself, it comes out as...a perfect dog. Yes, what was supposed to be an elk, came out as a most faithful representation of a rather fluffy, blue eyed husky instead, looking quite regal. Coppery brows furrow in confusion before the Greenmarcher looks at Niklas and Sabella, wondering, "How does that...wait, never mind. You can't even see blue."

"Yes, head of the Bard's College," Gianna tells Katarina. She frowns at her canvas and begins drawing her brush along. Down. A swirl. "I'm glad you've heard of us. Things are moving along quite well. The hall is still under construction, but I'm happy to show people around." She has painted a... treble clef? Except it's lopsided. Very lopsided. It is probably only identifiable as a treble clef if one knows Gianna is a singer and musician and one uses some guesswork. Gianna wrinkles her nose and swipes more yellow paint around it. That'll cover it up. More wine will also help, certainly. Gianna has a long sip, at a loss as to what to do with the yellow smears on her canvas.

It is much easier to paint what you know and what I do know is... libraries." Ingrid says just as she pokes at her canvas with whatever color she has on her brush: Red. "A red bookcase. Though, I suppose that I could make it more fantasy-like and make it a snowy library. A library overflowing with snow." Her brow wrinkles gently as she tries to consider. Either way, she makes another red splotch onto her canvas, this time a slight distance from the first." She is concentrating so hard on this! To Amari, her lips purse, "I, personally, would never dare attempt a portrait of someone else. But who knows, perhaps you have a secret talent for this." When Rosalie introduces herself, the Grimhall lady casts her eyes in her direction. "Your uncle is Lord RedTyde? He happens to be one of my instructors ever since I came to this city. It is nice to meet with you as well, then, Lady Rosalie."

Rosalie checked luck + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 51 higher.

12 Thrax Elite Guards, Crow - Thraxian Steward, Lilybelle - Maimed Maine Coon arrive, following Victus.

Lethe takes a moment to study Rosalie. "I do know him, and that's right I'm Lady Lethe Tyde." She grins. "It's so nice to meet you. After your uncle you're the second Redtyde I've met. This is a pleasant surprise." She grins. "I do hope no one ends up laughing at my finished painting."

Amari's paintbrush gets no closer to the canvas, rather it moves to tap an absent beat against her cheek as she lifts her apple wine for a long, contemplative drink. "I most certainly do not." She reassures Ingrid, very earnest about her talentlessness. "A library in the snow? I like that, it's poetic." As the others with her reply to Rosalie, she offers the woman a polite nod of acknowledgement, then after sneaking a look at Gianna's treble clef and whispering a hello to her, she finally gets around to dipping brush in paint.

Terese slides in between at the Arts and Crafts Table though her gaze slides over the different mediums set out before looking at her canvas. She settles in upon a high stool, half leaning back against it as one heeled boot lifts to hook backwards on the bottom rung. "I might envy you that Princess Sabella but then the town has been all the talk about the play the other night." A flash of a smile is given to Niklas before catching Amari's smile and flashing a warm one in return. "Greetings," she calls out, not minding the room as people around begin to work. A soft chuckle is heard at the splatter of Rosalie's paint, "That's a rather good look if I might say," she offers before introducing herself to both Rosalie and Gianna, "Terese Valardin, a pleasure. And my cousin has no sense of what reason means so I think that means I can do whatever I like." She nods smartly to that.

Jayanthi starts to make the first strokes on her canvas, after mixing some colors on her palette. inspired by a glass of red wine on her right hand, she masterfully begins to depict a bunch of people gathered in a messy dining table.

Amari checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Terese leans over towards Cullen, barely even acknowledging him as she looks at his canvas. "That's the ugliest war elk I've ever seen."

Ingrid checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

"I can now see blue, I think, if the blues we see are the same and that is a very nice cat!" Sabella tells Cullen cheerfully the same time Terese compliments his elk.

Splat, a tiny calico kitten, Baxtalo, a fluffy white kitten leave, following Wylla.

Niklas offers waves and smiles to those he recognizes and those who've greeted him, walking to grab up a canvas and put it on an easel. "Princess Katarina, if I create another horrifying disaster you have my permission to see to it that it ends up on Legate Orazio's wall." He takes out the paints on offer and the first thing he does is open them up and start splotching them out onto a palette before mixing them to make new colors. After making an array of earth tones he starts painting and, what's this? No spilled paints and wine stains this time. He has quickly sketched out the outline of what is clearly meant to be a profile. As he paints he does so with little hesitation, confident in each stroke. When he pauses it is only to think on the model in his mind, then he continues, filling out the form of a thin man, all angles and shadows. "You are going to pay me for this, Master Voss, or I'll hang it in the Hall of Heroes next to the other picture of an ass."

Gianna inclines her head to Amari and quietly greets her as well. "Thank you for your contribution to the College office," she tells her. To Terese, she says, "Well met, Your Highness." She leans over to peer at Cullen's canvas, curious. "That's a cat?" She sounds dubious. Also, craning her neck that hard is uncomfortably, so she stops doing it. Enough with the yellow; she splortches some blue on her palette and starts dabbing a... an arc. An unsteady arc.

"I'm blaming this on Shaman Signe. She always has that husky with her when I go to talk to her, so maybe she did something to make me confuse elk with husky, but only in the medium of painting...wait, you see an elk? And you see a cat?" Considering this conundrum, the handle of his paint brush taps against his chin before shrugging slightly to Terese and Sabella. "Who am I to say how art is interpreted? Perhaps it was pure talent. Yes, we'll go with that," Cullen decides after draining his glass of whiskey and motioning for another. While waiting for his drink, the Greenmarcher peers over at Ingrid and Rosalie. "Lady Ingrid, Lady Rosalie, how goes the inspiration over there? Is paint still being flung about with abandon?"

