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A Welcome Home

Please join the Society of Explorers as we host a compact wide welcome home. Things were tough but we persevered. Let's all gather together to celebrate the lives of those lost by telling stories of their adventures!

Food and drink will be provided! All you need is yourselves and your stories. We look forward to seeing you there.


April 7, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Cadenza Lou


Tobias Ven(RIP) Sparte Ignacio Karadoc Alarissa Wynna Malena Peri Derovai



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Society of Explorers - Charter Hall

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Coltello, a bodyguard-for-hire arrives, following Karadoc.

Wilhelm the Iron Messenger, Gene Erique, Guardsman arrive, following Sparte.

2 Fidante House Guards arrives, following Ignacio.

Sparte has ducked in near the entrance, and stepped off to the side. It is fairly obvious he can't stay for the full of the gathering, though he at least showed up for the start of it.

Ignacio has joined the marin'alfar wooden bench.

Wynna has joined the Table 1.

Ven has joined the Table 1.

The room wasn't extravagantly decorated, no. It was left to it's own personal style.

What was extravagant though was that there was a large buffet table full of food and bottles of wine. If it was probably there. Cadenza had spared no expense when it came to the catering. There were people assisting with drinks and helping plate this was a time to show appreciation for those that fought in those battles.

For now, Cadenza was in her leathers and speaking to one of the people helping with the food as people trickled in.

Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Lucita.

Dressed brightly in shades of blue and green Malena makes her way into the great hall. Her long black hair has been braided and bound. At her waist she wears a heavy brown leather apothecary belt. She pauses for a moment just inside of the door to allow her amber eyes to adjust to the light as she takes in the setting and makes her way deeper into the hall.

Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound leave, following Lucita.

Arrives, dressed for the occasion. That simply means that Karadoc took the time to tie his wild, curly bird's nest back into a queue against the back of his neck. He is also without his (garish nightmare of) marvelous multicolored coat. He offers the room a nonchalant, two-finger salute that's snapped off his brow, reciting: "Evening. Lord Karadoc Saik. I am attending for the Baroness-Regent Lucita Saik in honor of Lord Estaban Saik, my cousin. My lady is occupied at another memorial this evening."

Alarissa makes her way in, sans retinue, smiling at the sight of everyone presents. "Master Fatchforth." She calls out, looking for a place to sit.

Sparte dips his head to Alarissa, leaning in to say something quietly to her. He glances around the room once with a solemn expression before slipping out.

Wilhelm the Iron Messenger, Gene Erique, Guardsman leave, following Sparte.

Wynna has left the Table 1.

Wynna has joined the Table 1.

Whatever Sparte says, Alarissa nods, a hand gently to his shoulder before the man makes off and she's moving to take up a table

Alarissa has joined the Table 2.

Derovai is over by the buffet table, but not speaking to anyone. He's getting some food -- apparently he mustn't have eaten very much today -- and working out how to balance that, and a glass of wine, as he turns back towards his bench. Karadoc's recitation earns a bark of laughter, but he's more interested in finding a seat and staring at Sparte's retreating figure. He considers for a moment before taking the far table, setting his food and drink down and starting to eat.

Derovai has joined the Table 4.

Karadoc has joined the Table 2.

Wynna settles down quickly at one of the tables, getting out some notating equipment - clearly she's attending in some sort of academic capacity.

Ignacio makes his way over to the bench near his wife, taking a seat as he waits for things to get started patiently. He rests his hands on his knees as he takes a slow glance around the room, but remains silent for now.

Clad in his usual Crimson Blade sigiled tunic, Tobias Telmar walks into the Hall, left hand idling on his scabbarded sword. Upon seeing the food, he gives an appreciative whistle, before he gives a smile to Cadenza, "This was nice to put up. Not often these celebrations even extend to people in my profession." Tobias observes with a bit of amusement, before he moves to sit himself, "A nice turnout, at least."

Ven arrived a bit early, his cloak hung up by the door. When people start to arrive he makes his way in from rapt study of maps of the Lycean wastes in the other room to start meeting people. Seeing Sparte come in earns him a smile and a nod, and he waves to Wynna as well.

