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A Farewell to Arms

While most of the Iron Guard remains in Arx, some are shipping out to join their family's armies to face the upcoming conflicts. In a last hurrah before the split happens, the guard is having a BYOB (or be awesome and buy the booze they're selling!) party to see off their comrades.


March 3, 2018, 6 p.m.

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Farrah Sparte Juliana Victus Rinel Estaban(RIP) Alaric Aiden Roxana Felicia Wynna



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Traders Tavern

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Jules looks up as people start piling in, watching for a moment before turning her attention back to the conversation at hand.

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Thalia, a beautiful lady-in-waiting arrive, following Roxana.

Kenna has her back to one of those tables as she uses her whole body to move it that last foot or so that it butts up against others to form a large table arrangement. Grinning up at Alaric Kenna shrugs a shoulder. "They're like family - it just seemed so wrong to not make sure we at least had SOME chance to say goodbye formally before we all must go our different ways. I refuse to let it be on a sorrowful note." That is said with a firm nod of her head. Spying Estaban Kenna greets him, "My lord! Welcome!" That table gets settled and all is in PLACE.

Sparte and Wilhelm have shown up more or less on time. Wilhelm is looking incredibly relieved - they just found out they're one of those staying in Arx. Sparte is not.

It would be in poor form if the wife of the Lord Commander of the Iron Guard didn't at least make an appearance at a farewell party for said Iron guardsmen of the city. She arrives amidst a group of newcomers filing through the door, looking around through the crowd until she spots the hostess already in company of the King. She slips forward, graceful steps carrying her across the room to a less crowded table to make herself comfortable for the time being.

Dusky blue silk with golden accents envelops the form of Princess Roxana Grayson, who never misses a chance to celebrate anything if she can help it, and usually overdresses at that. She walks gracefully into the tavern with an engaging smile on her lips, offering proper curtseys to those whose stations require such and otherwise soft smiles and inclinations of her head in greeting. "Hello. I fear I am not very well acquainted with many of the Iron Guard, but I hoped to stop in and show my support in whatever way I can."

"I concur entirely," Alaric tells Kenna approvingly before turning towards the recipient of her greeting. "Baron Estaban, greetings. Allow me to be the first to buy you a drink tonight. Or shall I say, I'm buying everyone's drinks tonight, and perhaps you'd like to be the first!" He nods to Zelda, who takes a sack of coin to the bar, and general cheering erupts around the attendant soldiery who all find themselves drinking for free tonight. He stakes out a spot at the first convenient table and waves Roxana over. "Roxana, lovely to see you. Come have a seat when you're done with your hellos."

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The welcome from His Majesty keeps the smile on Roxana's face and likely brings a particular warmth out of it too. "Ah, Majesty with your generosity to compete with how can the rest of us expect to convey our own gratitude?" It is mildly teasing in tone, yet still properly respectful for the public. Once invited to do so she does indeed join Alaric at the large table, though first offers a greeting to those he did as well. "Baron Estaban is it, I do not think we have met. I am Roxana Grayson, a cousin-in-law to His Majesty but Lycene by birth, Lady Eirene is my older sister."

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12 Thrax Elite Guards, Crow - Thraxian Steward, Lilybelle - Fluffy Maine Coon arrive, following Victus.

"Oh - that's so generous!" Kenna bursts at Alaric's offer her hands coming together to clap in excitement she's going to completely fail to keep in place. As people enter Kenna flits about to greet them, Sparte she's going to reach out and touch, "Any word - Ferrah!" Just pausing right in the middle of her greeting to Sparte and Wilhelm to greet the Baroness. "Oh I'm //so glad// all of you were able to make it." There's warmth in her tone for both and she smiles towards Roxana - there will be greetings there later.

Estaban nods his head, "Your Majesty, I thank you for the drink!" his eyes then land on Roxana, "It is a pleasure to meet you M'lady, Baron Estanam Saik, Admiral to the Southport fleet and Iron Guardsman.' he grins, "Ahh yes I know Lady Eirene Malvici well, I have no other heal me." he smiles, "May I join you both?"

