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Igniseri Open Dinner

House Igniseri invites friends, family, and allies to attend a dinner at Domus Igniseri, for an evening filled with great food and conversation, and just maybe a bit of entertainment if it can be found. This is an open invitation.


July 5, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Cullen Lucita Silvio Ennettia Theo Lysander Karadoc Barric(RIP) Ariella



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Domus Igniseri - Great Hall

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1 Saik Guard, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Lucita.

As people begin to arrive, Quenia is seeing to the last few details of the dinner, the placing of additional furniture for people to use, and making sure the liquor cabinet is adequately stocked, for the Igniseri family is well known for their wines. The servants are following her orders, seeing to everything she directs. She always sees to the last minute details right up until people start arriving.

Lucita steps into the Great Hall, no kids with her this time, dogs left in the Atrium to play with Ruby if Ruby is around, a guard left to help watch them. Micana accompanies Lucita, moving to the side to watch and take notes if needed otherwise just to enjoy a meal.

With a puff of warm air into his hands, Cullen pulls off his coat afterwards and hands it to his adjutant, who is given instructions to mind the elk - outside, of course. Brushing some snowfalkes out of his coppery hair, the Sword of Greenhaven executes a formal bow afterwards. "Marquessa Quenia, Baroness Lucita, Lady Ariella, Prince Theo. Good day and a pleasure seeing you all again."

An obscenely gaudy pastel bottle in hand, Theo comes walking in behind Lucita, a genial smile on his lips. "Dearest Baroness," he says with an easy smile, drawing the bottle of sugary liquor up to his lips for a swig. "Will our darling 'Doc be joining us this evening?" He glances over to Cullen, offering the man a nod. "Lord Greenmarch. Can I tempt you with some of Count Claudio's Cupcake Craze?" He lifts the bottle up, swishing it about. "It's delightfully terrible."

Theo drops Count Claudio's Cupcake Craze.

Ariella follows after Lucita, her rangier doppelganger, with shorter hair and worse dress sense. She wears plain leathers, though she's got on her captain's hat and her red sash. "Lucy! Quenia! I was hoping to have heard back from you, Queenie, but..." She makes a face and shrugs. "I guess not hearing back is as much a statement as hearing back, eh? Ah well. Can't expect much more, given my, ah, absence." She wanders around to find a seat, though when she sees Cullen she says, "My lord of Greenmarch. Promising to come by the Red Bargain to see how a ship is run and then never showing up. Leaving a girl waiting. Oh my." But she smiles and drops into a seat, knees making it clear that anyone on either side of her is going to get to deal with personal space issues.

Lucita sheds her cloak and gloves, gives a curtsy and smiles at those gathering to share a meal. "Delightfully terrible? Such an ... er .. Interesting turn of phrase. I'll have to remember that!" She looks toward Ariella as she says that and winks. "No, I'll not tease you saying that about your garments. How are you, Rella, everyone?" She greets people, giving a beguiling smile and distributing hugs and cheek kisses to family and ones who are close enough friends to warrant that.

Thor, a small black and gray dog, Savana arrive, following Avaline.

Karadoc's strolling in as though he was invited. He might have been asked to attend by his liege-lady, because he tips a casual salute to Lucita. Then, spying Theo, Karadoc grins - true and tilted, "Look at that. With Ariella here, it's like a true party." He offers a sweep of a courtly bow to Quenia. "Marquessa, fine evening isn't it?" He finds a chair, tugging it away from the table and slouches into the seat. Flicking back his shaggy hair and lazily tying it away from his face with a leather thong. "Look. Even made myself presentable."

Who arrives tardy, unrushed, and already bringing her own glass of wine? Ennettia, of course, her attitude much less "we have guests" and more "oh look, entertainment. " A smile lazily pulls at her lips as she attempts a wave and gives up midway, instead draping herself into a seat. "How charming a collection so far."

One servant lets Quenia know that guests start arriving, and she turns to see who's arrived already. With a warm smile that also touches her black-eyed gaze she greets everyone who has already arrived, "Welcome to dinner at House Igniseri this evening. Please make yourselves at home and sit wherever you'd like." She inclines her head to Theo, offering, "Good to see you again Prince Theo." Then she turns to Lucita and Ariella. "Cousins!" comes her enthusiastic greeting, and she descends upon them to give them each a kiss on the cheek. She then looks over at Cullen and smiles warmly in his direction. "Lord Cullen, I'm glad to see you could make it. I've a bevy of wines waiting to be tasted over in the cabinet," she motions over to the liquor cabinet. Her gaze goes back to Ariella when she complains about not hearing back from Quenia and she looks confused a moment, "Er?" is her response. Not a great response, but it's a response!

A coppery brow quirks up his forehead until nearly at his hairline when Theo offers him that horrible pastel bottle filled with something described as 'delightfully terrible'. Clicking tongue against teeth, Cullen shakes his head. "I think I'll stick with the beverages provided by the hosts...that looks like it would make my teeth hurt, but thank you, Prince." Ariella's arrival brings a grin, but her scolding elicits a sharp, faux gasp. "Lady Ariella, I was merely waiting for an invitation. I guess I'll just drop by, then. But first you'll have to explain something." Karadoc and Ennettia get a languid wave, and a warm smile is beamed at Quenia in return. "Of course, Marquessa. I was greatly looking forward to it, I wouldn't have missed the occasion. And thank you for that advice..." Perusing the cabinet, he pours himself a goblet of Violet Delight, then takes a seat somewhere close to Quenia and Ariella.

Theo tugs a chair out with the toe of his boot, shrugging out of his coat and draping it over the back. He plops down, taking a swig from the bottle and placing it atop the table. "Thank you, Baroness. I try so very hard to be interesting. Would you like to see what delightfully terrible tastes like?" He cants his head to the side, flashing a grin as Karadoc finds a seat. "Dear 'Doc." He draws in a deep breath, lifting the pastel bottle up in salute to the man. Quenia draws his attention, then, and he turns to offer her a nod. "The pleasure is mine, Marquessa."

