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Sir Jeffeth vs Reese

Sir Jeffeth beat Reese recently in a spar! She has decided that she would like to do a rite of Gloria with such a fine warrior of the faith. They are going to duel with no armor and equalish weapons to first blood in honor of Gloria.


April 18, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

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Reese Jeffeth


Tabitha Lisebet Jan Alarissa Niklas Adriana Brannen Waldemai Arion Emilia Luca Esoka Agatha Aviana Rinel Kaine Sorrel Graham Vercyn



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Proving Grounds

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Olenna, 4 Thrax Guards, Pellinor arrive, following Alarissa.

"I never bet. Every time I think about betting the person I was going to get on gets the shit kicked out of them. That's a sign from Gloria. 'Stay away'." Niklas shakes his head. "It's why I gave up the sword even though I'd basically mastered it."

Graham nods "Me as well, though I think they will be okay." He says comforting wise to Tabitha. He considers looking for a good place to sit he wil move up towards the seating setup. It isn't a far walk but he'll take his time. "It will be good, though there's also usually healers on hand.." the young stonewood says. He will offer his help with sitting before joining next to her.

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Reese looks over to Jeffeth, giving the knight a smile of greeting and this one does touch her blue eyes. "Oh, Sir Jeffeth." She says politely to him. "Thank you for honoring me with this duel." She says in his direction. She then looks out over the crowd. "Thanks everyone for coming. We duel not over a slight, but in honor of Gloria and the faith." She says, lifting her voice to carry. The princess is adorned in white linen and wool rather than her normal pink protective clothing. She hands Jeffeth a steel weapon. "Now Sir Jeffeth is going to lead us in a prayer."

Rinel looks up to see a nobleman arrive in attendance with a bird. She cheers in delight. "Steve!" the scholar calls, waving frantically to the pelican. "I've got fish!"

Esoka stands up to yell loudly at Reese and Jeffeth. It's encouraging yelling! She adores this stuff. "GLORIA BE WITH YOU BOTH!" She does eventually sit down again so she isn't blocking anybody's view.

Arion arrives with soft steps, cautiously moving into the grounds. He peers this way and that as he moves closer to the action. That long crimson hair that makes him so easy to spot is currently pulled into a tall ponytail, carefully brushed and held in place with rather fine looking hairpins. He moves towards the front looking for a place to seat himself in the commoner stands.

Adriana stands as they call for a prayer. Her head bows reverently, hands folded over her waist.

Alarissa makes her way into the places

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The Grayson servants have setup a display of booze, wine, tea and treats.

Brannen's manner is stiff and nigh formal. He makes his way to the commoner stands and finds a place for himself with a comfortable resting scowl and his mouth fixed into a fine line. He does not yell or cheer for his brother at arms.

Alarissa makes her way into the place, a glance to the ring and then starts to make her way toward the nobles seating to take a seat.

Ah, the Proving Grounds. Luca arrives, and he's dressed, which is saying something. There's a bottle in his hand, already, and if the remnants of the contents are any indication, he's already been working on it. If they aren't, some might notice the touch of a roll to his normal, graceful gait as he meanders toward the seating area, dark gaze sweeping around for familiar faces. He passes the seating area for the nobles, tipping back his bottle for a long swallow as he does so, and wanders right into the commoner's seating area to find himself an auspicious place from which to watch the Rite to Gloria.

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Olenna arrives, delivering a message to Luca before departing.

Emilia stands somewhere in the back, quietly watching the proceedings.

6 Crimson Blades Sergeant arrives, following Tobias.

The big knight takes the cutlass in hand, testing the weight of it with a bright smile. Taking a few steps away from Reese he goes into a deep bow from the waist. "It is an honor and a pleasure, Your Highness that you would wish to face me to bring honor to Gloria." At the mention of prayer, the large knight takes a few steps forward, bowing his head some. "Let us pray."

It's loud. So.. There's a lot of people. Obviously. So when you pray you kind of have to be loud. Jeffeth may or may not have miscalculated how loud he needed to be because soon the big man is bellowing his prayer into the audience. "Oh Gloria, we dedicate this duel to you, that we may sharpen our skills to further bring your glory that we may wipe away wickedness and injustice with our honed skills." The man continues to yellpray at the stands. "That we will be able to protect our brothers and sisters with the skills and prowess we have dedicated to your name. We two have worked hard to perfect our skills and we dedicate this match to your glory. May you be honored and edified by our.." There's a pause in his shout praying as it seems the man is not sure what to say next. And then..

"Our super neat fighting moves." There we go. "We thank you Gloria." And with that Jeffeth is done shoutpraying and turns to face Reese with a bright smile, bowing once more.

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Kaine wanders over to the proving grounds with a curious look on his face, and finds himself taking a seat in the commoner stands to watch the event. He pulls his satchel around to his front, setting it on his lap as he settles in.

Duarte is overheard praising Jeffeth for: Here's to super neat fighting moves! For Gloria! Huzzah!!

Lisebet is overheard praising Jeffeth for: What Duarte said!

Vercyn breaks out in a booming laugh at something being said. Must be a hilarious joke. Definitely not the prayer.

