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Rubino-Velenosa Wedding

Come witness the joining of Prince Silvio Velenosa to Lord Lysander Rubino in marriage!


April 23, 2018, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Lysander Silvio Grazia


Margret Behtuk Dafne Barric(RIP) Juliana Talwyn Lucita Alessandro Sidney Karadoc Aureth Sebastian Salvatore Lumen Arion



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Palazzo Gemecitta - Grand Foyer

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Comments and Log

It's a wedding, and Dafne has conceded enough to the occasion to _not_ wear black. Instead, she's in Zaffria blue, a clinging backless whisper of a gown, with her inky curls part drawn up, part clinging to her neck. Nightshade, too, is in blue (well, a blue ribbon). The little duchess wanders in and over to Grazia. "I did wonder about all the withdrawls from the ducal accounts," she drawls teasingly at her co-ruler.

One of the first to arrive is Arion, though it might be hard to recognize the man today. Because he looks more like a lady than a man on this occasion. A dress of shimmering emerald green cotton with golden accents and matching sandals form the rather exotic outfit that is finished off by the high quality hairpins that hold his long crimson hair in its elaborate looking style. Moving through the door he peers about curiously, looking a bit shy and uncertain but also quite curious.

2 House Velenosa Guards arrives, following Alessandro.

Alessandro arrives, following Margret.

Things are still getting ready, and there is as yet, no sign of the grooms. Either of them. Grazia fusses with the favors, and then smirks at Dafne. "Do you need an itemised account sheet?" she wonders, then looks relieved when the grooms pop up magically. "Ah, very good. Lord Lysander. Prince Silvio. Are you ready?" she calls as the grooms come down the stairs.

1 Saik Guard, Micana, Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler arrive, following Lucita.

Aureth is here, dressed in all his finest. He looks fairly relaxed for someone who is more or less about to perform, although there's a distant thoughtfulness about his glance as he looks over his shoulder towards the entrance every now and again.

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Looking freshly dressed in clothing that isn't rumpled from his long recovery from his battle wounds, Salvatore keeps an appraising glance over the room, although his eyes warm up considerably at the collection of young nobles, especially his niece and the betrothed couple. "Duchess Dafne. You are looking perfect for the occasion. If anyone causes trouble, let me know. I'll give them the old warhorse stomp." Presumably he's referring to his own booted feet, given that he's not on horseback.

Alessandro arrives with Margret on his arm. He is all in black, perhaps to set off the gown that she's wearing, which is quite a lovely affair of ombre silk and jewels. They really do have a nice effect standing next to each other, though Margret stands out much more than Alessandro does. They do look well together, though. He looks around, leaning in to murmur something to Margret, before he starts to steer them toward a tray of drinks. First things' first, after all.

Behtuk doesn't have anything nice to wear to a swanky party, he almost turns away at the door, but after a moment's hesitation, sees at least one person he knows inside and gets through the door. Though he lingers in the back of the room, he's not a noble and unaccustomed to noble settings.

Arriving a bit before the wedding was scheduled to begin accepting guests, Prince Barric Grayson arrives with Lady Juliana Pravus on his arm. He is dressed to match the beautiful yellow spring dress she is wearing, her pale yellow complimented by white silks with yellow trim to match. He is immaculately groomed and styled, clearly he took some effort, or someone else did, in order for him to look as dashing as possible to match Juliana's radiance. As they arrive Barric offers a polite bow of his head to those he knows and then murmurs towards Juliana, "My Lady, as this is my first Lycene wedding in some time, would you care to lead me through it?" He smiles wryly afterwards.

Dressed in a slinky Lycene style, Lumen is far less fussy than Grazia... but then, she doesn't have quite as much to lose if neither of the grooms show up-oh, there they are! See? Nothin to worry about. (Phew!) The whisper makes herself useful by keeping out of the way, claiming a seat at one of the provided benches.

Lumen has joined the elegant bench for the comfort of guests.

Soon to enter into the Palazzo Gemecitta is Prince Talwyn Valardin, outfitted in a silken tunic of deep sapphire blue trimmed in silver and gold thread work. There is a pause just inside of the entryway as he sweeps the interior with a dark gaze until he spies Grazia. Moving in her direction, Talwyn offers her a graceful bow before he says, "Cousin... It would seem that the family can roll out the finest when the occasion calls for it." A faint smile tugs at his lips, suggesting a very slight teasing.

Dafne only laughs and grins at Grazia. "No need. If a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing handsomely, and this is certainly worth doing." She is distracted by Salvatore's greeting, and turns suddenly, keeping her feet despite Nightshade's best effort to serve as tripping hazard. "Uncle!" she calls out, and immediately hugs Salvatore, in a less than ducal manner.

Coltello, a bodyguard-for-hire arrives, following Karadoc.

Sebastian arrives on his own, taking up a position off to one side where he has a good view of the festivities, dressed in his usual Pravus blues and greys. He grins a bit at Lysander when he sees his old friend arrive, but only if he manages to catch his eye does he dip his head and give a smile and a bit of a wave. There's a smile for Silvio, as well, before he turns to watch the other guests as they arrive and make their way in.

Arion takes his time to study everyone, taking everything in. He isn't anywhere near the most finely dressed but his choice of attire does make him look at least somewhat exotic. As the space begins to fill up around him he moves slowly and gracefully towards the bench where Lumen is seated. Looking down he smiles shyly. "Hello. Is this seat taken?" He gestures to the spot beside her with one delicate looking hand.

Lucita comes as far as the entry to the Palazzo and stops, there sending a guard away to lead the guard dogs back to Saik Tower. Once that is done, she turns to advance, slightly waddling at this stage of pregnancy, into the area, a curtsy given. She has the 'just bathed' scent about her, impeccable makeup, wayward curls conquered and confined into an elegant arrangement, at least until some tresses manage to escape. She is silent for the moment as she glances around the room

For once -- once! -- in his life, Sidney is not fashionably late. He is, in fact, unfashionably exactly-on-time. He's also much more plainly dressed than many of the guests will be, in simple but tailored linen and without jewelry. Maybe it's a fashion statement. He takes in the room, his lips tugging into a smile when Alessandro passes, and then he makes his way to intercept the nearest server with strong drinks.