Smiling brightly towards Ingrid, Rosalie gives a quick series of nods, "He is! I just reconnected with him at the Ambassador Salon before coming here. He'd thought me dead, so it was nice to be able to show him otherwise!" She seems to be streaking paint willy-nilly across the canvas, barely even paying attention to what she's doing. Surely this painting will be worse than the first. Right? Looking next towards Lethe, she smiles once more, "Thank you! Its nice to finally be able to step forward and use my birth name aloud without fear of assassins. I'm planning to rejoin my uncle and help him rebuild Redtyde!" Amari is given a bright smile and quick nod as well, learning her lesson from the last time and only lifting a pinky from the brush to wave, instead of the whole brush. Turning towards Terese's voice, she comically turns both eyes inward to try and see the splatter of bright paint across her face, then chuckles, "Oh yes, I can be a little clumsy sometimes... I just get focused and don't think about what I'm doing! Its wonderful to meet you, Princess Terese. Im Lady Rosalie Redtyde!" To Cullen, she calls out gaily, "Just excellent! I... oh my. I think I... just made an actual painting!" She sets her brush down quickly, as if she might ruin it by going any further. "I made a painting!!"

In from the cold outside is Victus, bringing in a chill wind with him as well. Specks of frost dot the black furred collar around his neck and his hands are dug deep into the pockets of his flowing coat. The heavy ashen snakeskin also covered in its share of snow. His feline friend sits atop his shoulders, glowering down at everything beneath her gaze as he steps further inside. His eyes shift from one end of the room to the other at all the people going about their artistic duties. "I was told there would be wine...?" He asks of no one in particular, slowly lumbering his way through the chatty crowd.

"It's good to hear that things are coming along well for you and the College," Katarina tells Gianna, something actually happening on her canvas but there's really no telling what it is. Just. Lines. Everywhere. "Is there a projected ETA on when the Hall for the College will be completed? I can only imagine how you will debut it. Something to be remembered, I imagine?" Golden eyes drift toward Niklas with curiosity, mirth in her smile, "Regardless of how it comes out, I'll figure out -some- way to get it on Father Orazio's wall," she promises with a bright laugh. There's a lot going on. She's then, belatedly, smiling to Merek. "Tha's quite a painting. You did that rather quickly."

Indeed, there is wine implanted right within Victus' hand when the man makes his debut into the gallery with the Claw of Arx.

"Months yet," Gianna tells Katarina. The blue starts taking shape as a... a nothing. It arcs, and one end of the arc is pointy and the other is thick, and now she's dragging the blue paint down from the arc. She's also frowning at it. "I think a concert when it's finished, anyway. I hope you'll attend?" There's no date, but lock the guests in anyway, Gigi.

Katarina checked dexterity + sewing at difficulty 9, rolling 17 higher.

Katarina drops A Directional Conundrum.

Lethe can't help but smile as she speaks to Rosalie. "I'm so happy you can, and I know you will both succeed. I hope that we'll end up being good friends." She picks up her brush and tries to paint a little something.

Amari's painting does not go well. It's not an outright disaster, it even starts promising, as if she means to put some majestic snowcapped mountains in the back and some pines in the forefront, and it goes a bit south from there. She forgot to paint the sky in, so goes back and has to fight the mountains and then the blues don't quite match properly, leaving the right side of the sky darker than the left and streaky in a way that's not very natural looking. Even as an impressionist piece, it fails. Her attempts to fix things worsen it. It's all wrong and getting wronger by the stroke. "I should have went with the portrait." She decides aloud before holding her brush safely away from the canvas to drink and consider her options there. Clearly the failure should be attributed to not having imbibed enough apple juice. To Gianna, she smiles and quietly notes, so as to not interupt her conversation much: "You're welcome. There's more on the way." Then there's a return smile to Terese and she attempts to catch up on the discussion closest her between Lethe, Rosalie and Ingrid.

Ingrid's head turns, gaze lifted to Cullen when he addresses her. She then looks back at her bloody red splotched canvas. "I am clearly filled with all sorts of inspiring ideas." Some of that red paint even begins to bleed and drip down the once pristine sheet. "And yourself, Lord Cullen?" She can't quite see what he's up to, but she tries to get a good look. The next paint which she dips her brush into is a mustard yellow and here she does the same, making simple splotches near the reds. The next color is green and so forth. It's just splotches of color on a canvas. While she paints, she does comment to Rosalie, "That's wonderful to hear. I am more than happy to assist in any way that I can, though I believe that my family may have already reached out to yours." Curiously, she looks to see what either Amari and Lethe are painting. They have to look better than her own work. With Victus' arrival, she blinks and offers a polite, "Your Grace."

Sabella looks over at Rosalie with a warm smile, dumping what is a ridiculous amount of glitter on her fan, "You reconnected already? Was he so happy?! I wish I could have been there for that, I bet he was so stunned and thrilled! I'm surprised he let you out of his sight!" She gives a nod to Victus when he comes in, "Highlord. Are you here to make a fan for your wife?" she picks hers up to flutter it and a massive cloud of glitter suddenly surrounds her. "I have made a terrible mistake."

What Terese seems to actually see is of little and less importance than seeing the confusion draw across Cullen's features. That is what draws a slow grin before she has to stifle a chime of laughter at Sabella's comment right after her own. While others begin their work she lifts her canvas from the easel and sets it upon a table nearby before fetching a jar of primer and a large flat brush. She gives the mixture a fair shake before uncapping it and dipping the large brush in before glossing the top of the cotton canvas with it. Her strokes are slow and deft. The veil of her lashes lift to catch Rosalie's crossed eyes, an easy smile coming to her features. "A pleasure Lady Rosalie, it is good to see that there is another of Lord Fredrik's kin alive and well. Should you need anything please do let me know." To the stamp of boots and Victus' question of wine, Terese points her paint brush in -that- direction.