"It is, isn't it," asks Ariella of Karadoc as she sits back in her seat. Way back. Seat on two legs back. She leans in to get her Quenie kiss, then goes back to dangerous leaning. "Prince Theo! Tell your lovely Lady of De Lire that she owes me a rematch. And if I have to challenge her to get one, I will. I acquitted myself against Captain Zebulon after my terrible loss against Lady Lys." She grimaces at Quenia's response, but nods and instead looks to Cullen. "Dear man. A cabin boy is a boy who never has to leave the cabin." Smile smile.

Karadoc tips his chin up in a greeting to the Greenmarch lord, affable enough, until his grin cuts into a smirk as Theo speaks. "Is it possible to taste you, your Highness. Unless you mean the contents of the bottle, hm? If so -- pass it along, if you could -- so I can understand what delightfully terrible tastes like." Then, the rare appearance of a sibling-maybe third cousin-too weird to really consider wanders into view. "Nettie, look at you. Present. Upright. Awake. Alive...?" He asks with a chuff.

Thor, a small black and gray dog, Savana leave, following Avaline.

"And what interesting things do you do, Prince Theo?" Quenia quips light heartedly, her lips curling into a smile and her eyes dance with merriment. She moves away from the cozy fireplace seating and over to the table to find a seat. Once she does, she settles her skirts around her with an easy motion of her hands, then turns her attention to the others. "Well, Lord Cullen. You're in a room full of Lycene - and the only outsider who dared to come to our cursed house." This is said with a wry expression, clearly she doesn't see her house as cursed even if she believes others might. "So, there may be no better time than to ask your questions about our culture than this evening." She glances over at Karadoc and smiles. "Lord Karadoc, glad to see you could make it. Thank you for helping Lucita with the house as much as you have."

Ennettia kisses her fingertips, flicking kisses to those who greet her with that same light, amused smile-- which only grows when she glances towards Karadoc. "Utterly living, dearest Kardy. I woke up especially to attend -- these dinners always do entertain, don't they? Do try the wine and the savory pastries, they are marvelous." Look at her, trying to be magnanimous! Sipping wine before glancing towards Cullen, "I shall be utterly helpless: I have it on good authority I am dreadfully uncultured. But my family graciously is full of talents.""

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Ariella's answer to his question gets a slow exhalation of, "Oh...I see. That doesn't sound like a terrible job to have on a ship at all...depending on the captain, of course," Cullen remarks with a crooked grin before lifting his glass of plum wine to Karadoc. "Lord Karadoc, good evening...." At Quenia's wry statement, the Sword of Greenhaven takes a long sip from his goblet before taking a glance up and down the table, a curious expression upon his pale, freckled face. "You're right, that didn't occur to me. Now that is strange, I hadn't heard of your house being cursed - but people often like to ascribe this or that to curses, after all." A dismissive wave and a thoughtful sound in the back of his throat before adding to it, "Well, you're quite right. I admit to not knowing very much about Lycene people or culture, but I ought to."

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"I'm sure some offense can be manufactured, Lady Ariella. I'll let her know. It shouldn't be hard to convince Lys de Lire to fight." Theo grins, shifting to lean back into his seat. Quenia gets a smirk and a waggle of his brows. "Oh, a bit of this, a bit of that, with a dash of haze and a smattering of good cheer." Theo shrugs his shoulders loosely, taking another swig from the bottle of Cupcake Craze; he does a rather poor job of hiding the revulsion as he looks the bottle over, his nose wrinkling up. The bottle is passed Karadoc's way, along with a grin. "Dear 'Doc, you're welcome to taste me any time you wish."

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"It's only helping if I manage to do a little work toward it, Marquessa Quenia. Trust me, entirely, when I say that Lucita's done the lioness' share of the work -- pun intended -- and that my stray cat self has only pattered in her shadow.

"It's only helping if I manage to do a little work toward it, Marquessa Quenia. Trust me, entirely, when I say that Lucita's done the lioness' share of the work -- pun intended -- and that my stray cat self has only pattered in her shadow. Also, it's true -- Nettie's only excelled in the art of escape. It's something that we're both rather amazing at, aren't we Nettles?" Karadoc muses at his younger sister, before accepting Theo's bottle and taking a drink of it. "Tehom's balls, that's awful. Get it away from me now." Here, Theo! Take your drink back.

"Best job on the boat," says Ariella something approaching primly. "We're cursed because we simply can't stop dying. Honestly, between Lucy and myself it's surprising that the Queen of Endings hasn't decided we only need one of the matched pair and brought one of us back to the wheel." She rocks to the side a bit on her seat and teaches down to rub her rear. "Though not for a lack of trying at Setarco, I suppose."

Quenia chuckles whole-heartedly at Theo's words. "I see. So, it must be the smattering of good cheer then," she remarks, winking over in Theo's direction. She turns back to Cullen and tilts her head somewhat. "We can, of course, talk about it later if you prefer. That way you're not feeling ambushed on it," she gives him an apologetic look, but is easily distracted by Karadoc's exclamation and looks back to Theo. "You know, we might have some better stuff in our cabinet. There's some Saikland Remembers whiskey in there, and some Ostrinan brandy, if you're not interested in wine," she suggests. "And, some stuff that I got in some mystery bag when the Highway Robbery still had those, though I do not recommend those vintages. They're not for the faint of heart." Or for Quenia, but she kept them and they are there. She glances over at Ennettia and nods her head at her cousin. "Glad to see you came," she grins, then perks up a moment and looks over at Lucita. "Lucita! When I got the Whisper House membership I made certian to include one for you, at the individual level as well. So, you have them at your beck and call however much you need them for."