Peri arrives dressed in Deepwood leathers and, unsurprisingly, she has not tried anything when it comes to her hair save for making sure it is clean. After taking a moment to glance about at the others that have shown up so far, the Seliki vacantly makes her way towards the buffet table and gets in line. It isn't terribly long yet. Someone hands her a plate. Where others start chatting together, she simply stands and watches others, with her plate.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Peri before departing.

Cadenza looked to Karadoc, bowing her head. "Thank you for representing the Baroness-Regent....." Turning to Tobias she smiles brightly then. "Of course! It's open for everyone, not just Explorers. Thank you for coming!"

After chuckling some, she pats the woman she was speaking with on the shoulder. "Thanks...." With that the Fidante nee Velenosa turns to the room and makes her way from that bench she was standing near, her hand resting on Ignacio's shoulder for a moment before moving to a more central location.

"Greetings! And thank you for coming. For those that don't know me....I'm Cadenza Fidante, one of the First Seekers of the Society of Explorers. Lou and Prince Aiden couldn't be here but they are here in spirit." There is a pause as she looks around for a moment then nods. "Tonight is for remembrance....but joy! Eat food! Drink wine! Down whiskey! But let's remember by telling stories. Tell stories of perhaps someone we lost....a joyful memory. Or perhaps a story of an expedition....a story of something wild that still makes you laugh!" Her hands clasping in front of her she nods. "But this is for us to lift each other up and enjoy....and have those fond memories and let those stories continue."

At that she steps back and chuckles. "If you wish to tell one....feel free to do so....drag our attention away from the drinks for a moment. Step up when you feel the urge or have something to share." And with that she moves to that bench, sitting next to Ignacio.

Ven has joined the line.

Malena goes to find a seat. Her she arranges her coat around and leans her elbows on the table while she listens to Cadenza speak. As she listens she looks over at the others who have joined in the gathering.

Tobias has joined the line.

Cadenza retrieves a couple of glasses of wine, passing one to Ignacio. Looking around, she smiles before leaning in to murmur something to the Fidante lord.

After a bit, Cadenza raises her glass with a few taps and smiles. "Alright!!" Her blue eyes looked around as she grinned. "So who is first up?"

Turn in line: Ven

Ven stands to address everyone with a smile. His trademark cloak with the shimmering lining is hanging up by the door, leaving him dressed in practical clothes in dark blue and a floppy blue hat. "Hello everyone. My name is Ven Foundling. Long ago when I was a young apprentice scribe I found I liked reading books much more than I liked copying them, and when I abandoned that dreary apprenticeship I promised myself that I'd go everywhere and learn everything. I've made a career out of traveling all over Arvum, seeing both its civilized and its wild places and even making friends with the occasional abandoned tribe. My profitable work over the years has involved everything from making better maps of the places far outside the Compact's control to seeking out books and artifacts or particular information desired by a client to copying down tales I heard along the way. One of my current areas of interest involve the metallics Brass and Amber and the legendary fortress of Starfall Hold, which I'd like to invite interested members of the Society to work with me on finding, as I have a few leads but it's still an ongoing puzzle. Please, approach me and introduce yourself if you're interested. Also by happenstance I was just speaking with Prince Aiden, he asked me to give everyone his best as he can't attend. Thank you, and I'm looking forward to meeting all of you I don't know." He says, giving everying a wave.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ignacio before departing.

Some Lady nudges Peri's elbow gently to get her attention, but it seems that it is only just to keep the line moving. She steps up and starts to get her plate loaded up with some vegatbles, potatoes, and what looks like some leg of roasted meat. Is that rabbit? Couldn't be. Then she gets a pint of ale and makes her way to find a table to sit down.

Karadoc has left the Table 2.

Peri has joined the Table 2.

Alarissa has left the Table 2.

Olenna, Pellinor, 5 Thrax Guards, Duchess, a graceful greyhound leave, following Alarissa.

Coltello, a bodyguard-for-hire, Alarissa leave, following Karadoc.

"Thank you for sharing Ven! I look forward to speaking with you more!" The First Seeker smiles then nods as she chuckles a bit. "Alright....who is next?" rabbit here. There might be a lot of food but....that's not part of it.