"I would be utterly pleased to attend a concert. Simply send word and I'll have His Majesty dressed in a new outfit and dragged along with me to attend, provided nothing insane happens then," Katarina the royal fashionova promises to Gianna with a vibrant laugh. After a short while yet spent simply doing as whim inspires her, she sets her canvas down for the room to behold with utter appeasement. She rises off her stool, golden eyes flickering over toward Amari's painting. Her brows lift marginally before she declares, "Lady Amari, you've done far better than I did. Is that a donkey going up a mountain?" she wonders innocently, a hint of affectionate teasing in her tone for the Keaton lady. She leans in, peering now at Ingrid's canvas and the bloody red splotches spattered across her canvas. "Well, isn't that a sea color," she observes, refilling her glass of wine charitably. "Drink up! Let's see what inspires you after this glass?"

Rosalie checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

With wine miraculously in hand from the attentive servants, Victus' entire demeanor brightens in an instant. His expression is plenty stony still, but now just a bit looser with some cool drink in his hands. As he sips from the glass, he takes to perusing the activities all around the shrine. Or at least at what he's pretty sure is art, with all these colors being thrown about and blending together. He eventually comes to a stop over Ingrid's shoulder, a curious eye gazing around at whatever she's working on when she greets him. She gets a noncommittal nod in response, along with a grunt. Those eyes land upon Sabella next and promptly go rolling. "I'll buy my wife a fan if she wants one. Make one? You'd be better giving some straws and glue to a street urchin and hoping for the best."

Gianna distracted by the words 'Your Grace' and turns to see who it is. Spying Victus, she inclines her head deeply to him. A calculating look comes across her features. "Very generous," she asides to Amari. Katarina is given a smile that curves her lips but doesn't quite reach her eyes... which is standard for Gianna and nothing new.

Lethe makes her painting with a variety of different colors, and when it's finished while it isn't a masterpiece it's not hard to see a big, colorful spider! She then looks at some of the other paintings nearby. To Amari she says. "I like your painting. I like all the different colors of blue. It's really pretty. She looks to Ingrid. "And yours is so colorful." She looks to Rosalie. "Is painting something you like to do?"

Glitter. Terese coughs a few sparkles up having been a fair bit too close to Sabella as that fan was lifted and flicked. One eye seems to wink at the woman before tearing up, "Great.. it's just great," she manages in a husky voice before peering down at the sparkles across her own just newly primed canvas.

The shift of attention toward the presence of Victus sees Katarina straightening from her partial lean between Ingrid and Gianna. "Now, look what the Claw of Arx rode in," she observes of the high lord. "Victus Thrax, wine-drinking floof, has arrived." Her teasing is light-hearteded, a finger casually pointed toward the sectioned off portion of the open floor. "You're just in time, really. Want to help me unveil the exciting activity of the night?"

Looking over at the suddenly be-glittered Sabella, Rosalie is hard-pressed not to giggle like a little girl. She manages to keep a straight face, mostly, by sheer dint of will. Instead, she calls out, "He was SO happy! Uh, I sort of... made him spill his wine? All over... Lady Appolonia..." The last part is offered with a sheepish grin before she looks back to Terese, "Thank you! Its good to be out in public again! I've been here for a few years, really, but I was cloistered away in school or staying out of sight in the Grayson ward." Lifting her glass for a sip of her whiskey, her eyes finally catch sight of Victus in the room. Eyes widening, she chokes, then sputters, and finally gasps. Though perhaps not for the reason one might expect. She's quick to drop into a curtsy for the High Lord, spilling a few splotches of whiskey onto her smock as she offers, "My apologies, HIgh Lord! I hadn't noticed your arrival. Its a pleasure to meet you." She rises up and offers the large man a brilliant smile, "Lady Rosalie Redtyde, at your service! Do you like my painting?" Then she's smiling towards Lethe and gives a nod, "Its a nice, fun, simple activity. It doesn't require I think, just... do. I enjoy that."

Glitter. Bomb. Sabella's fan creates a cloud of multicolored sparkling specks in the area by the crafts table, obscuring Cullen's wary gaze on Terese. Grey eyes are turned away from the area, giving Katarina a smile at her painting. "Princess, that is quite the interesting rendition of something as simple of lines..." And then the other Valardin princess' words cause a sudden shock, a realization too horrible to consider. Vision turning back to his canvas, the masterful, noble husky is now...a very glittery, colorful husky, from tip of nose to tail. In fact, it really can't be made out as a particular animal at all. Just a vaguely dog shaped pile of rainbow hued sparkle. Shoulders sag. Sadness. Misery.

Gianna blinks a few times and glances sidelong at Katarina. "The Claw of...? Is that the cat?" she asks, one eyebrow arched way the hell up. She has gotten some glitter on her canvas, too, but she hasn't noticed it yet. Also, it doesn't really help or harm that yellow and blue mess.

"...apologies," Sabella hastily says to Terese and Cullen, waving a hand infront of her to clear the wayward sparkles. "But...everthing could use a little glitter!...sparkle. Shine?" she tries each one, sounding less certain every time. "I mean, what cat doesn't have a wonderful, sparkling personality!"

Ingrid blinks at Katarina's remark about her red splotched canvas reminding her of the sea. Of course, now it's covered in various other colors, perhaps all representing books on shelves the way they are all aligned somewhat. "Of course, Your Highness..." She says in response to Katarina, still. Dipping her brush into some blue ink, she does the same and makes various dabs around alongside the other blotches. It is all now coming together, even if it's difficult to see just yet. It is only then that she takes a sip of her wine, to consider what her next step will be next. Looking at Amari's canvas, she says, "Yours looks truly far more inspired than mine." She graces the other woman with a smile, before looking to Rosalie again and here she nods slowly at the girl's vibrance.