"Oh but dearest Kardy, I was the first-- you, after all, were the best." Ennettia says with a smile bordering on smirk, "I, at least, made myself easy to locate. You, however-- a true master of escaping all." She lifts her glass in praise to Karadoc. Is there some awkward family undercurrent? Maybe. But Ennettia kisses the air in Karadioc's direction, before looking at Theo, "I have had that before. Utterly, toxically sweet , and shockingly alcoholic."

Synder The Wolfhound arrives, following Barric.

The dinner is seemingly just starting. Most people have gotten through introductions, if any were needed, and are now working on general chit chat. Most are also sitting at the big table that's featured in the room.

"Utterly, toxically alcoholic and shockingly sweet as well, my Lady. So good to see you, by the way." Theo flashes a grin Ennettia's way, reaching over to liberate the bottle from Karadoc. "Delightfully terrible is, I think, really the best way to describe it." Another swig, and another look of disgust, his nose wrinkling up. He draws in a deep breath to compose himself, and then turns to Quenia. "I was bet that I couldn't finish it. I intend to do so, no matter how long it takes me."

Quirking a brow upwards at Ariella, his grey eyes fall upon one of the swords at his hip, then turn back to the captain. "Ah. I see. Yes, supposedly the position of Sword of Greenmarch is also cursed, given that the Niamh and Lady Eirlys both returned to the Wheel within a short time of one another. I have heard tell that there is a wager on my own longevity, but I found it less likely to be a curse than the nature of the job," Cullen replies with a twist of lips and a nod at the remark about Setarco, sipping his wine. "Sounds like the best job on the boat, I'll have to give the Red Bargain a look." Smiling at Quenia, the Greenmarcher looks a bit relieved. "That is likely a good idea, otherwise I might have trouble keeping all of the opinions and voices straight." His eyes turn to that pastel bottle with a bit of a shudder.

Servants start walking around the room with various platters carrying the various appetizers being served. The appetizers include a light fruit salad, breaded fish balls, and an assortment of olive oils, breads, and cheeses.

"Sorry I am late." Barric says upon entering into the Great Hall, "Had to pen a response to a High Lord, couldn't wait. I do apologize again." He looks around and smiles before heading over towards Quenia, "Marquessa." He bows deeply, "Always a pleasure. It looks amazing." Then he offers a bow to Lucita after making his way over towards where she sits. "Baroness, please excuse my tardiness." He smiles and nods politely to everyone else, "Prince Barric of the incredibly tardy Grayson." He smiles wryly, "Sword of Bastion, for now anyways." Then he sits down with an easy adjustment of the sword on his hip.

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Lucita gives Doc a playful 'crossed eyes' look as she smirks a little. "The phrase was well deserved, delightfylly terrible." She gives Ariella a grin. "You and me both, you had arrows in tender places, I had... well, other things with which to contend. "And she shudders experssively without elaborating. These dinners always have such a delightful mix of people, don't you think? And topics. Mustn't forget the topics. Long as Rella does not put you to swabbing the deck or make you ..." She cuts her words off and gives Rella a glance as if to say. 'oooohhkkkaaayyy, going quiet now, you pull that on them, won't spoil your surprise.'

Lucita smiles toward Barric. "Prince Barric is a long time patron of House Igniseri wines. He did us the honor of sampling some of the first vintages we offered here in Arx shortly after I moved here.

Quenia glances over at Ariella, "Well, it's not specifically that we can't stop dying -- it's that spouses generally die one way or another." She glances over at Ennettia for proof of this. "I think Avaline is the only one with a living spouse. My own mother had three husbands who all died," she gives a shrug over her shoulder. "It's all very morbid, considering my fiancee was killed before I even had a chance to get married. Though, in retrospect, it was probably best that way," she says, smirking. "Truthfully, we simply call it a curse because it's easier to explain away." She looks over at Theo and quirks an amused brow. "Oh. Well, that's certainly made easier by others helping you. What are the stakes of this bet?" she asks. And then there's Barric entering and greeting. She smiles warmly up at him. "Prince Barric. It is good to see you again and do feel welcome to dinner. Have a drink, we've many in the liquor cabinet. Most of it is Ignsieri wines, though there are a few other things too so as not to make it too boring." She notes to Cullen, "Monique would be amused that we do not have rum here, in spite of my announcement last night." Mirth touches her eyes when she says htis.

"Oh, Nettles, I hear the stinging barbs in that compliment. Love you too, muah --" Yes, Karadoc does indeed blow a kiss back over to Ennettia before he is more than willing to accept a snifter of Ostrian brandy from an attendant. He exhales a breath, grateful, and drinks. Stark eyebrows lifting toward his hairline, "Your Highness, terrible Theo, did you truly agree to such a heinous bargain? My sympathies. Did the rules mention anything about diluting the alcohol at all?" Looking back toward Lucita, Karadoc simply offers the Baroness-Regent a broad grin.

Ariella reaches up when a plate comes close enough and pulls off probably one or six fish balls too many for a proper lady. Then she grabs the plate in an even more inappropriate display to look over the cheeses. "Goat, goat, goat. Runny, stinky, goat. Oh, here we go. Runny, stinky AND goat." She takes some bread, oil and a big lump of the cheese. Ariella grimaces at Quenia and gestures downward, tilting her head toward Cullen. "None of that in front of my new cabin boy, Quenia. If you scare him you have to get me another. And a Whisper doesn't count. Unless he's /very/ pretty."

Still taking up a seat and a half with her sprawl in her seat, Ennettia directs what should go on her plate:bread drizzled with olive oils, fruits, the fish balls. She also has someone switch out her wines, before slanting her eyes towards Karadoc, then giving a very mature little scoff, muttering something under her breath before looking away pointedly to the rest of the table, smile returning. Her glass tilts slightly in greeting towards Barric, but she has bread to bite into, before commenting, "A cabin boy

Ennettia says, "A cabin boy Whisper? Dearest you really should bring them next time. Or have I misheard something?"