There's an event in the city that involves buying booze. Naturally, Victus is on the case. The High Lord of Thrax strides through the tavern doors, retinue in tow as his eyes look about at the gathered crowd. His blackened eyes settling on the King for a moment as he gives a most awkward bow to His Majesty. Next they turn to Sparte with a nod of greeting. "Can anyone here point me to the 'good stuff'?" He asks loudly, already skulking to the bar like a predator ready to pounce upon its prey.

"Please do." Roxana responds to Esteban's query. "I am certain that your company would please His Majesty, and surely it would please me as well. You are a connection to home, along with all else that you are. So will you be among the Iron Guard headed south in support of the military, or is that a terribly rude question to ask and utterly defeating the purpose of this celebration, in which case I take it back."

Sparte gives Alaric a nervous smile. "Your majesty." Sparte throws a salute towards Silas before he looks over to Kenna, giving her a thankful nod. "Thank you for thinking of this. I think I might be the only one shipping out to Setarco, glad to be able to wish all those heading north good luck." Wilhelm is already off ordering himself a strong drink. He might need an intervention when the war is over.

"I could never miss an opportunity to come out and support not only the valiant men and women of the Iron Guardsmen, but my dear family hosting it as well," Farrah posits to Kenna on a vibrant laugh. A jovial noise is added to the chorous of resounding cheers as Alaric graciously buys rounds for the whole of the tavern. "Drinks are best appreciated with food upon one's belly, so they can drink more and be all the merrier for it," she chimes in idle supposition to the bartender as she's enfolding into a barstool, finding no tables free. "Won't you see to it that there is plenty of food? I'll pay, of course."

"Plenty of room," Alaric observes festively to Estaban from the head of the still mostly empty table. "Drinks are on me, Victus!" he calls over to the bar. "If my tab is disappointingly light tonight, I'll know who to blame!" In the midst of all this incipient revelry he schools himself enough to give Sparte a mostly normal greeting. Too much enthusiasm might overwhelm the poor kid. "Ah, hello there Commander Sparte. I wish you all the best on your deployment, I know you'll do us all proud."

Kenna lets her hand fall from his side as she looks over to Wilhelm with concern. "Will he be alright?" Quired in a tone of worry about the other man before continuing, "I'm glad it'll be a small comfort at least. When did you realize you were leaving?"

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Princess Roxana notices the arrival of the High Lord Thrax, his attire and the stiff bow to His Majesty perhaps tipping her off. "Prince Victus, do take His Majesty up on it, he won't be satisfied unless his accounts are drained and those present in the tavern must be taken home by wheelbarrow." Her smile is warm and genuine, and even she seems to have acquired a drink, even if it is wine, dull by comparison.

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Estaban nods spotting Sparte and give the man a friendly smile, "Sparte my friend." he moves to clasp the mans shoulder before moving back to sit with his Alaric and Roxane, "I will be shipping out with the Malvici Navy to head to Setarco with the Fleet your highness." he looks over at Victus nodding to the thrax, then back to Alaric and Roxana as his drink is brought to him.

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It isn't long before waitstaff come bustling from the kitchens of the tavern, carrying with them platters of freshly prepared foods they offer to be generously served to the celebrants scattered across the tables. Roasted meats, seasoned vegetables with all the confections between, all at the quiet behest of Farrah. She procures a small goblet of wine for herself and kicks back at the bar, content to relish the infectious cheer and excited chatter around her for now.

"On /you/?" Victus inquired, his brow going right up at the incredible opportunity this presented. For a time the Thrax was practically glued to the bar, ordering one thing after the other. Bottles and mugs aplenty came filtering in from the wide-eyed barkeep that he spoke to. It was perhaps a good five minutes later that Victus' muscular arms were filled to the brim with glass bottles and overflowing mug. The large man did his own awkward, semi-squatted walk over to the table the King and other royalty had gathered at. Clattering ensued as he annexed his own corner specifically for all of his drinks before falling into his seat. "Do not mind if I do. You are a generous man."