"Indeed," Grazia replies, hooking an arm into Talwyn's and guiding him over to where the other half of the Gemecittan nobility is. "Allow me to introduce you, when my lady has had her moment with her uncle." A pause. "Duchess Dafne, Lord Salvatore, may I present Prince Talwyn Valardin. Prince Talwyn, Duchess Dafne Zaffria of Gemecitta and her uncle Lord Salvatore."

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Giving Dafne a tight hug, his chewed up face breaks into a radiant smile. "Niece! It's good to be here for you, you know. Someone has to keep an eye on things." Things being kind of abstract, but it sounds good, since it also sounds very protective. "I am glad to see you well. And this ought to be a lovely affair, I am quite pleased." With a smile over her shoulder, "Prince Talwyn. Good day to you." Still, those broad arms don't release his beloved Dafne until she's good and ready for it.

Silvio spritzes something on himself, then hands it off to a servant to be put away. He drifts one hand along the railing of the stairs as he comes down to his own wedding, heart pounding. His hair is meticulously curled in long, ebony loops, and he smiles subtly, kindly, /warmly/ even, at all the guests. He does, however, appear to be a bit nervous. "I feel as though that question has many philosophical answers, soon-to-be-sister." He draws in a deep breath, careful with his fancy shoes on the stairs...he doesn't want to fall down them and sprain both ankles, and looks over at Lysander beside him. "I am am ready, though. The generosity of House Rubino knows no bounds, in silver, or in very charming poetry." He smiles. After a moment then, his fingers lift and greet Sebastian, Behtuk and Sidney in a less formal manner than all the head bobbing and handshakes to come. He just seems simply to say they are welcome. Not that he's ignoring other beloved guests, of course.

Her arm laced through Barric's, Juliana tips her head towards him as he speaks, a smile curling into place. "In all truth, I tend to avoid weddings whenever possible, but I don't actually want Prince Silvio annoyed at me." teases, glancing around at those assembled before looking up at Barric. "May I suggest first finding a seat?"

Karadoc gets a gold ring set with a large Gemecittan quartz cabochon from a simple velvet bag - Gold Favors.

Karadoc picks up a simple velvet bag - Silver Favors.

Karadoc drops a simple velvet bag - Silver Favors.

Lumen adjusts the folds of her gown as if that might make more room where there is, well, plenty. "Not at all," she presses her eyes into a tight smile to Arion. Extending a hand, she gestures up and down the redhead. "I love your dress."

Alessandro gets a silver ring set with a large Gemecittan quartz cabochon from a simple velvet bag - Silver Favors.

Behtuk bobs his head in Silvio's direction. He is content to sit on a bench, with much the same attitude and air he takes up during one of the faith's sermons, watching and listening, impassive and quiet.

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Margret's hand rests on Alessandro's arm as he leads in her, and they are the picture of noble grace. Or they would be if she didn't have such an awkward limp. Whatever he murmurs into her ear causes her cheeks to pink a touch, and she leans over to murmur something. Sidney passing catches her eye and she says gently to Alessandro, "Who is that?"

Lysander actually dressed up, layered, but languid seemed to be a theme in red that moved with Lysander. Nerves? Well yes. Historically when has he ever been calm about anything? Still no tables have been flipped today thus far so all was well in the world perhaps? First, before all else, a kiss to the cheek of his sister, and nod to Sebastian looking a bit...relieved perhaps. It was to Juliana he quipped, "Usually I do as well. Funny that." Spinning on heel he murmured something to Silvio giving his arm a squeeze.

Aureth strides to the front of the room in a long sweep of glittering white and flowing golden hair. He stands in an attitude of relaxed patience with his hands folded loosely together and turns his pale gaze with a glint of composed humor in the direction of the Duchess Rubino, essentially awaiting his cue for an invocation as the wedding guests scurry about and get themselves settled.

Karadoc gets a silver ring set with a large Gemecittan quartz cabochon from a simple velvet bag - Silver Favors.

"I'm so glad to see you," Dafne tells her uncle, before releasing him and considering Talwyn on the introduction. "Your highness," she murmurs, with a duck of her head. "A pleasure."

"Of course, how silly of me." Barric says to Juliana with a soft chuckle, he offers a friendly nod to Lucita, "Baroness Saik." And then he makes his way with Juliana over towards the elegant couch. On the way over he pauses of course for politeness sake, "Duchess Rubino, I am pleased to see you during such a festive occasion. Prince Talwyn, it is always a pleasure." A polite bow of his head to both of them and then he looks towards Dafne and Salvatore, "Though may have met already may I present the Lady Juliana Pravus," He introduces Juliana first, "I am Prince Barric Grayson." He introduces himself afterwards, "I love the decor for this wonderful occasion." He comments pleasantly. "Thank you for welcoming all to attend, I would have hated to miss it."

Arion takes a seat beside Lumen with a warm smile on his lips. His cheeks flush a little at her compliment but his smile does not fade. "Thank you, you are very kind. Though your own gown is a thing of beauty, far more so than mine. However red wouldn't look near as lovely on me." His emerald eyes shine with amusement as he dips his head low in a respectful gesture. "Arion Harrow is my name, its a pleasure to meet you."

Alessandro catches Sidney's smile, and his eyes meet the other man's as he returns it, inclining his head slightly "Master Whisper," he says before Sidney has quite passed him, and then he leans his head toward Margret when she murmurs low to him. A chuckle escapes him, before he replies to her audible words instead of whatever had made him laugh. "Sidney Whisper," he says, "one of the more pleasant drinking companions I have had the good fortune to meet."

"Duchess Dafne, I have heard much about you from my cousin, here. I hope that you are doing well?" Talwyn says, addressing Dafne first as he meets her gaze, stooping into a bow of his own toward the woman. "No, I am most certain that the pleasure is mine. This is truly a beautiful event, and one I would have surely regretted missing, had I not come," he says with a bright smile through the thick black beard adorning his jawline. Dark eyes move toward Salvatore, and he offers the man a bow of his head as well. "Lord Salvatore, it is good to see you as well."