"Your new cabin boy?" Quenia quirks a brow at Ariella in amusement. "Since when did he become that?" she asks, tilting her head at her cousin. "Of course, if that means we get to oogle him a bit, maybe that's not such a bad thing." She glances over at Cullen with a considering look. "He might freckle a bit more, if he's left out too much in the sun. I think he's pretty perfect as he is, though he /was/ saying just last night about how much he wanted to visit in Granato. . ." Her tone is teasing, of course, as speaks, and her eyes dance about.

Lysander has been reclusive, yes, but apparently the stars aligned and the Lord Rubino showed in actual dinner attire and everything. Well, well. He entered with husband, ne peacock, commenting, "I don't know what is going on with free cabin boys but the workshop is crowded. We are not seeing if they're being handed out to every guest."

Lucita chuckles, hiding a little smirk behind the rim of her wineglass at some of the interplay circulating at the table. When she spots Lysander and Silvio she gives a warm smile. 'Oh, good to see you both! You got here, was hoping you would!"

"Cabin boy?" Barric asks Ariella with a wry smile, "My my." He chuckles and looks at Cullen for a few lingering moments before he looks back over towards Ennettia, "It's been a while Lady Ennettia, you have been well I trust? I imagine so given how we haven't bumped into each other in months now." He considers Quenia's comment about Granato and then shakes his head, "I think all that would return is a lobster with that complexion." He looks over at Lysander and Silvio and nods.

Karadoc will content himself with those savory pastries that Ennettia oh-so-helpfully suggested. Hand held, so he doesn't need to ever stop sipping from his glass of cherry brandy at all. "Marinated olives, peppers and cheese. Delightful. Is that one spinach or artichoke -- let me see --" A bite of this, a nibble of that. A sip of brandy. Did we mention he's drinking? A lot. The redundancy ought to be emphasized a little more. He switches out to a glass of wine right after that. "Could I invest in one of my own?" A nod, "Also. Good evening, Prince Barric. Lords Rubio." A toast of his glass.

Silvio arrives with Lysander, having dragged the man out into public! He is wearing a fabulous coat, a pin fashioned in his hair, and he pats Lysander's arm with a smile. "We don't have to put him in the workshop. The lady apparently keeps hers outside." Then he winks with a festive sort of smile and drags the man further over to a seat. "Lucita! My darling, beautiful, magnificent lady. It is always a pleasure when you are about." he nods to Barric, then lingers a look on Karadoc, for him a smile that reaches his eyes. "Good eve, all. Ah, see Lysander? Doc is getting one. It must be fashionable."

Quenia chuckles somewhat at the comments being bandied about. "I'm sure Ariella knows where the best cabin boys might be," she winks over in her cousin's direction, then turns her direct attention on Lysander and Silvio, "Lords Rubino, welcome to Domus Igniseri. There's food, and drink. Make yourselves at home!"

After silently observing discussion of spouse mortality and his position of cabin boy with a growing expression of suspicion, Cullen leans over to Quenia to murmur less than exactly quietly, "I'm still not sure Lady Ariella is telling me the truth on this cabin boy business. Also, I would love to visit Granato, even if I pick up a few extra freckles along the way," he confides before tacking onto that, "...and it's not hard to ogle me, I usually splash about the hot springs with not a stitch on. Just saying." Peering over at Ariella, he politely inquires after another long sip of wine, "So. What else does this job entail?"

"The more freckles he has the more there are to count," says Ariella idly while she mops up olive oil with her bread. She waves over to a servant, "Which one of you has olives?" Back to Quenia, "Though if you'd like to test his skill as a cabin boy, Quenie, I'm certain I can let you borrow him. He's the Sword of Greenhaven after all. Which... you know what? The next batch of innuendos are actually beneath even me, so just assume I said a bunch of crude things about swords and sheathes. I'm going to eat some olives." She laughs at Cullen's question and without looking back at him she says, "You should be good with your hands and know a number of knots. I can help you with the latter."

Lysander replied without missing a beat, "Well then we'll take two and stack them up like cordwood and figure out how to make them useful." Clearly he was joking, yes? The dry humor had room for variance. Before sitting he warmed a smile to Quenia and moved with a metronome's smooth purpose to his seat and looked to Ariella slightly shocked, "Sword of Greenhaven for your olives?" He snapped a look to Silvio and then to Quenia, "How big are the drinks being served?" "You are a splendour and I have missed you." To Lucita he smiled, "I may have something for you as well, soon I am hoping. So then, free cabin boys and drinks large enough to use as a bath? Silvio, it was the Correy night to voyage past the gate."

Quenia raises both brows at Cullen's comment about the hot springs. "So noted. When I was in mourning, I went skinny dipping in the Navegant hot springs." Yes, she admits this! The usually somewhat prudish Lycene Marquessa isn't as prudish as people might think! It just takes tragic events for her to unwind, apparently! Or, she can do wild and crazy, in small doses. "It was rather. . . freeing. And then, I went on a drunken sailing voyage with Alarissa afterwards. That was exhilarating. That reminds me, I need to buy some rum in order to scandalize Monique when she comes to visit next," she grins widely. "You know, your Marquis and Marquessa invited me to hop into the Greenmarch hot springs whenever I wanted, even if no one was home," she says with a sly look, waggling brows. She then turns to the others. "So, what interesting things have others been up to, now that you know all my dirty secrets!" she take sa sip of wine as she exclaims this.

The servants start to clear the appetizer plates and such, while others move around to serve dinner behind them. They leave any drink alone, wisely. The entrees include roasted lamb chops with asparagus, duck in a fine dull sauce, or eggplant parmesan for those not inclined to eat meat.