Turn in line: Tobias

Chomp. That's the sound of Tobias taking what's left of a carrot and downing it, before he stands, and gives a look around to the others... his hands going behind his back casually, "I'm Tobias Telmar. Depending on how you know me, I have a number of reputations. For this particular story... the only one that matters... is that I'm the Lord General of the Crimson Blades, and a professional general." He gives a gesture north, "The Crimson Blades were hired for both the north and south fronts of the Pirate War. I assigned myself to the northern front, as the mission House Redrain had put us in... would need a personal touch." He smirks, "We were assigned as skirmishers and assassins. Taking down high value hostiles and any officers we saw." He sighs, "I fought in the Silent War, so I had an idea of what I would see, but the sheer number of the horde that attacked the city?" He shakes his head, slowly, "I hope I never have to see it's like again."

Tobias frowns, then. "First, we fought at the beach. When the enemy shield wall became overwhelming, we fell back to the wall. Tens of thousands died as we went. Just like the Silent War. Bodies piled up at the base of the wall. Just like the Silent War. Only this time, there was no navy to support us, and no reinforcements from the north to relieve the pressure." Tobias then gestures to his chest, on the right side, "We spent a long time holding off the enemy up there. Beyond the wall... was an endless, relentless, tide of tainted minions of the thing. There was no morale there... only the next death. Eventually, I was knocked off the walls by a particularly lucky soldier with a war maul, and nearly blacked out from the crash. The only reason I'm alive is because of my plate armor." Tobias grimaces, "From there, we had no choice but to fall back... and then hold for Stormwall to burn down right in front of us." He sits down, still rubbing that war maul wound.

Derovai listens to Tobias' story, tilting his head. "And that's a fond memory?" he calls out from the back.

Tobias says, "I'm alive, aren't I?"

Ven snorts in amusement.

Pursing her lips she nods a bit then smiles. "And that you are." Nodding she smiles as she raises her glass. "And thank you for fighting! To all those that faced such a scourge...." At that she sips from her wine then looks around. "Is there anyone else?" Cadenza gives a smile around the room.

"With what seems like a one-percent chance yet again, sure," Derovai allows to Tobias, shrugging. He turns back to his food, forking a bite of not-rabbit. No handraise from him, although he does look through the seats to see if anyone else might volunteer.

Peri first tucks into her potatoes as she listens to the story about Stormwall, washing them down with sips of ale. She doesn't seem to be affected by the cracks between the other members, but she does spot Derovai at a nearby table and nods briefly in recognition. Potatoes, suspicious not-rabbit leg, ale, stories? What more could a girl want?

Tobias has joined the Table 1.

Derovai motions Peri towards the table where he sits, tapping a gloved hand on the table in indication.

Standing she then smiles, letting go of Ignacio's hand.

"I suppose then I'll close out with one of my own...." Taking a long drink of her wine she holds up a finger as she downs it then nods.

"So....I was one of the first Explorers. When Lady Aislin formed it, she and I went way back...she knew of me sailing all over on my ship." A beat. "So I was invited to join! I was still young...."

She pauses for a moment.

"Well I decided to go....somewhere. It escapes me right now. But I was in an old temple...abandoned. So my men and I went to go find out why it was so. But after a bit....what do you know...I found a wonderful lever and pulled it." Cadenza lets out a soft laugh then.

"I ended up trapped in the bottom of this temple....for a month. My men couldn't figure out how to get me out. Eventually Lou ended up finding me and freeing me. I had missed the first ever meeting of the Explorers....due to being an Explorer....."

Her blue eyes looked around then, smiling. "Irony...." Taking a deep breath she nods. "If there are no more stories....thank you for coming. Feel free to eat...drink....speak with one another. Come talk to me for a bit. But thank you for coming!"

"How /did/ you get out?" Derovai wonders at the end of the story. He's making good work on his food, if a bit more judicious about the wine.

Looking to Derovai she laughs. "They figured out how to probably re-rig the trap door. I was too far down to reach it....or I may have done it myself." Cadenza gives him a wink then.

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