After some time that's spent fussing over - and trying on - the wedding favors, Karadoc finally has grown bored enough to enter the reception properly. "Jewelry as a gift for your guests is bound to continue being a tradition in certain circles. Mark my words." A wineglass is plucked off a server's tray, and those sleepy blue eyes take the time to admire that smart livery for a moment or so. Then, he goes swanning off in order to search for his liege-lady.

"Prince Silvio," Grazia says with warmth to her brother-in-law-to-be, leading him up near where Aureth stands. "Now, we just need my brother, and I shall soon have two brothers." People are mingling and making introductions, which pleases her, and she glances around for Lysander hopefully.

His eyes drawn to the subdued spectacle of Silvio's entrance, Sidney brightens visibly at the wave and dips his head in respectful greeting. When he straightens, pushing his curls back from his face, he flashes a warm, very slightly rueful grin back at the Prince-Groom -- reassurance, maybe, or simply acknowledgment of the weight of the event. And then he's occupied with getting wine, and examing the favors (and those examining the favors), and, alas, misses Alessandro's flattering words. He would have enjoyed them.

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Silvio follows Karadoc with his eyes for a moment, then grins subtly. Then Grazia is greeting him and there's the officiant, and the exit is blocked, mostly, by guests, and though his shoes have wings on them, he cannot fly, so indeed, he makes his way forward towards Aureth. "Nice to see you again..." He grins faintly, then causes a stir of his hair when he turns his head sharply to make sure Lysander isn't the one getting cold feet.

Lucita is not difficult to miss as she makes her way into the area. A beguiling smile is given Barric and Juliana. "I'm glad to see you both!" She gives a nod and smile to Betuk on spotting him, then greets Grazio when time seems to be appropriate for that, without being rude or interrupting. "You have outdone yourself with arrangements. Such a joyous occasion to share."

"I am sure Lysander is simply planning a dramatic entrance," says Dafne reassuringly. "Perhaps there will be spiders. Or stained glass." A pause. "Or perhaps his hair isn't perfect yet."

Juliana dips a curtsy to those she is introduced to, and pauses to kiss Lucita on the cheek before crossing to the benches with Barric. Taking a seat,t is not until she looks back to the grooms that she spots Sebastian, her smile faultering for a moment, then a small nod before turning back to say something to the Grayson Prince with a smile.

Leaning forward a bit, Salvatore gives Dafne a fond smile before they part. "Please, we'll catch up later. Enjoy the company and the wedding, it looks quite beautiful. The aesthetic sense that went into this is to be commended." An efficient incline of his head at Juliana and Barric, "Lady, Prince. Good to see you both here." Favoring his one leg, the Zaffria knight takes a seat on the couch, snagging a glass of wine on the way with a long sip.

Margret's eyes linger on Sidney a moment with a curious expression before she looks back to Alessandro. "You'll have to introduce me." She says in her soft voice. They drift towards a bench, and take a seat to wait for the ceremony to begin.

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Aureth smiles in a quicksilver flash of warmth, glancing at Silvio beneath the angled slant of his eyelashes as he tilts his head. "And you," he says.

When Barric spots Sebastian though he smiles, "Ahh I thought I might see you here. It seems we've been travelling in different circles of late Lord Sebastian, we still need to correct that." He chuckles and then settles down on the bench with Juliana, turning his attention to her after a slight invitational wave to Lucita when he catches her eye. Then Juliana has his attention again and they converse quietly at their bench.

Lysander might have entirely drifted off were his arm not caught. He arched an eyebrow to Silvio with an amused grin, returning to his sister's side. "Yes, yes, you can have two brothers. Sorry I'm not overly used to being in the middle of attention. Usually I reserve this sort of thing for my work." His expression relaxed finding Dafne and Lucita with a nod to them.

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For a moment, Grazia enjoys having a groom on either arm. Then she kisses Lysander on the cheek, kisses Silvio on the cheek, and turns the party over to the Archlector of Death, because that's who's officiating. "Blessed Aureth, I leave this in your most capable hands," she offers softly, bowing her head and stepping backwards so that she can go find herself a seat.

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Lucita eventually makes her way over to the bench with Juliana and her brother, taking a seat as Grazia begins to speak.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the Lyceum and otherwise," Aureth says in a bright voice, pitched to carry to all corners of the room with a performer's ready volume. "We gather here to celebrate a union of houses in the bonds of treaty agreement, and a union of men in the bonds of duty, fealty and marriage. Let us all join hands in fellowship as these two young men embark upon the first steps of this new path, in a new beginning."

If anyone is surprised that the Archlector of Death begins a marriage with an invocation that includes Death, well. That's silly. "The bonds of marriage are the bonds of love and duty before Limerance, and we pray to Limerance for his blessing upon this match and upon the new couple."

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As the festivities begin, Talwyn moves toward a bench as well and eases himself in to a seat.

Silvio reaches out his hand to Lysander's, basking in the attention as much as the other man is not. He gives his hair a pretty toss, and bows his head at the invocation.

Behtuk hasn't attended a formal wedding like this before. He stands up and holds out his hands, taking Aureth perhaps a little too literally.

Lysander wasn't holding his breath, for certain. The glazier bowed his head letting Silvio's hand slide into his, and lacing his fingers into his. He seemed to find stillness long enough for the invocation asking for Death's benediction for a new start. This seemed to find favour withthe Rubino by way of faint smile.

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Aureth reaches to take Lysander's and Silvio's hands in the warmth of his own. The ones they aren't holding with each other. Apparently, this is part of what he's doing here. He says gravely, "Lord Lysander Rubino; Prince Silvio Velenosa. You each come here tonight as individuals of two houses; two families. But this is the place and time to join together as one: one marriage, one house, and one family. We take joy in what comes today, but must not be undertaken lightly, for it is a solemn vow before Limerance and the Pantheon, and to break these vows is to break faith before Limerance." He looks between them, eyebrows swept high.

Behtuk puts his arms back down at his side and sits down again.