"Well, it's..." Amari begins, but she trails off because Gianna isn't that far off the mark. There's a lumpy bump of grey paint that looks suspiciously like a donkey hoofing it up the central peak. "A donkey." Though, to make it more properly so she leans in close and very, very carefully uses the edge of her brush bristles to paint in the pointy ears. That seems to be the finishing touch. It's done. It's terrible. Not having to worry about her own anymore, she checks out the Nightingale's and judges it a fine thing, Ingrid's too when she turns that way to peer curiously. "You're just being nice. Thank you, though. Yours has entirely more potential." It's her own that's vexing, looking all donkeyed up as it is. Sabella's glitter fan is a welcome distraction, as is Victus when she hears Your Graces, and spins slowly around to see which Grace is in attendance. Seeing the Thrax High Lord, she curtseys and politely intones, "Your Grace."

Lethe watches Rosalie and Victus with some concern. When Rosalie asks Victus if he likes her painting she looks to it once more. "It really is, and you're certainly good at it." She puts a few finishing touches on her own painting.

Terese can't help but grin at Sabella even is she is leaking tears out of the corner of one eye and dragging kohl down her cheek with it. She lifts a hand to slide the pad of her thumb beneath her eyes, smearing it a bit further while her lips part. "Oh quite alright, it keeps the day interesting though you'll be finding glitter for days in the most unmentionable of places with that!" With her own glitter sprayed but otherwise blank canvas laid out, Terese glances through her easel towards Rosalie with a dip of her head. A few sparklers caught in a spray of shimmer through her curls, "Indeed, I was surprised to learn though heartened by it. He's a good sort and surprisingly upbeat at times considering all that he's endured." She does eventually lift her canvas to set upright before swiveling on her seat to watch Katarina as she moves about the room and admittedly keeping an eye on Victus and Claw. "I made a glitter bomb!" she calls out though in truth Sabella helped.

And now there is glitter. Luckily Victus was far enough away from the impact zone that he could enjoy Sabella's misfortune with a drink, but that didn't stop a few glitter-based shrapnel from becoming lodged in his beard. Somewhat sparkly beard now. The big Thraxian snorted, shoulders heaving in the dry chuckle that follows. "The new color matches your personality." He muses as he lifts his drink back up, his attention having swept onto Rosalie at the woman's sudden curtsying and reverence. His eyes widened but a fraction at her introduction. "Redtyde, you said?" His wine is lowered slowly, thinking better of another drink for the moment. After a moment's pause he extended a calloused hand in her direction. "Good to meet you, Lady Rosalie. I probably should've recognized you." He cants his head toward the painting. "Looks like art, which means ya' did it right by my accounts. So yeah, good job."

Smaller greetings are given to those who greet him in kind, Amari and Katarina both. Though it's the Valardin princess that causes him to sigh. "Let me enjoy my drink first before ya' conscript me to something, aye?" And so he lifts his wine glass and drinks... and drinks... and drinks, till there's nothing left! "Alright, I'm good."

Cullen's compliments of her painting summons a demure smile to Katarina's lips. "Do you really think so? I did not want to try and attempt anything beyond my own artistic capacity. Modest and humble beginnings makes for the best --" Her voice trails off when she spots the horrific monstrosity that is glitter everywhere on the Greenmarcher's canvas. A pregnant beat, then she's laughing brightly at Sabella. "You've transformed everything into a glitter extravaganza, Sabella! I think you've declared the new spring trend? Dazzle, Sparkle, Shimmer and Shine! You're the star of your year!" Someone's a little drunk. Her glass is refilled, her eyes squinting contemplatively at Amari's painting when she adds a little more to that suspiciously donkey-shaped blob. "Awh, there. Now, it's perfeeeection." Champagne-filled giggles, and Victus' glass is refilled. "You'll want to be rightly drunk for this, old friend. Liquid courage and evening out my liquor debts."

Jayanthi takes a break from her artistic endeavor and spends a moment wandering around, taking a look at the artwork pieces scattered around the gallery, with her glass of wine in her hand. The place is now covered in paint stains and glitter, The gallery feels more natural and organic.

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Very carefully picking up her canvas to set it somewhere safe to dry, Rosalie retrieves her glass and offers a warm smile towards Terese with a nod, "I was so happy to hear he was alive and in the city. I got away from my studies as soon as I could to go see him. I was surprised he managed to recognize me! I could tell who he was, my aunt and uncle had a portrait of my mother and father up on the wall in their home since I can remember. He looks so much like my father, I just knew it was him." Rambling a touch, perhaps, she's trying to keep up with all of the stimulus and input of the event. Sipping from her glass, she looks next to Victus, shaking her head and offering, "Thank you, Your Highness. But I was little more than a baby then, and living with my aunt and uncle. So please, don't feel you should have recognized me. I doubt you've ever seen me before." She takes his hand, however, and shakes it before looking back to her painting with a grin, "I do best when I'm not paying attention." Then she's giving a quick nod and musing, "I think I'll go see what they'r eup to at the arts and crafts... those fans look fun!" And she's quickly scooting her way towards the Arts'n'Crafts table with her whiskey!