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Alaric regards Victus' haul without batting an eye. "Aren't they supposed to throw in a wheelbarrow for free after you've bought two dozen bottles?" he deadpans before ruining the effect by grinning brightly and turning to nod at Estaban. "Fair winds to you, then. It will be the biggest conflict at sea in generations, every ship involved will be important." He turns back to Victus. "Hopefully the Grand Admiral will be sober again after drinking all that in time for it, too," he adds cheerfully.

Estaban chuckles bringing his glas of whiskey up to take a healthy sip of it looking to Victus, "Grand Admiral Victus." he nods to the man and his eyes widden abit, "I think he can handle it your Majesty." he smirks.

"Are they?" Roxana banters back to Alaric. "I'm afraid I do not drink enough in one sitting to know, but I take your word for it fully." A smile of her own is returned, and she looks over to Victus then herself. "Did you order for the table, or is all of that for you?" Warm, still teasing likely, though she looks mildly more solemn at the talk of the conflicts scale. "I'm sure that he will, you would not have chosen him for such if you did not have complete confidence in his abilities, the ability to sober up included. Greetings then, Grand Admiral Victus. I am Roxana Grayson."

Sparte slides into a seat at the table, nodding respectfully to Victus before grinning at Estaban. "Well I guess I won't be the only one down there. Maybe I'll ride over with your ship."

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Farrah settles comfortably in her seat along the barside, easily falling into conversation with Kenna when the lady of the hour comes to join her. Gray eyes sparkle with mirth at their soft-spoken exchange of words, a glance cast toward the tables behind them before she looks back to the Whitehawk.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kenna before departing.

Roxana smiles at something the King has murmured in her direction, blushing just slightly. "I did not mean to...go on to quite that extent. But yes, I am indeed and I hope she knows it too." is offered to Alaric before she looks around to the table at large.

Victus is giving Alaric the side-eye. "This is my last hurrah before potentially going to sea and dying, so I'll take what I can get." He says with a shrug. "I'll be very sober when it's actually time to get out there and fight. You'd be surprised how easily that's done when you're facing down the odds." He waves his hand in a so-so sort of gesture. "We'll be fine. Promise." Next he's moving onto Estaban and Roxana to give them each a nod and a greeting of their own. "Admiral Estaban, Princess Roxana. Good to see we still got folks in good spirits with all of this shitty business happening this way and that. Keeps the hope alive." He pops open one cork. He's got many more to go through.

"I'm certain she does," Alaric tells Roxana appreciatively. "She's quite perspicacious in that regard. Ahh, that's a fun word to say." He glances back to Victus. "I've got good news for you then, apparently you can get a whole lot," he observes sunnily.

Groups are everywhere talking, laughing, and even more importantly, drinking and eating. It's a jovial attitude all about though there's a faint air of seriousness that occasionally lingers. Alaric, Roxana, Victus, and Sparte are gathered in one place, while Farrah and Kenna talk at the bar.

Felicia's offduty, at least to judge from the fact she's in black leather instead of full on rubicund plate. The redheaded former guardsman showing up both damp and more than fashionably late to come check out the send-off.

Estaban grins at Sparte, "Yes, you would be a much welcome face on teh voyage over and welcome to travel with me on the ship." he grins and looks to Victus, "With everything going on I have much to be thankful for and to have good spirits about Grand Admiral."

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Severa, the Guard Shepherd arrive, following Aiden.

"Lady Felicia!" Kenna calls out when she sees the woman arrive. Half rising from her seat she lifts a hand in her direction of greeting.