Silvio shifts a little, tilts his head, arches a brow, lids his eyes and basically...adopts a look. Slowly, Silvio wets his lips, priming them to speak, if he must, and glances over to Lysander.

Grazia looks vaguely overwhelmed at her brother getting married, and she folds her hands and looks positively emotional for a moment. Her whiskey-hued eyes look large and full, and there's a soft little smile on her lips.

Lysander gave his free hand over to Aureth listening; so much the same focus regularly seen while he works, now manifest in focusing on the moment. His other hand gives Silvio's a squeeze. While unable to speak to history and rumor he spoke to the present at least, and nodded compliance thus far.

Barric watches the marriage with a smile, openly happy for the couple as he sits with the others on their bench to observe the ceremony. He leans into Juliana slightly but other than a few quiet words at the elegant bench he is quiet and keen to observe the happy event.

Folding his large arms over his thick chest, Salvatore watches the proceedings with a smile visible in his keen blue eyes, seemingly content to stare at the happy couple during their ceremony, occasionally taking a generous sip of wine and taking a moment to blink.

"If you wish to make vows yourselves, separate and apart from those in the written contract approved and consecrated by the Faith of the Pantheon, I will ask you to in a moment," Aureth says with a slight inclination of his head, and his hands squeeze very slightly on each of the grooms's hands before he releases them to each other. He says: "Do you each swear, from the moment of your joining until Death takes your souls back into her embrace, to be faithful to the contracts you have made? To treat each other with respect, affection, and honor? To protect and persevere through sickness and want, as well as to retain faith and humility in times of plenty and ease? Will you share your burdens, your joys, and your fears, as partners and husbands in this life?" He speaks this part firm and clear, and then goes on:

"And will you swear, before the Pantheon, that your life will be bound to one another, serving each other, of your own choice and volition, until death do you both part? If you do so swear, then speak it clearly before these witnesses and before the gods."

A small smile curves Dafne's lips, and her eyes are bright as she watches her cousin and her almost-cousin speak their vows before her favourite archlector.

Sidney rests the rim of his wine glass against his bottom lip for a while before drinking, his forehead furrowing in contemplative interest as he watches the ceremony. He likely hasn't been to many noble weddings, and is studying the entire process as if there might be an exam later.

Lumen brings up a hooked finger, running it beneath her eye with the batting of a lash.

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Whatever tension was building in the Prince fades and he draws in a deep breath, smiles, and answers with confidence, "I swear it." He answers simply, but boldly. A wing on one of his shoes twitches with a minor shift of the foot.

Lucita stays respectfully quiet as she listens to the ceremony, at one point lowering her gaze, swallowing hard and jaw tightening a little.

Alessandro watches the proceedings as he reclines a little bit more on the couch, and though there's still a bit of the amused detachment that he always does seem to have, there is genuine happiness there, too. He takes a sip from his wine, looking at the couple from above the rim of his glass.

Lysander was so terrible with public attention, unlike the Prince of Taste on his left. What started as a murmur was reiterated clearer, "I so swear this befor ethe Pantheon and those with us." Hard part done...almost!

Aureth answers them both the wide curve of a smile's encouragement, and says, "Then before the Pantheon and these witnesses, have you other vows you wish to speak?"

Grazia looks as if she is in love with love at this point, her hands clasped together over her heart. She's happy for her brother and happy for his husband and happy for their House. Really, she looks quite delighted.

Lysander cleared his throat, "Silvio," He paused. This part was hard. Still he was an artist and if he waited for himself to be happy with his word choice everyone may be trapped here all year. Taking a deep breath he spoke with his own frankness. "I swear to you this. That when are angry, afraid or upset that you never have to be so alone. When you are old, somehow still with flawless skin and hair that will no doubt be less damaged than mine, you will have no want for company. I will keep your secrets as if they were my own and protect your happiness and ambition as were it mine. " His hand tightened around Silvio's swallowing hard getting almost teary adding, "And though, at times, it may draw your ire I promise, before Pantheon and Witnesses, that if something truly does not suit you I'll risk your wrath and tell you before you leave the house." He paused taking a deep breath, "You are one of my oldest friends, dearest companions, and harshest critics. I look forward to a future where you tell me when something is not good enough because you know I can do better, when I am being too critical of myself, and when you remind me that I absolutely must dress up and leave my damn studio. I love you, and look forward to every day that follows."

Silvio nods once, swallows, looks possibly emotional, though he does almost immediately cover for it, "Oh yes, of course you would have something magnificent to say. That's why I dressed so nicely, to make up for my lack of poetry. I DO have something to say, as it is Gifting Day...and thus, I am assured that we will both never forget our anniversary, nor to get each other a gift. And I have one which I would care to bestow." Silvio frees his hand from Lysander for a moment, slides it into a clever opening in the jerkin, and pulls out what appears to be a ring. "My first gift, that which shall always be a reminder, through the many storms, through whatever comes, that there will be one who /knows you/, and /understands you/, and /loves/ you." And he places the gift into Lysander's hand.

Karadoc dabs his sleeve against his eyes. It's not raining on his face, no. It's a trick of the light.

Dafne swallows a sudden lump in her throat. She dabs her eyes with a handkerchief with elaborate embroidery's spiders, isn't it?

Quietly, Aureth says, "Thank you. That was lovely," and then tilts his head, drawing breath to project again. "So it is, by the power vested in me by the Faith of the Pantheon, it is my great joy and honor to pronounce you wedded husbands, in the eyes of men and the gods. May your marriage bear the honor of Gloria, the dreams and inspiration of Jayus, the freedom of Skald, the adaptibility of Lagoma, the prosperity of Gild, and the blessings of all the gods and goddesses of the Pantheon." Spreading his hands wide, he says, "Lord Lysander Rubino, Lord Silvio Rubino, you are now joined, one hearth and one family. Let this new beginning now be sealed with a kiss, and go forth, married."