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Idly brushing some glitter out of ginger hair and beard, Sabella's remark gets a good natured snort. "True, true. Clearly, Princess Sabella. As someone who is highly fond of cats, I would have to say a glitter cat would be most spectacular." Still a morose gaze is given to the rainbow hued blob on the canvas. So, Cullen just finishes his glass and gets another, randomly painting spirals, lines, zig zags, whatever. A passable representation of the Greenmarch House sigil. Blowing some sparkle into the air in the direction of Rosalie, "There you go, Lady Rosalie. Now you're properly attired for your meeting with your uncle the next time." If anyone was in the way, they are as well! With their own uncles, presumably. Katarina gets a warm grin and an affirmative gesture. "Absolutely, Princess. It looks quite wonderful, I think you made a rather judicious choice in how to go about it, and it worked out splendidly. And yes, Is quite the picture of...high"

Gianna has some yellow on her canvas, and some blue. She frowns at it, jabs her paintbrush into the blue paint again, and then just smears paint around on the canvas in a fit of pique.

Lethe gives Rosalie a little wave and finishes her painting. She looks to Ingrid and Amari. "I think I'm going to be going, but I had a fun night painting with you."

Some brown paint goes in between several of the colored splotches on Ingrid's painting as she tries to paint shelves. She is more careful here, making thinner lines at the edges of the colored books and such. She takes another sip of wine once that is finished and she's rinsing out her brush, but a curious look is given to how sparkly the other table seems to be. "Everything looks so glittery pristine over there. Though perhaps I could use some glitter to add spark to my snow." The snow is what she plans on painting next as she dips her now clean brush into some white paint. Unfortunately... the other colors had not yet dried, so when she does apply the snowy hue, it does blend in with all the others. To Lethe, she nods, Have a lovely evening, Lady Lethe. I'm sure that we'll speak again some time."

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Merek eventually seems to notice he's distracted with rafting, and picks up his painting and waves to others as he walks on!

"Ah, so you appreciate a fine ass, Lord Cullen? I'm not surprised." Amari says before finishing the last of her drink and smoothly trading empty glass for a full one of something else entirely as an attendant passes by with a tray. She looks a bit disappointed when she's rearmed with alcohol, only to hear Lethe making her farewells. "I was going to ask if you wanted to add something to mine. Maybe another donkey. He looks a bit lonely. It was nice to see you though, Lady Lethe. If you could, I'd love if you'd make sure your brother is wearing the socks I gave him. Let me know." Then she's on her way, so the Keaton watches Gianna do what she probably felt like doing to her own painting, expression neutral. Rosalie's is examined too and a smile offered as she moves off to the craft station. After that, she stations herself alongside Ingrid but out of the way, to sip at her champagne and look content, mostly. "Glitter, for sure. I'll get some for you."

Merek picks up Dreams of the Everwinter.

Terese scoots her stool back from what is essentially a blank canvas with glitter on it even as Rosalie makes her way over towards the circle. Unlike the rest of the room at large there is no glass in hand. She shifts her rear upon the edge of her seat and stretches one leg out to hook the heel of her boot upon the bottom ring of Cullen's stool as she gazes over the room and the paintings that she can see. Thankfully she is mostly out of the shimmer zone as the man blows some more of it towards Rosalie. Her gaze alights upon Katarina's painting before flicking back towards the redhead's. "I think she has you beat Lord Cullen," she muses.

More champagne? That has Victus' eyebrows suspiciously raising. Although the prospect of liquor seems to dull his paranoia just enough that he does step closer to Katarina nonetheless. "You seem a 'lil sloshed, Princess. Paint better when you're not in your right mind, eh? I can understand that. I also do things better when my head is swimmin' like a motherfucker." Another sip of wine has his comfort growing by the minute. "I hope you're not gonna be tellin' me to go break something though. I don't do well breaking shit in shrines."

"Ack!!" Rosalie exclaims as there is suddenly glitter in the air all around her. It settles onto her hair, her face, her clothes... she will be finding glitter everywhere for WEEKS. "What... You... oh my Gods, my lord! He's going to KILL me if I track all this glitter home..." Despite her words, her tone is laughing and her eyes are mirthful. She reaches out at give Cullen a light shove, "Mean man. You owe me a drink now. You got glitter in my whiskey." She even holds out her glass for him to inspect the flecks of glitter trapped in the amber liquid. Lethe's departure gets a wave and a smile, but it seems she's too late. Instead, she looks around for where Katarina might have gone now.

A late arrival makes his way into the gallery just now. Lord Dariel Bisland's expression is one of pure curiousity and avid interest as he saunters in with almost theatrical looking grace. Peering around at the various people and their paintings he tilts his head and begins to make slow progress at wandering the room and peeking at the various works of art.

Gianna puts her brush down and purses her lips as she regards her mess of a painting. She wrinkles her nose and turns away from it, settling onto one of the stools and raising her glass of wine to her lips. Spying a somewhat familiar face in Dariel, she inclines her head in his directio should he happen to make eye contact. Otherwise she's good... brooding? Brooding might be generous.

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"Thank you, Lady Amari." Ingrid says when the Keaton offers to get her some glitter. "I'm sure that's going to make this whole painting look even better." There's a hint of wryness in her tone as she realizes the mess she has made. Once the 'snow' is covering the shelves and the ground around these drippy bookcases and the books within them, there's a slight grimace that comes to her lips at Rosalie's antics, "Perhaps glitter might not be the best idea." Too late! For now, she just sips from her glass and observes everyone else's masterpieces.

Amari's comment about asses gets a raised brow, but no comment otherwise. A suspicious stare down at the heel of Terese's boot catching over the lowest rung of Cullen's stool has the ginger blowing more glitter in her direction with an evil chortle! "And yes, Princess Katarina did indeed best me, but I have no artistic talent at all, sadly. I leave all such things in the capable hands...hooves...of Alces." Laughing rather hoarsely as Rosalie reacts to a glitterstorm, "Look, I just put you in high fashion, according to Princess Katarina. So you should be thankin..." And then he's shoved by the RedTyde scholar, a gasp escaping him. "Now that's just...oh, yes. I have glitter in my whiskey too. It won't kill you, I don't think. I hope not, I'm drinking mine." Dariel's late arrival is greeted with a wave, despite not knowing him.