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"Oh I hardly doubt that is /all/ your dirty secrets." Barric says with a playful smile at Quenia, eyes sparkling with mirth. "In fact, I would be willing to bet that there are far more sordid details that could be revealed with enough inspiration and drink." He considers, "Especially knowing my sister as I do." There's a chuckle at that and he reaches for some food stuffs, beginning to make a plate. "I guess that is one thing a House Sword can be counted on, knowing how to sheath their sword." He mentions blithely at Ariella's comment, "We have had a lot of practice to perfect our technique." He murmurs something to Lucita with a chuckle following and a shake of his head afterwards.

Ennettia is snickering to herself as the conversation continues, sipping wine and enjoying her olives and drizzled toast. "Dear Prince, it has been ages. I have nearly forgotten you exist. How good of you to come and remind me you do. try the Zephyr, it is lovely.."

Lucita gives Barric a sidelong glance and a tiny smirk as she simply says. "I'll have to leave swords discussions to those who wield them and practice so much."

Karadoc hmms, glancing upward, and sleepy blue eyes flick here and there as though not prepared to focus on anyone in particular. The lazy smile is crooked but acceptably sincere, especially now that he's comfortably inebriated. "With so many innuendo being expertly bandied about, I believe that I need to -- for amusement's sake -- refrain from crass remarks and suggestive observations. You're all welcome."

Silvio makes a motion for a drink for himself, in that Big Gulp size that seems to be popular this evening. "I for one need to know what is going on with your face, Prince Grayson. You are going to cause a revolution with that /beard/, you know. Its so trim...but, not just anyone can pull that off. Ahhhh...the tragedies and angst you will cause if your example causes it to catch on. Just...wear dismal shoes, so that no one takes it seriously." Silvio offers with a hand flap and then scoops up the incoming drink without looking at the servant that brings it to him. As Karadoc says that he is going to refrain from crass remarks, he makes a pout face briefly, then nudges his husband's arm, "Who is our sword?"

Quenia waggles her brows at Barric suggestively. "Wouldn't you like to know, your Highness?" she grins lightly. "Unfortunately, I got all of my big drinking done weeks ago while I was in mourning, and thus -- none are likely to spill this evening. I know the effects of my own wine, over the rum I was downing on the deck of the Thraxian ship." She grins widely, "Though, perhaps you'd like to give us a demonstration of how you wield and sheath your sword?" she nods in the direction of the one hanging at his hip - the real sword, NOT the other one. Yeesh! Amusement glimmers in her eyes. She laughs over at Karadoc. "So noted."

"I'm rather good with a sword," says Ariella. "Sometimes I think it's something of a pity I wasn't born with one. Then perhaps I'd have more of an interest in all the pretty girls who throw themselves at me. Though I do doubt it." She glances over to Lucita and says, "Lucy, I'm working on a little history project. I've reached out to Zeb and Luis, but I thought I'd see if you were interested. It involves some, ah, things I was working on with Esteban."

"Good with my hands, know how to tie knots, more freckles to count...yes, I think this all works." Musing upon this with as straight of a face as he can muster, Cullen decides on a lamb chop and begins to take small bites off of it, then smiles crookedly at Quenia. "I do love the Navegant hot springs, I've been there several times, even with having our own. I think I need to make a tour of them all. And I was rather interested in hearing about the drunken sailing voyage, I've got my first one coming up soon. Well, probably isn't supposed to be drunken but spending that much time on a ship, I imagine it's natural." Glancing over at Ariella to hear the captain's input on the necessity of drinking and sailing, hie dark eyes turn back to the Marquessa. "Oh, rum is definitely in order - I will make sure to come with Monique and we'll drink it around her so we can listen to the complaints." A quick wink before refilling his goblet and the Greenmarcher coughs slightly, "Ah. Yes, that's right, my cousins did indeed invite you to do so. I shall have to be wary when taking my daily swim. But not /too/ wary..."

Ennettia throws Karadoc a knowing look when he says he will refrain from crass commentary, but likewise does not participate in the banter, instead yawning lightly before draining her glass of wine and waving for more to be provided. "It has been suggested to me I am in need of swordsmanship lessons, or at least a passing knowledge of daggers, but really, it would be too tiring. However you all find the time I really don't know," Perhaps they do not sleep twelve hours a day? "But I do applaud your energy. She raises her glass vaguely in the direction of Prince Barric and Cullen and those others with swords - including Ariella, who her eyes stop on, "And really darling, who can say? Girls are even more exhausting than swordsmanship, if quite often better dressed."

"I think that is a conversation and demonstration for another night, Marquessa." Barric says to Quenia with his smile growing, "The last thing we need is everyone to whip out their swords and get into a sword sheathing contest. We haven't had enough wine yet for that." He reaches for his glass and picks it up in salute to Quenia before he takes a sip. Looking at Ariella he smiles, "We'll have to spar sometime then Lady Ariella. I do enjoy learning the various styles of other skilled warriors." He chuckles at Ennettia, "That is the glory of not having children yet. I am sure when that eventful day comes, I will have no more free time to train. Then I will grow fat and useless and talk about 'In my day' stories."

"SO many mentions of handling weaponry," Karadoc muses over his wineglass, glancing toward Silvio and Lysander briefly, "Truly. Who /is/ your Sword? Are they single and fond of an economist that's more familiar with fondling his quill and ink well? If so -- do tell them to contact me --" Karadoc drawls, and the edges of all of his words are gently slurred. With a glance over toward Ariella once she's piqued his own mellow attention with what she directs toward Lucita. "If needed, my lady Ariella, I have a retainer with a very sharp mind and an excess of time on her hands. Wherever she is. If you need further assistance, that is."

Lucita again gives a little chuckle at the bantering and to Ariella nods. "Send me the information and I'll look it over. If he shared anything with me that might shorten or change the direction of your research, perhaps I can elp with that and have Micana dig into things with you, too.