"Oh," Sidney breathes out softly. He isn't watching the ceremony like it's a lesson or a performance anymore. His eyes are wide, his mouth subtly parted, and the lines on his forehead deepen with a kind of reflexive emotional sympathy as Lysander finishes his vows. The glass in his hand forgotten for the moment, he shifts the entirety of his attention to Silvio to hear the Prince's, or perhaps now Lord's, answering promises. At the end he swallows drily once, and then again after a long drink of wine.

Lumen lets out a happy little peep, bringing both balled-up hands to cover her mouth and subdue it. Who peeped?! Who was that?

Looking at Dafne's arachnid covered handkerchief with a smile of clear approval, @me muses over the lip of the glass, watching as Lord Lysander and Lord Silvio are wed, his scar-riven face drawn into a look of happiness at the occasion, bright blues blinking, a rumble from deep in his throat.

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Lucita claps for the married couple, giving them a shaky smile. "That is wonderful, so happy for the two of you, beautiful ceremony!"

Juliana watches the ceremony, quietly talking to Barric and Lucita on either side of her from time to time. When pronounced married, she claps, smiling widely before leaning in and giving Luci a hug, because she has no doubt that the woman may need one right about now.

Barric claps when the ceremony is official and the happy couple are wed, he is smiling and seems very pleased for them. He smiles and murmurs something to the others nearby but continues clapping until it starts to fade in general.

Grazia claps for the happy couple, utterly delighted.

Alessandro doesn't quite tear up, but he does set down his wine and start applauding quite enthusiastically once the vows are over. "That was lovely," he says, and he turns to kiss Margret's cheek, since that is the most potent feeling going through the room at the moment, and inspires one to act upon it if one can.

Lumen checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

"Esteemed--" Oh, dear. Her voice is too trembly from FEELINGS. Let's try this again... "ESTEEMED guests," Lumen steps out into open view. She takes a moment to dab moisture from her eye -- not crying! -- before lifting both hands into the air with a theatrical flourish. One of the whisper's long, dark legs confidently frees itself from the slit in her gown with a single well-rehearsed arch. Softest not only in title, her tone of voice is steady and patient even while confidently raised. "All good things must come to an end, and it is in that vein that we now bid adieu to the glorious world where we all once lived! In /which/-" Her hand flaps on her little wrist in the direction of the grooms. "These two *beautiful* people were single." There's a comedic pause, in which Lumen slouches and offers an overdramatic pout. "Let us not despair in self-pity, rather... do as this handsome couple bids! And dance!"

"/Dance/! Enjoy! Celebrate the joining of these noble Houses in friendship and love! If you are so moved, I encourage you to gift the happy couple a root vegetable, a shiny rock, or a donation to the Gemecitta military!"

On their cue, Palazzo Gemecitta staff slinking throughout the festivities move furnishings out of the way and blow out what light sources there are in the room. For a heartbeat, the Grand Foyer is suddenly in darkness. (A woman yelps out of fear! Or maybe that was Aureth!) Don't worry, AUR-ETH! It's OKAY. It isn’t for very long! New gold and aeterna lanterns are lit. Fitted with a variety of many-colored glass panels... they bathe the Grand Foyer in a haze of dreamy rainbow lights. A playful musical accompaniment simultaneously comes to life, picking up tempo as attendants begin to slowly rotate the lanterns -- causing the colors to flit about over everybody and everything quite magically.

"The most impressive dancers, I'm told, get to stick around for the wedding night," Lumen suggests melodiously before correcting herself, "I JEST." But she throws Silvio and Lysander an expectant look just in case. Maybe though?? What's up?

Behtuk finally gets to applaud, and he does so with loud meaty claps. He does not make any step toward the dance floor however.

Sebastian applauds in congratulations for the newlyweds, a warm and genuine smile touching his lips as he watches Lysander and Silvio's vows complete and the proceedings are made official.

Silvio reaches out with one hand and grabs hold of the front of Lysander's fancy jerkin. Then he tugs the man in for a dramatic kiss, before breaking it, smiling, and waves a little. "Everyone dance and be sure to get completely drunk!" To Lumen's question there's a non-committal shrug of consideration and its hard to know if he's jesting or not. He smiles broadly.

Margret claps excitedly for the newlywed couple as they are pronounced husbands and they kiss, and when the room darkens and then changes she lets out an audible sound of delight. Alessandro's kiss on her cheek is returned with a brief and quickly stolen kiss on the lips before she stands up and holds out her hand for him to take. "Dance with me then."

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Applauding for the newly married couple with a slap of palms that sounds like leather upon leather, Salvatore gulps down the rest of his wine before hailing a servant for a refill. The call to dance, though, brings a look of sketpicism, given his still less than cooperative leg. However, he seems more than content to watch other people dance. Or so he seems to be expecting, although Lumen's statement gets a curious stare, then nods at Margret's insistence for Alessandro to dance with a hoarse chuckle.

Dafne applauds for the newly-wed couple brightly, with a little flutter of her spider handkerchief. She does give Lumen a sidelong glance, however.

Alessandro doesn't need to be asked more than once. He takes the offered hand, rising to his feet. "Of course," he says. "How could I refuse the new Lord Rubino his first request?" Or order, perhaps, but it's certainly a pleasant one, so it's no hardship. He starts them toward the dance floor then, looking up at the spectrum of lights before his eyes move back to Margret.

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Talwyn applauds along with the rest, his hands coming together in a polite, yet loud enough to be encouraging, volume.

People keep starin' at Lumen, they're liable to accidentally end up dancing with her. Forewarned is forearmed.

Lumen is overheard praising Silvio for: So married!

Lumen is overheard praising Lysander for: Wow groom!

Margret is overheard praising Silvio.

Sidney still looks rather overwhelmed, though his expression has mostly relaxed into a smile, and he stays seated for the moment with his (rapidly dwindling) glass of wine as the beautiful lights play over them all. He's focused on the get-completely-drunk part of the order, apparently.

Juliana is overheard praising Silvio.

Alessandro is overheard praising Silvio.

Margret is overheard praising Lysander.

Grazia is overheard praising Silvio for: Best brother-in-law!

Alessandro is overheard praising Lysander.

Juliana is overheard praising Lysander.

Grazia is overheard praising Lysander for: Best brother!