"I do like gowns that sparkle," Sabella replies to Katarina with a laugg, smoothing down her now glittery aeterna dress and opening the fan a lot more carefully. There are several red roses painted on a blue background that even sort of look like roses! And its very sparkly, "Maybe I'll try to bring fans back too!"

"I find these daring projects I undertake are a lot easier to unveil when there's a little liquid courage in me," Katarina confides toward the High lord as they step their way behind the curtain. It isn't long before the party is shown what the hostess has been hiding behind the curtains. A Spinning Ball of Rhapsody is debuted, with four walls of protective sheets drawn up behind canvases almost twice as tall as Victus himself.

"Behold! Spinning Ball of Raphsody!" She announces brightly toward the crowd, her laughter bright at Sabella's words. "Now, ah, you'll probably want to remove any precious things you do -not- want paint spattered if you plan to join in and help me create -this- work of art!"

There's a pressure of Terese's twilight knee high laced heel against the back of Cullen's stool. It goes from light to a sudden hard sliding pressure that threatens to knock him off as she suddenly rises at seeing Katarina drop that particular contraption upon the floor. "Annnnd.. it's been a pleasure all!" She lifts a hand to her cousin before flashing a smile at everyone else before promptly turning on one heel and high tailing it from the room.

Amari is starting off to fetch glitter when Katarina reveals her spherical work of tubular witchcraft. She stops. She steps back once, and again until she's returned to the point she started at, next to Ingrid. "I definitely didn't dress for whatever's going to happen with that, but I want to watch what happens." She's so conflicted. "Are you going to brave Princess Katarina's invention?" She asks, Ingrid mostly, but she also includes Gianna. Do they dare? Maybe with more champagne in her she might dare herself, so she has a long drink, staring all the while at the Spinning Ball of Rhapsody as if it were some strange artifact full of dangerously fun magic, and more worrisomely, paint. Lots of paint.

Victus wasn't even quite sure what he was looking at, which was clear as day from the way his jaw dropped and his eyes immediately narrowed at the giant messy ball. Katarina was certainly right, he'd need to be far drunker to understand this mystery, which was exactly what he was in the midst of doing as that wine glass became lighter and lighter still. "The poor disciples that have to sweep up after this are going to despise you for so long as you live, Princess." He mused to her as he watched the reactions of the crowd. "Especially with this bunch. You've ignited some proper fucking passion in here."

Ingrid blinks a moment at Katarina's revelation! She did not see this coming. Taking a look around the room, she tries to gauge everyone else's excitement for this new event. "It's quite fascinating." Is all that she can comment for now, but Amari's question does has her pondering on it a bit. "I can't say that I'm dressed for it as well, but we are here, so we may as well participate, My Lady." Perhaps not wishing to be a downer in all of this. There's only a hint of concern on her features, but her eyes are locked on this menacing contraption.

When a cloud of glitter settled on his canvas Niklas stopped and looked at his work, considered for some time, then shrugged and said, "I can use this." And he just keeps on painting. More color, more shadow, more unappealing angles, a jagged ruff of hair to go with a jagged slash of nose. Before long Prince Niklas Grayson is working to refine the details on a painting of what is clearly Derovai Voss. A rather sparkly Derovai Voss. Like a Derovai Voss who just came home from a rave and had put on some body glitter before heading out and then got sweaty and the glitter just went everywhere. As it happens. Though when there's a threat of a paintsplosion he looks up, turns his canvas away and the waves over to Sabella. "Come on, then. I know you're going to want to do this. C'mere and I'll at least spare your outer things."

"What kind of hostess do you take me for," Katarina scoffs toward Victus, that soft sound of indigination preceding a subtle jolt of shoulders in tell tale hiccup. At the very least, she's ever-so-articulate and steady on her feet. "I've prepared this particular piece of artwork and the subsequent activity for optimal cleaning ease!" There's a pointed gesture toward the numerous walls of paint-catching sheets hung up behind the four walls of canvases closing in the sculpture. She does away wit her slippers with a delicate kick, finishing off her champagne and passing the glass off to an attendant. Woe to Victus. "Come on, Victus. You're going to help me demonstrate this to ease everyone of their worries."

That ball. It catches his attention with a look of genuine concern. Glitter is one thing, being hosed down in paint is quite another. After giving Katarina a horrified look, as if to say, "What chaos have you wrought?" Cullen starts to slowly sink behind the table, his glitter beast bearing canvas now a shield to be used against being splattered, a warning gesture given to Ingrid and Rosalie. The danger is real.

Sabella laughs and heads on over to Niklas, turning around and pulling her hair out of the way so he can get at the laces on her dress. "You know me so well! It looks like it's going to be very messy and while there's no glitter, I'd like to give it a try." Don't worry, everyone, she's got on a slip! It is white and probably won't be for long, though. "Are you going to try it or are you afraid of getting paint on your crown?" She teases.

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Ingrid convinces her. Amari is game if she is. It's not the champagne that decides her, though finishing the glass probably helped. It couldn't have hurt, anyway. Both glass and brush are set aside, and her slippers are stepped out of after she spies Katarina kick her own off. "Let's try it. I fell in the paint last time, and it washed out. Eventually." That said, she still carefully arranges her shawl so that her stygian and emerald necklace is well protected. There's a reassuring smile for Ingrid then, even as she gathers her hair back and puts it up to be pinned in place. "This is going to be messy."