In poor form, Aiden Grayson, beloved of the Lord Commander of the Iron Guard and long time friend of those who are in the Iron Guard, shows up late - but at least he was there! He looks as if he was some how rushing into the tavern, though upon crossing the threshold, tugs on his attire and looks around, hopeful to spot his friends. There's a faint flush on his cheeks, as the atmosphere in the tavern quickly overwhelms him. The white and black shepherd at his side bumps up her muzzle into his hand, and he remembers to pat the dog, as if in a way to help him keep composure.

Oh look, Wilhelm dropped off a drink for Sparte. Milk! Sparte lifts the milk to check the aroma a moment before smirking over the beverage at Estaban. "I do have a horse I plan to bring, so you're aware." He nods in thanks to Wilhelm before turning his attention towards Victus. "I've given my notes on that side project to Wilhelm for safekeeping in case things go south for me. Wanted to be sure it can be completed."

At Kenna's calling out to Felicia's arrival, Farrah twists around in her seat to look towards the woman curiously. "Welcome. You're just in time," she joins in the warm reception with a vibrant laugh. "His Majesty, King Alaric has graciously provided us with an endless tap of drink while I've paid for plenty of food to fill our bellies. Come and join us?"

Victus has already worked through two bottles as the conversations bounce about all around him, and he's showing no signs of stopping either. But to Estaban he gives a jovial look as well. "Good, all the more reason to keep fighting to hold onto it. Carry it with you and that shit will carry you so, so fucking far..." It's Sparte's voice which catches his attention next, making the man whirl around to look at him with a crooked grin. "Ah, good! 'Rissa is still none the wiser." ... Wait a minute...

"... None of you fuckers just heard me say that."

Felicia takes a moment to nod to her fellow King's Own, sliding a look in the direction of his Majesty with a respectful dip of her head. But with Kenna's callout, it's towards her table that she makes her way, waiting until she's close enough to point out to Kenna quietly,"Just a dame, I'm no lady." with a brief flash of a smile,"Thank you. I've no doubt the guard appreciates the generosity, my lady. I've got the feeling I missed my sister, though."

Alaric apparently needs to give Victus a little more private needling over his excessive bottle haul in quiet tones, as the King starts to look a bit smirky towards the end of whatever it entailed. He then claims one of Victus' bottles. "I -did- pay for it," he notes preemptively before smiling brightly over at the entrance. "Felicia, Aiden, welcome!" he declares grandly. "Make yourselves comfortable. We're about to begin extorting Victus to not tattle him out to Alarissa over here if you'd like to join," he concludes brightly.

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"Extortion, your Majesty? And what are we tell... I mean... not, telling, her." she enquires as she leans against the bar to request a whiskey.

Estaban smirks, "That is fine Sparte." he looks up and spots Aiden, "Prince Aiden!" the man waves a hand in the air and then looks to Victus with a smirk, "Now I am curious." he eyes the Prince and then downs his glass and orders another.

Aiden looks initially surprised to see Alaric, his sterling silver eyes noting the bright smile and welcome, "Good cousin, my King-" he greets Alaric and makes his way over toward where he was sitting, "How're you?" His eyes swing to Victus to catch up on the extortion bit, with his brows twitching and his mouth twisting, "Tattle? Why ever for would we do that?" He hears his friend call him out, his grin deepening, "Estaban! Sparte! Well, this should be a good time. After that meeting, I think I am in need of quite a few rounds of ... well, what are we drinking?"

"Milk." Sparte raises his glass to Aiden with a smirk.

Alaric industriously pours himself something from his newly acquired bottle and swirls it around in the glass a little carelessly. "Well, that is the question, isn't it," he observes roguishly. Having pushed the first domino of chaos over, he seems content to let Victus deal with the results.

A subtle glance cast across the crowded tavern sees Farrah slowly rising from her seat at the bar. "Thank you for putting together such a lively party, Kenna. I'll see you at home," she says in reluctant parting to Kenna. "I'm still not quite fully recovered, I think." Her later words are a hushed murmur before she moves to make her exit gracefully.