Talwyn is overheard praising Silvio.

Barric is overheard praising Silvio for: Congratulations!

Talwyn is overheard praising Lysander.

Barric is overheard praising Lysander for: Congratulations!

Sidney is overheard praising Silvio for: A beautiful wedding and heartfelt vows.

Salvatore is overheard praising Silvio for: Congratulations on the marriage!

Salvatore is overheard praising Lysander for: Congratulations on the marriage!

Lucita is overheard praising Silvio.

Lucita is overheard praising Lysander.

Sidney is overheard praising Lysander for: A beautiful wedding and truly lovely vows.

Barric is overheard praising Grazia for: Flawlessly Executed Celebration!

Salvatore is overheard praising Grazia for: Such aesthetics!

Lysander didn't object. He just married the most stylish man in more than several kingdoms and responded with a kiss befitting a Lycene. The glazier actually laughed, "To... everyone? Thank you, truly for joining us. No one stands alone and now we get to stand on this Gifting Day with friends, family, many of you who are nursing wounds from recent strife. Thank you... for joining us. And yes, Lumen, that is generally how all Lycene parties go as I have known them."

Lumen laughs breathily, pressing a smile to her face even if it still is very tempting to tear up. The Softest extends a hand to Dafne, waggling her well-kept eyebrows in suggestion. Not getting out of this one, Duchess.

Lumen checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

"Speaking of gifts, I would encourage all of you to get a favor in a color and metal you prefer," Grazia notes, motioning towards the bags. "They're real Gemecittan quartz. And please. Sample the food. Sample the wine. We're here to entertain, all in honor of my brothers!"

Margret makes her way to the dance floor with Alessandro, and turns to put one hand on her shoulder and the other in his while he puts his hands in the appropriate place. It's a bit of an awkward dance considering she has a rather pronounced limp, but still they manage. As they dance she leans in to murmur something softly to him.

Silvio turns around for a moment to say something to Aureth, animated.

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Lumen's implied threat doesn't seem to stop Salvatore from staring regardless, blue eyes unflinching. If anything, it seems to be more pronounced. After all, his leg is still injured. Surely, no one would force a recovering war veteran to dance, then his niece is getting pulled up, causing him to grin. Looking over at the dance floor, he watches Margret and Alessandro dance.

Barric takes Juliana's hand in his and steps away from the bench and over towards the dancing area, "I will do my best not to step on your lovely slippers Lady Juliana, but it may be safer to take Baroness Lucita's advice." He says with a chuckle and then places his other hand on Juliana's waist above her hip and with the time of the music, and she is ready... he will desperately concentrate on not stepping on her slippers as he /tries/ to dance... tries being the operative word.

Lucita gets a gold ring set with a large Gemecittan quartz cabochon haloed in smaller gems from a simple velvet bag - Gold Favors.

Food is exactly the temptation that works best on Behtuk. His inclination to leave now that the ceremony is completed wars with his desire to try new flavors. His steps go first toward the door, then veer toward the table of food where he looks over the foods with an uncharacteristic hesitation toward eating.

Lumen gets a gold ring set with a large Gemecittan quartz cabochon haloed in smaller gems from a simple velvet bag - Gold Favors.

Barric checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Talwyn gets a silver ring set with a Gemecittan quartz cabochon from a simple velvet bag - Silver Favors.

Aureth grins at the grooms, answering Silvio in a low voice, and then pitches his voice louder on the verge of a laugh. "Congratulations, both of you; enjoy the party, hey! Day's yours."

It may be slightly awkward, but Alessandro doesn't seem to care. He holds Margret close, and when she murmurs something low to him, he leans in, tipping his head so that he can hear more clearly. Whatever it is makes his smile widen quite a bit, and he doesn't reply, just takes her hand instead, starting toward the exit. It may have been a short dance, but there are other pressing matters as well. Amirite?

Lucita says, "Master Behtuk? Do you know some of the people here?" She gives him a little nod and gesture to encourage him to sample the foods. "Do they know what a skillful weaponsmith you are?""

2 House Velenosa Guards leaves, following Alessandro.

Sebastian is overheard praising Lysander for: Congratulations

Sebastian is overheard praising Silvio for: Congratulations!

Dafne considers Lumen for a long moment. She arises with a swish of silk, and crosses over to the Whisper, dipping her head (it's not a curtsy; she's a duchess, after all), and accepts Lumen's hand.

Sebastian is overheard praising Grazia for: Wonderful celebration!

Hand in Barric's, one arm curling back around his shoulder so that she almost rests her chin there as he leads them across the floor. Her pale yellow gown and dark curls swirling around them, soft whispers between the two. For anyone that doesn't know her well, looks to be the perfect Lycene party goer having a lovely time with a handsome prince.

Silvio gives Lysander's hand a squeeze. "I wish to say a word to those that have come that I did not expect." Silvio drags Lysander for a couple paces, then strikes out on his own to touch his fingers to Behtuk. "Thank you for coming. I did not expect it, and I am still rather touched. Eat allll that you wish. Lucita! My dear! Your gifts were so beautiful and welcome. Thank you for being here. I could hardly imagine it without you, my darling." And he gestures as if its his food to offer. Then...he moves over towards Sidney, flitting like a butterfly, and gestures for one of the servants to bring over one of the gifts they've received. "And thank youuuu so much for being here. You seem overwhelmved. Its wonderful." Grin. "Drink, merry. Possibly...share."

Silvio drops Rose-Gold Champagne from Tor.

Lumen dips her head on her own elegant neck. Lower than Dafne, of course. Which is hard because Dafne is very smol. She leads the Duchess out onto the floor, accommodating for whatever level of dancer the other woman might be.

Behtuk turns his attention to Lucita. "Good evening Baroness." He greets, imitating what he hopes is a passable bow. It isn't, his girth and training give him not even a semblance of crispness. "I know Prince Velanosa." His eyes flick to the recently married Silvio even as his body slides gracefully, far too gracefully, toward the appetizers and he begins imitating what others do there, collecting a plate to eat from.