Quenia lets out a melodious laugh at Barric's comment. "Touche!" she calls out. She looks back to Cullen, and lifts a brow at him. "Not too wary?" she counters. Looking back to Lysander and Silvio she asks, "What have you two been up to? I haven't hardly seen either of you around. Lysander, we should go out for drinks at the Hart sometime," she chides lightly. One of the servants brings over a glass of Daylight for her, and she takes a sip of the the citrusy wine.

"That's the problem, Netty. Twice now I've offered a tour of the Bargain to a pretty girl and twice now I've had to explain that once the tour is over its time to /get off the boat/. I've had some boys with that problem, but I suppose I feel a little less guilty about having Serrano pick them up and toss them off the side." Ariella smiles to both Lucita and Karadoc. "Thank you and thank you. I'll pass the information your way."

"Do add my Baldassare to the list. He has been dreadfully lacking in work lately, and I know he pines." Anyone who knows the somber assistant will know the man is regularly overworked and would be Suspect #1 if Ennettia turned up poisoned. But Ennettia only smiles towards Ariella, "As for your charming ladies-- really, just throw them in the little boats and have Serrano row them over. Less guilt all around, and you are rid of an irritation. And perhaps Serrano shall charm them on the way to the shore, and enjoy his evening." Ennettia quite reasonably solves all Ariella's problems-- at least in her mind- before plucking another olive from her plate and popping it in her mouth, licking a finger after, before more wine is needed. To wash it down.

Lysander warmed a grin relaxing in his seat and letting the servants do things they were no doubt joyous to do. "Silvio, it's not me and that's all that matters." Not after Lysander's history with that sword. ooking to Lucita he asked, "Your music room has not imploded in a fit of pique correct?"

Barric falls silent with a smile at Quenia and then a murmur to Lucita before he starts partaking of food and drink, turning his attention towards the various individuals as they speak to try and keep track of the conversations.

"Oh!" Quenia perks up lightly, and then walks over to the sofa she'd been sitting at earlier and picks something up. "I've had this incredibly delightful plushie made by Mistress Petal, and I've meant to show it off tonight. She's likely going to be selling copies of it at the Tangled Skein. She made at it my request, and I think it's turned out fantastically." She gently sets the plushie on the table, remarking, "It's mine, so no fighting over it." She looks super serious in that moment.

Quenia drops a feathered phoenix plushie.

Lucita says, "My music room is still almost as it was when you last visited though I have added a harp and a few other instruments, and another couch. Now If I play music to sooth someone to sleep they can stretch out and not fall out of their chair." She gives a little general wink, clearly teasing those at the table."

A glance from the side of his eyes and Cullen murmurs with a bit of a grin, "Okay. Not at all wary. Although someone did happen to surprise me in there today, so I suppose it is something I ought to get used to. I'm certainly not going to wear anything in the hot springs, that would be madness." Madness, indeed. Taking another bite of the lamb with a sip of wine, the Greenmarcher snickers at Ariella. "Do people normally want to loiter on your ship? If I'm the cabin boy, does that mean I can loiter, or do I need to try to escape?" Expression growing more serious though after a moment, he faces the Marquessa. "I really would like to see Granato, though. How often do you make a trip back there? I've never been anywhere in the Lyceum, I think the closest I've been is vaguely near Ostria, and even then...not all that close. Granto sounds rather beautiful." Noticing Lysander and Silvio, he bows to the both. "I'm sorry, I was so engrossed in worrying about my fate over here. I don't believe I know either of you. Lord Cullen Greenmarch." Then his eyes fall upon the plushie, fingers twitching as it is put down.

Silvio gestures towards himself and smiles at Quenia. "Oh, IiiiiiIIi have been about. Lysander here has been the one trapped by his art, in his workshop. And, as everyone knows, there's just nothing for it when an artist gets in a mood to create. I saw the duel the other day...the one where Luca nearly got skewered? It is marvelous to see you again though, and by all means, kidnap him if you must." Dark eyes slide over to Karadoc when the man asks after the status of their Sword. "Oh, I think he's old and ugly..." And he looks at his plate and leans on the table with one elbow.

"Shame, that. Thank you for telling me, my lord Silvio. I ought to keep my eyes open for anyone prettier," Karadoc murmurs languidly into his wineglass, "Equal opportunist, you see."

Quenia chuckles softly at Silvio. "Ah. Yes. I remember the days when Lucita would lock herself in her room to work on her songs." Quenia glances fondly over at her cousin. "We miss hearing her music here, but understand she's got more important matters to handle now. I seem to remember when she was the reluctant Voice, and here she is now, flourishing as a Baroness," she grins widely at Lucita.

"Oh, you'd be surprised, Lord Cullen. But usually boys know when to go and leave happy to have ... visited." Ariella waves a hand. "Had a delightfully pretty boy a while back. A poet or a, no, a playwright. Writes plays. Demanded I feed him first. Obviously writing plays doesn't pay. Oh, artists." As the entrees come out she grabs just about anything made of red meat and lots of it. To Ennettia she says, "Serrano is a dear and has been with me since the beginning, but he is possibly the ugliest man I've ever seen who still has his nose. So anything I could do to help him find love /would/ be a good deed, I suppose. Unfortunately bos'n Culatello gets all the girls. And their money and jewelry and, occasionally, hair, should they have enough for a wig. I've had to demand he behave during our stay here, but as soon as Prince Antonio gives us our marque, fair warning to the girls of Lenosia, Setarco and Ostria."

As no one else seems inclined to-- Ennettia does, entirely, reach to take the little phoenix plushie, pushing her plate slightly to one side (but not her wine, oh no) and bringing the plush toy closer, running fingers through its feathered fur and poking its beak, charmed at the toy, "What a pretty little toy! Do tell me if Messere Petal makes more: I shall need to get one for the little savage. Possibly three or four, as he shall undoubtedly ruin the first few with mud, dust, and who knows what else." Has the stuffed toy casually made its way onto her lap, while she drinks wine and has another bite of food? Yes, yes it has. Still. She will probably return it to Quenia. Probably.