Wynna stops short, blinking with surprise at the sight of the Compact's sovereign. She sketches a quick curtsy as she heads for the bar, coughing anxiously.

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"It's /nothing/." Victus asserts in total confidence. "Nothing happened and nothing exists, nothing is nothing." A few bottles go rolling as he trounces over them, his hand seeking out something a little stronger now that there were even more eyes settling on him.

"Quite well, thank you," Alaric adds to Aiden as he has a seat. "At long last, I'm finally having an enjoyable meeting today. And yourself?"

Roxana glances between Victus and Alaric, her expression almost amused, though she appears to try to keep it from showing overmuch. The amusement. "I am becoming concerned that my presence will bring a damper to the party. What with the secrets hidden from wives, the potential extortion...I'd hate to cause any of you to temper your behaviors because a woman such as myself is present." As opposed to the sorts who drink pace for pace with the men and fight just as well.

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Kenna bites her lip when Farrah stands to exit herself. A hand is rested upon the other woman's arm briefly, "Do feel better - maybe I could bring something home for you? Thank you so much again, it means the //world// to me." She settles again before turning her attention to those who have just joined the bar.

Aiden smirks toward Sparte, "I have one for you... what do two bottles of milk do when they meet?" He slides into a seat, nodding to Alaric as to what it was that was tattle worthy. He settles back, hmming at Alaric, "Most enjoyable now, with friends and family. And a drink-" he asks of the tender, "I'll have a rum."

Felicia mms as she leans towards Kenna,"It must be very good nothing." she suggests idly to the guardswoman with another look shot towards Alaric and Victus, though from the amused look on her face where she relaxes there's no solemnity to it at all.

Estaban grins at Aiden and Sparte, "It is good to be around friends and to have a good time!" he downs his cup and waits for aiden to catch up with a smirk.

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1 Grayson Guardsmen, Thalia, a beautiful lady-in-waiting leave, following Roxana.

Sparte gestures for Aiden to go ahead with the joke, grinning at the man. If Sparte knows the answer he isn't going to ruin the punchline.

Victus is giving /intense/ side-eye to all of those who even bother to acknowledge that perhaps nothing isn't nothing after all. But that would be insane, as nothing is most certainly nothing. Once a word in private is shared with Alaric though, the High Lord perks right up. "Speaking of KIDS-" He leaps for the excuse and slams it down as the brand new topic of conversation. "How are your little ones, my King? Astrid is in that phase of her life where she's putting every-fucking-thing in her mouth and then spitting it back at us. I imagine you're having equally as fun of an experience."

Aiden provides in laconic fashion for Sparte, "Milkshake." It's a groan worthy punchline, but Aiden was just learning how to impliment humor into his conversations. It's very difficult for him, clearly. He does grin though, nevertheless.

"Indeed. A rather nicely relaxing gathering, before the play. Are you going?" Alaric asks of Aiden and then the table in general. "Any of you? It's a historical dramatization, as I understand it. With the usual embellishments for artistic license, I suspect." He might be giving Victus a little change-the-topic cover. What a great guy! "Oh, they're still little. Too little to do much more than sleep a lot, honestly. It's too bad Roxana had to depart, she probably spends more time with them lately than I do with all that needs to be done preparing the Compact's defense. I'm sure she could tell you quite a lot." Helicopter dad he's not, apparently.

Sparte chuckles at Aiden's joke. "Very nice. Very nice. Did you perhaps hear about the accountant that decided to go into the dairy business? He wanted to manage lactuarials." Sparte looks over to Alaric. "Did they like the rattles? I mean if they didn't, done is done, but curious if they did."

Aiden shakes his head at Alaric, "I'd only go if I could attend with Silas and I have a feeling..." his eyes drift toward where Farrah had been, then back to Alaric, "It wouldn't be proper to claim that position. I'm sure there will be other showings of it later, to go and see." As for Sparte's reaction, Aiden boldly grins and then snorts a little over the other joke, amusd.