Jan's lips are quirked up at the corners as she echoes, "Thank you, Gloria," from her place amid the nobility.

Tabitha is overheard praising Jeffeth for: Aww, how sweet!

Agatha is overheard praising Jeffeth for: Your fighting moves ARE super neat!

Agatha is overheard praising Reese for: Your fighting moves are ALSO super neat!

Tabitha is overheard praising Reese for: She's so pretty and fighty though!

Duarte is overheard praising Agatha for: YOU are super neat!

Jeffeth wields Intricately forged ancient steel cutlass.

"For Gloria!" Sorrel calls with enthusiasm, apparently having enjoyed the prayer that was just shouted. She smiles at both fighters with great interest. "No matter who wins," she notes to those around her. "Gloria will be honored here."

Reese turns her attention to Jeffeth as the Solace knight starts to speak. She is closest to him and so Reese really hears his prayer! She seems all focused an his words, humbly lowering her golden lashes during the prayer. Once such comes to an end, she reaches for a steel mace, getting into fighting position. "For Gloria." The now now wearing while adorned princess says.

Reese wields Destiny, a high quality mace.

Atila arrives, following Signe.

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Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle have been dismissed.

Adriana is overheard praising Jeffeth for: For Gloria!

Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound have been dismissed.

Rascal, a hyper terrier have been dismissed.

1 Grayson Guardsmen have been dismissed.

Deliverance, an albino falcon have been dismissed.

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A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Jeffeth takes moderate damage.

Jeffeth wields Intricately forged ancient steel cutlass.

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Reese takes minor damage.

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Rinel takes the peanut and stares at it. "Pea-nut. It doesn't /look/ like a nut." She looks at Mirari. "Thank you! Erm. Is everything all right? You seem, you know..." The scholar leans in and says, sotto voce, "a little /grouchy/."

Deito Igniseri arrives, following Apollis.

Deito Igniseri leaves, following Apollis.

Smile. Smile. Smile. Jeffeth comes off his prayer, kind of crossing his eyes a bit. Super neat. SUPER NEAT. The big man takes his place in the ring, bowing once more to Reese. Before they engage, and Reese hits Jeffeth almost IMMEDIATELY. The big man lets out a grunt, super neat. Ugh. But the red in his cheeks may be attributed to the effort he puts forward in the fight. Reese dings him with the mace right away, before Jeffeth gives a testing swing with his cutlass. Is this thing on.

And then it's back to combat!

Jeffeth puts on a much better show, flicking out of the way, spinning, parrying. For a giant behemoth of a man, he is incredibly light on his feet. Able to for the most part stay out of the way of Reese's mace, shifting to the side, and mostly making sure he is not in the place that Reese was trying to hit. This means there's a lot of jostling from the big man. There's no blood on the bare chest of the Knight of Solace, but there might be a bruise later. His attacks are mostly ineffectual, Reese able to stay for the most part away from his newly acquired cutlass. The big man steps in to take territory from her, trying to use his side to escape off dodge pathing, and is finally able to get a glancing blow on her side with the flat of his blade.

Reese has her silvery mace lifted and she charges at Jeffeth, attacking the Knight of Solace. The princess gets the first hit and it is a good hit, but it seems like she was more ready than them him at the start of the battle. It might be more about such than greater skill. Once Jeffeth is warmed-up, she has a really hard time hitting him again. Actually she doesn't hasn't yet touched him again. He is able to evade all her blows. The white adorned princess takes a pretty good blow from him. They are both bruised, but no blood has been drawn. Reese darts around with the easy grace of one who is very trained and nimble cat-like, but while Jeffeth is bigger, he seems just as quick!

Jeffeth takes serious damage.

Luca stands up from somewhere in the commoner seating, surrounded by, of all things, commoners, and he cups his hands over his mouth and shouts, "Stop dancing and beat someone up for Gloria! She's falling asleep!", before sitting back down again.

Agatha is not good company right now for anyone sitting near her. Oh, she looks perfectly happy with her arms folded on the back of the chair in front of her. But she's staring at the fight in absolute fascinated... silence. So this is what it takes to shut up an Agatha! But then! The ooos, the ahhs as there are hits!

Meeka arrives, delivering a message to Tabitha before departing.

Again the dodge olympics begin and there is a whole lot of dodging going on. Parrying, twirling, spinning. Until finally Jeffeth darts in, swinging his cutless to the side. But as he does Reese is able to crack him hard in the chest. A loud grunt is exhaled as the man stumbles back, reeling from the blow. Crimson starts to leak from his massive pectoral even as he's bouncing forward on his feet, raising his blade up to attack once more.

And then he glances down at the red liquid sliding down his abdomen. "Oh."

The big man looks accusingly at his own blood as if it had ruined his fun. Slowly lowering his attacking blade. "That's it then?" Jeffeth asks, glancing up to Reese.

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2 House Wyrmguard Guards leaves, following Desiree.

Waldemai cheers for the fighters. "Well done! All Glory to Gloria!"

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Meeka arrives, delivering a message to Tabitha before departing.

Atila leaves, following Signe.