There's a sofer smile as the conversation topic turns towards Lucita's art, "Her music room really is rather exceptional. I am still trying to just learn the names of all the instruments that she is able to perform upon. She is quite an amazing artist." He looks over towards Lysander, "I don't think I've had the opportunity to see any of your work, not that I am any sort of connoisseur on art or anything but I am always in awe of those who can create such things." He chuckles at Karadocs comment but is distracted by Ariella's comment, "So what does the Marque allow you to do? I am guessing that there is specific targets you would be able to take on the sea? Mostly Pirates I would imagine since we're not at war with another country yes?"

Lysander wrinkled his nose and looked aghast at Silvio and then Karadoc and QUenia from ofer the top of his goblet, "Oh by the gods is Luca alright? I much think I prefer him without perforation. Tell me he wasn't wearing anyhting we'll miss. Just... armour at least yes?" He boggled at this shaking his head.

Lucita gives a long glance to Rellia as she mentions Antonio. "Catch him in the right mood at the Black Fox and you'll have no trouble, just try being more subtle than you usually are. He really is quite nice when you get to know him. Rather quiet but nice." To Quenia and Silvio she shakes her head. " I miss playing as much as I used to. Maybe after we get done with this land expansion effort there will be more time for that. Oh, Rella, Lady Juliana is going to help you and Zeb with the transport for that so there won't be as many packed into the ships headed to Saikland. We just have to worry about getting the ones from here in Arx there and back that don't have transport of their own." She looks toward Barric and says in a teasing voice to him. "Flourishing is a euhorism for up to the eyeballs in paperwork, bills, squeezing 28 hours of meetings into a 24 hour day and loads of worry for any moment not otherwise occupied. Thank goodness for family and friends to tear one away from being flourishing once in a while.

Another bite of lamb, another gulp of plum wine, and the Greenmarcher's pale visage gets steadily on the pinkish side, freckles more apparent. "Oh? Sounds like something I would like to hear, given the chance, Baroness," Cullen requests towards Lucita with a tap the rim of his goblet, dark eyes flashing back to Ariella. "Ah. Well, I can imagine playwrights are in need of food, this is understandable. You were just doing your part for that poor, starving artist," Cullen casually states with a languid wave of his hand before popping an olive into his mouth and leaning back in the chair somewhat, commenting to Quenia, "Speaking of paperwork, have you gotten yours to lesson more yet? It seems there ought to be more bureaucrats about."

"I can't imagine I should have to do much convincing. I have a battle tested crew of men who already think of pirates. They proved themselves at Setarco, except the one who shot me in the ass with an arrow and he's been sacked, by which I mean we tied him in a sack and threw him overboard in the Bay of Grabato. Haha. I kid." Boy, that was a fake laugh. "And they already think like pirates because half of them once were. Ah, my boys." To Barric she says, "I already pirate hunt in the waters of Granato. My sea artist, Bayonne, and I know those waters like the backs of our hands. The letter of marque will allow us to hunt out pirates in all Lycene waters. Or shav reavers. Or Darkwater pirates, if it comes to that."

Quenia looks over at Cullen as he asks for introductions. "This is Lord Lysander Rubino, and his husband Lord Silvio Rubino formerly of House Velenosa." She chuckles over at Lucita. "You forget all the improvements you've managed so far," she says. She glances over at Ariella when she mentions the letter of marque. "Let me know if I need ot reach out to Antonio or Prince Talen and inquire about it." She looks over at Cullen and suddenly looks sheepish. "Ah, no. Not so much."

"A healer was called for, straight away, so I suspect he's on the mend well enough. More...that his ego is perforated, darling. He is not used to losing a fight." Silvio answers and turns his gaze upon Lucita. Absently, he runs his middle finger around the rim of his glass, poised, in control, despite any liquor he's managed to drink between bouts of conversation. As he moves, his hair bobs in subtle motions, and he alternates between sitting forwards and sitting back, almost rhythmically in tune with the cadence of the conversation. "My dear Baroness there any way to compel you to perform? Ahh...perhaps upon fear of attack by all these pirates the Lady commands?" There's a sly grin on his face and he lifts his glass to his lips and drinks deep.

The plates for dinner are slowly being cleared. Behind those clearing the plates for dinner come those who bear the dessert! Desserts are an assortment of tea cakes, pastries, and petit fours, and assorted pies and cookies.

Lysander looked up as the gesture was coming their was and slowly turned a faint smile to Cullen, and while the contemplative artist looked like he could berate someone at teh drop of a hat the words sounded effortless, "Perhaps my poor manners. I've been enconsed in teh company of soot and tinder lately, and you'd think I've taken my leave of civility. It isa pleasure to meet you. have you heard the Baroness play? SHe's one of the very few I find no faults with."

Lucita glances toward Quenia to see if she wishes her to play and sing since guests requested such but does not just up and dive into doing such a thing without her hostess directing it to be done

Karadoc's still (somewhat - maybe) still here although he's contemplating the bottom of his empty wineglass with a hard squint. He's been bobbing in the ebb and flow of various conversations around him. Smiling thinly, he murmurs, "If we're exceptionally lucky, perhaps, we can convince my liege-lady to play. He'll accept a new glass of wine that's appropriate for dessert. He'll pass on the sweets. One arm hangs off the back of the chair as he adapts to a sprawl in the seat.