What, to be fair, is not a particularly high level of dancer (and not just because she's short). Dafne takes place on the floor and attempts to keep up with Lumen.

Behtuk doesn't have Silvio's expressiveness, but something in his features loosens when the man says he can eat all he wants. It might be an expression of gratitude. Either that or his face, round like an infants, may have followed in that semblance's attitude and simply shifted countenance at having relieved himself of an unpleasant obstruction. "Thank you Prince ... Lord ... Velanosa... um Rubino."

"I am overwhelmed," Sidney confirms to Silvio, the corners of his mouth tugging into a smile both warm and a rueful. There's no embarrassment in the admission, but a bit of self-deprecation in his acknowledgment that he is not, at the moment, the ideal party guest. "It was a lovely ceremony, my lord. Truly." He takes the bottle with a grateful bow of his head, his smile widening a little. "I wish you and your husband a lifetime of happiness."

That's true. There are plenty of very talented short dancers. Don't ask Lumen to name one. She leads Dafne into a little spin, arching her arm overhead to keep a light grasp on her hands. Lalala. Twirl, twirl. The lovely swirl of gown fabric is one of the whisper's favorite things about events such as these.

Lucita checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 53 higher.

Talwyn checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

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Gia the peregrine falcon have been dismissed.

3 Rubino and Zaffria guards have been dismissed.

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Rary the Lycene beauty have been dismissed.

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Briar, a quiet young woman leaves, following Sebastian.

Barric manages to dance reasonably well tonight! He must be inspired by the marriage ceremony. As he leads Juliana across the dance floor the two have a quiet conversation with lots of whispers between the pair.

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Talwyn stands from the bench as Lucita says something toward him, offering her a nod of his head before extending a hand out toward her in an offer to help her to stand from where she sits. An arm is offered as the Prince leads the Baroness out onto the dance floor, somewhere within the general vicinity of the other dancers, yet far enough away that the two can still gather attention for how fabulous they are. Talwyn measures his movements toward the tune of the song, easing gracefully through the dance, though it seems he is more keen on matching the movements of Lucita, not wishing to overtax the pregnant woman.

"Juliana...that gorgeous Lady...Lysander!" Silvio exlaims suddenly, "I could /hardly/ tell you before the wedding, but of course she made /everything/ that I am wearing, for clothing." He totally turns around in a 360, making the capelet flutter. His winged shoes go clop clop clop.

Sidney checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Lucita gives Talwyn a bit of a dubious glance as she is offered a dance but gives it a try. She is light on her feet, slightly puffy as they are, and manages precise movements and a refined swirl and spin, very that very nicely makes her skirt sway out to a point the gravid bulge of the stomach is almost concealed, almost. All the dips and and a goodly percentage of the fancy footwork has to be omitted, but all in all, she danced at the wedding.

Juliana, who is at the moment dancing with Prince Barric, lifts her head from his shoulder as her name is called out. Glancing back towards the two grooms, smiles warmly as Silvio does his twirl!

Dafne manages to keep up. Twirl, twirl, she twirls at the Whisper's guidance, with a swirl of sapphire silk. "Does your contract cover dancing with the duchesses and any broken toes as a result?" she asks Lumen.

Salvatore gets a heavy gold ring set with a large Gemecittan quartz cabochon from a simple velvet bag - Gold Favors.

Lysander was dragged. It was really not an uncommon sight. Silvio was the social butterfly by comparison. To Sidney he easily assured, "We're all overwhelmed. It's half the fun of these things really. After three drinks you'll declare yourself an expert on all matters. It's quite the rush." Oh sure make it sound simple. Dancing? Not his forte but right now it seemed the besmitten groom could be convinced to do anyhting in front of people.

Despite all the training and graces of a professional courtier, Sidney still has a naturally terrible poker face. He blinks rapidly at something Silvio said or did before beginning to pink at the ears, and then he exhales a laugh of embarrassed pleasure as he grabs for the champagne. "You have a much better reason," he assures Lysander right back, relaxing enough to give the newly-married Lord a friendly wink as he pushes gracefully to standing. The wine left in his glass is drained off, the champagne is uncorked with the ease of practice, and he refills his own glass to the brim before holding the bottle in offer to whoever might like some.

Picking out a big gold ring, the knight slides it onto his finger with a tilt of his hand this way, then the other, clearly liking how it looks on a long finger. Standing up, Salvatore claps for that perfect twirl of Silvio's, grinning at Lucita's very well-executed dance steps despite pregnancy and the grace of hers and Prince Talwyn, watching with pride as his niece dances with Lumen.

"Oh," Lumen breathes out a quiet laugh... "That would *definitely* be grounds to terminate." With a playful faux-whine, Lumen hop-steps back from Dafne as if she's been stepped on! One eye-widening dramatically, she gives the other woman a look of flirtatious warning. "I'm watching you, my Lady." Like a hawk.

Behtuk piles as much food on a plate as he can carry, steps back until he finds a place to sit, rests the tiny plate and too much food on his bell and focuses intently on just eating.

Taking Lucita's hand, Talwyn twirls the baroness gracefully with a smile before he steps back in to continue the dance, laughing aloud and saying, "And you thought that you would not dance well!"

Barric offers a smile down to Juliana as he shakes his head about something, and then he stops dancing to offer her his arm. A smile and a wave is given to Lucita and Talwyn before he offers to Lysander and Silvio, "Congratulations to the both of you. I know we haven't had much opportunity to meet, but thank you for allowing me to attend. It was very moving." He bows his head to the pair.

The dance ends and with her arm tucked into Barric's Juliana makes a few notable stops with the Prince. Lucita gets a kiss on her cheek , a smile to Talwyn as they pass, then both Silvio and Lysander will get ones as well with a hug to the former before she lets the Grayson lead her out of the party.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Juliana before departing.

a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name arrives, delivering a message to Barric before departing.

Dafne continues on with the dance, but steps comically wide from Lumen, making sure to be clear of her feet. "That is quite understandable," she murmurs. "However, although Grazia is the lawyer and not I, I did read the contract. I didn't see any clauses about voiding the contract in the case of clumsy dancing."