The duel goes on for some time with each evading each other's blows for quite a while. Reese is light on her wool covered feet as darts around, evading Jeffeth's blows. It looks like his blows would hurt if she got hit! She manages to get a hard hit against this chest that decides the fight. Reese is pink-cheeked, but still not exhausted as she lowers her mace and looks over to Jeffeth and then down to where he bleeds. She even seems concerned for his possible injury. "Yes." She softly says, but she seems a little concerned, a litlte sheepish and very humble. "But I think I would have won if you didn't get such a slow start, Sir Jeffeth." She says in his direction. "We will have to try this again one day." She says, as if finding him to be a challenge and likely also an honor to fight. She is a little bruised herself, but okay. "For Gloria! And for Solace!" She as the two both belong to Solace. "I have something for you, Sir." She adds.

Esoka is on the edge of her seat, throughout the match of dodging. When Reese draws Jeffeth's blood, though, she stands again, for more loud shout-cheering. "Well fought!"

"For Gloria," Lisebet calls out, echoing the cheers of the crowd.

Adriana calls out, "Gloria! Solace!" She is on her feet clapping as Reese is victorious.

Reese is overheard praising Jeffeth for: Honorable and very skilled knight of Solace

Esoka begins to move out of the stands, as the match winds down. Calling out a few more boisterous cheers as she takes her leave of the place.

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Silent throughout but for a few firm claps, Brennan cringes and groans at Reese's winning blow. He's still frowning as he claps for her but, really, that's just his face.

Meeka arrives, delivering a message to Tabitha before departing.

Meeka arrives, delivering a message to Tabitha before departing.

Agatha pulls herself up straight as the battle ends, looming up to her feet and starting to slap her big hands together in noisy applause full of roars of support for both of them. See what happens when she's quiet for too long? All the noise comes out at once in whistles and shouts for Jeffeth and Reese, all tangled up together.

When Reese lands her telling blow, Luca shouts again, "Now that's more like it! What a bold woman!" though he doesn't rise this time. Anyone watching could see him terrorizing all possible commoners in his immediate vicinity.

Jeffeth is overheard praising Reese for: First Blood! Well done!

Niklas calls out a cheer for both fighters even as Reese lands her final blow. "Good show! Gloria!"

The big man looks just a wee bit disappointed the fight is over, but he is soon giving Reese a bright smile and going into a deep bow. "It was a pleasure and an honor, Your Highness. I would look forward to the honor again." Jeffeth straightens up, and even though a mace tore up his pectoral, he doesn't seem to really be favoring the injury.

Jeffeth makes his way over to return the cutlass to Reese with another bow, before bowing to the audience as a whole. Straightening up once more he looks down to Reese. "Something your Highness?"

Otakar is overheard praising Reese for: A victory well earned!

Rosalie, a lady in waiting leaves, following Reese.

Tabitha claps politely at the fight, but her brow is creased a little and she looks faintly unwell.

Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrives, following Reese.

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Graham will clap and offer both "Well fought you both much honor shown." He offers from the stands the duels typically dont last too long though they are still a bit exicitng all the same. He looks over listening to the words returned a soft smile is given and some are returned though he looks concerned and adds "Are you feeling unwell Tabitha? Perhaps we should return to the Manor?"

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Sorrel moves towards the fighters. "That was a great match, you two," she says with enthusiasm. "And a beautiful Rite to Gloria. You both are such amazing fighters."

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Orland leaves, following Duarte.

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Tabitha gives Graham a weak little nod, then prepares to stand and follow behind him, her hand in his.

Reese really didn't just take off! She pulls a ring of Gild out. It looks brand new and very shiny. "I intended to give you this at the awards ceremony, but now seems like as good time as any." She says, but is so pink-cheeked it is possible that Reese isn't sure of the social rules of such. "But I hard that you guarded the healers at the pass and personally went to rescue Marquis Malesh from the front lines when he was gravely injured. Thank you. I am very glad he lived myself. I find you to be a true Guardian night of the Solace and Solace in part follows Gild." She says, handing over the ring.

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Waldemai cheers for the grand gesture. "Well earned and well said," he calls.

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As the ring is handed over, Jeffeth looks agape down at it. "Your Highness, this is beautiful. My deepest thanks." The big man rumbles with a bright smile up to her. Sliding the ring on one of his sausages for fingers, he looks out to the crowd and then down to the blood on his chest. "Ah.. Does anyone have maybe a rag?"

Aviana gets up and moves down to where Reese and Jeffeth are, reaching into a small pouch she pulls out a square peice of cloth, "Sir Jeffeth here." she says with a soft tone to her voice, she gives Reese a small curtsy.

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Reese hands the ring over. She looks upon Jeffeth concerned about his injury once again. "Oh, are there any healers here?" She asks, even while pulling out some clean bandages. "Um, real ones?" She says and seems relieved when Aviana steps up.

Graham stands though he will make sure that she is next to him as soon as possible not following behind. He will reach out to place his hand over hers if she allows him to make sure she is steadied and doesnt fall should she need his help but he will move to leave the stands and back the way they'd entered from.

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