Quenia glances over at Lucita and gives a small nod of her head - ascension to play.

has finished her wine, seated back in her chair - and yawns again, lashes fluttering. Rising with the stuffed phoenix, she comments, "Dinner was utterly delightful. And it was so lovely to see you all..." Eyes sweep over the crowd (and roll when they hit Karadoc before continuing on), "But I am utterly drained." She moves to where Quenia sits, offering the Marquessa a peck on the cheek (it does leave a lip stain) before kissing her fingertips and flicking them towards the room. "I will adore having youall visit for another meal one day, I am sure."

"I imagine there is less trouble with Darkwater Pirates after the last war." Barric says with a bit of a frown, "Not a lot of Darkwater left." He shakes his head a touch and goes back to his food and drink, relaxing into his chair as he does so. "I am going to have to learn how to handle a ship and be a sailor at the very least I imagine." He looks over at Ariella, "Perhaps I should sign on for a tour once you get those letters. I can't imagine going out on a shipping trip or something... I need more excitement than that."

Quenia picks up a feathered phoenix plushie.

"Do have a good night, Ennettia," Quenia remarks to her as she leaves.

After finishing his lamb, the array of desserts spread out before them, Cullen has a few petit fours placed on a small plate. Mulling over the introductions, he makes a slight sound of recognition. "Oh. I believe Princess Terese's father was a Rubino, if I remember her correctly. Which, granted, given my memory these days..." Chuckling quietly at Quenia with a self-deprecatory roll of dark eyes at his difficulty remembering things, Lysander gets a smile in return. "I have not heard her play, no, but I would love to.." Waving at Ennettia, "Good to see you again, Lady Ennettia," he gives by way of her departure, then grins thank fully at Quenia's permission for the Baroness to play. "Most wonderful, I look forward to this."

Silvio stares across the table as dessert is brought out, and he takes a few bites of the decadence before giving up halfway through and instead lofting his drink again. He brushes his fingers along his brow and smiles pleasantly enough around the table, remaining quiet. His dark eyes are alive with thoughts even though he isn't saying anything.

Lucita checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Lucita relocates to the clavichord and checks that it is in tune before she begins to play, something lively and fun but not too loud, conversation can continue. She does not pick a particularly challenging song that would require an audience to really focus on what she plays but expertly plays through once before adding her voice to the music. That she has a passion for music shows in her expression, and presentation of the song to her friends and family.

Ennettia has left the a walnut wooden table stained a red-brown.

Quenia smiles warmly as Lucita plays through her song, and is quiet throughout. Once she's done with the song, she claps politely. "Thank you for humoring my guests, Lucita. And thank you for bringing music back to the house. The clavichord is truly lost on us here."

Karadoc picks up Count Claudio's Cupcake Craze.

As Lucita goes to play, Barric turns in his chair so he can watch her do so. Wine is sipped and when she starts to sing he smiles at the performance, quite thoroughly enjoying it by all appearance. He sets his wine down to clap also when she is done and then mentions, "Beautiful performance." Towards Quenia, Barric asks, "Do you play any instruments yourself Marquessa?"

The beautiful sound of the clavichord elicits a pleased smile, scarred fingers running through his coppery beard for a moment, nibbling occasionally on a petit four while listening. Upon Lucita's singing as well, Cullen just lets himself get caught up in the music and voice from the Baroness, adding his own soft clap to Quenia's when it is finished. "Thank you for that, Baroness Lucita. No one in our house has that kind of talent, if only they did." A wistful sigh to the Marquessa at that sentiment with an incline of his head.

Lucita chuckles softly. "I played it some when visiting, you just weren't here at the time, Cousin." A smile is given the others and she murmurs a modest 'thank you' as she returns to her seat and takes a sip of her wine.

Quenia gives Barric an apologetic smile. "I'm afraid not. My talents lie in witty banter. Lucita is the musical prodigy in the House, or was before she joined House Saik," she offers in answer to his question. "I'm rather boring when it comes to her talents," she adds. "But, if you want to hear me bang things out and call it music, I'm down for that," she grins in the end.

Silvio listens to the music with a pleased expression, as he does when he gets his way! He closes his eyes for a few moments during the piece, then draws in a deep breath. The spell is broken when the music stops and he grins like a sleeping just waking up as he looks over to Quenia with amusement. "Bad enough that we should place bets on how far you'll get through a piece?" He seems amused in a daze, then glances to Lysander beside him. "You need to make some pocket-sized pieces, so that you can share while we are out and about."

"Ever so very similar to my own abilities with music. Pianos do quiver their strings in fear," Karadoc sets aside his glass, sluggishly rising from the table and to his feet. "It's been a pleasure -- or, something approaching it at any rate." A languid smile, "Thank you for the excellent food and the excellent company."

Quenia inclines her head to Karadoc, grinning a bit. "Thank you for coming tonight." She looks over at Silvio. "Oh, I assure you, I won't be making anything resembling music. Noise, perhaps, but never music."

"Given Lord Karadoc's expertise, and my own, we could have a three person noise band." Barric says with a chuckle, "Not that I imagine most anyone would enjoy hearing it though and the cost of new instruments after every performance... we would make an instrument maker very happy and rich." He smiles and then nods to Karadoc, "It was good seeing you again my Lord. Have a pleasant what remains of your evening."

Karadoc has left the a walnut wooden table stained a red-brown.

Silvio arches his brows. "Ahhh...Lord Karadoc...might I send one of my men to make certain you reach home unscathed?" Silvio draws in a deep breath and seems concerned about his...drunkness. (I paged him, he said he'd take it, so, consider some sort of grunt in reply and that happens.)

Lucita watches Doc leave and murmurs. "I better head back to the Tower and alert the servants to prepare the usual remedy for over indulging. Well, he deserved a night to overindulge, he has been very good help the last couple of months.

Quenia inclines her head to Lucita and rises from her own seat. "The hour is growing late, and I should be going to get some rest. Thank you all for coming, and please feel free to stay and chat as long as you like." She makes sure to take her plushie with her, as Ennettia did rather reluctantly give it back!

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