"That is interesting. You are an interesting guy with funny lumps of children." Victus reaches out to give Alaric a rough pat on the shoulder in celebration for his story-telling. Something that the Thrax seems remarkably interested in, as if he soaked in every detail to its core and made sure that everyone else did too.

Felicia shakes her head also,"While history is interesting, I fear that this gathering's more my speed than that, your Majesty." she offers a salute with her whiskey his way.

Estaban sits with a grin on his face as children are brought up, he looks to Aiden then back to Victus and Alaric, "How are the twins doing your Majesty?"

Alaric squints. "Lactuarials," he repeats skeptically before exhaling a faint sigh. "They do like the rattles, in fact. Or at least that's how I interpret them shaking them as much as they do," he tells Sparte. "But they're very well and healthy, according to the Mercies. They've mastered rattle operation, as well," he replies to Estaban. "And yes, I am a very interesting guy, thank you for noticing."

"Me? Full of shit?" Kenna's voice raises above that of their quiet bar conversation. She looks WOUNDED to the core. "I'm //hurt// Felicia! INJURED to the CORE."

Estaban looks between then and just grims no he beams as if he knows something no one else knows and he orders another drink leaning back in his chair, "It is good to know the future is doing good and are healthy."

Alaric projects his voice to carry across the interior. "Please refrain from injuring the event hostess to the core, Felicia," he declares regally.

Aiden will continue drinking for a time and enjoying the conversation around.

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Severa, the Guard Shepherd have been dismissed.

Sparte seems pleased that the rattles are in use, taking a little while to sip at his milk quietly. Then, out of the blue, he seems to remember something. "Oh, right. I made a new game people might like. I call it riddle in a bottle."

Felicia, turn crimson at Kenna's declaration? Not by half. Though there is the cough issued into her whiskey as she suddenly attempts to inhale it, setting it onto the bar as she takes the opportunity to draw herself up as if intending to declare something dramatic, but, then there's his Majesty... and /that's/ when she turns a few interesting shades of crimson and ahems,"Of course, your Majesty... I shall throw myself on her mercy post-haste." with a small salute his way. A look's given Kenna with all the solemnity she can manage before her posture shifts to face towards Kenna,"Any portion of it in particular?"

"'Riddle in a bottle', you say. Is it a game about mixed metaphors?" Alaric asks Sparte curiously before no-look borrowing another bottle from Victus' stash.

Kenna can't keep up the expression for long and Alaric's interjection doesn't help her keep up the facade either and she starts to laugh as her mock-wounded fades off abruptly. "If you wish my mercy, you'll just have to come back from this just-a-war in one piece!" That's more in line with Kenna's typical cheerful self as she impulsively is going to attempt to hug Felicia before standing. "I should go check on everyone else for a moment - you two," to Wynna and Felicia, "will keep drinking His Majesty's purse dry, yes?" Before she slips away to go pop around to some of the other groups.

Wynna speaks animatedly with Felicia at the bar, though she perks up at the sight of Rinel's arrival, waving the woman over.

Rinel enters the tavern and nearly stumbles as she sees the king. She bows very low--not that he's even looking her way--and makes her way circumspectly to where Wynna is. The scholar gives her a hug. "Hello!"

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Felicia calls after Kenna,"How about two pieces, as long as they're breathing? Would that be acceptable? I mean... I can't guarantee anything. But I'll try." she assures with a wry smile before turning her attention towards Wynna again.

Sparte's ears turn a bit red at Alaric's question. He goes back to his milk, opting to focus on that rather than luring people into the game.

"Well, once again I want to extent my support and prayers to all who are journeying afield to defend our Compact," Alaric declares. "I must be going to get to the play before it begins, but I hope that all who remain tonight have an excellent time, and continue to take advantage of the free drinks at that. Thank you all once again for coming tonight." With a genial smile, he gestures to his (on-duty) guards to form up for departure and heads out.

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10 King's Own Guardsmen, Zelda, the royal messenger leave, following Alaric.

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