"She said to take off any precious thing you'd want to avoid being splattered with paint. I'd have to just keep taking things off and there's a point where I'd be making everyone uncomfortable as I dug my way down to my liver and lights." Niklas shakes his head and helps Sabella unlace her dress. "But you definitely feel free and then we can head back home and I can scrub you clean." Ah, the perils of husbandry." He pauses, then says, "I don't think I have the right definition of husbandry."

Catching sight of Cullen taking cover behind his own canvas, with her lips still pursed gently, Ingrid does the same with the Snowfilled Library. However, she is not at all clear how everyone will participate in this thing. "My Lady." She calls out softly to Amari to let the other lady know how to best? protect themselves from whatever Katarina has in store for all of them. Even with the canvas before her, she does rearrange some of her garments, but the heavy cloak that she wears will take the brunt of it. Realizing something that Amari just said, she asks, "You fell in paint the last time?"

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Gianna's interest is piqued by the Spinning Ball of Rhapsody; she arches her brow. Interesting. She stays on her seat a moment longer, than goes in search of refill on her wine.

Sabella leans in to give Niklas a quick kiss as she shrugs off the dress and piles it up to shove it at him, "Okay then, make sure that doesn't get any paint on it!" She kicks her slippers off near his feet and then turns to join the rest of the group! "Last time there was a big canvas we all danced on! Or fell on," she explains to Ingrid with a huge smile, "it was the best!"

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Victus just gives another roll of his eyes, grabbing another glass of champagne from the very same attendant. Double-fisting drinks for the occasion, just in case. He followed solemnly in the Princess' footsteps, pulling the collar of his coat that much higher as well. "I'll just have to come to you for cleaning services too, if you get too much shit on my clothes."

Ingrid nods slowly to Sabella, though it doesn't seem as if the Grimhall's idea of 'the best' is the same as the Grayson's.

Wine procured, Gianna backs off a healthy distance and waits for the spectacle.

Amari does observe the way people are sort of using their canvases as cover, and it apparently inspires her. She takes her mountain landscape with a donkey painting and hefts it like a shield, grinning at Ingrid as she does, and nodding to confirm Sabella's description of Katarina's last experimental work, "It was the best, but slippery. I fell right on my behind." The canvas is turned painting side out and held up at chest height as she advances on the Spinning Ball of Rhapsody.

After urging Rosalie to take her canvas shield up, Cullen grimly nods towards dais where the Princess holds her Court of Chaos. "Come, let us advance and see it up close, and my servants will likely hate me for days...I can see a lot of silver having to be handed out to make up for this." Sighing, but bravely advancing with his glitter beast held in front of a good part of his body, the Greenmarch knight prepares for the worst.

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As the ladies ladies so bravely step forward into the realm of the Spinning Ball of Rhapsody, the sheer curtains are drawn apart to usher them through and promptly closed. Fortunately for viewers beyond, they are able to see all that happens with relative ease and safety from any potential hazards of experimental artwork. Victus is led toward the large spherical-shaped construct itself, with Katarina cuuuuriously on the other side where a lever connects to rope and pulleys. "Alright, Victus! Do you see that latch?" There's a latch. "Just turn the handle in it to pick your three colors, and then you're going to give it as strong of a spin as you can. Everyone else? You'll want to grab hold of the side and hold on."

(OOC: Victus: Strength + athletics at 20

Clinger-Ons: Luck + artwork at 15)

Rosalie grabs her first painting, the disaster painting, to use as a shield. Not that it will cover her completely. To the knee is the best she can hope for... but its better than nothing! Flashing a grin at the others, she also advances on the ball and heads towards certain fun!

Sabella checked luck + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Rosalie checked luck + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Ingrid checked luck + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Victus checked strength + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 20 higher.

Niklas takes the dress and looks down at it, then carefully unfolds the water of clothing and finds a paint-free place to set it down. He then leans to the side so he can watch his scandalously underdressed (that slip lets her ankles show!) wife go running off, then returns to his canvas. As he paints he murmurs, "How did she rope you into this, Victus?"

Cullen checked luck + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Amari checked luck + artwork at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Gianna comes up beside Niklas and asks, "Did he bring the cat in with him?"

Vern arrives, delivering a message to Amari before departing.

If Ingrid were remotely curious as to what Katarina had in store, she looks to be regretting that decision right now. Wide azure eyes blink and look at the spherical-shaped structure, that in itself interests her -- this very sphere and how it was constructed. The idea of grabbing onto the side of it, however, not so much. "My apologies, Lady Amari for luring you into this?" She murmurs, those bright eyes now looking to the other Lady. Drawing in a deep breath, her lips formed into a line, she does as instructed, bracing herself for what's to come.

Victus' grim expression is the epitome of 'I have no idea what I'm doing'. The Claw of Arx stays mounted upon his shoulder, idly shifting from one end to the other with careful precision as he's led back. There was some actual worry in his eyes when she instructs him to grab hold and spin. "And ya' sure this ain't gonna kill somebody? 'Cause we're gonna be in some deep shit if someone breaks something important." He mused to Katarina, though despite that he wasn't hesitant in the least as his fingers wrap around the latch. His color choice is quite boring. Red and black, the colors of Thrax, and then a blue. Color of the sea, kind of. With those in mind he tugs back, flexing his muscles as he gives a mighty heave to get that ball rolling. "Last chance for everyone to speak your prayers!"

Amari clearly expected to just stand in range and get painted, but she has to actually grab hold of the thing and try to stay on while Victus gives it a spin? She looks back to Ingrid as if she's entirely regretting the series of decisions that have led the pair here, to this fate. "It was nice knowing you, briefly, Lady Ingrid. If anything it's my fault for inviting you to begin with. You could have been safely ensconced in your library..." Instead, it's the spinning paint ball of doom for the Grimhall. When Victus is kind enough to give them a moment for prayers, she drops her painting on the floor, where she guesses it might be hit by paint, but not be left underfoot. "Gods." She flashes a quick smile to Ingrid, then reaches out to hold on and hope for the best, or a quick death if it goes that badly.