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Barric leaves, following Juliana.

Lucita gives a hug to Juliana and exchanges a cheek kiss with her before turning to the newlyweds. "I hope you will both be so very happy. It was beautiful and thank you for sharing this with us." She also thanks for the favor and then says to Talwyn. "It is, but I need to return hom now. One dance is my limit, I think. Duchess Dafne might enjoy another dance if you wish another partner." She gives a little smile.

Silvio grabs Lysander and drags him over towards Salvatore, who is not dancing, and therefore can be molested, "And of course...we have met here and there, but its so good to see you again. I think the last was at that gathering with my father...those of Zaffria. Regardless...thank you for coming to this, even if you cannot dance tonight. We could, of course, always get someone to come over here and dance in your lap." GRIN.

"Oh, you read that," Lumen murmurs behind comically gritted teeth. "Most people don't." Likely to her advantage. She winks, finishing out the song before stepping back and bowing to Dafne in thanks for the dance. She excuses herself to take a little break.

Talwyn nods his head offering a bow to Lucita as she moves to leave the dance floor, and the premises entirely. His eyes move over to regard Dafne, one brow lifting to match an amused smile before he says, "Is this true, Duchess? Are you seeking another dance?"

1 Saik Guard, Micana leave, following Lucita.

Without takers on the champagne, Sidney sets it neatly on one of the surfaces already brimming with food and drink and invites himself onto the dance floor. He isn't trying the many twirls and spins the others were, either because he hasn't snagged a partner or because nothing he wears is flowy enough to be worth twirling in, but he drifts gracefully around to the music without ever spilling a drop of champagne.

Sidney doesn't spill his own glass of champagne, of course. The bottle is very safe. Over there.

Dafne tilts her head to one side, considering. "I am not that much of a dancer," she admits. "However, as I have failed utterly break to break our dear Whisper's toes, I might as well try with yours, your highness," she says, with a touch of impish challenge.

Lysander paused looking from Salvatore to Silvio and sighing, "Look at you thinking of all the important things. Let no one accuse you of only serving your own interests." A hand, roughened, and with many fine scars extended to Salvatore, "You do us an honour joining us. Lysander, as if you were unable to aprse that out by now, I'm sure." The grin warmed.

Behtuk isn't that picky an eater. Though there were several delicacies here that he had never had before, he cleans the plate and then returns to the buffet for another such of the things he liked the best. Fortunately, with Silvio's encouragement he isn't shy about piling the plate high.

Extending her hand, Lumen saves a flute of champagne from a passing tray. Bringing it up to frame her face, she settles beside Sidney in comfortable silence -- taking to watching the newlyweds and their guests.

"You can do it, Dafne! You've seen me ride over people's feet on my horse,'re much smaller, so it is probably a lot more difficult. Well, you can always try," Salvatore booms out with a chuckle, his eyes glimmering with pride for his niece, then turns to Lysander with a smile, taking her hand in his own, large and calloused, giving it a firm squeeze. "Quite pleased to meet you and to be at this most lovely ceremony. I hope you two have a lifetime of happiness together, it was quite touching."

Talwyn grins back in the face of that challenge, offering the Duchess a overly sweeping and theatric bow in jest to the woman before he reaches out to offer her his hand. "I think I will take my chances," he says with a wink toward the woman. As the next song begins, he leads her toward the floor, then steps forward to lift one of Dafne's right hand in his left, his other hand coming to rest on her waist before he starts them along to the tune and beat of the music.

"Well, on the bright side," says Dafne, accepting Talwyn, "I am, at least, fairly light. I am wearing heels, however, all the better to do damage with." She moves to the tune of the music (mostly) and so far leaves feet unmenaced.

Sidney gives Lumen a companionable sidelong smile, finally relaxing into the evening. (Now that it's almost over.) He sips at his champagne as he watches Talwyn and Dafe dance, his blue eyes crinkling at the corners in appreciative amusement. He isn't fully stationary, still drifting a step or two back and forth on the toes of his soft-soled shoes.

"Good. We...or rather...I...wish to be the talk of Arx for at least a few days." Silvio says with mirth in his tone. Then he drags Lysander onto the dance floor. Almost at once he takes off his capelet, and undoes a few buttons on his shirt and jerkin. He winds his arms around Lysander, "Lord Silvio Rubino hmmm...I've changed my mind. Where's Aureth?" he teases of the other man.

Behtuk didn't come for the dancing or the food, but he does enjoy the latter. He finishes a second plate and before going to a third, he finds a servant and directs them to send a gift to Lord Silvio, when they have time. He does this expressly without words, simply delivering the envelope and then holding out a hand and pointing to the newlyweds on the dance floor.

Talwyn snorts at what Dafne says, shaking his head before he says, "Then I'll just make sure to keep my toes toward the front of your feet." There is a grin, then, and he pauses to twirl Dafne gracefully, and then to pull her back toward him to continue the dance.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Silvio before departing.

Picking up a plate and putting some of the lavish preparation of food upon it, the knight takes a seat again, watching the dancing while tapping the foot of his good leg against the floor. Salvatore drinks more wine before eating, giving the two Whispers an amused look before returning his attention to the newlyweds and the Prince dancing with his niece. Watching. Oh yes, he's watching. Closely.

"More difficult with twirling," retorts Dafne. "To be sure, we should just do very simple steps going forward.

Lumen returns Sidney's smile with a fractional one of her own. She tilts the champagne towards her mouth, wetting her lip. She'll stick it out for a while longer, dancing and flirting and drinking.

Lysander laughed and smirked lifting Silvio up in a half spin, "Yeah, no refunds. You're a hostage now. You'll have to suffer under the tedium of being appreciated and listened to. I know... it's all very dreadful. How /could/ I?" Dry wit this one. "Good news, I proise you you will find out. It'll be splendid."

Sidney's gaze slips to Silvio and Lysander after his fellow Whisper departs, and he watches them dance with a tiny, appreciative smile playing at his lips. He looks like he might be wearing down too, and his next few sips of champagne finish off the glass.

Silvio picks up Rose-Gold Champagne from Tor.

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