Katarina checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 33 higher.

Rosalie has left the a formal banquet table raised on a dais for guests of honor.

Gianna has a long sip of wine. "I've seen people be less scared on the way to the gibbet," she remarks.

All around the Spherical Raphsody, the clinger-ons hang on for dear life, each reflecting on their terrible decision to get on this monstrosity. When Victus grasps hold of the sphere and gives it a great spin, the riders are delightfully pleased to know that they're not spun around nearly as fast as they thought. The momentum is gentle, the hoses inside filling with red, black, and blue paint as Katarina pulls a lever, and another, and another. The sphere tilts leftward, then right. And within its core, mists of fine water-mixed paint coalesce over an abstract sculpture within. Because of the slowly teetering, growing speed, the application of colors are stunningly unpredictable. The uneven weight of everyone clinging on keeps it teetering and rolling like the gentle waves of the sea until it loses speed. When it's done, something takes shape within. A mottled blue and red phoenix rising from a bed of charcoal gray, blue, and misted orange ashes with the colors still dripping.

A quick prayer uttered to Lagoma in his native tongue and Cullen is riding the moving Spherical Rhapsody while clinging to a hose, an amused grin given to Lady Ingrid with a slight roll of his eyes. "I cannot even imagine what is going to come out of it...I thought we were going to get hosed down, for sure." The glitterbeast on the floor probably wishes that were true, but alas. Still, Lady Rosalie's departure gets a quick wave and then a smile laden with mischief is quirked at Katarina. "Princess, what /is/ that?"

Niklas laughs at Gianna's comment. "Maybe for some of them. Sabella ran in there with a giddiness that surpassed my sister's when father bought her a puppy." He looks back to his painting, considering. "Maybe when I get better I'll paint you, Nightingale. I can't imagine what your home looks like, but it feels like it's a little empty if there aren't pictures of you looking down at you from every quarter." He mixes some more color to just make darker versions of what he as out and then applies more shadow to Derovai's angular features, making certain to account for the added lumpiness from the glitter.

Sabella shrieks even though it's not half as bad as it should be and seems to be barely hanging on with her noodle arms the whole time, terrified she'd going to fall off. So as soon as it stops she's skipping a few steps away and headed straight back for Niklas, rubbing her arms. "Oof, I am not built for that. I was terrified the whole time of flying off or dropping down. You shouldn't let me do risky experimental art right now!"

Gianna's lips curve up at the corners in a faint smile; she nods to Niklas. Sabella returns, and the Nightingale arches her brows. "But did you have fun?"

Amari has her eyes shut at first, for maybe half a rotation, but when the ball she's clinging to doesn't gain momentum, and she doesn't feel as if she's being covered in paint, she braves a look. She doesn't dare lean much for fear of falling off, but does tip her head back while she peers into the center of the sphere, watching with no small amount of wonder. "Oh." She chimes. This is all more her speed after all, and it's strangely fascinating. "I think we'll survive this, Lady Ingrid." Especially when it slows down enough that she can step off and back away from it. From there she admires the result of their hard work while she rubs her sore from gripping too hard hands together absently, saying in a thoughtful tone as she does, "Well done, Your Highness." She's totally impressed.

Niklas looks over Sabella, expression downright disappointed. "I thought you were going to get splattered in paint. This is kind of disappointing." He leans forward and dabs his brush on her nose, then sits back and looks over his work. "Okay. I think this is as good as I'm likely to get it in one night. Now to send it off to the grumpy fucker himself." Once he's directed Isabelle to pack his painting up, he offers a wave to Gianna and then to the recognizable gentry in the house, then he grabs ahold of Sabella and bundles her up poorly in her dress before dragging her to the door. "Gotta clean you up, my dear."

This is not anything near what Ingrid signed up for when she came to this event and here she is, clinging on desparately to this spinning contraption. While she doesn't panic when it first starts up, her slender frame is tense, fingers desparately digging into the handles which they were supposed to be grasping. The odd gentleness of the spin does come as a surprise. The various colors on display is somewhat mesmerizing and for the most part, she is enjoying the ride, or at the very least is content about it. Still, she's not the athletic sort, even if she carries around a basket of books whereever she goes, so once the sphere stops, she eases herself off and like the others, rubs at her arms and their sore muscles. "I was pleasantly surprised. It could have been far worse, I mean look at the thing. It does inspire.. something." She still canot help but admire the craftsmanship of the sphere and though she had already let it go, she extends a hand to trace its curve. "Yes, Your Highness." She says from where she lingers, turning to Katarina, "This was an enjoyable event with a marvelous finale."

Sabella laughs and does her best--well maybe not her best--to pull her dress at least half on as Nik drags her to the door, "Thank you everyone! It was great!" She says with a wave before joining her husband in a half run out the door.

While everyone else manages to escape unscathed from the spinning ball, Katarina steps away from the levers with quite a mess of paints splattered across her frame. Impossibly long lashes are set to frantic flutter to clear away the red and black paint that stains them. "Well, that certainly...went well," she chimes sweetly, reaching to draw up a towel laid aside for her by an attendant. "I'm glad you all enjoyed yourselves. It was quite a challenge convincing artists to help me put all this together!" she laughs brightly, patting her face dry and lifting her hand in farewell to those leaving. "Thank you all for joining me tonight! Please, take plenty of drinks and enjoy the rest of your evening!"

Katarina is overheard praising Ingrid: For trying something new.

Katarina is overheard praising Niklas: Derovai looks weirdly nicer in that picture. I think I like the painting version of him better.

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